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Aug 24

AOC promises overhaul after review says it is ‘out of step’ with Olympic ideals

  • Independent review into AOC’s workplace culture sparks pledge to ‘reset’
  • ‘Minimum expectations for a modern organisation’ not met, say staff

The Australian Olympic Committee has committed to implement wide-reaching organisational change after an independent review into workplace culture found it to be out of step with the ideals of the Olympic movement.

The Ethics Centre was commissioned to conduct the review, based on the experiences and perceptions of staff and stakeholders, after allegations of bullying within the AOC involving long-time media director Mike Tancred emerged earlier this year. The AOC is responsible for Australia’s performance at the winter and summer Olympics.

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Aug 16

Transitioning from elite sport to the ‘real world’ can take its toll on mental health | Simon Orchard

Nothing can replace the joy sport brings and establishing a new identity in a world without what had previously defined you is mentally taxing

It was the fictional fashionista, Derek Zoolander, who asked himself, “Who am I?” as he peered poignantly into a puddle that bore his own reflection in the 2001 cult classic Zoolander, only moments after losing the male model of the year award to his arch rival, Hansel.

In defeat, he lost his identity. If he wasn’t the best model on the planet anymore, then who the hell was he? The movie jests, but I have seriously asked myself the same question several times in the last 12 months during the “transition”.

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Aug 12

Pyeongchang 2018: growing North Korea fears dim hopes for Olympic unity

Next year’s Winter Games in South Korea were cast as a potential refuge from the specter of war – but in the current climate, can they still offer respite?

The Olympics have traditionally been cast as a respite from from politics, danger and strife, an opportunity for the world to come together in the spirit of peaceful competition and a reminder that what brings us together as a union of five continents is stronger than what deigns to pull us apart.

Those noble ideals have been at the fore throughout the build-up to next year’s Winter Games, which kick off six months from now in the sleepy resort town of Pyeongchang, South Korea, clustered in the Taebaek Mountains – a scant 50 miles from the demilitarized zone (DMZ) that has divided the Korean peninsula for more than six decades. Even as the ever-present tensions between the countries escalated amid North Korea’s two intercontinental ballistic missile tests last month and two nuclear bomb tests last year, Pyeongchang loomed as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bridge the divide between the neighboring nations.

Related: Trump’s rhetoric on North Korea echoes loudly in void of US diplomacy

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Aug 11

eSports are real sports. It’s time for the Olympic video games | Tauriq Moosa

The IOC is against it, but competitive video gaming draws huge young audiences and deserves the same platform as other Olympic events

The image of an Olympian is associated with physical prowess, a sculpted body chipped into perfection by years of careful maintenance and preparation. We expect these people to perform great feats of physicality better than the rest of us. That is why so many are scornful of the notion that competitive video gaming, or eSports as it’s come to be known, should stand alongside other Olympic sports. But this requires rethinking.

Related: eSports could be medal event at 2024 Olympics, Paris bid team says

The IOC has awarded medals for town planning, drawing, poetry and more. They still award them for dressage

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Aug 09

eSports could be medal event at 2024 Olympics, Paris bid team says

  • Paris bid committee co-president to meet with IOC about competitive gaming
  • In April, it was announced eSports will be medal sport at 2022 Asian Games

eSports could be added to the Olympic programme as an official medal sport in 2024.

Tony Estanguet, co-president of the Paris bid committee, has confirmed that he will speak with the International Olympic Committee and eSports representatives about the full-fledged inclusion of competitive video gaming when the Games come to France in seven years’ time.

Related: Anti-doping in eSports: World’s largest gaming organization will test for PEDs

Related: Is it time for eSports gamers to be recognised as athletes?

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Aug 06

Betty Cuthbert, four-time Olympic gold medallist, dies aged 79

Sprinter won three golds at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics and added a fourth eight years later in Tokyo

The Australian sprinting legend Betty Cuthbert has died aged 79.

Cuthbert was a four-time Olympic gold medallist, winning three at the 1956 Melbourne games in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay events.

Related: The mixed fortunes of Melbourne’s 1956 Olympic venues, 60 years on

Athletics Australia is saddened to confirm the passing of Olympic legend Betty Cuthbert, Our thoughts with her family & friends. #RIP

RIP Betty Cuthbert • a pioneer for Aussie female sprinters, a legend of the sport ❤️ my thoughts are with your family & friends at this time

We want them to live forever! And in many ways, the history makers like Betty Cuthbert will. #RIP #Olympian #Legend

WATCH: 18-year-old Betty Cuthbert’s gold-medal winning 100m race at Melbourne 1956.

A true legend of the sport!

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Aug 05

Usain Bolt’s time finally runs out, but he departs as the greatest champion of all

Injury took its toll and perhaps his last 100m was one too many – a poignant end for a peerless competitor

The roar was not the same. This time around the cacophony of Super Saturday had a sadder, even an angrier note. Five years on from securing his legend at the 2012 Olympics, Usain Bolt had hoped to bow out of the sport he has for so long electrified, with one last trademark burst of unanswerable speed and joy. In the event, his last act as a solo athlete was to take a bronze medal behind his long-time rival, the American Justin Gatlin.

Few athletes know more about time than Bolt. Having chased it down and exploded it into unlikely tenths and hundredths for more than a decade, it finally caught up with him. His sweatshirt coming into the stadium before this final 100m race of a peerless career bore the motto“forever faster”, but his eyes and his manner told a slightly different story. He went through the motions of his pre-race hype routine, striking the poses, but his heart wasn’t quite in it.

Related: Justin Gatlin gatecrashes Usain Bolt’s London 2017 farewell party in 100m

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Aug 05

Paris 2024 will get France moving, says minister with an eye on cricket

• Laura Flessel claims Olympics will lift the country’s sporting ‘ecosystem’
• Opens the door for cricket to rejoin the Games after 124 years

France’s sport minister has told the Observer that Paris hosting the Olympics in 2024 will dramatically transform the sporting ecosystem of her country and has hinted that cricket could rejoin the Games in time to be part of the celebrations.

Related: Olympics: IOC prepares to award next two Games to Paris and Los Angeles

Related: Paris 2024 Olympic bid will be 100% clean, promises Tony Estanguet

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Aug 03

‘This is definitely a moment’: Olympics crown LA’s remarkable renaissance

Securing the 2028 Olympics is just the latest success for Los Angeles, a city that’s witnessing a turnaround. But can it keep up the momentum?

Outsiders have long enjoyed mocking the City of Angels – its sprawl, its vapidity, its kookiness.

Los Angeles has been called “New York lying down” (Quentin Crisp), “paradise with a lobotomy” (Neil Simon), and “72 suburbs in search of a city” (Dorothy Parker). “Tip the world over on its side,” said Frank Lloyd Wright, “and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.”

Related: Los Angeles reaches deal over hosting 2028 Summer Olympics

Related: ‘Grow food on Mars’: LA startups tackle climate change with inventive solutions

We’ve hit our stride in a way I’ve not experienced before. People want to live here. The place is booming

Related: ‘Human tragedy’: LA homelessness jumps to record-breaking level

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Aug 03

The brilliant Caeleb Dressel doesn’t need to be the next Michael Phelps

The young American sprinter, fresh off a record-tying seven golds at worlds, could be in position to become the face of swimming at the Tokyo Olympics

Caeleb Dressel knew the comparisons were inevitable. The 20-year-old University of Florida student had barely toweled off after capturing his seventh gold medal at last week’s world aquatics championships when he found himself cast as the heir to Michael Phelps as the face of swimming in the United States and, potentially, the world.

Not only had the American sprinter become the first swimmer to win seven golds at a single worlds since Phelps in 2007, Dressel joined Phelps and Mark Spitz as the only swimmers to win seven titles at any long-course international championship.

Related: Adam Peaty: ‘The main question is – how fast can we go?’

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Aug 02

LA has signed up but rapacious IOC is running out of conquests | Marina Hyde

The outrageous demands that the International Olympic Committee places on hosts means fewer cities in the democratic world are interested in the Games

There’s a scene in When Harry Met Sally where the two principals run into each other on a plane, some years after their first abrasive encounter. The previously relentlessly cynical Harry tells Sally he’s getting married. She lets out an involuntary peal of laughter. “What’s so funny about that?” he demands. “Well,” titters Sally, “it’s just … it’s just so OPTIMISTIC of you, Harry.”

I confess a similar reaction to the news that Los Angeles have come to a deal with the IOC, to host the 2028 Olympics. For this guarantee – and a cash advance and youth sports investment sweetener – they will stand aside to let Paris run unopposed for the 2024 Games. Congratulations and everything … but it’s just so optimistic of them.

Related: Legacy, what legacy? Five years on the London Olympic park battle still rages

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Jul 31

Los Angeles reaches deal over hosting 2028 Summer Olympics

  • Paris expected to land 2024 Games after Tokyo hosts in 2020
  • IOC president Thomas Bach welcomes LA’s decision

Los Angeles has accepted a deal to stage the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games – which means that the 2024 Games will be heading to Paris.

The Los Angeles Organising Committee confirmed that it had signed a contract with the International Olympic Committee that will see it given £1.8bn to compensate it for stepping aside until 2028 and to help it increase participation for youth sports programmes.

Related: ‘The Olympics are dead’: Does anyone want to be a host city any more?

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Jul 30

London 2017 world championships: how stadium has changed since Olympics

More noise, football branding, better conditions for athletes and the same old lousy food are among the descriptions from those involved in London 2012

Chairman of London 2017 bid committee and former chairman of UK Athletics (2007-May 2017)

Related: Adam Gemili claims he raced at trials with injury after selectors’ ultimatum

Related: Niels de Vos says future is bright as London prepares for Bolt and company

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Jul 27

Legacy, what legacy? Five years on the London Olympic park battle still rages

Family-friendly utopia or part-privatised nightmare? Revitalised wasteland or monument to social cleansing? The story didn’t end once the Games were over

The summer of 2012 was the culmination of a polarising seven years. Swaths of the media, the sporting fraternity and politicians of all stripes celebrated the coming regeneration of the forgotten East End due to the planned Olympic Games. Meanwhile, academics, urbanists and local activists bemoaned the speed at which a patch of east London was transformed, resulting in compulsory purchase orders and displaced businesses.

Running up to the Games, there was a conscious effort to avoid the fiasco of Athens 2004, which left a patch of the city dilapidated before anyone had time to get nostalgic for it. Since then, we’ve been obsessed with “legacy”, as well as sceptical about who that legacy might be for.

What is a pseudo-public space?

The organisers’ rhetoric was it was an industrial wasteland where nobody really lived. ​But that’s not true

Kestrels used to look down from our two tower blocks. They like semi-maintained areas that don’t have many people

Related: Revealed: the insidious creep of pseudo-public space in London

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Jul 25

Cricket is on the verge of making its application for Olympic inclusion

The approval of India is needed before a bid can be put forward but Olympic status would help the sport’s image become more global and less colonial

For all that the Olympic Games has become a byword for corruption and greed, it is challenged by only the football World Cup in terms of global popularity. Inclusion brings exposure to new audiences and opens up cash from national governments and the International Olympic Committee itself. That is why rugby and golf rejoined in Rio last year and the World Squash Federation president was “heartbroken” to learn that squash would not feature in 2020.

Cricket has long been unique among major sports in its reticence about joining the Olympic Games: an oddity that speaks of the sport’s conservatism and the historic lack of concern of its largest members for increasing the sport’s global footprint.

Related: England Women’s World Cup triumph should transform fortunes of the players

Related: Ben Stokes calls for England to ‘right wrongs’ of Trent Bridge in third Test

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Jul 25

Paralysed Olympic BMX rider Sam Willoughby progresses to a crawl

  • London Games silver medallist constantly improving in rehabilitation
  • But Australian accepts his racing days are over

Australian Olympian Sam Willoughby says his recovery from the BMX cycling crash that paralysed him continues positively, but he accepts his racing days are over, focusing on walking fiancée Alise Post down the aisle when they marry on 31 December.

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