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Feb 14

It’s time to ignore the sceptics and take delight in this Tottenham team | Barney Ronay

While the doom merchants point out they have yet to win anything, most fans would like to see their own team built, and play, like Mauricio Pochettino’sThe last time a Premier League team produced a stirring two-goal comeback in Turin was in 1999 when …

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Feb 14

First the knife but then Juve’s assassin turns into a Sunday League fat bloke | Barney Ronay

Gonzalo Higuaín followed up a stunning volley with a penalty to put Tottenham on the rack but missed a second spot-kick that may prove Juventus’s Champions League undoingFor all the goals and the garlands Gonzalo Higuaín still carries a shadow. There i…

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Feb 03

Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey goes on hat-trick rampage against Everton

Well, that didn’t take long. For Arsenal this was an afternoon of instant ignition, a 5-1 win that scarcely reflected their superiority against a meek and muddled EvertonArsène Wenger had enjoyed one of his more frantic January transfer windows, the do…

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Feb 02

Mesut Özil, Yaya Sanogo and Arsène Wenger’s ticking doomsday clock | Barney Ronay

Özil and Sanogo were supposed to define the ambitions of the late-Wenger era at Arsenal. And indeed they have. Just not in the right wayThere was a murmur of foreboding last month when it emerged that the Doomsday Clock, a metaphorical timepiece that r…

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Jan 26

Ross Barkley’s stumbling start shows how even playing badly is difficult | Barney Ronay

Chelsea’s Antonio Conte, rather than his debutant midfielder, should be the focus of any scorn after Barkley’s traumatically raw and rusty hour against ArsenalThere was a funny start to Ross Barkley’s Chelsea career on Wednesday night. As Willian prepa…

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Jan 19

Chelsea’s hunt for a medieval big man adds intrigue to football’s space race | Barney Ronay

Seeing Andy Carroll or Peter Crouch at Chelsea is too good to hope for as it could confirm suspicions about the basic numbers of effectiveness and opportunity in elite teamsIt is nearly 40 years since a famous photo emerged that left the nascent Indian…

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Jan 15

Manchester United spending a fortune to get Alexis Sánchez at 29 makes sense

United would benefit from a ready-made prime-career star and the signing of Sánchez would bring an intriguing meeting of sporting souls with José Mourinho – a shared dark lust for gloryIt isn’t hard to pick out the moment Alexis Sánchez began to say hi…

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Jan 13

Jürgen Klopp can show Manchester City that Liverpool’s real star remains | Barney Ronay

The Liverpool manager has built a thrilling side geared to absorb high-level departures such as Philippe Coutinho’s without losing momentumThere was an interesting moment towards the start of Jürgen Klopp’s time at Liverpool, back in the days when he s…

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Jan 05

José Mourinho’s living hell: everything he does magnifies Guardiola’s success | Barney Ronay

Trying to talk people into believing Manchester United are a plucky underdog is not fooling anyone, but Mourinho is running out of arguments against why his great rival appears to be simply superior“I am bound upon a wheel of fire, that mine own tears …

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Dec 29

Record-breaker Arsène Wenger will be hard act to follow when he finally goes | Barney Ronay

As Frenchman prepares for 811th league game in charge to overhaul Sir Alex Ferguson it will sharpen focus on his legacy and who will eventually succeed himBehold, the age of Arsène. The past few years of Arsène Wenger’s extended Arsenal farewell have b…

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