Jan 19

5 Senior Bowl prospects for Cowboys fans to track

For one week every January, the NFL invades Mobile, Alabama for the annual Reese’s Senior Bowl. The all-star exhibition fields the top senior college prospects for an audition in front of hundreds of NFL scouts, coaches and evaluators.The Senior Bowl g…

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Jan 19

Cowboys Catch-Up (Jan. 19): Roger Staubach’s bold claim about 2018 team; what experts are saying about Dak Prescott’s future

Jan. 19Here’s everything you need to know to stay up to date with all things Dallas Cowboys.The top five stories1. Roger Staubach says the Dallas Cowboys will win the Super Bowl next year Bold claim, Roger! 2. Why the Cowboys need to fire Jason Garre…

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Jan 19

What to watch in the Eagles-Vikings NFC championship game | Early Birds

What should you watch? The defensive line, Nelson Agholor, red-zone efficiency, turnover margin, and the home-field advantage

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Jan 19

What they’re saying about Dak Prescott: Can he be elite or is his best career year already behind him?

Dak Prescott set the bar ridiculously high during his rookie season with the Cowboys going 13-3 and setting all kinds of personal records along the way (which can be seen here).His numbers were down across the board in Year 2 (except for interceptions….

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Jan 19

A new study shows that hits to the head, not concussions, cause CTE

A new study has found further evidence linking hits to the head rather than concussions to the onset of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the neurodegenerative disease traced back to the kind of head trauma experienced by football players, other athletes and combat veterans.

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Jan 19

Case Keenum and Nick Foles, former teammates, traveled a winding path that brings them face-to-face for NFC title game

Case Keenum and Nick Foles are close friends, ex-teammates and unlikely starters vying for a Super Bowl berth.

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Jan 19

The Roots will play at halftime during Eagles-Vikings game

The team took to Twitter with a short video of the Philadelphia hometown band performing the Eagles’ victory song, “Fly Eagles Fly.”

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Jan 19

Case Keenum’s wild path as a backup quarterback led to unbelievable meeting with Nick Foles | Bob Brookover

The Vikings walk-off win against New Orleans was unbelievable. Even more unbelievable: Minnesota’s Case Keenum is starting against the Eagles’ Nick Foles in the 2018 NFC championship game.

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Jan 19

Why the Cowboys need to fire Jason Garrett — the NFC’s version of Marvin Lewis

Here is the best of Tim Cowlishaw’s stories on the Dallas Cowboys since the team was eliminated from the playoffs on Dec. 24 with a 21-12 homes loss to the Seattle Seahawks.Fire Jason GarrettQuick look: It’s [Garrett’s] job until Jerry Jones says it is…

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Jan 19

AFC Championship Game: Brady’s health raises concern

After Brady sat out the Patriots’ practice on Thursday there was plenty of speculation about the quarterback’s health.


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