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Feb 28

Former Soviet gymnast Olga Korbut sells Olympic medals

‘The Sparrow from Minsk’, now a US citizen, who dazzled audiences at Munich in 1972 reported to be ‘almost destitute’

Olga Korbut,a former Soviet gymnast whose performances dazzled the world at the 1972 Munich Games, has sold her Olympic medals and other memorabilia after apparently falling into financial difficulty.

The US auction house Heritage Auctions confirmed that 32 lots, including two gold medals and a silver from those Games, changed hands for $333,500 (£268,400) in an online sale at the weekend.

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Dec 27

Rio 2016: amid the politics Olympics were a kaleidoscopic fortnight of sport | Andy Bull

From Usain Bolt’s golden triumphs to a green pool and Michael Phelps’s herculean achievements, the Games were swept along by a crazy rhythm in Rio

On the seventh day of the Games, it seemed, for a brief, bewildering moment, as though a bomb had gone off in the Olympic Park. A thunderclap sounded around the aquatics stadium and echoed across the food court. No one fled. Instead everyone sped towards the scene. It turned out that Brazilian police had detonated a discarded rucksack – they later explained that it had contained a jacket and a pair of socks – and then opened the gates to the basketball arena, where Spain were about to play Nigeria. All those running people were just in a rush to take their seats. Otherwise, no one blinked because it was the third similar incident in a week. There had been another detonation during the men’s cycling road race and a third outside the Maracanã. That familiar phrase, “controlled explosion”, seems now to sum up the Rio Olympics.

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Aug 12

The 20 best Olympic moments in Rio – so far

Poolgate, Michael Phelps’ purple circles, Simon Biles defying gravity – some of the best moments from week one

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Aug 05

A nation united: America’s best team up in Rio to ease the tumult at home

USA are favored to top the medal chart – and for 17 days we will be reminded that what brings us together is stronger than what threatens to pull us apart

Back home a nation is riven. The specter of terrorism, both global and domestic, is the new normal. Elected officials stand by as their constituents are poisoned while police carry out shootings in the street. A bitterly contentious presidential election, one that’s increasingly come to reflect the battleground for America’s soul, careens into the championship rounds. Fear is winning.

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Jul 23

Ten to watch: meet Team GB’s sporting superheroes

They won our hearts at London 2012: can Team GB do it again? We salute our top athletes, from Tom Daley to Ellie Simmonds, as they fly into Rio for the 2016 Olympics Continue reading…

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Dec 19

50 of our favourite sport photos from 2014 – in pictures

Our picture editors have received more than one million sport photographs in the past 12 months, covering everything from Winter Olympics and cliff diving to the World Cup and mud-runs. After much deliberation, they’ve put together a collection of their favourite shots

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