Apr 30

Super U19 Provincial One Day Tournament – April 30th Match Summary

Western Province South 268 (49.5) Kamil Mishara 105, Kavindu Umayanga 65, Nishan Madushka 54, Pramuditha Madubasha 2/28, Chathura Mahela 2/34, Sashika Dulshan 2/42 Uva Province 225/9 (50) Sashika Dulshan 75, Naveen Hasaranga 33,Adithya Sandaruwan 22, Tashik Perera 3/42, Rohan Sanjaya 2/42, Ashan Dilhara 2/48 WESTERN PROVINCE SOUTH WON BY 43 RUNS _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Eastern Province 146 (48.3) Dinuka Dlishan 54, J Nithesh 27, Avindu Theekshana 4/27, Sasith Manuranga 3/24 Southern Province 147/2 (16) Hansaka Welihinda 53*, Dhananjaya Lakshan 50, Avindu Theekshana 29* SOUTHERN WON BY 8 WICKETS  _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Northern Province 75 (24) Randeera Ranasinghe 4/28, Wanitha Wanninayake 3/13, Nipun Dananjaya 2/12 North Western Province 76/4 (16.2) Kavindu Ishara 25*, Dulaj Ranathunge 24*, K Kapilraj 2/30 NORTH WESTERN WON BY 6 WICKETS… Read More →

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Apr 30

Manchester United stumble as Gylfi Sigurdsson seizes point for Swansea

Manchester United conceded a late Gylfi Sigurdsson equaliser that levelled out Wayne Rooney’s questionable penalty as José Mourinho’s side dropped two points in the race for a top-four finish.

Rooney needlessly barged Jordan Ayew for the 79th-minute free-kick that Sigurdsson curled into the right-hand corner. It left David de Gea stationary, the goalkeeper perhaps confused by Ander Herrera, who ran back from the wall on to the line and then back out again.

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Apr 30

Dana White Admits to Giving Conor McGregor ‘Longer Leash’ Than Others

When UFC president Dana White first met Conor McGregor he didn’t know that he was talking to a future two-division UFC champion.  He wasn’t sure if McGregor was a good fighter or not, but he instantly recognized McGregor’s potential star power.  Superstars don’t come around everyday.

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Apr 30

6 free iPhone games that just launched on the App Store this week

Whether you’re in the mood for fast-paced action or thoughtful, deliberate strategy, the Apple App Store has you covered this week with a killer selection of free games. I’ve always been a sucker for the Robot Unicorn Attack games, so a sequel is at the top of my list of things to download this

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Apr 30

Luke Shaw and Eric Bailly add to Manchester United injuries

Defenders Luke Shaw and Eric Bailly are added to Manchester United’s growing injury list against Swansea.

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Apr 30

Manchester United v Swansea: Premier League – as it happened

Gylfi Sigurdsson’s brilliant free-kick earned Swansea a point which reflected the balance of play; they still a fair chance of staying up, while United’s top-four hopes are surely over

2.03pm BST

In a way, a draw isn’t that bad for United – despite the unreliability of Liverpool and Manchester City, they’ve looked unlikely to qualify for the Champions League via a top-four finish for quite some time. Now, they can concentrate on peaking for Europe and saving their best players for those games, if there are any left; the injury to Eric Bailly is going to be a particular problem.

Meanwhile, if Swansea can replicate their performance this afternoon in their three remaining fixtures, they’ve a fair chance of staying up.

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1.59pm BST

So, yet another 1-1 home draw for United, their 367th of the season; surely they won’t now finish in the top four. Swansea, meanwhile, still have a chance of escaping relegation – they play Everton at home, Sunderland away and West Brom at home needing two more than whatever Hull manage.

1.56pm BST

90+5 min United are doing their best to exert pressure, but Swansea are doing really well to shut down the man in possession and the passing angles. Eventually Young forces a route down the left, but a heavy touch has him sending a cross behind.

1.54pm BST

90+4 min Rashford has been disappointing today. Perhaps it’s the case that United’s best performances need him not Zlatan, but for percentages, Zlatan is your man.

1.54pm BST

90+3 min United win a corner down the left, Martial, their best player today, forcing it. Again, Rashford takes it, but all he can do is give Fabianski catching practise at the back post.

1.52pm BST

90+1 min Darmian concedes an unnecessary free-kick because that’s what he does, and Swansea have a free-kick, 40 yards out. And what a miss! Sigurdsson chips over the wall, Llorente loses Blind, who falls flat on his very handsome face, and he could score with head or foot! He goes with foot, misses, and De Gea catches, but dearie me, those were the points right there! There’ll be six added minutes.

1.50pm BST

90 min …and Rashford goes for the far top corner, but connects with far too much power, and the ball whooshes harmlessly wide.

1.50pm BST

89 min Mkhitaryan snaps a pass inside to Martial, who takes a touch as Fernandez clatters him. Free-kick to United, close to the top-left corner of the box. Rashford is behind it…

1.48pm BST

88 min Swansea have been very good since Fer came on.

1.47pm BST

86 min Llorente does well pulling to the right, before rolling back into the middle, where Carroll slams over from 20 yards.

1.46pm BST

85 min Young moves down the left and, amazingly, comes back inside on his right before swerving a high cross towards far post. And Lingard is haring after it, doing well to wrap his coupon around the outside of the ball and divert it goalwards, but Fabianski snatches above his head.

1.45pm BST

84 min Looking at the goal again, De Gea might have done more to save it – more than nothing, say. The truth, though, is that it was so perfectly struck he’d probably still have done nothing about it.

1.43pm BST

82 min Nice interplay outside the box between Rashford and Martial, before Lingard absolutely shmices a delicate pass into touch.

1.42pm BST

81 min Martial pulls down a long cross, just outside the box, comes inside onto his right foot, and smacks a shot just over the bar.

1.41pm BST

80 min Three minutes too late, Rooney is replaced by Mkhitaryan.

1.40pm BST

What a finish this is! Herrera races back onto the line so Llorente goes into the box, so De Gea waves his man away. Sigurdsson, though, isn’t arsed either way, curling a brilliant effort over the near side of the wall that gives De Gea absolutely no chance! That’s his first goal in ten games, and what a time to get it!

1.38pm BST

77 min Lovely cross into the middle from Kingsley after clever passing to find him – Carrick heads clear. But then Rooney oafs into Ayew and Sigurdsson has a free-kick just outside the D, just right of centre…

1.36pm BST

75 min United look relatively composed in midfield, knocking it around probing for space. Blind then drives into Rashford, who touches back for Rooney and the ball goes wide left before making its way back into the middle. Herrera then rolls a lovely pass into Valencia’s path and he springs into a shot that Fabianski beats away.

1.33pm BST

72 min My word, what’s happened here! Rooney nuts the free-kick away towards Rashford, but Olsson absolutely piles through the ball, then he and Young pile into one other. The ref gives the ball to United, but it looked to me like they fouled each other.

1.32pm BST

72 min Montero has treatment, but to no avail; he’s replaced by Martin Olsson.

1.30pm BST

70 min Montero gets on the ball for the first time and skirts past Lingard then around the outside of Valencia, who comes back at him to poke behind. And oh dear … Montero’s done his hamstring.

1.29pm BST

68 min Swansea are struggling to get the ball at the moment, but they now have pace, height and delivery in attack. I’d expect them to have at least one proper chance between now and full-time, which is to say that United need another goal to be sure of winning.

1.27pm BST

66 min “Whilst I agree with you that retrospective bans for diving isn’t the most important issue facing football at the moment,” emails Matt Loten, “considering its an issue which could basically be sorted over night, is that not slightly beside the point? It’s not really going to divert time and resources from tackling the other issues, after all.

The debate about whether it’s necessary at all, and whether one prefers the debate, is valid, but I think the financial stakes involved at the top level of the game, for me, means it has to come in. I was on the fence in the early days, but Henry’s handball against Ireland clinched it.”

1.26pm BST

65 min Change for Swansea, Montero replacing Britton. Swansea are now set in the 4-3-3 with which United started; will Mourinho match it up?

1.25pm BST

63 min Down the left, Rashford streaks through three challenges and looks up to see only Martial in the box. So he whips in a hard, waist-high cross hoping for a friendly break of the ball, and gets no such thing.

1.23pm BST

62 min United have been a bit better this half for all that’s saying, and, they work the ball well from left to right where Martial turns up. Again, the path to goal opens up for him and he presses the ball through it, whereupon it takes a deflection off Mawson, and Fabianski does brilliantly to extend a leg in the opposite direction to the one in which he was moving. Great save.

1.21pm BST

60 min After some treatment, Bailly departs; Darmian arrives. At the same time, Fer replaces Ki for Swansea.

1.20pm BST

59 min Bailly is done, pulling up in the process of passing back, and his right ankle is jiggered. Naturally, youth development’s Mourinho is preparing Darmian, a not very good full-back, while Tuanzebe, a highly promising centre-back, sits at the side.

1.18pm BST

58 min It’s a little surprising that it took Mourinho 45 minutes to alter United’s formation; in his Chelsea days, he’d have made three changes after 17 minutes.

1.17pm BST

56 min Eric Bailly has hurt himself pursuing and hacking at Llorente. He’s down, and to compound the woe he’s being comforted by Rooney. If he can’t continue, United will be in real trouble; Darmian and Tuanzebe are potential replacement options.

1.15pm BST

54 min “Do you know if the referee will have seen a video of the penalty incident at half-time or have been otherwise informed of what we all know?” asks Michael Meagher. “It would surely play on his mind for the second half . . .”

I think they’re not meant to look; I heard a yarn to the contrary about a goal disallowed earlier this season.

1.14pm BST

52 min Swansea win a free-kick on the right and Sigurdsson arcs in a pearler. Llorente rises first too, between Bailly and Carrick, who between them do just enough to force a skew-whiff header across the face of the box. But United are not defending their box well today, instead relying on rushed clearances and fortuitous ball-bounces to preserve their clean sheet.

1.12pm BST

51 min “Haven’t the SPL had it as part of their disciplinary system for a number of years that players can be banned retrospectively for diving?” asks David Wall. “I remember a Rangers player getting suspended for a couple of games a number of years ago for a particularly blatant, and well publicised case. If they can do it (and the fact that it was a Rangers player in the top division shows how long they’ve had the policy) then why can’t everyone? It needn’t be that difficult or controversial, just like with retrospective bans for other offences now, where only the most obvious examples are penalised.”

I don’t have a problem with that. I just don’t think it’s that important, and I also think that there are bigger ills in the game.

1.10pm BST

49 min United should be home! Herrera picks up the ball on the right of the box, steps over a couple of times, and screws a fine low cross for Rooney. The net is gaping, but all he can muster is a shot powered against Martial’s back; what an oversight!

1.09pm BST

49 min United are now configured in a diamond to match Swansea: Carrick at its base, Rooney at its apex, and Herrera and Lingard on either side.

1.08pm BST

48 min “Rashford has clearly taken diving lessons from Fry and Laurie’s worst football coach,” emails Ian Copestake.

It was more of a crumple than a dive, I’d say.

1.07pm BST

46 min Naughton fouls Martial, who well and truly looks at him in return. It’s dead scary.

1.06pm BST

46 min With a sense of burning injustice, Swansea kick-off the second half.

1.03pm BST

“What are they waiting for? Bring on visual aids for referees,” emails Joseph Day.

I’m against – I just don’t think football is so important that we need to be certain about everything, and I also don’t think that everything is as clear cut as that was. I’d rather the game flowed and we all acted like adults when responding to refereeing errors. Here’s a piece discussing the issue in a bit more detail.

12.51pm BST

What an absolute sickener for Swansea. They’ve played really well, and though United’s pace up front has troubled them here and there, they now find themselves trailing thanks to a refereeing error. We’ll see how they respond in 15.

12.50pm BST

Rooney punches low to his right, Fabianski flings low to his right, and the ball nestles in the bottom corner.

12.49pm BST

Brilliant from Lingard, who slots a lovely pass into the box for Rashford, who nicks the ball away from Fabianski and collapses. There’s no contact, none whatsoever, but after a while the ref points to the spot. What on earth was he contemplating? Anyway, it’s Rooney with it, which presumably means everyone else has bottled the job.

12.47pm BST

45 min Rashford drives at the Swansea defence, waits for Martial and slides him a pass into stride. But Mawson does excellently to smother his cut-back, giving United another corner from which they contrive nothing.

12.46pm BST

43 min United do have the players to match Swansea’s formation, and might also do well with Lingard up front alongside Rashford. Talking of whom, he continues his ascent into fury by overrunning the ball on the right, sliding hard into Ayew, and earning a yellow card.

12.44pm BST

42 min Lingard’s had enough of doing nothing on the right, so turns up at inside-left and cuts inside, wiping his boot across a shot that flies wide of the far post.

12.43pm BST

40 min Lovely from Swansea, working the ball beautifully from centre to left, lovely skill from Sigurdsson finding Carroll who takes the return on the left wing. He then clips a pass that Carroll, bursting into the box, should take in stride but can’t, and United have a breaking opportunity. So they pause, wait, consider, ponder, and the chance goes.

12.41pm BST

39 min Glenn Hoddle points out that United have twigged that it’s their full-backs who have time and space. The thing is, they’re still outnumbered by four to three in midfield diamond, so need fast switches and lost of movement to take advantage of a system that can sometimes leave too many men ahead of the ball.

12.38pm BST

37 min For all Swansea’s superiority, the best chance of the half so far was Martial’s. De Gea has made two smart saves, but Llorente and Ayew did well to get shots in at all.

12.37pm BST

35 min Rooney robs Ki, and Mawson does well to help his mate out, at cost of a corner. Rashford takes it – it’s not very good, and hasn’t he got work to do in the corner? Anyhow, it’s easily cleared at the front post.

12.35pm BST

33 min De Gea saves United again! Carroll spreads wide to Ayew as Blind tries to play offside, a couple of stepovers do for Young, and the keeper has to jut out a foot, the rebound only just missing out Sigurdsson.

12.33pm BST

32 min Martial fancies this, rolling his foot over the ball and behind his standing leg to attack Naughton again. But this time the defender keeps his eye on things, bundling through to clear.

12.32pm BST

30 min Carrick appears, first to a loose ball in midfield and sweeping it first-time out to Martial. Martial has Naughton on a croque monsieur, burning inside him, across Ki, and punching a low shot that’s too close to Fabianski, who can’t hold on. But he’s up and onto it before Lingard can poke home.

12.29pm BST

29 min If Swansea had played like this at home to Boro, they’d not be in the bottom-three.

12.29pm BST

27 min Swansea are doing what both Liverpool and Hull did in January: getting around Michael Carrick to prevent him setting the pace of the game and setting United on the attack.

12.28pm BST

26 min Young leaps towards a tackle with Ki but pulls out long before he gets anywhere near. Nonetheless the ref awards a free-kick, right of centre, 25 yards out. Sigurdsson goes for the bottom right, but De Gea reads it well and holds before returning Swansea the ball with a useless throw-out.

12.26pm BST

25 min Martial suddenly steps on it, absolutely rousting Kingsley via nutmeg. And Rooney’s in the middle waiting for the cut-back, but Fernandez does superbly to block.

12.25pm BST

23 min Little bit better from United, Rashford turning up on the right and ducking outside then inside Naughton. The ball then moves over to the other flank, where Young stands up a cross that is still too high when it reaches Rooney at the near post and he flashes a header over the top.

12.24pm BST

22 min Lovely turn from Llorente to buy space, and the ball goes right to Naughton. He cross well, but Blind waheys the header out of danger and United look to break…

12.23pm BST

20 min Swansea win a free-kick 35 or so yards out, left of centre – excellent play from Llorente to induce the foul from Valencia – and they’ve got a perfect position for Sigurdsson to curve one in. Which he does, and Rashford misses his clearing header! But the ball hits Llorente’s heel when it might have passed onto his laces, Bailly panics and slices a clearance, then Young completes the job.

12.20pm BST

19 min Martial is booked for an innocuous foul.

12.20pm BST

17 min Martial takes possession for what seems like the first time, strolling in off the left as Lingard screeches into the box. The pass is a good one too, clipped over Naughton and Fernanez and landing on Lingard’s laces. But with the ball coming over his shoulder, he can’t get strong enough contact, and Fabianski deflects behind; the corner comes to nothing.

12.17pm BST

15 min Rashford breaks, so Britton tips him and is booked. Free-kick to United, 30 yards out and right of centre … Daley Blind territory, as it’s known in the game. He drifts an aimless special past the far post that troubles no one.

12.16pm BST

14 min Fantastic save De Gea! Kingsley lifts a pass into Llorente – he’s well offside, but no one bothers flagging – so he diddles Bailly instead, nipping inside him, and driving a sidefooted curler that the keeper palms into the air. Blind is on-hand to head away, but even then, it takes United several miserable goes to get the ball clear.

12.14pm BST

12 min Those who were nervous can now relax: this is going to be a boring game. But perhaps not! Again, Naughton lifts a ball into Ayew and he turns Bailly, who does just enough to battle back. But instead of smashing the clearance, to slides it to Sigurdsson, who can’t quite control the ricochet, putting it wide. United have been outstandingly abject so far!

12.12pm BST

10 min Valencia finds himself in a decent crossing spot and manages to refrain from destroying the first man’s shins, picking out the second instead.

12.11pm BST

8 min Poor old Luke Shaw. He’s down with some kind of leg aggravation, the physio tells him what’s what, and he departs. So, Valencia replaces him and Young goes to left-back. Pah! I thought Mourinho had a sense of humour! Valencia on the left is the Sunday fun we all need and deserve.

12.09pm BST

7 min Young plays Bailly into trouble, forcing him to stretch for a square-pass. So Ayew nips in, muscles him over, and the ref deems the challenge a foul. Didn’t look it to me.

12.07pm BST

6 min Swansea have started well. They’re outnumbering United in midfield, while United look like they’ve had mogadon pasta for brekky. And here’s Naughton, lifting a pass into Ki, inside the United box, right-hand side. He lets it drop, then rifles a snap-shot over the bar.

12.06pm BST

5 min Excellent pass from Carroll, into the space between Young and Bailly. Llorente chases after it – that is not a misprint – and again Bailly needs to be alert.

12.05pm BST

4 min Carrick hits a pass over Naughton’s head, and Rashford is in behind him, but the straight delivery allows the ball to skip behind.

12.04pm BST

3 min Bit of possession for Swansea, who waste time and patience knocking it along the back-line before Lingard hares into them. So they hump long, and Bailly actually has to defend when Llorente rushes him.

12.02pm BST

1 min Naughton curls a cross into Llorente, whose touch is bum. Herrera cleans up and United start passing.

12.01pm BST

1 min Techno, techno, techno, techno.

12.01pm BST

Swansea will “bank-up”, says Glenn Hoddle. I’ve not heard that phrase before.

11.58am BST

Out they saunter; David de Gea has come dressed as a Peaky Blinder.

11.57am BST

The players are in tunnel; Dean Saunders thinks Swansea will win 2-1, both goals from Llorente.

11.53am BST

“Bit harsh discounting Ayew already and assuming the Swans are playing 4-3-1-1 from the off,” snarks Jón Kristján Rögnvaldsson.

Dean Saunders just said he reckons they’ll play 4-6-0, which by our reckoning makes it a 4-4-0.

11.51am BST

Incidentally, Dean Saunders began BT’s broadcast by praising today’s games that are on Sky. It’s funny really, well, it’s not funny at all, but in most circumstances, a monopoly is a bad thing. But people who want to watch televised sport now need to buy two expensive channels, thanks to a historical telecoms monopoly. Lovely stuff.

11.48am BST

Clement says he’s picked Leon Britton for his calmness and leadership; also Leroy Fer isn’t that fit.

11.47am BST

Swansea’s French manager Paul Clement knows that Swansea only have four games left and wants his team to do their best against a good team in a nice stadium. It’s stirring stuff.

11.43am BST

I wonder if it’ll be Herrera who picks up Sigurdsson. He’s certainly the player United will have to watch most closely, especially as he’ll not be confined to a flank.

11.41am BST

On BT, we’re seeing that Herrera leads the league’s midfielders for tackles, assists and interceptions. What an absolute nauseation for him that he spent two seasons being dissed by Louis van Gaal. Generals are hard to find these days, but he is one, and also a decent candidate for club captain next season.

11.36am BST

Poor Mourinho. He begins his pre-match interview with fixture-related gripes, also noting that Shaw, Rooney, Lingard and Young are fresh, then congratulates himself that United are still in the hunt for fourth place and the Europa League.

11.33am BST

Of course, the reason United keep being awarded last chances is that the teams above them are incompetent flakes. Even if they don’t win today, you’d not put very much on Liverpool winning at Vicarage Road tomorrow night – though given United’s remaining fixtures, failure might be one misstep too many.

11.24am BST

So, what does it all mean? Well, United go with those same poor centre-back who keep being asked to play centre-back, and opt for attacking menace outside them. The midfield picks itself, with Rooney replacing Fellaini in the chugging and indignance role, while up front Mkhitaryan is once again punished for an anonymous display, Lingard coming in for him. On the bench is Juan Mata, back after a groin operation.

11.10am BST

Manchester United (an unjust 4-3-3): De Gea; Young, Bailly, Blind, Shaw; Carrick, Herrera, Rooney; Lingard, Rashford, Martial. Subs: Romero, Darmian, Valencia, Tuanzebe, Mata, Mkhitaryan, McTominay, Mourinho.

Swansea City (a 4-3-1-2 that’s really a 4-3-1-1): Fabianski; Naughton, Fernandez, Mawson, Kingsley; Ki, Britton, Carroll; Sigursdsson; Ayew, Llorente. Subs: Nordfeldt, Amat, Olsson, Cork, Fer, Montero, Borja.

10.13am BST

The very best thing about last chances is how many of them you can have. Manchester United couldn’t afford to drop points at home to Hull, at home to Bournemouth, at home to West Brom and at home to Everton. But they did, and he we are: if they win their remaining games, they’ll finish in the top four, into the bargain preventing either Liverpool or Manchester City from so doing, before rubbing it in by not even needing to thanks to the Europa League.

Swansea, meanwhile, could not lose at Hull, definitely needed a win at Bournemouth had no option but to beat Boro, and couldn’t afford defeat at West Ham or Watford. They achieved none of the above, and yet, with four games to go, will hoist themselves out of the relegation zone with a win this afternoon.

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Apr 30

NBA: 5 Potential Landing Spots for Jimmy Butler

There are rumors that the Chicago Bulls are ready to part ways with Jimmy Butler. If that’s the case, here are 5 possible landing spots for the All-Star.

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Apr 30

13 Hottest NBA WAGS: Khloe Kardashian, Ayesha Curry & More

Behind every great basketball player is a gorgeous woman, right? With the NBA playoffs well underway, we’re taking a look at some of the hottest wives and girlfriends of bball stars — from Khloe Kardashian to Ayesha Curry and more! Some of the biggest names in basketball also have some of the hottest

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Apr 30

Everton v Chelsea: Premier League – live!

3.24pm BST

61 min: Lukaku darts across the area and finds himself in a little space. But he doesn’t make good contact with the ball as he shoots and Courtois saves easily enough.

3.23pm BST

60 min: Not to get ahead of myself (warning: I’m about to) but even if Chelsea lose today, I still think they’ll win the league. I just don’t see them slipping up twice – and Spurs have a tough run-in. Apologies to all Chelsea fans for tempting fate (Spurs fans can thank me later).

3.21pm BST

58 min: Now Valencia has been booked – the fourth yellow card of the day, but I wouldn’t say it’s been a particularly nasty game. Hard fought but not vicious.

3.19pm BST

56 min: A yellow card for the mild-mannered Costa after he introduces Stekelenburg to his studs. That’s his 10th of the season.

3.17pm BST

54 min: Davies gallops up the field but loses control and Courtois comes out to gather the ball. He’s been Everton’s best player today (Davies that is, Courtois has done nothing for Everton).

3.15pm BST

52 min: Gana slides in to intercept a through ball and concedes the corner. Oooof – and it nearly leads to a goal. Matic backheels the ball to Moses, whose cross shot flies across goal and is inches away from being poked home by Costa. That was very well planned … and almost very well executed.

3.12pm BST

49 min: Barkley has been quiet so far, an attempted through ball plops harmlessly to Courtois. “Re: Weston Steelhammer (half-time emails) I’m reliably informed he’s also a character in World of Warcraft,” says Peter Doyle. “A busy lad obviously.” Weston went undrafted yesterday, by the way. Still, he’s in the AIr Force and I think Weston Steelhammer is an excellent name for a fighter pilot. Talking of NFL draft names:

There’s some serious competition for the best name in the NFL draft pic.twitter.com/DPvr7EQVGI

3.08pm BST

46 min: And we’re back. Just a reminder that if the scores stay the same, the title race could be down to two points by the end of the day. But there’s still a long way to go. “Can we have more Tom Davies please?” asks Matt Loten. “I don’t know where Everton were hiding him, but the lad is far too composed on the ball for an 18-year-old. It seems like we’ve been saying Barkley is ‘learning his trade’ for half a decade know, but Davies has been a regular for less than six months and looks like he’s already got it mastered.” Agreed, he’s been great so far – they may as well just change the name on his shirt to Future Everton Captain. Until he actually comes captain, then he can have Heart And Soul Of The Club.

2.57pm BST

Half-time email: “Since when did everyone start calling Idrissa Gueye ‘Gana’?,” asks Woolie Madden. “I know it’s his middle name but I could have sworn he was always referred to as ‘Gueye’ on teamsheets and the like until about six months ago? Maybe I’m wrong, but it does feel like we’re only an indulgence or two away from allowing Premier League footballers to have ‘Wozza’, ‘Bazza’ and ‘Big Rob H’ plastered over the backs of their shirts.’ If only Emile William Ivanhoe Heskey was still playing, now there was a man with a middle name. As an aside, I was watching the NFL draft coverage yesterday and this zinger of a name came up.

2.53pm BST

Chelsea corner as time ticks down: Matic’s flicked headed goes across goal as 21 players decide whether they want to do anything about it. And that brings an end to a very entertaining first-half. Both teams were willing to attack – the only thing that was missing was the finishing.

2.50pm BST

44 min: Davies is putting in some excellent, old school sliding tackles today. Although some of them are a few inches off being old school ankle breakers. But for now we will commend his passion.

2.47pm BST

42 min: Valencia picks up on a bad backpass and his cross just misses an on-rushing (is that a word?) Lukaku.

2.46pm BST

39 min: Calvert-Lewin looks a little groggy after a challenge but is OK to continue. Azpilicueta is then booked after tripping Valencia. Everton’s free-kick is 35-yards out. Maybe 34.2. Barkley’s free-kick is headed out by Luiz though.

2.42pm BST

36 min: Everton have a free-kick around 40 yards out after that Cahill handball. And it is Cahill who makes amends with a headed clearance. Matic then clatters Davies, possibly as payback for the youngster’s challenge on Costa earlier. Matic clearly feels a bit bad about this a few seconds later and checks Davies is OK. Which he is, the little scamp.

2.40pm BST

34 min: The furious pace of the opening stages has died a little – Lukaku has a good chance but handled the ball on the way through anyway. Cahill is booked for a deliberate handball of his own.

2.37pm BST

31 min: Gana does a fine rugby tackle on Hazard to deny a try-scoring chance. Jon Moss sees nothing wrong with this in a football game and waves play on.

2.33pm BST

28 min: Man City are 0-0 with Boro in the first half. You can keep up to date with today’s other games here.

2.31pm BST

26 min: Costa heads the ball and spins round as the ball drops to his feet. He only has Stekelenburg and a pristine net in front of him but thwacks the ball over the bar. I think he was a little surprised that no one got to his initial header. Chelsea should be at least 1-0 up.

2.28pm BST

23 min: Matic obviously got a taste for this goalscoring business in the FA Cup the other day. He starts his run at the centre-circle and lumbers past half of the opposition before skimming a shot at goal. At the other end, Lukaku has a decent shot from outside the area that flies just past the post.

2.26pm BST

21 min: A lovely ball from Pedro – a chip over the Everton defence – finds Hazard who volleys across goal but there’s no one there to follow up. Chelsea definitely the better side at the moment.

2.24pm BST

19 min: Alonso attempts to emulate Hagi at USA ‘94 but only emulates Alonso at Goodison ‘17, which involves him shanking his cross-shot over the bar.

2.22pm BST

16 min: Davies puts a crunching – but fair – tackle on Costa. Costa, who knows a thing or two about physical play, is limping but he’s OK to continue.

2.19pm BST

14 min: Stekelenburg has looked a little shaky in the early stages. He failed to gather that Cahill shot in the opening minutes and was very hasty coming out to block (or rather, fail to block) Hazard.

2.17pm BST

12 min: Stekelenburg rushes to stop Hazard and fails miserably, the Belgian has an open goal to aim at – albeit it at a tough angle – but his shot goes into the side netting. A man in the crowd tells Hazard exactly what he thinks of him. It does not look polite.

2.14pm BST

9 min: Everton are keen to attack early on, as are Chelsea. Which means this game will end up 0-0.

2.12pm BST

7 min: Corner to Chelsea after Williams beats Costa to a cross. Everton kind of clear without ever really clearing it but eventually Barkley runs free – his through ball to Lukaku is more of a dead-end ball.

2.09pm BST

4 min: It was a great block from Cahill to deny Lukaku a goal in that previous chance. The defender then trots up the pitch to force a save from Stekelenburg. They should put Cahill in the PFA team of the season or something. It’s been a very lively start.

2.07pm BST

1 min: And we’re off. Everton in their famous blue and Chelsea in their less famous black. The home team have a wee foray down the left to start us off … and nearly score. Calvert-Lewin cuts inside and his shot hits the post. Lukaku almost prods the rebound home.

2.03pm BST

The teams are out on the pitch. With Everton’s brilliant home form, Spurs will have identified this match as one of the games where Chelsea will most likely slip up if they are to lose the title race.

1.40pm BST

Interesting choice in goal for Chelsea today:

Petr Cech starts for Chelsea today at Goodison Park – according to the below tweet at least… #CFC #EFC pic.twitter.com/br7OUafRrr

1.37pm BST

The big news for Everton is that Morgan Schneiderlin has been ruled out due to a thigh injury. On a more positive note for their fans, they have won their last two games at Goodison against Chelsea – Leighton Baines also makes his 350th start for the club. He’d be the ultimate one-club man if he hadn’t played for Wigan for five years.

1.29pm BST

Troubling news for Everton as it emerges their entire starting XI have become trapped to their knees in a deep blue gunk covering the pitch. Should make it difficult to counterattack:

⚽️ | Today’s #EFC team to face @ChelseaFC#EFCmatchday pic.twitter.com/GL76ftZ4D9

1.13pm BST

Everton: Stekelenburg, Holgate, Jagielka, Ashley Williams, Baines, Gana, Davies, Valencia, Barkley, Calvert-Lewin, Lukaku. Subs: Robles, Kone, Mirallas, Barry, Lookman, Pennington, Kenny.

Chelsea: Courtois, Azpilicueta, Luiz, Cahill, Moses, Kante, Matic, Alonso, Pedro, Hazard, Costa. Subs: Begovic, Fabregas, Zouma, Ake, Willian, Batshuayi, Chalobah.

5.00pm BST

Tom will be here soon.

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Apr 30

Partick boss praises mature McCarthy

Manager Alan Archibald is delighted with the display of teenager Andrew McCarthy in Partick Thistle’s draw away to Hearts.

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Apr 30

Woodman a ‘rising star’ – Killie boss

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RISING STAR: Ismaïla Sarr

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Apr 30

Richmond NASCAR race day weather forecast: Hot day at the race track

Heat will be the weather story for NASCAR at Richmond International Raceway Sunday – afternoon temperatures near 90.

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Former US Navy Seal Robert O'Neill describes the moment he 'shot dead Osama bin Laden'

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Apr 30

IPL 2017 MI vs RCB: Royal Challengers Bangalore(RCB) Probable playing XI against Mumbai Indians (MI)

The two sides will square off at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai.

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Anthony Joshua: I didn’t expect him to get up – Wladimir Klitschko

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