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Nov 12

Nick Kyrgios is rebuked for bringing sport ‘into disrepute’ but fans love a rebel

John McEnroe enraged some stuffier tennis fans but it hasn’t hurt his career. A little bit of bad behaviour can be a delicious thing in sporting combat

By James Willstrop for Willstrop’s World, part of the Guardian Sport Network

Tennis is currently struggling with its latest superbrat, Nick Kyrgios, whose half-hearted performance at the Shanghai Masters earned him a suspension and a £34,000 fine. It’s no surprise that he has been sanctioned by the authorities as his behaviour is at odds with tennis’s self image as a sport that espouses gentility and good manners; think of that white-kit rule at Wimbledon and the exclusivity of tennis clubs. Kyrgios’s antics look more extreme when set in the context of his sport.

Each sport handles it rebels differently. Cricket is considered a “gentle” game but, like any sport, it has had its subverters. Tales of sledging are retold through the years and a lot of players wait to be dismissed when we all know they should be walking to the pavilion.

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Nov 10

England v Scotland stormers, darts genius and sharp-shooting Steph Curry | Classic YouTube

This week’s roundup also features Barry Davies’ finest commentary moments, Juninho Permanbucano’s 75 free-kick goals and a scarcely believable squash rally

1) England v Scotland is the oldest game in international football, older even than the tradition of embroidering poppies on to football shirts. Here’s Barry Davies talking us through the 1921 altercation, played at Hampden Park and won 3-0 by the home side. Seven years later, Scotland arrived at Wembley to field a curious, controversial team, whereupon a dazzlingly technical and imaginative performance devastated England to the tune of 5-1, making the Wembley Wizards immortal. But they were rivalled in 1967 when England, protecting an unbeaten run stretching back 19 games, were despatched 3-2 by a team inspired by the righteous indignation of Denis Law. Scotland declared themselves unofficial world champions, the game further entrenched in folklore thanks to Jim Baxter’s need to rub it in. And then there are the off-pitch incidents: Nick Collins pratfalling in 2013, the Irn Bru advert of 2014 and, extremely tangentially, Burnistoun on the Wayne Rooneys of this world.

2) Barry Davies, you say? No, Barry Davies we say, and here are some of his finest moments: “Leeds will go mad and they’ve every right to go mad”; “Interesting … very interesting!”; ya dun know; Micky Walsh; “Oh! Ohh whatagoal!”; “Test of his pace, now test of his finish; on Toto Schillaci; “I bet even he can’t believe it”; “Giggs … still Giggs”; exhibition turd polishing; “Gazza!”; the ultimate goalgasm. And, as an extra treat, here’s a collection of everyone.

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Dec 19

50 of our favourite sport photos from 2014 – in pictures

Our picture editors have received more than one million sport photographs in the past 12 months, covering everything from Winter Olympics and cliff diving to the World Cup and mud-runs. After much deliberation, they’ve put together a collection of their favourite shots

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