The Hamilton-Verstappen title fight just got personal and F1 is the winner

The drivers are blaming each other for their British Grand Prix collision and neither will back down on the track either

There was an almost inescapable inevitability to the clash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the British Grand Prix. The two drivers are locked in a fierce fight for the Formula One world championship. They are competitive, determined and, crucially, unwilling to yield to one another for fear it would expose a chink that could be exploited. The irresistible force and the immovable object butted heads and when neither gave way at Silverstone the nature of their title fight fundamentally changed.

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Most times I’ve conceded to avoid incident with him. Unfortunately the aggression stayed from his side and we collided.

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F1 condemns online racist abuse of Lewis Hamilton after British GP victory

  • Mercedes driver abused on social media after dramatic race
  • ‘These people have no place in our sport,’ says joint statement

Formula One has condemned the racist abuse Lewis Hamilton has been subjected to following his win at the British Grand Prix.

F1, alongside the sport’s governing body, the FIA, and Hamilton’s Mercedes team issued a joint statement in reaction to the abuse which came after Hamilton was involved in a crash that put Red Bull’s Max Verstappen out of the race. Red Bull have also issued an unequivocal condemnation of the abuse calling for those responsible to be held accountable.

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Lewis Hamilton wins British Grand Prix after shunting Verstappen out – as it happened

A collision on the first lap took out Max Verstappen and despite a consequent 10-second penalty, Hamilton hung on to win his first race in six

So there we go! Another phenomenal British Grand Prix is in the books and we’ll see you in Hungary the Sunday after next. Thanks for your company and comments - enjoy the rest of the weekend. Ta-ra!

Here’s Giles Richards’ report from Silverstone!

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Tell you what, the championship run-in might be ok. You can’t beat a bit of sporting needle, and after years of liking each other, these two might finally be poised to fall out.

I always find it funny when someone is so certain about something pretty much everyone else thinks is six of one, half a dozen of the other and, by incredible coincidence, comes down on their side of the argument. I mean, what’re the chances?!

Christian Horner is not at all impressed. He says Verstappen faced a 51-g accident, that Hamilton knows better than do what he did, calling him “unacceptable”, before rolling out the classic “I hope Lewis is very happy with himself”. Well, rest assured, he is. He’s relieved Verstappen is ok, but not happy that a driver of Hamilton’s calibre has put a competitor in hospital getting checked out. “I don’t care what Lewis says,” he says, calling his win a “hollow victory” and doesn’t think the 10-second penalty was enough. Verstappen was heavily winded though conscious throughout – it was the biggest shunt of his career – and that’s the biggest result.

As for Verstappen, he’s having tests to check he’s ok – he’ll have absorbed a year’s worth of g-force – but hopefully he’ll be reet. I daresay he’ll have something of a limp tomorrow, but he’s got a fortnight to get right for Hungary.

The middle 49 laps of that race were kind of dry. But the first one and last two were dynamite, and because of them that middle 49 weren’t dry at all. What a race that was. What a day this is!

Hamilton embraces his trophy like it’s his child, which it kind of is, raises it, and here comes the champers.

Not since 2013 had Hamilton gone five races without a win, but he’s back now. I’m not sure if his car will take him down the stretch, but Verstappen and Red Bull will be starting to wonder.

Now the German anthem for Mercedes’ win. Can we not have a rule that after every race – or before I’m not fussy - the Italian one be played, please?

Anthem time, Hamilton placing hand over heart.

Here comes Hamilton onto the centre podium! What a moment!

Hamilton and Cruise embrace, of course they do.

Hamilton says having won today is “mentally overwhelming”, thanking his home crowd – “Nowhere we go we see people like this, they ain’t got what we got!” He thanks his team and Bottas, saying it’s tough fighting back from a 10-second penalty, but he’s giving his all this week and is so proud of everyone. He always tries to be measured, especially as Verstappen is very aggressive, reckoning he was level then not given room to get by. So he didn’t agree with the penalty but took it on the chin anyway, and now he can’t wait to hear the national anthem.

Bottas says that a bit like Hamilton yesterday, starting was his problem today, his wheels spinning,. But he’s pleased he helped teammate Hamilton win.

Charles Leclerc says it’s difficult to enjoy his result 100%, because although he gave 200% it wasn’t enough in the last two laps. So he congratulates Hamilton and notes how happy he is to see the stands full. After qualifying, his team expected to be competitive but not as competitive, and he enjoyed the race.

Hamilton drives around the track waving the union flag, then jumps out with it. Just a few seconds ago, he talked about what a proud moment this is for him, and you can see why. The crowd go wild as he jumps into the infield, posing again with the flag raised, and the chant of “Lewis! Lewis!” goes up. What an incredible sportsman, what an incredible competitor, what an incredible man!

What a race that was and what a weekend this has been! Full stands, a crazy beginning, a ridiculous comeback, a late pass – and perhaps the greatest driver of all-time burnishing yet further an already glistening legacy.

Hamilton tells his team he believes in them, and they echo their belief in him. They think another championship – a record eighth – is on, and laud a brilliant weekend, along with their refusal to ever accept defeat.

He is back in the title hunt, of course he is! Bow down!

Lap 52/52 Hamilton is going to cut Verstppen’s championship lead to seven points, and win his eighth British Grand Prix! No one has won any race more often than that!

Lap 51/52 Bow down! Lewis Hamilton is so, so good, and after all the mental trauma of that first lap and the 10-second penalty, he attacked the crucial overtake with characteristic aggression and elan, and now look! I wonder how poor old Verstappen feels – I daresay we’ll be hearing from Christian Horner.

Lap 50/52 Both Leclerc and Hamilton have back markers in the road, while Perez puts on softs to attack the fastest lap – he’s too low to get a point, but it’ll take one off Hamilton bUT EXCUSE ME WHILE I INTERRUPT MYSELF! Hamilton comes on the inside of Leclerc, Leclerc runs off the track, comes back on, AND HAMILTON SMASHES PAST HIM! HE IS INCREDIBLE!

Lap 49/52 Leclerc’s lead, almost 10 seconds when Hamilton took out Bottas, is down to 0.784! Hamilton will soon be able to deploy DRS, and this is the race right here! He gets his DRS – does he have the car and game to get it done?

Lap 49/52 Here we go! The lead is down to 1.451s, and this is looking more and more like Hammer time! At the very least, there’s going to be an altercation!

Lap 48/52 Leclerc’s lead is down to 2.229s and there are a variety of back markers in the road! Meantime, Raikkonen spins out then gets back in the race and is immediately passed by Leclerc.

Lap 47/52 Hamilton’s right front tyre is blistered badly, but his team think he can do this!

Lap 46/52 This is brilliant from Hamilton – he’s taking chunks out of Leclerc and has cut the lead to 3.1s! He can see the target ahead of him, but might just have enough to bring this one home. Or might not!

Lap 45/52 Hamilton reduces Leclerc’s lead to around four seconds, and this looks like it’s only going one way!

Lap 44/52 To win with a 10-second penalty would be a ridiculous achievement, and remind the rest of the paddock that an all-time great is on the charge. No doubt Red Bull will be furious at the perceived leniency of the penalty, but they’ve still got the best car.

Lap 43/52 Can Hamilton maintain this pace without blistering his tyres? Both he and Leclerc are pushing their steeds, and the lead is now down to 5.793!

1. Leclerc

Lap 42/52 Leclerc leads Hamilton by 6.679s, and with 10 laps to go, Hamilton sets a new fastest lap. This could be quite the finish!

Lap 41/52 In nine laps, Hamilton will be close enough to Leclerc to have a shy at him! Ooh yeah, what a finish this could be!

Lap 41/52 Hamilton gets by Bottas and now we’ll see! He’s 8.041s behind Leclerc, but does he have the pace to attack him?

Lap 40/52 Is everyone gathering themselves, or is the race going to end as it is now?

Lap 39/52 Hamilton sets the fastest lap of the race, 1.5 quicker than what Leclerc is managing.

Lap 38/52 Versttappen has gone to a local hospital for a precautionary check-up and I’m not surprised – the impact and g-force will have been intense. But he seemed fine getting out of his car.

Lap 37/52 Leclerc leads Bottas by 9.054s and this is a very fine drive by him. But Hamilton is closing on the latter, and will surely move past at some point before the chequered flag.

Lap 36/52 Hamilton was meant to be close enough to take Bottas by now, but he’s still three or so seconds behind. He’d probably take third, but getting Verstappen out and not managing better will be annoying if it happens.

Lap 35/52 Leclerc tells his team he’s “got plenty of margin”. He fancies himself to win this.

Lap 34/52 Leclerc still leads, Bottas sitting second 9.498s behind, and Hmailton is a further 4.033s away.

Lap 33/52 Leclerc’s problem is engine-mapping, which is a good thing – it’s not a mechanical problem that might ruin his race, but a technical problem which can be solved.

Lap 32/52 Hamilton is giving it loads now, and they reckon he’ll be within striking distance of Bottas within two laps; will Bottas let him by? He probably should, especially if he wants to keep his seat, but drivers just aren’t built that way.

Lap 31/52 Hamilton sets a new fastest lap and he’s gaining on Norris ... then scoots past him into third!

Lap 30/52 Leclerc pits, and he’s away in 2.16s! He needed a change that good, and he comes out 7.167s ahead of Bottas.

Lap 29/52 Leclerc is going so nicely Ferrari keep him out there, but a poor pit hacks time away from Sainz. Meantime, Hamilton is motoring.

Lap 28/52 Leclerc leads Sainz by 20.606s, then we have Bottas, Norris, Hamlton, Gasly, Ricciardo and Tsunoda.

Lap 27/52 Hamilton, having run out of front tyre, pits. There’s an official timing the 10 seconds Hamilton must wait, then the change is done, and he comes out in fifth, 35.445s off the front – but Leclerc is still to pit.

Lap 26/52 Halfway point of the race as Bottas, still in fourth, sets a fastest lap. If Hamilton comes in now, he’ll come out sixth, behind Norris Meantime, Leclerc is absolutely nailing at the front, but will have to come in presently.

Lap 25/52 Bottas is bousting on his new tyres, looking to get into position so that when Hamilton comes in, he’s ahead when he comes out, And Hamilton will come in presently, now 2.388s behind Leclerc.

Lap 24/52 At some point, Hamilton will have to pit and take his 10-second penalty. But for now, he’s still out there roughly maintaining Leclerc’s advantage.

Lap 23/52 Bottas comes in now, but a decent change will give him an advantage over Norris ... and Mercedes nail it. He comes out ahead of Norris and looks primed to nail Alonso, which he does!

1. Leclerc

Lap 22/52 After being told “100% maximum attack”, Norris comes in and he might have a problem with his right-rear tyre. He was stationary for four seconds longer than intended, which should give Bottas the chance to go clear in third.

Lap 21/52 Leclerc puts in his quickest lap and this is excellent work from him – Hamilton will have expected to take him out quickly, but he’s not really got anywhere near. Meantime, Perez nails Raikkonen after they depart the pit lane.

Lap 20/52 Perez and Raikkonen pit.

1. Leclerc

Lap 19/52 Hamilton’s front-right tyre is blistering, but when I was noting Norris’ chances of winning, I neglected to mention that Bottas, 7.424s off the lead in fourth, is also going well.

Lap 18/52 Leclerc is back ok, but then he isn’t again! Hamilton cuts his lead to 0.452s, setting another fastest lap! Meanwhile, behind him, Norris is only 5.846s off the lead and will fancy a win here. What a scene that’d create!

Lap 17/52 This is great stuff, it really is - we’ve got no idea who’s going to win this race, just that it won’t be Verstappen. And Leclerc’s engine issues are back with him! Rats! Hamilton is now less than a second behind him, so can use DRS if the chance presents itself!

Lap 16/52 Leclerc has engine power issues! So Hamilton sets the race’s fastest lap, then Leclerc gets himself going again.

Lap 15/52 Hamilton’s tyres are too hot – he needs to stay out on them longer than Leclerc – but he’s closing the gap now, it being down to 1.159. What’s going on?

Lap 14/52 Bottas, in fourth, is asked to stay out for four laps longer than planned. In front of him, it’s Leclerc, Hamilton and Norris; behind him, it’s Ricciardo, Sainz, Alonso, Stroll, Ocon and Raikkonen.

Lap 13/52 Perez’s march through the field has stilled somewhat, while Sainz complains to his team that it’s impossible to pass. Mercedes say Hamilton cracked a rim in that collision, so they changed the wheel, but otherwise his car was fine, and they’re expecting him to get onto the podium at least.

Lap 12/52 Hamilton says that as soon as he gets close to Leclerc, he’s struggling to follow and might have issues with his rear tyres. He now trails by more than two seconds but as I type that, the lead is cut to around 1.8s.

Lap 11/52 Perez is up to 12th now, gaining on Gasly in 11th. Meanwhile, Alonso and Stroll are fighting for seventh and eighth, Alonso holding on for now.

Lap 10/52 Hamilton won’t want to open up his front tyres chasing Leclerc, but has to chase Leclerc; I daresay both will be satisfied with their drive since the restart.

Lap 9/52 A 10-second penalty is the second most lenient Hamilton could’ve received, so he’ll be relieved it wasn’t worse. He’s cut Leclerc’s lead to 1.375s now, and will be desperate to get in front and start making up the time he’s not yet lost.

Lap 8/52 Leclerc’s Ferrari has gotta bitta pace, 1.41s in front now. Hamilton is pulling away from Norris a bit, the gap 4.004s. Perez, meanwhile, is up from last to 13th.

Lap 7/52 Norris, Bottas and Ricciardo have all been ordered to stay within 10 seconds of Hamilton.

Lap 6/52 Leclerc still leads, and this is a great chance for him now. Hamilton is still second, 1.519 behind, thenit’s Norris, Bottas, Ricciardo.

Lap 5/52 That might be it for his chances of winning too! Harsh, but you can see why, so he has to pit as normal, wait 10 seconds, then have his tyres changed.

Lap 4/52 Vettel makes a mistake trying to pass Raikkonen (I think), spins, and he’s at the back now!

Lap 4/52 Out go the lights on the safety car and Leclerc leads from Hamilton!

Lap 3/52 Tom Cruise has done pretty well in the ballots to get tickets for this, the men’s Wimbledon final, and the Euro 2020 final.

Lap 3/52 If Mercedes take a 1-2 and Perez doesn’t score, they’ll join Red Bull at the top of the constructor championship.

Lap 3/52 The drivers follow the safety car out of the pit lane, it’s lights will go out, and we’ll have a standing start.

Lap 3/52 Lovely stuff.

Lap 3/52 Verstappen is walking about and will now be checked over by the experts. He’s done pretty well to be in such good nick.

Lap 3/52 Right, we’re nearly there. I guess Hamilton and Verstappen will make their protests later on, whereupon the stewards will give us a verdict.

Lap 3/52 The Hamilton/Verstappen rivalry has been pretty cordial until now. I wonder if this’ll change things, especially if Hamilton avoids punishment.

Lap 3/52 Damon Hill reckons that half-lap was more exciting than anything that happened in qualifying yesterday. He’s surprised Hamilton was so aggressive, but though he comes down on the racing incident side of things, he thinks Hamilton will get a penalty because he could’ve stopped the crash from happening.

Lovely stuff.

Lap 3/52 The cars are lined up in the pit lane. We’re off again in around 10 minutes.

Lap 3/52 Otmar Szafnauer of Aston Martin reckons the crash was a racing incident, likewise Sky’s expert team. I think that’s a fair verdict – both men were having at it and Verstappen, as we see, turned slightly in front of Hamilton when he didn’t have to, just as Hamilton poked him when he didn’t have to.

Lap 3/52 Hopefully we’ll be away again in not too long. The counter has increased from lap three to lap two, and we’re just told that in 13 minutes, we’ll be off again.

Lap 2/52 Tell you what, though, that was one immense start. I’m sad for Versatappen that he’s gone, and for the race too, but two brilliant drivers absolutely going for it, what a buzz.

Lap 2/52 They’re now covering the car in tarpaulin like it’s dead, which I suppose it kind of is.

Lap 2/52 They’re winching Verstappen’s car away, and it’s in a right two-an, I can tell you. Expensive hobby, this.

Lap 2/52 Jonathan Wheatley of Red Bull is also well vex, and in his entirely impartial opinion, his man was not to blame.

Lap 2/52 Looking at the collision frame by frame, we can see that Verstappen offers Hamilton the inside, but Hamilton never gets in front. It seems both drivers expected the other to back out of the corner, I’ve no idea why, neither did, and there you go.

Lap 2/52 “He was never anywhere near level,” says Horner, blaming Hamilton entirely. He tosses in his relief at Verstappen walking away, doing all he can to have the race director think serious harm was avoided by chance, and trusts he’ll do the right thing. Clever clever, he’ll never see through the recommendation of Red Bull’s preferred verdict as a moral fait accompli.

Lap 2/52 Jensen Button thinks Versatappen gave Hamilton room to overtake, but notes that he didn’t hit the corner’s apex. Christian Horner is telling the race director that Hamilton was never in front and that the mistake was his alone.

Lap 2/52 The general sense seems to be that in order to win, Hamilton had to get in front at the start, but I don’t think he went too hard. Stewards are investigating, we’ve just learnt, so I guess we’ll find out.

The moment of impact between Hamilton and Verstappen #BritishGP #F1

Lap 2/52 This is now a huge chance for Hamilton and Mercedes, but it looks like the repair of the tyre barrier is going to take a while.

Lap 2/52 Goodness me. Did that really happen?

Lap 2/52 “‘Verstappen crashes out!’” tweets Bill Hargreaves. “It wouldn’t have happened if they’d let Harrison Ford drive.”

Lap 2/52 I’m sure there’ll be an investigation into Hamilton’s role in that crash, but he’s earned the right to try and overtake. As Ricky Hatton used to say of rough stuff in boxing, “It’s not a tickling contest”.

Lap 2/52 Hamilton’s car seems to be ok and he checks that Verstappen is ok.

1. Leclerc

Lap 2/52 Phew!

Lap 2/52 I need to see the crash again, but I think Hamilton tried to take Verstappen on the inside – he did, we’re now seeing footage – and the merest poke to his rear-end sent him shooting off and into the tyre barrier.

Lap 2/52 The safety car is out, Verstappen gets out ok – gingerly, but still – and Leclerc leads from Hamilton. Verstappen is going to be raging.

Lap 1/52 Verstappen gets away ok but Hamilton is right there with him and as they go into Brooklands it looks like the Merdeces is there to overtake! But Verstappen shuts the door, then Hamilton goes again as they come down to Copse, and Verstappen is shunted out! Oh my absolute days!

Lights out!

Harrison Ford is with Williams, Thomas Cruise Mercedes.

The formation lap is away!

Right, final preparations have been made. Everyone is on medium tyres bar Sergio Perez, who starts from the pit-lane.

Hands up who did a double-take after reading the first line of this banner?

Max Verstappen is getting his bally on. I’m sure he could’ve waited a few seconds longer, but perhaps he’s playing a mind-game like Derartu Tulu did at the 1992 Olympics, wearing a t-short under her vest even though it was a million degrees in the stadium.

Lando Nozzer says this is the biggest buildup to a race he’s ever known, and is excited. He describes “a cool feeling inside” that’s a consequence of how much support he’s getting, which is “awesome”.

It’s so great to see such packed stands. Let’s hope is continues.

Various representatives of the NHS are being honoured, and the crowd rise to applaud them prior to the playing of God Save the Queen which is accompanied by a fly-past.

Michael Douglas is knocking about chatting to people. He’s wearing a shirt that’s ripe for showing perspiration, but looks immaculate.

George Russell talks well, and being British, he wants to talk about how hot it is. Apparently it’s very hot.

The band are marching down the grid, furry hats and all. Now they must be hot.

On Sky, the presenters are wearing jeans – tightuns, at that. I find this impossible to grasp, even before they say you can feel the heat rising through the tarmacadam.

Carbs are the order of the day, apparently, to keep the drivers going through a gruelling race. I’d also recommend a Mr Whippy.

And today today being that hot, there’s obviously loads of sport to encourage you to draw the curtains and stay indoors.

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The track temperature is 52 degrees, apparently. I hope none of the drivers are fasting.

So what do we make of this new qualifying situation? I’m loth to judge something without having seen it a few times, but I’m not sure what a race that’s a less good version of the real thing adds. Finding one fast lap seems like a slightly different challenge, and that’s a good thing. It’s also worked nicely for a fair old while.

Giles Richards, our F1 correspondent, shares some thoughts on Hamilton.

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In the Jewish calendar, today is a fast day. It was also a fast day – a different one, but one nevertheless – for the British Grand Prix in 1995. That race was won, incredibly, by none other than Johnny Herbert.

Oh yes!

A complete and utter mood.

1. Verstappen (Red Bull-Honda)

2. Hamilton (Mercedes)

Afternoon all, and welcome to the 76th British Grand Prix! It feels like we know what’s going to happen next: Max Verstappen leads from lights to flag, extends his lead in the overall standings, and on we go.

Except starting behind him on the grid is Lewis Hamilton, and if there’s one thing sport teaches us, it’s not to underestimate genius – never mind genius with 140,000 fans to agitate it. We’ve already seen this weekend – again – that Verstappen’s Red Bull has the legs on Hamilton’s Mercedes, but that alone won’t be enough for the win. Verstappen will need his head and his heart working at full throttle too.

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