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Apr 27

‘You’re embarrassing yourself’: Alexis Sánchez’s fat lip and set-piece set–tos

When Christian Fuchs caught Alexis Sánchez on the shoulder with a throw-in, the Arsenal player went down holding his face. The internet was not impressed

Towards the end of a drab match between Arsenal and Leicester City at the Emirates on Wednesday night, Christian Fuchs picked up the ball to take a throw-in. Alexis Sánchez, a toughened street footballer who grew up in a hard mining town in Chile where he used to wash cars, perform somersaults and box in the street to earn a few coins from impressed onlookers, stood in front of Fuchs. The Leicester player flung the ball at Sánchez, hitting him on the shoulder. The Arsenal player stood still for a few seconds, perhaps dazed or perhaps wondering how he could manipulate the situation to his team’s advantage, and then he fell over – clutching his face.

The referee did not take too kindly to his histrionics and booked Sánchez for standing too close to the sideline. Arsène Wenger thought Fuchs was the wrongdoer, saying he “was lucky not to get a yellow card because he threw the ball at him on purpose.” Wenger had a point but the internet had little sympathy with Sánchez’s “injury”.

Feliz por la victoria pero termine con el labio hinchado happy for the victory but ended up with a swollen lip ⚽️

There’s possibility that ball hit a nerve on his shoulder which then sent message to brain….to act like a pudding.

Wind it in. You’re embarrassing yourself fella

: Alexis gets booked for getting hit with the ball intentionally from Fuchs’ throw-in.

Sanchez went down like Rivaldo

David Seaman was NOT happy with Alexis Sanchez after last night’s incident with Christian Fuchs… #Arsenal #LCFC

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Apr 27

Fuchs threw ball at Sanchez ‘on purpose’

Arsene Wenger says Christian Fuchs threw the ball at Alexis Sanchez “on purpose” and should have been booked during Wednesday’s game.

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Apr 26

Robert Huth’s own goal gives Arsenal welcome win over Leicester City

The Arsène Wenger celebration face at the end of it all was not as visceral or as liberating as the one he produced at Wembley on Sunday but the relief to snatch a win from the jaws of a dreary draw was still worth savouring. Wenger might have the FA Cup in his sightlines but he can also cling to the possibility of a 19th consecutive Champions League qualification thanks to a freakish late goal.

It felt like one of those days with which Arsenal are familiar against a dogged opponent, where the sideways passes can be soporific and the chances not taken. In the 86th minute the ball pinged around an increasingly anxious Arsenal attack only for a deflected cross to end up with Nacho Monreal, who swung a leg at it. The ball was flying off target only to be diverted in off Robert Huth’s chest.

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Apr 26

Arsenal 1-0 Leicester City: Premier League – as it happened

The Gunners’ bid for the top four is just about intact after Robert Huth’s late own goal gives the home side all three points

10.11pm BST

Match report:

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9.45pm BST

OK, we’re going to wrap this blog up now. Thanks for following along. Bye.

9.44pm BST

So Arsenal go into the derby on Sunday on the back of a narrow win. How about Spurs? Follow the last few minutes of their game against Palace here:

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9.40pm BST

Well, Arsenal got the victory they craved – just. It looked for all the world as though they were going to come up short, but then Nacho Monreal shot, Robert Huth lunged instinctively, and Arsenal got a goal in the most fortunate of circumstances. They didn’t play well, Arsenal, and Leicester probably deserved a point, but that’s football, I suppose. Arsenal’s bid for the top four is just about alive.

9.38pm BST

That’s it!

9.38pm BST

90 min +5 Huth is booked, and moments later is late on Alexis. No second yellow, though. Alexis is being a pain in the arse at the moment. Surely that must be time?

9.37pm BST

90 min +4 Panic stations in the Arsenal defence, and Okazaki is nearly in! He almost scrambled it home from three yards, but someone – Gabriel? – came up with a good block. A goal there and Alexis would have been in Arsene’s bad books.

9.36pm BST

90 min +3 Alexis, who was actually struck by that ball in the shoulder, and not his face, is booked. Which gives Leicester a free kick in a dangerous area.

9.34pm BST

90 min +2 Antics by the touchline as Alexis tries to stop Christian Fuchs taking a long throw. So Fuchs threw it straight at Alexis’s head, and Alexis went down clutching his face. All rather silly.

9.33pm BST

90 min Giroud fires it over the top. And the home fans have found their voice. Four minutes of stoppage time.

9.32pm BST

89 min That really was a goal out of the blue. Huth just moved his body slightly, and it took the perfect deflection as far as Arsenal were concerned. Monreal hit his shot well, but it was going miles wide. Relief all around the stadium.

9.30pm BST

87 min Arsenal, you jammy buggers! They were running out of ideas, and Monreal struck a volley that was going well wide, but it hit Huth in the chest, and spun beyond Schmeichel into the corner of the net! Terrible luck for Huth, and Arsenal have got out of jail.

9.28pm BST

Amazing! Out of nothing, Arsenal lead!

9.28pm BST

85 min Ozil’s still looking to prompt Arsenal forward, but there are so many blue shirts in the way. Still no clear opening for the Gunners.

9.26pm BST

84 min The whistle goes for pushing.

9.26pm BST

83 min Leicester have more or less given up trying to score. They’re happy with 0-0. Can Arsenal break down this wall of blue? Well-timed tackle from Ndidi to prevent Ozil getting in. Arsenal corner, though.

9.24pm BST

82 min In by Mahrez, but Cech claims with ease.

9.24pm BST

81 min Yellow card for Xhaka. And a good chance for Leicester from the free kick.

9.23pm BST

80 min Leicester deal easily with the free kick, and the groans grow louder.

9.23pm BST

79 min It looked like Koscielny hyper-extended his knee. But he’s continuing for now. Then Benalouane rakes his studs down Giroud’s back! He’s yellow-carded. That was naughty!

9.21pm BST

77 min There’s a growing frustration among the Arsenal fans. They just haven’t quite been at it tonight. And Okazaki with a chance! Some flabby Arsenal defending, and Okazaki went through with options to his left, but Gabriel did well to get back and block. Elsewhere, Koscielny is down, and he looks in trouble.

9.18pm BST

76 min Okazaki feeds Vardy in the box, but Vardy can’t quite sort his feet out, and the shot is disappointing. Straight through to Cech.

9.17pm BST

74 min Double change for the Gunners: Giroud and Ramsey on, Coquelin and Walcott off. Not a surprise those two have been replaced.

Here’s Hugh Molloy: “Wellbeck’s rippling muscles are an example of what a footballer can look like when they don’t actually play many games. Plenty of gym time for that lad.”

9.16pm BST

73 min Arsenal need to win tonight. But they’re still not quite at their best. Welbeck’s made a difference since coming on, though.

9.14pm BST

72 min Growing Arsenal pressure, but the Xhaka shoots from 35 yards, and it’s high and wide.

9.13pm BST

70 min Good run from Jamie Vardy, taking on Bellerin as Leicester looked to spring a counter-attack, but it ricochets off the Leicester player and it’s a goal kick. Unlucky.

9.11pm BST

69 min Shinji Okazaki is on for Leo Ulloa, who hasn’t seen much of the ball.

9.10pm BST

68 min And it’s the end of the night for Kieran Gibbs. Danny Welbeck is on, looking, with those rippling muscles, like Mr Universe. Wenger gestures that it’s back to a back four.

9.09pm BST

67 min Time’s ticking for the Arsenal. Looks like Danny Welbeck is being readied.

9.07pm BST

65 min Arsenal have made 549 passes to Leicester’s 255. But Leicester are still defending stoutly.

9.07pm BST

64 min Good run from Ozil, and he forces a corner after some panicked Leicester defending. Lifted in by Bellerin after the corner was taken short, but Koscielny heads straight at Schmeichel. There wasn’t enough pace on the cross.

9.05pm BST

63 min Arsenal could do with a change. Maybe a bit of Giroud?

9.04pm BST

61 min Another corner to Arsenal. Fuchs wins the first header and then Benalouane slams it clear.

9.01pm BST

58 min Xhaka shoots from long range, and it deflects off Huth, and Schmeichel does well to adjust his body and tip it behind.

9.00pm BST

57 min Bellerin, incidentally, played the final pass in that move. He’s been excellent tonight: this right-sided wing-back position seems to suit him.

8.58pm BST

55 min Huth makes a crucial block right at the last to prevent Alexis putting the finishing touches on a flowing Arsenal move. This game looks to be opening up a little.

8.56pm BST

53 min A long throw from Fuchs, and Ndidi wins the header, but he can’t get the power, and it dribbles through to Cech. But Leicester are looking a touch more positive in this second half.

8.55pm BST

51 min Fuchs absolutely clatters Walcott from behind in the centre circle, and is deservedly booked. That was absurdly unsophisticated.

8.51pm BST

49 min If I were a Leicester fan, I’d fancy a bit of Demarai Gray in this second half. There’s certainly some space to exploit on the counter-attack.

8.50pm BST

47 min A little more progressive from Leicester, but Vardy can’t link up with Ulloa, and the chance is lost.

8.47pm BST

46 min We’re back, and both sides are unchanged. I think.

Good early play from Bellerin, and he forces a corner, although it could have been more had an Arsenal player made a positive run. Schmeichel plucks Ozil’s corner out of the air.

8.34pm BST

Reasonably dreary, but both sides should be happy enough. Leicester have been content to sit back and defend, and haven’t really threatened, that Mahrez chance aside, and although Arsenal have flickered, they’ve dominated possession, and there were signs of better things towards the end of the first half.

See you for more in 15 minutes.

8.32pm BST

That’s the whistle.

8.32pm BST

45 min Alexis rattles the crossbar! He’s been poor in this first half, but that was terrific: a burst of acceleration to drive inside Simpson and crash a shot that had Schmeichel beaten. So unlucky. That’s what we want to see!

8.30pm BST

43 min Coquelin gives it to Albrighton, and another Arsenal move breaks down.

Here’s Mike Nichols: “Lukewarm take: for a guy who wants £250,000 a week, Alexis can be awfully careless with the football. Ridiculously athletic, never-ending motor, fine scorer, turns over two out of every five passes.”

8.28pm BST

41 min Arsenal are completely dominant in possession. But they haven’t created too much, and Walcott opts to lay it off when he had the chance to shoot. It comes to nothing.

8.26pm BST

39 min Unlucky Mahrez. He picked it up on the left side, completely skinned Gabriel and fired a shot just wide of Cech’s near post. Cech probably had it covered, but it was nice play from the Algerian nonetheless.

8.23pm BST

38 min Danny Simpson receives the game’s first yellow card for body-checking Bellerin and preventing an Arsenal counter-attack.

8.23pm BST

37 min Groans all round as Coquelin drills it straight out play. Bring back John Jensen!

8.22pm BST

35 min Alexis goes down in the box after contact from Benalouane, and he wants a penalty, but the flag had already gone up for offside.

8.20pm BST

33 min Leicester can’t really get anything going in attack. Ulloa brings to mind that old line about the boxer Joe Bugner: “He had the body of a Greek statue, but with fewer moves.”

8.17pm BST

31 min Coquelin, of all people, is offside, and Leicester can take a breather.

Here’s William Hargreaves: “I hear what Mr Day says, but to be fair to Mr Granit, I think he’s there for distribution more than interception or challenging. Having said that, Kante is a revelation and would be wanted by any team, I’d have thought: certainly an upgrade on Coquelin. No doubt he should have been pursued more vigorously last summer. Time for a recruitment overhaul at AFC, I think.”

8.17pm BST

30 min Bellerin goes down the right flank again and forces a corner. Again, it was Ozil’s pass to get him in. Alexis, by contrast, keeps giving it away.

8.14pm BST

28 min Top defending from Fuchs to stop Monreal getting on the edge of the Ozil’s corner. Excellent from the Austrian.

8.13pm BST

27 min Now Walcott comes alive, and forces a fine stop from Schmeichel! Some clean footwork in the box, and he stabbed it towards goal, but Schmeichel did well to get down and tip it behind.

8.12pm BST

25 min It’s not happening for Arsenal. They’re missing Giroud, in my stupid opinion – they need someone to just stand against the Leicester centre-backs and occupy them. Walcott’s barely had a touch.

8.10pm BST

24 min Gibbs tries to weave his way through, but Leicester have erected a big blue wall, metaphorically, and it comes to naught. It’s all a bit intricate from Arsenal at the moment.

8.08pm BST

22 min Oh, what a save by Cech from Mahrez! A long throw by Fuchs wasn’t defended by Arsenal, and it fell to Mahrez, who thrashed it towards goal, but Cech palmed it over the bar! An excellent reaction stop. Either side of him and it’d be 1-0 Leicester.

8.07pm BST

20 min Leicester are sitting rather deep. Arsenal have control in possession.

Here’s JR in Illinois: “Hey Tim, with all three games available to watch I have chosen to watch the only game there’s no MBM for: the Mike Dean game, also known as the Tees-Wear Derby. I’m not even a fan of either team. Does that qualify me as a hipster? Or some kind of deviant?

Sunderland v Boro on Wednesday is going to be the Derby Of Infinite Sadness.

8.05pm BST

18 min Xhaka shoots miles over the bar from 25 yards. On that topic, here’s Joseph Day: “Xhaka is a £35m waste. He is clumsy and makes stupid challenges. As opposed to Kante, who has been a key, energetic player in the Chelsea title-winning team this season.”

8.02pm BST

16 min Nothing comes of the corner, but that was a better period of play from the home side.

8.02pm BST

15 min Excellent ball from Xhaka to slice open the Leicester defence, and Gibbs was free on the left, but no Arsenal player attacked his cross. In the second sequence, Coquelin tests Schmeichel with a fizzer, and the keeper pushes it behind for a corner.

7.59pm BST

13 min Not much happening, to be honest. Arsenal look a little subdued.

7.56pm BST

10 min It’s been a decent opening 10 minutes from Leicester. Arsenal haven’t created a chance yet.

7.54pm BST

8 min A decent Arsenal move, but Walcott, who looks to be Arsenal’s furthest forward player, is offside.

7.53pm BST

7 min Vardy shoots wide! Another free kick that was wasted by Albrighton, but then Sanchez gave it away with a sloppy flick, and Albrighton seized upon it, finding Vardy in the box, but Vardy couldn’t find the finish! It was on his left foot, but he might have hit the target then.

7.52pm BST

6 min It’s beena slowish start. Leicester happy to sit deep. But the Foxes win a free kick on the left, and this is a chance to put the ball in the box, but Albrighton takes it short to Fuchs, and completely cocks it up. It’s cleared, and that was a waste.

7.50pm BST

4 min Gibbs crosses from the left, and Fuchs heads clear. No one in a red and white shirt attacked it.

7.48pm BST

2 min Arsenal have lined up with three in defence: Gabriel, Koscielny and Monreal. Bellerin and Gibbs are wide, and Coquelin and Xhaka patrolling the midfield. Leicester in conventional 4-4-2.

7.45pm BST

1 min And we’re off! Arsenal in their usual red and white; Leicester in all blue. Mike Jones of Cheshire is our ref. But where in Cheshire?

7.43pm BST

OK, we’re nearly ready. The players are out on the pitch. A couple of minutes away.

7.43pm BST

Nice to see Hector Bellerin back in the Arsenal team. I never realised how good his English is! Plus his London accent is the best. On Nacho Monreal: “This guy can eat for like five people!” Straight outta Grange Hill.

7.33pm BST

Barcelona look as though they’re going three points clear at the top of La Liga: they’re 2-0 up at half-time against Osasuna. Paul Doyle has more:

Related: Barcelona v Osasuna: La Liga – live!

7.31pm BST

At least Arsenal have a good home record against Leicester:

9 – Arsenal have won each of their last nine Premier League home encounters with Leicester; the longest current run in the division. Rhythm.

7.20pm BST

There’s another big game in London tonight: Crystal Palace take on Tottenham at Selhurst Park. Scott Murray has all the action in that one:

Related: Crystal Palace v Tottenham: Premier League – live!

7.19pm BST

So, changes for Arsenal. Out go Holding, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Giroud and Ramsey, and in come Walcott, Gibbs, Coquelin and Bellerin. It looks like three at the back with Monreal as the left-sided centre-back and Gibbs and Bellerin as the wing-backs, although I suppose they could revert to a four just as easily. Wes Morgan is missing for Leicester, so Robert Huth partners Yohan Benalouane, and Leo Ulloa replaces Shinji Okazaki up front.

7.14pm BST

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal, Xhaka, Coquelin, Walcott, Ozil, Gibbs, Sanchez. Subs: Ramsey, Giroud, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Iwobi, Welbeck, Martinez, Elneny.

Leicester: Schmeichel, Simpson, Benalouane, Huth, Fuchs, Mahrez, Ndidi, Drinkwater, Albrighton, Ulloa, Vardy. Subs: Chilwell, Musa, King, Amartey, Okazaki, Zieler, Gray.

7.12pm BST

To bowdlerize Benjamin Franklin, in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and Arsenal finishing in the top four. Arsenal’s 20-year streak of finishing in that coveted slot has become a true Premier League axiom, but it looks in jeopardy after a rotten recent run that’s seen them lose five of their last nine league games.

The Gooners stand in seventh position in the Premier League, seven points behind Man City in fourth, albeit with a game in hand, and the door is rapidly closing on their league season. Their form has been really patchy, and M. Wenger is under as much pressure as anyone can remember, but his team showed resilience in beating Boro last week and Man City in the cup semi-final at the weekend, even if they did need some help from the linesman and the crossbar in Sunday’s game.

5.32pm BST

Tim will be here shortly, in the meantime here’s a little something on Alexis Sanchez’s future at Arsenal:

Arsène Wenger says there is no chance Alexis Sánchez will leave Arsenal this summer and said he is prepared to run the risk of losing the forward on a free transfer next year.

Sánchez is wanted by Chelsea and Manchester City, as well as other clubs in Europe, and his situation has parallels to that of the former Arsenal striker Robin van Persie in 2012.

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Apr 25

Arsenal 1-0 Leicester City

Arsenal keep up their top-four chase as a late Robert Huth own goal gives them victory against a stubborn Leicester side.

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Apr 23

Departing Ranieri sells Leicester home

The former Foxes boss is selling the home he lived in while masterminding his side’s unlikely title win.

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Apr 21

Leicester City and other clubs work together for refugees’ better future

On the weekend of 80th anniversary of Guernica bombing, from which 3,000 children fled Spain for Britain, English clubs will highlight refugees’ contributions

It was an atrocity that inspired Picasso’s most famous painting and, more pertinently, a historic U-turn by Britain’s Conservative government. Until the saturation bombing of Guernica 80 years ago on Wednesday Stanley Baldwin, the prime minister, had rejected all calls to accept refugees from the Spanish civil war.

Whitehall had argued that doing so would breach its policy of non-intervention in the conflict. Besides, added Baldwin, “the climate would not suit” people from the Basque region. Then, on 26 April 1937, Nazi bombers, acting on behalf of General Franco, embarked on a mission to annihilate Guernica, a town of 10,000 people. Hundreds were killed, thousands injured and, as the Guardian reported at the time, “even flocks of sheep were machine-gunned”. Demands from the British public to offer shelter to civilians became so strong that the government felt obliged to show compassion despite a small financial burden and its fear of creeping Communism.

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Apr 21

McCarthy not hopeful of Lawrence signing

Ipswich Town have “no chance” of signing on-loan Tom Lawrence on a more permanent deal, says manager Mick McCarthy.

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Apr 19

Leicester’s joy ride reaches respectable end and now it is time to take stock | Stuart James

Champions League quarter-final bookends an amazing two seasons but what comes next for the King Power Stadium club?

Where on earth do Leicester City go from here? The European adventure is over and their supporters have just a few more weeks to sing “Champions of England, we know what we are”. Life then goes back to normal for a club who have been living the dream for the past 12 months. Except no one at Leicester is willing to accept normality any more. “Now we’ve had a taste of it, we want more,” Danny Drinkwater said.

That message echoed around late on Tuesday night, long after Atlético Madrid had extinguished any hopes of adding another chapter to their fairytale. There was a mixture of pride and disappointment among the players after a 2-1 aggregate defeat against a club who have reached the semi-finals for the third time in four years, but no suggestion whatsoever that they have heard the Champions League anthem for the last time.

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Apr 19

Leicester 1-1 Atlético Madrid: what we learned from the King Power Stadium | Stuart James

It was a big ask for the Foxes against a fine counterattacking team but they put on a great display, on and off the pitch, in exiting the Champions League

Related: Saúl Níguez gives Atlético Madrid the edge and valiant Leicester fall just short

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