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Feb 16

Did this special football talent kill himself because of Barry Bennell?

Mark Hazeldine was a star of the Manchester City youth set-up but his behaviour changed dramatically after he went on a trip to Spain alone with Bennell. In 2006 he took his own lifeIt doesn’t take long, listening to the stories about Mark Hazeldine, t…

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Feb 15

Barry Bennell: the predatory Pied Piper who made stars and shattered lives

The former Manchester City and Crewe coach exploited his status to abuse potentially hundreds of boys, employing gifts, a sheep’s head and haunted houses to subject his victims to unspeakable horrorsAndy Woodward, one of the boys lost and brutalised du…

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Feb 15

Manchester City ‘ignored warnings’ and kept Barry Bennell in youth set-up

• Bennell continued scouting and coaching for City, abusing countless boys• City youth coach Steve Fleet urged club in 1970s to keep away from Bennell• Bennell convicted of a total of 50 offences against 12 boysManchester City, one of the clubs most se…

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Jan 28

The Munich disaster’s long shadow still falls on us all, 60 years on

Listen to Bobby Charlton and you know why the minute’s silence at Manchester United’s closest home game to the anniversary, this year against Huddersfield next Saturday, always resonatesThere are always moments in this job that you remember more than o…

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Jan 06

Misunderstood Ross Barkley must seize his chance at Chelsea | Daniel Taylor

Everton’s loss can be England’s gain in a World Cup year if Antonio Conte can do the trick for a real confidence playerThere was a time, going back a few years, when Everton envisaged Ross Barkley being a different kind of player to the one we see now….

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Dec 30

That Rhian Brewster issued a wake-up call is both worrying and inspiring | Daniel Taylor

By taking a stand over racial abuse he has received, Liverpool’s 17-year-old striker shames those who run the game but offers hope for the next generationIt isn’t easy knowing whether the people occupying football’s ivory towers have actually noted wha…

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Dec 28

Liverpool’s Rhian Brewster: ‘When I’m racially abused, I just want to be left alone’

In an exclusive interview, the England Under-17 World Cup-winning forward opens up about abuse he has suffered in the last year and his dismay over the lack of action from the authoritiesIn different circumstances there would be so much else to discuss…

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Dec 16

José Mourinho is having to tackle his biggest challenge as a manager | Daniel Taylor

Manchester United are second in the table, with more goals than many acclaimed champions down the years. But they are suffering in comparison with their rampant neighbours CityWhile all the adventures seem to be happening on the other side of town righ…

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Dec 12

José Mourinho and Pep Guardiola pass the buck and fail to face the truth

The Manchester managers were happy to go on the attack but in doing so were unable accept that, just possibly, both clubs were to blame‘Bye-bye,” José Mourinho said. His press conference had been cut short, he was out of his seat and his voice was not …

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Dec 11

José Mourinho in post-match fracas over Manchester City’s ‘noisy’ celebrations

• Confrontation in tunnel and changing rooms after derby match• City coach Mikel Arteta left with blood streaming down his face• FA asks clubs for observations and police ready to act on any complaintPolice officers and stewards had to separate up to 2…

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