Will an Australian takeover of Skolars revitalise rugby league in London?

Sports management company ARC are in the process of buying a majority stake in the club and they ‘want all of London’

By Gavin Willacy for No Helmets Required

Buying a rugby league club in a city that already boasts more than 15 professional football clubs and a handful of union sides seems optimistic. Investing in the worst team in the country’s professional leagues seems like lunacy. But, by taking a majority share of London Skolars, that’s what Australian sports management company ARC is doing.

ARC has previously specialised in boxing but, with former Australia international David Shillington and one-time England player Shaun Lunt on board, they are making a third attempt to expand their empire into rugby league. Steve Scanlan, who owns ARC, and Tony Feasey, who led the takeover talks, were part of the group that set up New York City RLFC, which collapsed during the pandemic, and also wanted to take the Jacksonville Axemen into the British system.

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