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Apr 26

Mike Tancred steps down from AOC position pending bullying investigation

Australian Olympic Committee’s long-time media director temporarily relinquishes post after complaints made by Fiona De Jong

Mike Tancred, the Australian Olympic Committee’s long-time media director, has stepped down from his position while an independent committee looks into claims of bullying within the organisation.

AOC chief executive Fiona De Jong brought complaints to light over the weekend, prompting an executive meeting to be called on Wednesday evening to discuss the accusations.

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Apr 25

John Coates denies AOC bullying and claims vindictive campaign against him

Australian Olympic Committee president says coordinated campaign to damage him personally is being waged with election loomingJohn Coates says he is victim of a vindictive campaign to oust him as Australian Olympic Committee president. Before the 6 May…

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Apr 24

Kelly Sotherton set to be upgraded to another Olympic bronze medal

• IOC disqualifies Tatyana Chernova over testing positive for steroid
• British heptathlete already promoted to bronze in 2008 4x400m relay

Britain’s Kelly Sotherton is set to be upgraded to her third Olympic bronze medal. The development comes as a result of the International Olympic Committee disqualifying the Russian hepathlete Tatyana Chernova for testing positive for a steroid at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

Chernova’s positive is only the latest in a long line from the IOC’s reanalysis of stored anti-doping samples from the 2008 and 2012 Games.

So I’ve just this second found out I’m THREE TIMES OLYMPIC MEDALIST

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Apr 24

Anyika Onuora: the untold story of Britain’s Rio Olympic medal winner who nearly died

Ten months before Anyika Onuora won bronze with the GB 4x400m team in 2016 she was in hospital with life-threatening malaria. Here, for the first time, she tells of her survival and comeback

“Honestly, it feels like therapy,” Anyika Onuora says with a light laugh. Ninety minutes after she began her incredible and previously unknown story, the Olympic medal-winning 400m runner sounds relieved. “I’ve been hesitant to talk about this for such a long time because I don’t like sympathy or attention. I’ve always just got on with things.”

Onuora did not tell her Great Britain team-mates in the 4x400m relay, with whom she won bronze at the Rio Olympic Games last year, that she had been so ill with malaria 10 months earlier there were concerns she might die. “I still haven’t. No one, apart from my family and closest friends, knows. I don’t know how people are going to react now. But I knew that, eventually, I had to tell my story.”

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I wanted to cry but it was too painful. I started shaking uncontrollably. I honestly thought: ‘I’m going to die.’

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Apr 24

Australian Olympic Committee calls crisis meeting after allegations of threats

Meeting comes days after complaints were made about a senior AOC employee and backer of John CoatesThe Australian Olympic Committee has called a crisis meeting after damaging allegations of threats, entrenched bullying and a toxic workplace culture.The…

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Apr 23

Stadium deals, corruption and bribery: the questions at the heart of Brazil’s Olympic and World Cup ‘miracle’

The two mega-events were framed as a reason for Brazilians to be proud of a modern and forward-looking country; instead the economy has been shattered and a supreme court investigation keeps unearthing unsavoury allegations

With their hands up in the air, ministers, four-star generals and International Olympic Committee officials danced to famous samba tunes at the closing ceremony of the Rio Games last August. While carnival was taking over the Maracanã Stadium, politicians hugged each other in the VIP area. It was a moment of relief, after seven years of tension and controversies. The confetti falling over their heads served as a curtain, closing the Rio 2016 Olympics on a high note.

But the drums could not hush up the investigations into allegations of massive bribes related to the two sport events – the World Cup and the Olympics – that were to be used as a joint endeavour to present to the world a new image of Brazil: a modern country, sophisticated and, above all, responsible.

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Apr 13

AOC’s annual report details $40,000 pay rise for John Coates

  • Coates’ position as AOC president is currently being challenged
  • Rival Danni Roche says she will cut president’s salary to $100,000

Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates received a $40,000 pay rise last year, part of $300,000 in extra remuneration for senior AOC figures.

The figures contained in the 2016 AOC annual report, made public late on Wednesday afternoon, will be ammunition for Danni Roche who will challenge Coates for the presidency at the AOC’s AGM on 6 May.

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