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Apr 25

Down’s syndrome team plays first match

The Oxford Bulls play their first match after featuring in a video with Irish star James McClean.

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Apr 22

Football pays tribute to Ehiogu

Former England and Aston Villa defender Ugo Ehiogu is honoured before Tottenham’s FA Cup semi-final with Chelsea at Wembley and at football matches around the country.

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Apr 21

‘A hugely popular figure in the game’

Ugo Ehiogu, who has died at the age of 44, enjoyed a fine career and seemed destined for more success as a coach, writes Phil McNulty.

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Apr 16

Roberto Firmino seals victory for Liverpool at West Bromwich Albion

It was hardly pretty at times and will not take up much space on an end-of-season highlights reel, but all that matters for Liverpool right now is that they have rediscovered the art of grinding out victories away from home. Hot on the heels of their i…

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Apr 16

Dad hurt in stab attack joins club tribute

A minute’s applause was held before the West Bromwich Premier League game against Liverpool.

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Apr 16

West Brom 0-1 Liverpool: Premier League – as it happened

A Roberto Firmino goal just before half-time was enough for Liverpool to claim a 1-0 win over West Brom, and move back to third in the table

3.28pm BST

And with that, we shall depart. May we direct you in the, erm, direction of Daniel Harris, who is currently expressing some unhappiness about the state of the Manchester United team to face Chelsea. Nonetheless, he’ll bring you the latest from that game, here.

If fast cars driving fastly round a track is more your thing, Michael Butler will take you through the Bahrain Grand Prix, here.

3.26pm BST

Well, a slightly madcap end to the game, but ultimately Liverpool weren’t significantly tested in that game – in terms of quality of opposition, at least. Plenty of huff and puff and gumption from West Brom, but not much of anything else. Liverpool go third, and West Brom go a fourth game in a row without scoring.

3.23pm BST


3.23pm BST

90 mins +4: Circus football, as Foster again comes forwards, again the ball is lost, but this time Foster tries to tackle Wijnaldum on the wing. He doesn’t manage it, but in the end Brunt clears the long ball towards goal.

3.21pm BST

90 mins + 2: Oh my! Foster goes up for a corner, the ball reaches him and he passes back to McClean then for some reason stays out on the wing. Moreno does well to dispossess McClean, and suddenly Liverpool have a three or four on one, with no goalkeeper. Moreno has options left and right, but instead tries to shoot into the empty net…but misses!

3.19pm BST

90 mins + 1: That corner is jazzed in, but Can is there at the near post to head away. Meanwhile, Alberto Moreno is on, replacing Coutinho.

3.18pm BST

90 mins: Beefy three-way challenge involving Clyne, Livermore and Firmino. Clyne comes off worst, but ultimately he gets up and carries on. Four minutes of stoppage time, and West Brom have a corner on the right.

3.17pm BST

89 mins: The West Brom bench go slightly potty about a throw-in not awarded to them. We’ve reached that stage of the game.

3.15pm BST

87 mins: Brunt does as his manager commands by hitting Rondon with a long pass from deep on the left, but it doesn’t stick and, thusly, doesn’t do them much good.

3.13pm BST

85 mins: Liverpool looking to snuff this game out now. Pulis looks cross on the touchline.

3.10pm BST

82 mins: “Re: Ian Copestake (58 mins),” writes Jon Taylor. “It’s not just the last few seasons. Since at least Roy Evans’ era commentators on Liverpool games have always had a phrase ready to go: “We did wonder if they’d come to rue those missed chances…”

3.09pm BST

81 mins: A minute later, Phillips still looks like he’s going through all sorts after missing that chance. Meanwhile, Daniel Sturridge comes off the bench, in place of Origi.

3.08pm BST

80 mins: Huge chance for West Brom. Great work by Rondon loses Matip, and he shoves a pass through to Phillips who’s clean through on goal. He tries to clip a finish over an advancing Mignolet, but the Belgian keeper does well to make the save with his legs.

3.07pm BST

79 mins: Can tries a shot from about 35 yards out, but I’m not going to embarrass him further by telling you which row of the stand it landed in.

3.06pm BST

78 mins: Not much by way of attacking threat from West Brom. Livermore shoots, but drags it way across goal and wide.

3.04pm BST

76 mins: That free-kick is whipped over by Coutinho but deflected behind, via two West Brom defenders, for a corner.

3.03pm BST

75 mins: “Despite all the words I’ve read about misunderstood Tony Pulis,” writes Paul Done, “this West Brom isn’t much different from his old Stoke teams, is it?” Well, quite.

Meanwhile, Livermore drags down Origi to give Liverpool a very dangerous-looking free-kick on the left corner of the box…

3.00pm BST

73 mins: This is the closest Pulis gets to ‘going for it’…

Pulis desperate for a goal so he has changed formation from 4-1-4-1 to 4-4-1-1…

2.59pm BST

72 mins: Lucas goes into the book for leaving a late one on McClean.

2.59pm BST

71 mins: Scrappy few minutes of play, punctuated only by loud, anguished shouts from Pulis on the sidelines. He often sounds like a man watching his dog run off a cliff.

2.56pm BST

67 mins: Origi and Evans grapple as the Liverpool man runs towards the West Brom area, but the referee gives the free-kick – as often the case in these situations – to the one that falls over first. Which, this time, is Evans.

2.54pm BST

66 mins: Evans chops Coutinho down at the byline, and seems surprised when a yellow card is flourished in his direction. Quite why is unclear: that was fairly blatant. From the free-kick, Matip heads wide.

2.52pm BST

64 mins: Double change for West Brom – Yacob and Robson-Kanu make way for James McClean and Rondon. Those Venezuelans in the stands are absolutely delighted.

2.51pm BST

63 mins: Coutinho drives towards goal, takes a shot but that was a three-wood when he needed a seven-iron, and it goes way over.

2.49pm BST

61 mins: Change for West Brom – James Morrison is on, but slightly surprisingly the man he replaces is Nacer Chadli.

2.48pm BST

60 mins: Wijnaldum is given a silly amount of space just outside the area, but he can’t get a shot away and feeds Firmino. After a spot of sideways passing, Lucas crosses to the back stick, Firmino heads it back to Origi who heads into the net, but the Brazilian was offside.

2.46pm BST

58 mins: Ian Copestake would’ve preferred that one to go in. “As anyone watching Liverpool this season (and the last five) will know, they need at least two more goals to be in any way safe,” he writes.

2.45pm BST

57 mins: What a miss! Nice work from Wijnaldum on the right feeds Firmino, who clips a beautiful cross to the back stick where Milner arrives, but he hoys the volley well over the bar. Just looked like he made a slight mess of his stride pattern as he approached the ball, meaning he was off-balance while striking it. Still: what a miss.

2.44pm BST

55 mins: A spot of patient build-up play from Liverpool, featuring one of those bits of skill from Firmino where you aren’t sure that he exactly meant it and was perhaps lucky to get away with the ball, leads to a shooting chance for Origi. He drops out to the left corner of the area, aims for the top corner with a curler, but it doesn’t curl enough.

2.41pm BST

52 mins: Chadli slips a nice ball through the Liverpool defence, but Robson-Kanu was a yard or so offside. “I’ve just watched The Arsenal Stadium Mystery,” guffaws Martin McKeefry, “once a film now a yearly comedy event.”

2.38pm BST

50 mins: Coutinho gets the ball in that ominous position on the left of the box, about to cut in on his right, but instead he goes outside on his left, falls to the floor under a slight challenge from Dawson, but there’s no way that was going to be a penalty.

2.37pm BST

49 mins: Robson-Kanu goes into the book for having a sneaky little stamp on Can’s foot. If he really did mean to stamp hard on his opponent, he might be lucky it was only a yellow.

2.34pm BST

47 mins: Chadli fizzes over the cross, but in an unusual move Liverpool clear the ball with some ease, Matip heading away.

2.33pm BST

46 mins: And we’re back out for the second-half. No changes, and West Brom have a free-kick right in the left corner after an infringement by Matip.

2.31pm BST

That’s nice: a group of Venezuelans are in the crowd, presumably to see Salomon Rondon play. He’s on the bench, which is a bit of a let down, but he did nip over to say hello to them at half-time. Lovely.

2.26pm BST

Couple more missed cultural milestones, firstly from Paul Griffin…

“Tolstoy: my prejudice, and the title of his best known work, led me to expect a Slavic Andy McNab, but he is, of course, a writer of unworldly finesse and delicacy. Speaking of which, what subtle stratagem can we expect from Tony Pulis in the next hour?”

For years, I didn’t watch Dr Strangelove – cos it was bound to disappoint wasn’t it? It didn’t @NickMiller79

2.21pm BST

“I tried “The Colour of Magic” by Terry Pratchett back in my teens and just didn’t get it, being a dumb Hoosier and all,” writes Joe Pearson, on the missed cultural milestones tip. “When my wife gave me “Going Postal” in my mid-forties, I was worldly enough to appreciate his wit and have been an ardent fan ever since. Just finished his last “Shepherd’s Crown” and am saddened there will never be another.”

2.17pm BST


2.17pm BST

45 mins +1: As it turns out that Brunt foul was costly. Milner plays another cross from the free-kick, which is similar to the earlier one but this time Lucas gets there first to help the ball on its way. It loops over the West Brom defence, and Firmino finds himself free at the back stick to head home.

2.16pm BST

Well, I didn’t see that coming.

2.16pm BST

45 mins: Evans fouls Clyne on the Liverpool left and presents them with a crossing opportunity. Milner puts the ball over, but can’t beat the first man, as Brunt heads clear. Shortly afterwards Brunt goes into the book for having three nibbles at Origi’s ankles before deciding to simply pull his shirt back.

2.14pm BST

42 mins: Matip plays a very lively backpass to Mignolet, who briefly looks absolutely panicked, but in the end he deals with it well enough by larrumphing the thing clear.

2.11pm BST

40 mins: The home crowd, and indeed Tony Pulis, are somewhat vexed that Robson-Kanu is penalised for pulling Lucas back, possibly on the basis that the Liverpool man was blocking him off, but it’s not really good form to grab an opponent round the shoulder and yank them to the floor.

2.09pm BST

39 mins: A careless pass from Matip puts Lovren in all sorts, and he can’t keep the ball in, out on Liverpool’s right. A neat summary of the game’s general quality, really.

2.07pm BST

37 mins: “I’m the mirror image of our friend Mr Grrampchamp,” writes David Hopkins, “having been an OBO/MBM regular since before the 2005 Ashes, but not yet having attended a s@x party. I’m not so keen though if attendees have to resort to the MBM to spice things up.”

2.07pm BST

36 mins: Lucas swings over a cross from the right channel, towards Can at about neck height, which the German for reasons unclear goes for with a high, high foot. Unsurprisingly, he is penalised, despite looking like an affronted puppy afterwards.

2.05pm BST

35 mins: Big chance for Robson-Kanu, as Livermore clips a terrific ball through the middle of the Liverpool defence, but the Welsh striker can only offer a terribly tame shot which Mignolet saves easily.

2.04pm BST

33 mins: On the earlier point about the backpass, on closer inspection it seems it’s only a foot which counts as one of those, which feels like the sort of thing I should have known. Also: it was Lovren. Strong work all round from your minute-by-minuter there. Meanwhile, Origi shoots straight, low, but right at Foster.

2.02pm BST

30 mins: It took me until last summer to catch North by Northwest all the way through,” writes Andrew Benton, “having seen the last half hour on Mt Rushmore many a time. Is Tony Pulis about to take over from Alfred Hitchcock as the Master of Suspense? Only time will tell…”

North By Northwest of course displaying exactly what went on in Hitchcock’s psyche with this extremely subtle imagery in the final shot.

2.00pm BST

29 mins: James Milner seems to be limping, which could be a double blow for Liverpool: firstly, losing one of their most experienced men, and secondly having to field Alberto Moreno.

2.00pm BST

28 mins: Backpass? Matip appears to bunt the ball back to Mignolet with his knee, but the referee says nothing doing with that one.

1.56pm BST

26 mins: Blimey.

@NickMiller79 i got into minute-by-minutes pretty late in life, at a sex party. i got into those pretty early #YNWA

1.54pm BST

24 mins: Firmino dinks the ball over the top of the West Brom defence to Coutinho, who shoots first time on the volley, but it goes wide. Mind, he did remarkably well to even get some sort of control on that – had it gone in, we’d be talking goal of the season stuff.

1.53pm BST

23 mins: Lucas gets a talking to for a spicy challenge on Livermore. From the resultant free-kick, a cross goes over to the far post where Chadli is in acres, but he somehow completely missed his kick. Could have been a slight touch off a defender that took it away from him – if not, that was a stinker.

1.52pm BST

22 mins: Can gets the ball in the left channel and tries to spring the West Brom defence with a booming cross from deep. However, he puts too much on it, and Foster can claim before Origi has a chance of getting near it.

1.49pm BST

19 mins: Emre Can is alarmed to discover you’re not allowed to push people over, despite a spot of wrestling with Liam Dawson. Free-kick to West Brom.

1.47pm BST

17 mins: Phil Withall has fallen foul of sugar. “It’s late here in Brisbane. I really need to go to bed but whilst I was out at a football match (Brisbane Roar 4 – Wellington Phoenix 3, a match as remarkable as the team names) my youngest managed to eat a more than healthy amount of chocolate. Hence I’m sat here enjoying your MBM. On the down side I have seen no mention of Easter thus far. Did you fail to get the Prime minestirial decree? Lefty.”

Happy spring Festivus, everyone.

1.46pm BST

16 mins: Risky header back to his keeper by Evans, but there’s just enough juice on it to reach Foster, but Origin was lurking.

1.45pm BST

15 mins: Liverpool’s best chance of the game so far. Yacob carelessly gives the ball away in midfield to Coutinho, who nearly runs into Firmino but as they extricate themselves from that potential snafu the former slips left to the latter, and his low shot goes just wide of the far post, with Ben Foster grasping.

1.44pm BST

14 mins: Scrappy period of play. “I was about five years behind the rest of the world watching “The Wire” writes Stephen Worsley. “Worried Liverpool’s performance is already shaping up to be a Senator Clay Davis inspired case of “Sheeeeeeit”.

1.42pm BST

12 mins: Livermore plays a lovely, fading pass from deep in the middle out to Phillips on the right. He controls, brings it infield but can’t wrap his foot around the shot enough to curl it anywhere near the top corner. If the goal had been about 15 yards further back, it might’ve stood a chance.

1.40pm BST

10 mins: Kevin Smith jumps into the Venn diagram of a question about missed cultural milestones, and the theoretical main focus of this MBM. “Honestly? Football/soccer. Growing up in Canada I hated it, mostly for the diving and other contrasts to the rather more physical Ice Hockey, but also because it was just so unavailable; only the World Cup was ever on TV and there was no local team – heck, even though I live in Canada’s capital, the Men’s National Team hasn’t played a game here since I was 3. I eventually got into it around 2004 (when I was 18) via the EA sports video game series and a really good, but defunct, podcast. Now I play twice a week and really wish I’d learned ball skills when I was younger.”

1.39pm BST

9 mins: Some excellent passing by West Brom feeds the ball out to the left, where it stalls a little when Chadli dithers on the ball. They win a throw, but any attack is snuffed out when Jonny Evans fouls Origi.

1.36pm BST

6 mins: Liverpool haven’t exactly started in sparkling form. Matip brings the ball forwards from defence and feeds Firmino, but the Brazilian can’t fashion any sort of shooting opportunity.

1.35pm BST

4 mins: Tony Pulis really does have a very loud voice, doesn’t he?

1.33pm BST

2 mins: A…chance? A spot of shambolic pinball in the Liverpool area sees a Matty Phillips shot deflected into the path of Hal Robson-Kanu, but he trips over as he tries to direct it towards goal, a task at which he fails, and he might have been offside anyway.

1.30pm BST

1 min: We’re away. West Brom kicking from left to right, wearing blue and white striped shirts, white shorts and red stockings. Liverpool wear all red.

1.27pm BST

Something to keep in mind…

Teams are out at The Hawthorns. Reminder that Tony Pulis has never lost a home game against Liverpool in the Premier League (W3, D5)

1.25pm BST

It occurs to me that the missing cultural milestones question is one that our late colleague Dan Lucas would have emailed instantly in about. His family have set up a Just Giving page to raise money for type one diabetes research: if you’d like to donate, the page is here.

1.18pm BST

Allan Hobbs has been on with a big double that feature heavily in my own sphere. “I have an inbuilt resistance to people gushing about stuff which, consequently, means I avoided the West Wing and Daniel Kitson for years. The former, I’ve never made good on, but regarding the latter I’ve very much made up for lost time. He doesn’t do much walking and talking, being a stand up and all, but I’m happy enough with my choice.”

West Wing is very much an acquired taste. You may love it, you may find it needlessly wordy and saccharine. You may land betwixt the two. Kitson, on the other hand, is the best stand-up of all.

1.13pm BST

Ben Bennett has answered my ‘cultural milestones’ question and thrown in a 6/10 pun. Lovely stuff. “I finally bit the bullet and watched Tarkovsky’s Solaris, it was excellent and like the protagonist I’m hoping Origi also finds himself in space today.”

Excellent. More of this please.

1.04pm BST

Happy to report that Sky have spent the lead-up to their coverage of this game with some pretty heavy analysis of Manchester United v Chelsea.

1.01pm BST

Last night I watched the film ‘Cabaret’ for the first time, and I wonder why it’s taken me this long. What cultural benchmarks have you kicked yourself for leaving so long to enjoy?

12.32pm BST

Foster; Dawson, McAuley, Evans, Brunt; Fletcher (c), Yacob, Livermore; Phillips, Chadli; Robson-Kanu. Subs: Myhill, M Wilson, Nyom, Morrison, McClean, Rondon, Field.

12.22pm BST

There’s the potential for all sorts to happen in this one. Well, maybe. There’s the potential for Liverpool to pull a whopping nine points clear of Manchester United, albeit perhaps for only a few hours, and albeit with Jose’s boys having three games in hand. But to do that they’ll have to get over their curious weak spot against not so good teams: since the turn of the year alone they’ve dropped 13 points to Sunderland, Swansea, Hull, Leicester and Bournemouth, but have been fine against, well, the good teams.

Now, being in eighth place and whatnot, can we actually class West Brom among those low-lights? Well, on the face of it, perhaps not, but now we come to the second point. This is the stage in the season when yer Tony Pulis side clocks off, decides that 40 points is plenty and absolutely anything else can just do one. Since reaching Tone’s magic number, they have collected just four points from a possible 18, SLUMPING to defeats against Crystal Palace, Everton, Watford and Southampton, although it should be noted the win and draw they have managed were against Manchester United and Arsenal.

10.38am BST

Nick will be here shortly.

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Apr 14

Jürgen Klopp: Hillsborough anniversary a significant day for whole of football

• Liverpool manager will halt training to pay tribute to victims of 28 years ago
• ‘We, as a team, will pause, show our respect and remember them on this day’

Liverpool will pay their own tribute at Melwood to the 96 people unlawfully killed at Hillsborough, with the manager Jürgen Klopp describing the 28th anniversary of the disaster as a significant day “for the whole of football”.

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Apr 13

Football tribute for stab death family

A minute’s applause will be held for the Wilkinson family at West Brom’s game against Liverpool.

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Apr 10

Down’s Syndrome team to play first match

The Derry team has been inundated with offers since a viral video plea featuring Irish winger James McClean.

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Apr 08

Jordy Clasie breaks duck as Southampton close gap on West Brom

Fraser Forster’s late heroics sealed a 1-0 win for Southampton after Jordy Clasie bagged his first Premier League goal at West Brom. The pair combined to earn a deserved win for the Saints during a pedestrian game which only briefly came to life.

Saints closed the gap to Albion to four points – and they have two games in hand as the teams battle for eighth spot. But Claude Puel’s side secured back-to-back wins only thanks to goalkeeper Forster, who denied Craig Dawson and Jonny Evans in stoppage time.

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