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Mar 24

Adam Peaty: Olympic champion passing on pressure and putting party time to bed

Olympic champion Adam Peaty puts party time in the past as he reflects on a career that nearly did not get started.

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Mar 24

Adam Peaty eyes Olympic repeat and chance to create British swimming history

Adam Peaty says the chance to become the first British swimmer to defend an Olympic title is driving him towards Tokyo 2020.

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Mar 23

British Swimming investigates bullying claims

British Swimming is conducting an investigation after multiple bullying claims by Paralympians about a coach, the BBC learns.

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Mar 20

Doping in amateur sport: Drug use ‘fast becoming a crisis’ – Nicole Sapstead

UK Anti-Doping says drug use in sport is “fast becoming a crisis” in response to a poll for BBC Sport into doping in amateur sport.

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Mar 19

I won Olympic golds with endometriosis. Anything is possible | Emily Seebohm

Exclusive: The Olympic swimming champion tells how she discovered she had the disease and why she’s decided to talk about it now

It was before the Rio Olympics that I finally realised there was something wrong with me – that the cramps, back pain, stomach ache, irregular menstrual cycles, cravings and fatigue weren’t just the result of my gruelling training regime.

My gynaecologist suggested I could have endometriosis but the only way to diagnose that is through surgery and, in an Olympic year, there was no way that was going to happen. It wasn’t a possibility so I just had to deal with it.

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I never second guessed my dedication to swimming. I just thought, yeah, training is hard

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Mar 17

Yusra Mardini: Syrian refugee and Olympic swimmer inspires film

Billy Elliot director to tell the epic story of teenager who fled conflict by crossing the Mediterranean and went on to compete at Rio

Stephen Daldry’s films have chronicled the lives and struggles of Brazilian street children, the madness and melancholy of Virginia Woolf, and, most famously of all, the trials and triumphs of a young boy from County Durham who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer.

Few of his characters, however, have had to show quite as much resilience and determination as his latest protagonist, Yusra Mardini.

I thought it would be a real shame if I drowned in the sea, because I am a swimmer

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Mar 17

Duncan Scott: Rio is in the past, says double Olympic medallist

Stirling University’s Duncan Scott is fully focused on making the British team for the World Championships in Budapest in July.

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Mar 11

GB’s Jack Burnell wins gold at Abu Dhabi leg of 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup

British swimmer Jack Burnell wins gold in the Abu Dhabi leg of the 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup.

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Mar 03

New swimwear guidance to benefit Muslim swimmers

The Amateur Swimming Association announces new guidance enabling more people, including Muslim swimmers, to compete.

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Mar 02

Just keep swimming – through the pee, plasters and human hair | Sally Goble

Many public pools are less sanitary than we might have hoped. But if you can’t take a bit of dirt, and a lot of human foibles, maybe they were never really for you

Look. If you are of a delicate disposition, best not take up swimming. Don’t venture down to your local pool, strip off your clothes, wade through a slightly wet and dirty changing room and immerse yourself into what is, effectively, a communal bath full of the hoi polloi and all their bodily fluids. Just don’t do it.

If you are of a delicate disposition, you won’t end up feeling relaxed, with a sense of wellbeing and a healthy glow. You’ll be too concerned about verrucas, or cross and suffering from “lane rage”. You’ll complain about everything from people peeing in the water – which scientists have found is a frequent occurrence – to the quantity of the pool chemicals needed to counteract the peeing, to the water being too cold (or too hot).

If you are of a delicate disposition you won’t end up feeling relaxed. You’ll be too concerned about verrucas

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Mar 01

Michael Phelps wants to talk doping reform now. Will anybody listen?

The older, wiser Olympic champion is finally addressing the doping epidemic that he’d always avoided, but will it be enough to prompt real change?

Michael Phelps sat before a congressional panel on Tuesday, no longer a silent superstar whistling past the Olympics doping problem. For years, the most-decorated Olympian ever seemed content to pretend the controversy swirling in sports was not his problem. Best to duck his head, mumble nothings and dive into the pool.

But the older, wiser Phelps who found his voice in Rio has kept talking into retirement. The sticky subject he always avoided is no longer taboo. He seems to want to be swimming’s elder statesman at 31 and being an elder statesman means taking stands. He is also a first-time father, with a son born last year, and for that reason too he found himself sitting before a house energy and commerce subcommittee demanding real reform in the anti-doping world.

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Mar 01

Michael Phelps says he never faced a completely clean international field

Former swimmer Michael Phelps – the most decorated Olympian ever – believes he never raced against a clean international field.

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Feb 28

Ian Thorpe on bullying, depression and athletes’ mental health

His history with mental health has been well-documented, but now the former Olympic champion has turned his attention to a new issue: bullying

Ian Thorpe is on the eighth floor of ABC headquarters in Ultimo, Sydney, seated in an empty boardroom. Behind him is a floor-to-ceiling window facing west, looking out onto the city. The famous Frank Gehry-designed “crumpled paper bag” building at the University of Technology Sydney rises from the earth like a giant alien root, consuming much of the view.

I figure it’s fitting to ask, given where we are, if Thorpe has watched Barracuda, ABC TV’s recent miniseries about a young, gay, stop-at-nothing swimmer determined to make the Olympics.

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Feb 27

Roberto Pavoni: European Championship silver medallist retires aged 25

European Championship silver medallist and London 2012 Olympian Roberto Pavoni retires from swimming, aged 25.

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Feb 26

Michael Jamieson reveals depression fight on announcing retirement from swimming

London 2012 Olympic silver medallist Michael Jamieson reveals depression struggles on announcing retirement from swimming.

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Feb 24

Jazz Carlin: how to get the most out of your time in the pool

Love swimming but bored with ploughing up and down the lanes? Olympian Jazz Carlin has some tips to make your time in the water more profitable

We all have to start somewhere, even if you are a total beginner, so whatever you feel capable of is the first step. Build up your swimming with each session. Each time, you should start to feel a bit stronger in the pool and be able to build up how much you swim.

Remember to start on land – before your training sessions you should activate muscles, and afterwards you should stretch to remobilise.

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