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May 21

Premier League clockwatch: Watford v Manchester City and more – as it happened

Chelsea and Spurs are streets ahead of the rest; Liverpool and Manchester City are in the Champions League; the relegated teams were relegated for a reason; Harry Kane wins the golden boot; and Arsenal have defensive issues to sort

5.03pm BST

Anyway, thanks all for your company and comments; we’ll be back shortly with the end of La Liga.

5.01pm BST

So I guess that’s a season. Snivel. Chelsea and Spurs are streets ahead of the rest and proved it again this afternoon; Liverpool and Manchester City confirmed their participation in next season’s Champions League; the relegated teams were relegated for a reason; Harry Kane wins the golden boot; and Arsenal have defensive issues to sort before the Cup Final.

5.00pm BST

How the final 2016/17 #PremierLeague table looks after this afternoon’s games.

4.59pm BST

And the 2016-17 Premier League season is finished!

It’s all over in Sunday’s 10 games.

Round-up #bbcfootball

4.58pm BST

What a run-in from the Lillywhites; if only they’d started the season properly. Can they transfer their style to Wembley?

4.57pm BST

The Baggies will be satisfied with their season, but have no business collapsing as they did.

4.56pm BST

But how badly hurt is Paul Pogba?

4.55pm BST

Arsenal miss out on the Champions League for the first time in 20 years, but have found some form before the Cup Final. Can they find a defence?

4.54pm BST

Ozil finds Ramsey inside the box, top left corner, and he turns then swerves a lovely finish into the far top corner.

4.53pm BST

The strongest Twitter game in the league scores again.

4.52pm BST

It was nervy for a bit but easy in the end.

4.51pm BST

Amazingly abject from the Orns but a warning from City nonetheless: next season, watch out.

4.50pm BST

Trippier crosses from the right, Hull are doing whatever it is they’re doing, and Alderweireld is free at the back post to sweep home. Spurs are quite good.

4.49pm BST

Well done Paul Clement.

4.48pm BST

What on earth is Kane playing at? Pathetic! Eriksen slings in another free-kick, it’s half-cleared, and Davies fully finishes.

4.46pm BST

I don’t believe it!

I’m hearing that the 26th minute substitution of John Terry was the captain’s own idea. Antonio Conte happy to go along wit it.

4.44pm BST

Enjoy Angel Gomes’ season highlights after he was crowned our Youth Team Player of the Year… #MUFCPOTY

4.43pm BST

I concur with this sentiment.

Get Gomes on ffs

4.41pm BST

My friend and yours, Joleon Lescott, contrives to head over his own keeper. Pedro chases it down and nods home from under the bar.

4.39pm BST

A goal each for the brothers Ayew now. A long shot hits the bar, Andre taps home.

4.38pm BST

There have been six hat-tricks in the Premier League in 2017 – Harry Kane has scored FOUR of them.

4.38pm BST

My days, what a player! Another hat-trick! Admittedly it relies on some quite hilarious defending from Hull, and of course Alli is on hand to profit, poking through. Kane sets himself, then slides home a simple finish. That’s seven goals in his last two games!

4.35pm BST

Is Gylfi Sigurdsson football’s best addresser of a dead ball? Payet comes close, but otherwise? Anyway, he swings one into the box, a flick-on takes it to the back post, and Ayew does the rest.

4.33pm BST

Eriksen’s cross is deflected to the back post, and there’s yerman with his second headed goal in three games.

4.32pm BST

Aguero is taken off at Vicarage Road; might that be his last appearance for City? Surely they need to do everything to make that unso – he guarantees goals, and even if Jesus scores as many it’s not like you don’t need back-up, or the option of playing two strikers.

4.29pm BST

Axel Tuanzebe is playing in midfield today – he is going to be a player. His use next season will go a long way to revealing Mourinho’s intentions as regards young players.

4.28pm BST

A deflection.

4.27pm BST

Excellent double-save from Gomes to deny Aguero a hat-trick. Gomes is now receiving treatment, but luckily Mazzarri had the foresight to pick two keepers for the bench.

4.25pm BST

I appear to have missed Jamie Vardy’s equaliser for Leicester at home to Bournemouth. 1-1 there now.

4.24pm BST

At Old Trafford, United are passing and moving. It’s fairly strange to see.

4.24pm BST

That’s now 103 Premier League goals for one of the good guys.

4.22pm BST

This is beautifully taken. Willian brings the ball out of defence and hits Costa, loitering outside the box in the middle. He slides wide to Hazard, who jinks outside his man and zetzes a finish into the far side-netting.

4.19pm BST

Aguero goes down the right and dinks a cross to the edge of the box where Jesus leaps into a brilliant first touch. He then stays calm to pursue the bouncing ball and lift an excellent finish over Gomes.

4.18pm BST

Cech goes the right way, to his left, but Lukaku’s sidefooter was too firm for him.

4.17pm BST

A cross comes in, Monreal looks to chest it clear, it clips his arm, and there you go.

4.16pm BST

What a miss! Sane hares down the left, arcs over a low cross for Aguero – all he needs to do is tap home – but the ball slides off his instep and way, way wide.

4.15pm BST

Wijnaldum nods down a criss, Lallana bursts onto it, and slides calmly into the far corner.

4.14pm BST

He leapt into a challenge with Calvert-Lewin, hurting yerman’s Achilles and catching his own leg underneath him. Mertesacker is on, and by the looks of things will play in the Cup Final. Dare Wenger go with three at the back?

4.12pm BST

I guess Guzan should’ve saved that, but still, it was very well done indeed.

4.11pm BST

This is a very clever free-kick – it’s right of centre, and Guzan assumes Coutinho would go over the wall towards the near post. But instead he swings one past it on the far side, which skips off the turf and sneaks inside the far corner!

4.08pm BST

Scott McTominay has just run across the back of Wilfried Zaha, clipping his heels in the process. It didn’t look deliberate, but poor Zaha is in a lot of pain nonetheless – his shoulder took the brunt of the fall. He’s up, though, and looks like he’ll be good to carry on.

4.06pm BST

And if Phil’s saying that…

Just witnessed the worst performance I’ve ever seen from a set of premier league players Watford!

4.05pm BST

I wonder what words of wisdom the sacked Walter Mazzarri shared with his players. “C’mon lads, you can do it…”

4.05pm BST

Aguero now has 169 goals for City. Eight short of Eric Brook, the club’s all-time leading scorer, who has 177.

4.04pm BST

We have kick-off.

4.03pm BST

“Mike Dean got coined at a S Wales derby,” tweets Matthew Rudd. “As the blood poured from his head, he picked the coin up and threw it angrily to the floor. Liked him ever since.”

3.59pm BST

The Sky pundits – Graeme Souness, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher – all think Middlesbrough should have had a penalty for that challenge by Lovren on Bamford, and a red card for Lovren as well.

3.57pm BST

4-0 at half-time. Watford PA sticks on Holiday by Madonna.

3.55pm BST

“I’m watching the Mike Dean game, also known as Swansea v West Brom. What did the Baggies do to deserve Dean’s last game of the season as well as Clattenburg’s last game of his career?

Dean has played some majestic advantages this season as well as making several absolutely absurd penalty decisions. He has just finished giving a 60 second lecture to Nyom and Olsson. This game is a bit nasty. Could easily imagine a red card sometime.”

3.53pm BST

#PL half time scores

3.52pm BST

Here’s yerman Smyth on that:

23 min Having seen the replay, I’m not sure about that penalty appeal. Bamford played a fine one-two with Forshaw and then cleverly got in front of Lovren so that there would be contact from the rear. Whether it was enough for a penalty, I don’t know. I suspect a penalty would be given maybe six or seven times out of 10 for something like that.

3.51pm BST

Apparently Martin Atkinson denied Boro a clear penalty at 0-0…

3.50pm BST

Pogba moves off at half-time with a little limp. It doesn’t look awful, and presumably would have to be for him not to be ready for Wednesday. If he’s got a proper problem, United are in big trouble.

3.49pm BST

At Old Trafford, Pogba and Lingard have been replaced by Carrick and Martial. Neither looked injured, but it is slightly odd behaviours, naking the chances before half-time. Mourinho is just so … so … so gnomic!

3.48pm BST

Wijnaldum breaks forward at inside-right, exchanges passes with someone or other, and flings his entire life into a drive which rushes into the roof at the near post.

3.46pm BST

At Arsenal, Barkley is on for Davies – presumably he’s injured. I wonder where Barkley will turn up – he really is a terrific talent, but where do you play him? I guess in a midfield three would be best, or next to another box-to-boxer with a more defensive inclination.

3.44pm BST

Watford spurn approximately 63 opportunities to clear the ball before Fernandinho bundles his way into the box, right-hand side, to drive a finish across Gomes. This could easily be a bonaccording.

3.42pm BST

Header from a corner from one of the division’s best defenders and players of the season.

3.41pm BST

Daniel Sturridge has just missed a chance at Anfield. They might not have been nervous before; they will be now.

3.39pm BST

Surely this isn’t the last we’re seeing of Aguero in the Premeer League?

3.39pm BST

Lovely goal, this, even if was scored against a team of cones. Caballero finds Clichy who finds Silva, and he slides into the path of Sane, streaking away at inside-left. He might shoot but instead squares for Aguero to tap home.

3.37pm BST

A lovely goal, apparently, but I’ve not seen it so please use your imagination.

3.36pm BST

Are you kidding me?

@DanielHarris Terry wasn’t injured, they took him off in his final game in the 26th minute.

3.35pm BST

Wayne Rooney is arguing with the referee, obviously.

3.34pm BST

Anyway, Chelsea are knocking at the door. Liverpool aren’t, really.

3.31pm BST

John Terry is injured, and the Chelsea players gave him a guard of honour as he was subbed. Yes they did!

3.31pm BST

A shot, from Xhaka I think, ricochets into Welbeck’s path, he turns in front of the keeper, lays it back to Sanchez, and he passes into the net. Liverpool will need to win!

3.29pm BST

West Ham, eh.

3.28pm BST

Bournemouth lead Leicester 1-0, the goal from Junior Stanislas.

3.27pm BST

Naturally, Harrance Kane scored both, one a tap-in following a lovely ball over the top from Dier, volleyed low into the middle by Trippier. It’s so, so easy for them at the moment.

3.26pm BST

So easy. Aguero goes through the middle, pauses, and leathers a low shot across Gomes and into the corner,

3.24pm BST

“I know the guy, he is a good guy and he didn’t want to cause any malice.” Excellent from Martin Keown excellent on what constitutes a red card offence.

3.22pm BST

Lingard drives forward on the break and slides a pass towards Pogba, inside the box. It oughtn’t to get through but Ward makes a mess of his interception and Pogba, who’s missed the last two games mourning the loss of his dad, drives through Hennessey’s legs from close range. The celebrations reflect that.

3.20pm BST

Easy, this senior football, what? Harrop cuts across the face of goal from left to right and curls hard into the far side-netting – that’s a lovely finish and he celebrates as you would, arms waving wildly.

3.18pm BST

Gabriel Jesus ought to have added another for Chelsea, but as he went through, a mess was made.

3.17pm BST

Excuse me while I interrupt myself! Pending an appeal, presumably, Koscielny will mss the Cup Final! He was done for pace by Calvert-Lewin, slid in hard and late, but low and with some control. He flattened his man, and Michael Oliver was over as quickly as you’d expect to send him off.

3.15pm BST

Is ‘The Cherries’ football’s worst nickname?” emails William Hargreaves. “Well not necessarily, I don’t think. Given that it is supposed to represent their shirt colour, ‘The Haemorrhoids’ could have been worse?”

But this is a whole nother category, nicknames that never were.

3.13pm BST

The ball bobbles about in the Sunderland box with various attackers enjoying touches, and eventually it’s forced wide to Willian, who thrashes a low shot in at the near post. I’m not sure the keeper will want to see that one again.

3.11pm BST

Seriously. A cross from the leftm some poor defending, and there’s the goal machine’s goal machine to open the scoring.

3.10pm BST

Arsenal turn Everton’s left-flank with the help of some compliant defending, Ozil drives in a low cross which Welbeck misses entirely, from about two yards out, but Bellerin is there to tap home. That was so Welbeck.

3.09pm BST

Chance for Liverpool! Coutinho sends Milner down the left and his cross falls to Clyne. He might swipe it with his left, but rather like a Kick Off 2 player, he can only play the way he’s facing, drilling a right-footer in a straight line, wide.

3.07pm BST

Watford don’t appear entirely excited by this afternoon’s tussle. City win a corner, it picks out Kompany, minding his own around the penalty spot, and he tumps home a header, uncontested.

3.05pm BST

Early chance at Arsenal, Welbeck deftly groining the ball wide from very few yards out.

3.05pm BST

Lovely one-two from Zaha and Puncheon – the former finding the latter, who responds with a backheel, sending him into the box. But Fosu-Mensah slides in brilliantly to avert the danger.

3.03pm BST

A heavy touch from Aguero allows Gomes to dive at his feet, but he retrieves the ball and dinks a cross into the middle from the by-line. Jesus is up and nods goalwards, but the man on the line chests it away.

3.01pm BST

Fred the Red goes to give Mourinho a high-five. Mourinho blanks him.

3.00pm BST

They’re hollering You’ll Never Walk Alone at Anfield. At the Vic, the Hornets are huddling.

2.59pm BST

BREAKING NEWS: Daniel Sturridge didn’t nod his head sufficiently vigorously when listening to the pre-match warm-up music.

2.58pm BST

At Old Trafford, the teams are marching from the tunnel to halfway. It really makes you think it’s all important.

2.57pm BST

The teams come out at Vicarage Road, and elsewhere around the country.

2.56pm BST

Julio Arca, what a hero.

“A dream come true”

Ex-Sunderland and @Boro man @julioarcaOK speaks emotionally after victory on his Wembley debut.#NonLeagueFinalsDay

2.55pm BST

I mean seriously.

2.54pm BST

Of course, it’s impossible that a man who’s spent as long injured as Sturridge has knows his own body.

2.50pm BST

Gary Neville is talking about Daniel Sturridge, saying that you need to get him a lot of the ball to get the benefit of him. I don’t really see why Liverpool would get rid – he’s not often fit, it’s true, but he’s useful when he is. There’s no issue with him not being first pick, because it barely matters. Graeme Souness, meanwhile, is haranguing the intensity of his warm-up. “Other people were picking their leg up higher than him.”

2.45pm BST

According to the Manchester Evening News, Jose Mourinho would like to buy Nemanja Matic – presumably, Chelseas fancy bringing in Tiemoue Bakayoko. I’m not certain good football teams – modern football teams – need a stopper protecting their defence.

2.43pm BST

“First of all, we have to defend … they have quality,” reckons Jurgen Klopp of Boro. 5/10.

2.43pm BST


Smalling has a toe injury, so don’t read too much into Jones’ inclusion. Could still start against Ajax

2.34pm BST

I’m interested in this last fixture. What would constitute a good season for Swansea and West Brom in 2017-18? And how do they go about getting better?

2.33pm BST

Team news is in!

Here’s how we will line up for our season finale against @WBA… ⚽️#SWAWBA

Albion team v @SwansOfficial: Foster; Nyom, Dawson, Evans, M Wilson; Yacob, Fletcher (c), Livermore; Morrison, Brunt; Rondon.#SWAWBA #WBA

2.32pm BST

So, what about Mark Hughes? On the one hand, Stoke are about where they should be; on the other, might he not exceed expectations given how good his best players could be?

2.31pm BST

#SaintsFC team to face #SCFC: Forster, Cédric, Yoshida, Stephens, Bertrand, Davis (c), Romeu, Ward-Prowse, Redmond, Tadić, Austin.

#SCFC Starting XI v @SouthamptonFC: Butland; Cameron, Shawcross, Martins Indi; Diouf, Whelan, Allen, Pieters; Shaqiri, Crouch, Ramadan.

2.30pm BST

Is “The Cherries” football’s worst nickname?

Today’s starting XI: Schmeichel (c), Simpson, Benalouane, Fuchs, Chilwell, Mahrez, Ndidi, King, Albrighton, Slimani, Vardy. #LeiBou

Four changes for the Cherries at @LCFC in our final @premierleague game of the season.

2.28pm BST

◾️ | Here’s the @HullCity team to face @SpursOfficial in today’s @PremierLeague clash at the KCOM Stadium #HULTOT

#THFC: Lloris (C), Trippier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Davies, Dier, Wanyama, Eriksen, Son, Dele, Kane. #COYS

2.27pm BST

Chelsea: Courtois; Azpilicueta, David Luiz, Terry (c); Moses, Kante, Fabregas, Alonso; Willian, Diego Costa, Hazard. Subs: Begovic, Zouma, Cahill, Chalobah, Matic, Pedro, Batshuayi.

Here’s how #SAFC line up for their final game of the 2016-17 @premierleague season v

2.24pm BST

Choking up, here.

One last time at Stamford Bridge. #CaptainLeaderLegend

2.22pm BST

Quina and Rice on the West Ham bench, Big Slav covering every base there.

TEAM NEWS: Here’s your Burnley team for today’s final @premierleague game of the 2016/17 season v @WestHamUtd


3️⃣ changes…

➡️ Ogbonna, Feghouli, Snodgrass
⬅️ Reid, Nordtveit, Calleri#COYI #BURWHU

2.21pm BST

TEAM NEWS | Presented by @haysworldwide#watfordvcity #mcfc

#watfordfc line-up v @ManCity: Gomes (GK); Janmaat, Behrami, Holebas; Amrabat, Cleverley, Doucouré, Capoue, Mason; Niang, Okaka.

2.19pm BST

De-mob happy Watford manager names two goalkeepers on the bench #watfordfc

2.18pm BST

So, no Ross Barkley for Everton – it does not seem like Ronald Koeman is one bit arsed if he leaves. I get why you’d affect that; I don’t get why it’d be true.

Arsenal’s XI looks like one that’ll start the Cup Final, with the exception of Gabriel, whose spot’ll go to Mustafi.

2.16pm BST

Arsenal: Cech, Holding, Koscielny, Gabriel, Bellerin, Ramsey, Xhaka, Monreal, Ozil, Alexis, Welbeck. Subs: Ospina, Mertesacker, Coquelin, Elneny, Iwobi, Walcott, Giroud.

| Team news is in! @ronaldkoeman makes one change from our last game as Enner Valencia starts in place of Ross Barkley. COYB! #EFCawayday

2.14pm BST

No going easy from Significantly-sized Samuel, then. As far as that United XI goes, it’s a shame that Angel Gomes isn’t starting – he’s a serious talent. Otherwise, we can perhaps deduce that Smalling will start on Wednesday night, alongside Blind, with Darmian at left-back. And so, perhaps, will Mata.

2.11pm BST

“A Nicky Butt team” with some other bits and pieces.

It’s here – our final starting XI of the league season! #MUFC #MUNCRY

Here’s the #CPFC team to take on @ManUtd this afternoon…#MUNCRY

2.07pm BST

Liverpool: Mignolet, Clyne, Matip, Lovren, Milner, Can, Wijnaldum, Lallana, Coutinho, Firmino, Sturridge. Subs: Karius, Moreno, Alexander-Arnold, Klavan, Lucas, Grujic, Origi.

Middlesbrough: Guzan, Fabio, Chambers, Gibson, Friend, Clayton, Leadbitter, Forshaw, Downing, Bamford, Gestede. Subs: Dimi, Ayala, Bernardo, De Roon, Fischer, Stuani, Negredo.

2.04pm BST

Anyway, let’s have ourselves some teams.

2.02pm BST

I was just listening to Alfie Mawson interviewed on the wireless. He doesn’t feel like a Premier League players because “I literally go home and just play on my Playstation”.

Er, isn’t that the very definition of?

12.14pm BST

I was just thinking, the sky is dark, the wind is cold, the night is young, before it’s old and grey, we will know the thrill of it all. The time has come, it’s getting late, it’s now or never, don’t hesitate or stall – when I call. Don’t spoil, the thrill of it all.

Ok, I won’t, so: welcome to

the real football factories
the staggering denouement of Premier League season 2016-17. We know who’re champions, we know more or less who’s going into the Champions League, we know who’s going into the Europa League and we know who’s going down.

Continue reading…

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May 15

WBA wary of ‘extraordinary’ Taylor fee

West Brom will not pursue Leeds full-back Charlie Taylor if the clubs cannot agree a compensation fee.

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May 15

West Brom to investigate crowd unrest

West Brom are to investigate crowd disturbances during Chelsea’s 1-0 win at The Hawthorns, after nine fans were arrested.

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May 13

Nine held after West Brom v Chelsea game

Football fans were detained on the night Chelsea were crowned Premier League champions.

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May 13

Antonio Conte: Winning the Premier League is a dream come true – video

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte says winning the Premier League is a dream come true after watching his side secure the title with a 1-0 win at West Brom on Friday. ‘It’s right to enjoy and to celebrate with your players, with your fans, with the staff, with the club. For sure, it is a dream,’ says Conte

Continue reading…

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May 12

Chelsea win Premier League title again as Michy Batshuayi sinks West Brom

When the decisive moment arrived there were a few seconds when Antonio Conte gave the impression he might actually run all the away from the touchline to join in the victory scrum. Chelsea’s manager made it half a dozen yards on to the pitch before checking back but he did not have to wait too long before he could be with his players and his first season in the Premier League was assured of a happy ending.

Related: Chelsea demonstrate depth but must reinforce to take on Europe’s elite | Paul Wilson

Related: Chelsea’s Antonio Conte: ‘This is for my players, the title is a dream come true’

Continue reading…

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May 12

Chelsea crowned Premier League champions after win at West Brom – as it happened

11.14pm BST

Michy Batshuayi was the unlikely hero on a night when Chelsea wrapped up their sixth title in the face of surprisingly obdurate resistance from West Brom. His 82nd minute winner sparked wild celebrations among Chelsea’s players, backroom team and travelling fans that are likely to last long into the night. Thanks for your time and have a great weekend. We’ll have plenty more live action for you in the coming days.

11.09pm BST

Here’s our game-by-game guide to Chelsea’s march to the title.

Related: March to the title: how Chelsea’s season unfolded, game by game

11.06pm BST

The Chelsea defender was quite the laughing stock when Chelsea re-signed him from PSG, but has had the last laugh on his detractors after a fine season. Speaking to the BBC, he had this to say after Chelsea’s win over West Brom and I think it’s fair to say he is … well, happy.

“I’m very happy,” he said. “This is my first Premier League title. When I decided to come back here it was because of this – I dreamed of one day winning the Premier League so I’m very happy because my dream came true. I am so happy – we worked hard every day to have these kinds of moments.”

11.03pm BST

The Chelsea manager on the logic behind his doouble substitutions: “I think during the game you can allow to do this change [taking Hazard and Pedro off],” he said. “This moment of the game I think Hazard was a bit tired and also Pedro, and I wanted to give more energy with Michy and Willian. I think that Michy paid me a lot with this change but it’s great for me, this is my first season. It wasn’t easy for me to arrive in England to try a different habit, a different language and also a lot of players after a bad season.”

The Chelsea manager on the tactics that helped win him the title – specifically, changing to a back three after suffering a hiding at the hands of Arsenal. “I think this decision to change our system won this league because in the first part of the season we didn’t have the right balance,” he said. “And when I saw after two defeats against Liverpool and Arsenal … bad defeats, not simple defeats, I knew I needed to change and find a new situation for my team. In my mind there was this option to change and play with a 3-4-3 because I know the characteristic of Willian and Pedro – number 10. To play with only one forward and two number 10s made us more solid in our defence.”

10.57pm BST

Millwall fan and broadcaster Danny Baker has a good idea.

Chelsea’s open top bus parade is on June 3rd at 4am. It won’t disrupt traffic, only fanatics will go & the rest of us can sleep through it.

10.56pm BST

Paul Wilson was there alongside Daniel Taylor for the Guardian and his winged monkey has just tapped on the window of Guardian Towers and handed in this dispatch.

Related: Chelsea demonstrate depth but must reinforce to take on Europe’s elite | Paul Wilson

10.53pm BST

Sky pundit Thierry Henry has been praising the humility of his former Juventus team-mate and it’s no surprise. The Italian is hard-working and a real class act who seems to have the respect of most, if not all of his charges. After winning the title, he was very quick to praise his players and his staff and very reluctant to take any of the credit for the title win. It is fair to say one of his recent predecessors is not noted for the same magnanimity as Conte in victory or defeat. Indeed, it will be interesting to see how long passes before the individual in question tries to take some or all of the credit for this title win of Chelsea’s.

10.44pm BST

Don’t worry I got this yall God loves unexpected heroes ❤ Very happy tonight enjoy the title FAM !!!! #CFC #KTBFFH #Neversurrender

10.41pm BST

Our crack video team have produced this animated delight outlining how Chelsea went about winning the Premier League this season.

10.39pm BST

“We didn’t need them to get the little bit of luck tonight,” says the West Brom manager. “They’re wonderful champions and they could win the double. We gave them a really good game and we wanted to do that tonight. We needed all the breaks tonight and we didn’t need them to get the break.” He goes on to say that he can’t fault the efforts of his players, but some of their decision-making at crucial moments left a lot to be desired. I suspect he’s referring to the two counter-attacks West Brom had from corners, where they messed up despite having a numerical advantage.”

10.35pm BST

It seems astonishing that Chelsea have got through an entire Premier League season – well, 36 games of it with two to go – without having a single player sent off. They’re clearly a very well disciplined side.

10.29pm BST

“It’s amazing to celebrate something with the fans and especially when the game was so difficult,” says Eden Hazard.

Alongside him, Marcos Alonso is pleased to have won his first major honour in football. “I think we had the confidence for the 90 minutes but we knew it was going to be tough,” he says. “I am delighted and hopefully there is more to come.”

10.26pm BST

Lads defended well and were super disciplined – tough to take but congrats to the @premierleague Champions Chelsea, Well deserved

10.24pm BST

“The Leicester surprise package of last year evidenced the spread of quality in the Premier League, and clearly showed that the right motivation and management make all the difference,” he says. “This year, we’re back to the same old, same olds (Chelsea, Arsenal, the Manchesters, etc), and it’s boring as anything to a non-partisan onlooker. The Premiership should look at ways of introducing some controlled ‘randomness’ to give the lesser teams a chance, to better reflect all aspects of the game, not just how much money clubs can spend on players. Will they, when they are raking in the TV dosh? No.”

10.22pm BST

WHAT A NIGHT! #ChelseaChampions

10.20pm BST

You know the words, Blues fans!!! #ChelseaChampions

10.19pm BST

The celebrations continue: Chelsea’s players are now in their dressing room, where the champagne is being sprayed and the celebratory selfies are being taken. Pogoing up and down as they sing about their “champions” status, Diego Costa is a vision in tight black strides and nothing else.

10.16pm BST

Everton have seen off Watford in a match that has been ever so slightly overshadowed by events at the Hawthorns.

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10.15pm BST

He thanks Chelsea’s fans and his staff. “They did a fantastic job,” he says of his backroom and medical teams. “We didn’t have a lot of injuries and it was a great job from my staff. It was a great season but for it to become a fantastic season we have to win the FA Cup.

10.13pm BST

In conversation with the Sky Sports crew, the Chelsea manager gives his players plenty of credit. “It’s a great achievement for the players,” he says. “I have to give thanks for their commitment and work-rate and patience, they showed me great attitude and great desire to try to do something great in the season. Now after this win I think we must be happy and pleased for the whole season.”

10.11pm BST

The match may be over, but the Chelsea party has just started. It was prompted by what Gary Neville labelled “a scabby goal” but nobody connected with the club will care about the quality of the strike that won them their sixth title. Stay with us for post-match reaction and various Chelsea-related Guardian treats that are coming down the pipe imminently.

10.06pm BST

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10.04pm BST

Michy Batshuayi is pleased: “For sure, yeah,” says the goalscorer when asked if scoring the goal that won Chelsea the title has been the best moment of his career to date. He’s had a tough season, spending most of it on the substitute’s bench, but he came off it tonight to scramble home a very important winner when it looked like West Brom might hold out for the draw, or even sneak an unlikely win.

10.02pm BST

Viva John Terry II: “We will lift it together of course,” says John Terry as he and Gary Cahill are asked about the presentation of the trophy, which will take place at the end of their final league game of the season against Sunderland. “Gaz has been playing week in and week out and has been different class,” he says.

9.59pm BST

Viva John Terry: Along with his fellow substitutes, Terry is enjoying the celebrations and joins his team-mates, manager and all Chelsea’s backroom staff as they hold hands in a long line across the pitch and embark on a very poorly co-ordinated … celebratory something-or-other. “To be honest at times tonight it was going to be one of those days,” says Cesc Fabregas. He goes on to upset Geoff Shreeves by saying “Football is fucking unbelievable!” I hope he doesn’t kiss his wife with that potty-mouth!

9.54pm BST

Antonio Conte’s face is a picture! The Italian is overjoyed and runs on to the pitch and jumps into the arms of Thibaut Courtois, before uncoupling himself and joining the rest of his players as they go to take the applause of their fans.

9.53pm BST

Peep! Peep! Peeeeeeeep! It’s all over and Chelsea are champions of England for the sixth time in their history. It was hard work for them tonight, but Michy Batshuayi’s late goal was enough to get the job done.

9.51pm BST

90+5 min: Chelsea get the ball back and try to run down the clock playing if over and back across the field. The title is just seconds away.

9.51pm BST

90+3 min: Again, West Brom press forward down the right wing. Chadli sends a low cross into the box, but it runs through to Courtois.

9.49pm BST

90+2 min: West Brom are refusing to roll over and press forward in search of an equaliser. Nyom crosses into the penalty area, but David Luiz heads clear.

9.48pm BST

90+1min: We’re in the first of five recommended minutes of added time. Rondon brings a smart save out of Courtois after giving David Luiz the slip, but it wouldn’t have counted if he’d scored as he was in an offside position.

9.47pm BST

89 min: There’s a break in play to deal with a couple of disturbances. Various Chelsea fans sitting amongst the home fans jumped up to celebrate their team’s goal, sparking anger from the locals around them. A couple of the Chelsea fans in question made their way on to the pitch as the attempted to get in amongst their own, hence the break in play.

9.45pm BST

88 min: Once he’d calmed down after the goal, Antonio Conte made another change: Kurt Zouma on for Victor Moses.

9.44pm BST

86 min: Chelsea’s goal sparked delirious celebrations from their manager, who went bonkers with joy on the touchline. Meanwhile down by the corner flag, his players celebrated like men who know they’ve won the league title. They’re not quite there … yet. Can West Brom ruin their party in the knockings of this game?

9.41pm BST

84 min: It may not have been too pleasant on the eye, but it could be very important. After Gary Cahill had shanked an effort from distance, the ball fell to Azpilicueta who slid it across the face of goal and Batshuayi was on hand to slide in and steer the ball inside the left upright.

9.40pm BST

Chelsea score! The substitute slides the ball home from five yards out to give Chelsea a goal that could win them the title.

9.38pm BST

80 min: Batshuayi is penalised for a foul on Jacob, who has been hugely influential since coming on as a substitute. Free-kick for the Baggies, about 35 yards from the Chelsea goal. Brunt stands the ball up at the far post, it’s knocked down to Nyom, who scuffs his shot. West Brom have been playing very well in these past 20 minutes. Very well indeed.

9.36pm BST

78 min: With Chelsea playing two up top in Costa and Batshuayi, West Brom switch to five at the back after Tony Pulis hands Marc Wilson written instructions and the defender hands them to Darren Fletcher. It’s 5-3-2 v 3-5-2.

9.34pm BST

77 min: West Brom win a free-kick halfway inside the Chelsea half and Chadli pumps the ball towards the penalty area. It gets a nick from a defender on its way wide and the hosts get a corner.

9.33pm BST

75 min: Chelsea double-substitution: Willian and Michy Batshuayi replace Pedro and Eden Hazard. “He’s gone up in my estimation for doing that, because Hazard’s been very poor tonight,” says Gary Neville.

9.31pm BST

72 min: Nacer Chadli shoots low, diagonally and just a few feet wide of the upright after being given a clear sight of goal in the penalty area courtesy of a pass from Jake Livermore. Another wonderful chance wasted by West Brom. Chadli attempted to place the ball wide, when smashing it would have been the better option.

9.28pm BST

71 min: Jacob plays the ball forward and suddenly Rondon is one-on-one with David Luiz. He takes the ball past the Brazilian and is through on goal with Gary Cahill in hot, desperate pursuit. The defender does enough to deflect Rondon’s shot out for a corner. What a chance that was for West Brom!

9.26pm BST

70 min: Hazard picks up the ball just outside the West Brom box, but is dispossessed by Jacob.

9.26pm BST

69 min: Victor Moses swings an inviting cross in from the right, but Diego Costa is unable to get his head to it. Allan Nyom clears for West Brom.

9.24pm BST

68 min: Eden Hazard is penalised for offside as he attempts to get on the end of a lofted pass from Fabregas.

9.23pm BST

66 min: Azpilicueta dives in on Rondon by the touchline near Tony Pulis’s technical area, but no free-kick is forthcoming from Oliver. Pulis is not best pleased.

9.22pm BST

65 min: West Brom win a free-kick and Chris Brunt’s curling delivery from deep is wonderful and just begging to be attacked. Diego Costa is back to clear for Chelsea with a header.

9.21pm BST

62 min: Gareth “G-Mac” McCauley is forced off with injury and is replaced by the Republic of Ireland’s Marc Wilson.

9.18pm BST

61 min: Azpilicueta plays the ball to Diego Costa inside the West Brom penalty area, but the striker gets the ball stuck under his feet as he attempts to swivel and shoot. Cesc Fabregas commits a foul as he attempts to win the ball in the ensuing scramble and West Brom are given the chance to clear their lines.

9.16pm BST

60 min: West Brom substitution: Nacer Chadli on for James McClean.

9.16pm BST

57 min: Hazard rolls the ball up the left wing towards Costa, who tries to pick out Matic. West Brom attempt to clear, but Brunt is penalised for a foul on Hazard. Free-kick for West Brom wide on the left again. After a long discussion between referee Michael Oliver, Brunt and Darren Fletcher, Cesc Fabregas sends the ball into the mixer, where Gary Cahill clashes heads with Jacob while trying to head goalwards. He’s OK to play on after treatment.

9.13pm BST

56 min: Michael Dawson is penalised for a nudge on the back of Eden Hazard. Free-kick for Chelsea, wide on the left. Cesc Fabregas’s cross into the box is woeful and bounces wide.

9.12pm BST

54 min: Victor Moses shoots straight at Ben Foster from distance. Surely it’s only a matter of time before Chelsea score. One suspects the chances of them opning the scoring are increasing the more West Brom’s players tire mentally and physically,

9.10pm BST

53 min: Craig Dawson almost turns an Eden Hazard cross into his own net from about six yards out, but it’s blocked on the line by Jacob.

9.09pm BST

51 min: West Brom substitution: Sam Field off, Claudio Jacob on.

9.08pm BST

50 min: After being teed up by Eden Hazard from the left wing, Fabregas goes close with a shot from just outside the penalty area that fades right of the far post.

9.06pm BST

48 min: Diego Costa sends a Pedro cross goalwards with a rather ungainly overhead volley. Foster saves the day for West Brom again, but Costa hadn’t caught the ball quite right and it didn’t take a great deal of stopping.

9.04pm BST

47 min: Victor Moses shoots a low, diagonal drive through the legs of a defender and his fine effort is arrowing towards the bottom right-hand corner until Ben Foster produces a splendid save. Excellent goalkeeping.

9.02pm BST

46 min: No changes on either side as Chelsea get the ball rolling for the second half as they bid to wrap up the Premier League title at the first time of asking. In the Sky studio, Frank Lampard reckons they need to move the ball quicker around the fringes of the West Brom penalty area as they attempt to find space in their bid to break down West Brom’s obdurate defence.

8.58pm BST

“Even if they don’t get it done tonight, Chelsea are going to win the title, and most likely the double,” he says. “ But do you think Conte will be able to repeat this success here season after season? After all, Mourinho’s side similarly ran away with the league, but then couldn’t follow up in the next season, and Conte’s managerial approach is also demanding and intense.

“It raises a question whether this group of players will remain responsive to that environment over a long period. It’s true that Conte maintained his success in Italy, but then, typical Italian players are very different in attitude from typical English players, and Mourinho didn’t experience a drop-off in his last season at Inter unlike he has done in other places either. Of course, that’s assuming that Conte stays for at least the length of his current contract.”

8.49pm BST

It remains scoreless with half the game remaining. Chelsea have dominated, but an obdurate defensive display from the Baggies has limited their opportunities. Despite being bossed in the possession stats, West Brom have had chances of their own. Salomon Rondon went close in the opening moment and his team have looked fairly dangerous on the break.

8.46pm BST

45+1 min: West Brom win a corner and then a free-kick wide on the left as the game runs into added time at the end of the first half. The balls curled in to Rondon at the near post, but he can’t get his head to it. Chelsea clear.

8.45pm BST

45 min: Jonny Evans gets away with a blatant foul as he bends over and rolls the ball along the ground with his hand in a tussle with Fabregas just outside the penalty area. I’m not sure how the referee missed that.

8.44pm BST

43 min: Moses and Fabregas combine to tee up Hazard in the penalty area, but his shot is blocked. Moments later, Costa fires high over the bar after good work from Pedro, drawing more ironic cheers.

8.42pm BST

40 min: Salomon Rondon laughs after being awarded a throw-in. He thought he was being whistled for a foul on Victor Moses and seems a little sheepish at getting the decision. West Brom’s fans cheer at the good of it.

8.39pm BST

39 min: Allan Nyom is penalised for a foul on Eden Hazard in the left-back position, but nothing comes of the ensuing free-kick.

8.38pm BST

37 min: Pedro goes close for Chelsea, who sends a left-footed drive that had Ben Foster beaten all ends up a little wide of the back post.

8.37pm BST

35 min: Sam Field gets booked for an ill-advised lunge on Pedro. It’s field who comes out worse from the challenge and he needs treatment. On Sky, co-comms man Gary Neville is stressing the need for West Brom to keep 11 men on the pitch. James McClean is currently looking a likely candidate for a red card and has been known to lose his cool on more than one occasion.

8.35pm BST

34 min: Chelsea advance again, but once again fail to find a way of prising open the West Brom portcullis. The ball ends up at the feet of Ben Foster, who thumps it forward.

8.33pm BST

33 min: Cesc Fabregas sends a low diagonal drive bouncing a few inches wide of the left upright from a space just outside the penalty area.

8.32pm BST

31 min: James McClean, already on a yellow card, is penalised for another foul on Moses, this time in the space between the right side of the penalty area and the touchline. Fabregas sends the free-kick to the far post, where Gary Cahill nods it back across the face of goal. West Brom clear.

8.30pm BST

29 min: West Brom get forward, enjoying a rare spell of possession as they string several passes together for what seems like the first time in an age. Another poor delivery towards Salomon Rondon means nothing comes of their time on the ball.

8.28pm BST

28 min: Chris Brunt attempts to hook a James McClean delivery into the box goalwards, but is flagged for offside as Thibaut Courtois saves easily.

8.26pm BST

26 min: Moments before that Azpilicueta shot, Eden Hazard went down in the West Brom penalty area under a challenge from Jonny Evans. Chelsea’s penalty appeals were half-hearted at best and the ref waves play on.

8.25pm BST

25 min: Cesar Azpilicueta tries his luck with a low shot from distance, but Ben Foster is quick to get down and save comfortably.

8.24pm BST

23 min: With a quarter of the game gone, Chelsea will be happy enough with their dominance, but frustrated at their inability to break down West Brom’s defence. They haven’t had it all their own way, as West Brom had the first effort on target in the opening minute and have looked dangerous on the break from a couple of Chelsea corners.

8.22pm BST

22 min: Risky play from Chris Brunt, who dives in on Victor Moses in the penalty area but times his tackle to perfection.

8.21pm BST

20 min: James McClean is booked for a foul – or perhaps his subsequent dissent – on Victor Moses, just outside the West Brom penalty area. Fabregas sends the free-kick floating towards the far post, where Gary Cahill shoots wide.

8.20pm BST

19 min: Chelsea try to find a way through a packed West Brom defence comprised of a bank of three in front of a bank of six defenders. Chris Brunt and James McClean are playing almost as extra full-backs, wide of Craig Dawson and Allan Nyom respectively.

8.18pm BST

18 min: From that corner Chelsea win another one and once again West Brom counter-attack, this time in great numbers. Once again they fail to capitalise as their ponderousness enables Chelsea to get back and tidy up.

8.16pm BST

16 min: Fabregas plays a weighted square pass across the face of the goal to Pedro, whose low drive is deflected out for a corner.

8.15pm BST

15 min: Darren Fletcher goes berserk when he’s penalised for a foul on Diego Costa and replays suggest he was hard done by. Free-kick for Chelsea, almost in line with the right side of the West Brom penalty area.

8.14pm BST

13 min: From that corner, which Chelsea played short, West Brom break on the counter-attack and find themselves with a two-on-one. James McClean makes a mess of his pass to Salomon Rondon and a great chance goes begging.

8.13pm BST

12 min: A Pedro cross into the penalty area is put out for a corner by Chris Brunt. The Spaniard wants a penalty for hand-ball, but has to settle for a corner.

8.11pm BST

11 min: Another attack from Chelsea results in Ben Foster saving comfortably from a weak Eden Hazard effort.

8.10pm BST

10 min: Fabregas picks out Pedro on the edge of the penalty area, but his shot sails high over the bar, prompting whistles of derision from the West Brom fans behind the goal. West Brom are failing desperately in their attempts to shackle Fabregas, who is running this game.

8.09pm BST

9 min: Costa tries to drill the ball home from inside the penalty area, but his effort is blocked by a defender. After a very bright opening minute from West Brom, Chelsea are completely bossing this game.

8.08pm BST

8 min: Eden Hazard draws a foul from Craig Dawson wide on the left. Fabregas plays it to the far post, but his inswinger to the back post is a little too deep for the incoming Gary Cahill. He stretches every sinew to get a boot to it, but can only steer the ball wide.

8.07pm BST

5 min: Cesc Fabregas picks a long pass into the box for Pedro on the edge of the penalty area, with Foster caught in no-man’s land. He gets away with it, as Pedro miskicks while trying to cushion a volley over the stranded goalkeeper. It was an inch-perfect, wonderful raking pass from deep by Fabregas.

8.05pm BST

3 min: Chelsea get forward and with Marcus Alonso and Victor Moses pressing high up the field. Moses tries to play a one-two but the ball is sent wide. Ben Foster takes the goal-kick.

8.03pm BST

1 min: West Brom kick-off and within 20 seconds, Salomon Rondon brings a smart save out of Thibaut Courtois. The striker got on the end of a Darren Fletcher ball into the box to sending a looping header goalwards. It looked like it might drop in at the top right hand corner, but Courtois got across to tip it over for a corner. Nothing comes from it, with the delivery a mite too high for Jonny Evans.

7.57pm BST

To assorted claps and shouts of “C’mon boys!” the teams march out on to the Hawthorns sward soundtracked by some banging choons. The last of the pre-match niceties get under way and kick-off is just minutes away.

7.48pm BST

The West Brom manager is full of compliments for their opponents, but says his team have “got to be party-poopers tonight”. Asked how he plans to poop the Chelsea party, he had this to say. “The way they set up, the spaces are on the other side of the pitch and we’ve got to work really hard trying to get the ball from one side of the pitch to the other and then get two-on-ones. We’ve been working on it in training but it’s going to be very difficult because they’re such a great side,” he says.

7.45pm BST

Chelsea may be top of the Premier League table, but their opponents are the league leaders when it comes to scoring from set-pieces. They’ve bagg(i)ed 19 goals from dead ball situations this season, more than any other team.

7.43pm BST

In conversation with Sky’s Geoff Shreeves, the Chelsea manager was asked what his last message to his players will be before sending them out tonight. “My message is simple, to play always to take three points,” he says. “For sure it won’t be easy because we all know West Brom is a good team. We are ready to fight, to fight to take three points.”

On the subject of the importance of focus and concentration tonight: “It is important for us to start the game very well, to have focus, to have concentration and to try to win,” he says. “It won’t be easy. West Brom is a good team, a strong physical team with a good manager.”

7.34pm BST

And the Sky cameras are focussing on Gary Cahill as pundits Jamie Redknapp, Thierry Henry and Frank Lampard discuss what the central defender brings to the Chelsea party. Quiet leadership, more than his fair share of goals, plenty of blocks and an baility to do the simple things well, seems to be the general consensus although Henry does point out that “he was all over the place, basically” at the beginning of the season.

7.30pm BST

In the corresponding fixture at Stamford Bridge earlier this season, Chelsea left it late to secure the three points courtesy of Diego Costa’s 76th minute winner. Dominic Fifield was at the match for the Guardian and described it as “a slog” for Chelsea against “ruggedly obdurate opposition”. Here’s hoping we get a similarly competitive game tonight. You can read Dom’s report on that one here …

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7.23pm BST

7.09pm BST

Following his fine display in victory against Middlesbrough earlier this week, Cesc Fabregas has kept his place in Chelsea’s midfield despite the return to fitness of N’Golo Kante, who must settle for a place on the bench tonight. Chelsea’s side is unchanged from that match, while Tony Pulis has made just one change from the West Brom team that drew with Burnley. Allan Nyom comes in at left-back.

7.05pm BST

West Brom: Foster, Dawson, McAuley, Evans, Nyom, Fletcher, McClean, Livermore, Field, Brunt, Rondon.

Subs: Robson-Kanu, Yacob, Morrison, Marc Wilson, Myhill, Chadli, Leko.

7.03pm BST

Team to face West Brom: Courtois; Azpilicueta, David Luiz, Cahill (c); Moses, Matic, Fabregas, Alonso; Pedro, Diego Costa, Hazard. #WBACHE

7.02pm BST

Albion team v @ChelseaFC: Foster; Dawson, McAuley, Evans, Nyom; Brunt, Livermore, Fletcher (c), Field, McClean; Rondon.#WBACHE #WBA

6.48pm BST

“Since no Baggies want to see Chelsea clinch the title at the Hawthorns, neutrals want to see the title race go on as long as possible, and Chelsea supporters want to win the title at home it would be a win-win-win situation if West Brom can avoid defeat today,” writes JR. “Do you think it’s too much to ask for a West Brom victory on a John Terry own goal? Yeah, that might be a little greedy.”

6.42pm BST

While Chelsea’s travelling faithful were quick to snap up the entirety of their ticket allocation of 2,773, one of my acquaintance told me he’d heard that some West Brom fans were selling their tickets to visiting fans and the prices being quoted were eye-watering. It may just be idle chatter, but however many Chelsea fans turn up this evening, if their team wins they will not be presented with the Premier League trophy until the final game of the season at Stamford Bridge, when already relegated Sunderland are the visitors. A cat might look at a king, eh? After that there’s the small matter of an FA Cup final against Arsenal to contest at Wembley.

6.31pm BST

6.31pm BST

6.31pm BST

The return of N’Golo Kante from a thigh injury means Antonio Conte has a full squad to choose from. The PFA Player of the Year missed Monday night’s win over Middlesbrough and was replaced by Cesc Fabregas, who played a blinder and may keep his place on the back of it.

Tony Pulis will have to make do without winger Matty Phillips who is out with a hamstring problem, although striker Hal Robson-Kanu is expected to be available for selection after recovering from similar issues. Central defender Jonny Evans is also fully fit, after recovering from the ankle injury that forced him off the field during West Brom’s 2-2 draw at Burnley last weekend.

6.31pm BST

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9.14am BST

A win at the Hawthorns will seal the title with two games to spare for Chelsea, just one season into Antonio Conte’s reign as manager. Tony Pulis, the Italian’s opposite number, has promised his side will do their damnedest to stop them, but the odds are heavily stacked against a team that has taken just two points from their past six matches and generally seem to have put their feet up since securing safety with their 3-1 over Arsenal in March. Stay tuned for team news, build-up, all the match action and post-match reaction on a night when Chelsea could become champions of England for the sixth time. Kick-off is at 8pm (BST).

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