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Apr 24

Lancashire v Somerset: Seamers pounce to earn Old Trafford victory

Lancashire pull off a surprise first win of the season as James Anderson triggers a Somerset collapse at Old Trafford.

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Apr 24

Hampshire v Yorkshire: Gary Ballance double century secures draw at Ageas Bowl

Yorkshire captain Gary Ballance’s second century of the game secures a draw for his side against Hampshire.

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Apr 24

කපුගෙදර කළකට පසු ඕවර 50 සූරයන්ගේ තරගාවලියට

එංගලන්තයේ දී ජුනි මස 1- 18 දක්වා පැවැත්වෙන සූරයන්ගේ කුසලාන (චැම්පියන් කුසලාන) තරගාවලියට සහභාගි වන ශ්‍රී ලංකා ක්‍රිකට් කණ්ඩායමට කළකට පසුව චාමර කපුගෙදර නැවත කැඳවා තිබේ.  ශ්‍රී ලංකා ක්‍රිකට් ආයතනයේ මෙහෙයවීමෙන් මේ දිනවල පැවැත්වෙන අන්තර් පළාත් ක්‍රිකට් තරගාවලියේ මහනුවර කණ්ඩායමට නායකත්වය දෙන චාමර කපුගෙදර ශතක දෙකක් සමග සෑම තරගයක දී ම ලකුණු අතර සිටීමට සමත් වූ පිතිකරුවෙකි.   කළක් ශ්‍රී ලංකා කණ්ඩායමේ නිත්‍ය ක්‍රීඩකයෙකු වූ කපුගෙදරට මෑතක සිට තෝරාගනු ලැබුවේ 20 -20 තරග සඳහා පමණෙකි.  සිමිත ඕවර 50 අන්තර් පළාත් තරගාවලියේ දී කපුගෙදර පෑ විශේෂ දස්කම් මත ඔහුට එංගලන්තයේ හා වේල්ස් හි පැවැත්වෙන සීමිත 50 සුරයන්ගේ කුසලාන තරගාවලියේ දී ශ්‍රී ලංකාව නියෝජනය  කිරීමට දැන් අවස්ථාව උදා වී තිබේ. අන්තර් පළාත් තරගාවලියේ දී  ලකුණු අතර සිටී උපුල් තරංග, දිනේෂ් චන්දිමාල්, කුසල් ජනිත්… Read More →

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Apr 24

Jerome Taylor: West Indies pace bowler joins Sussex for One-Day Cup

Sussex sign West Indies pace bowler Jerome Taylor for the One-Day Cup group stages as a replacement for Vernon Philander.

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Apr 24

#IPL Mumbai Indians Vs Pune Supergiant Match no 28th (SCORE UPDATES)

#IPL Mumbai Indians Vs Pune Supergiant Match no 28th (SCORE UPDATES) 24th April. Mumbai (CRICKETNMORE ). Mumbai Indians won the toss and opt to bowl first Vs Pune Supergiants in the 28th match of IPL 2017.

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Apr 24

Lowest IPL scores for each franchise

A look at some embarrassing lows for IPL teams.

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Apr 24

Malinga named in Sri Lanka Champions Trophy squad

Lasith Malinga looks set to spearhead Sri Lanka's attack after being named in a 15-man squad, with Chamara Kapugedera also returning.

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Apr 24

Exclusive: Sachin Tendulkar celebrated his birthday with his family

Exclusive: Sachin Tendulkar celebrated his birthday with his familyN Delhi, April 24 (CRICKETNMORE): Indian cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar, who turned 44  today, was elebrated his birthday with his family at his Mumbai home. 

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Apr 24

County cricket: Hampshire v Yorkshire, Middlesex v Essex – live!

Lancashire pulled off a remarkable win over Somerset but that was the only result on a day when a shambolic end to play at Lord’s left everyone frustrated

7.16pm BST

Well that was a highly frustrating ending at Lord’s but oh well – what can you do, eh? Just the one result today, but what a result it was, with Lancashire pulling off a remarkable win over Somerset. Here are the results:

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6.20pm BST

Ha, that’s all fairly shambolic. Middlesex needed two wickets but have the consolation of 12 points to Essex’s eight.

6.12pm BST

Not a great deal to say about that one is there.

6.11pm BST

The light’s got a bit worse again, but they should have been out there by now. Oh well. Good old Championship cricket.

6.07pm BST

Umpires are going off again, I think to tell the players that the match is a draw.

6.00pm BST

Here come the umpires again. Make or break this time, I reckon. Again, it’s fine to play. Absolutely fine.

5.51pm BST

The light really isn’t that bad here and yet they’re not out there. Cricket, sometimes.

5.49pm BST

In the IPL, Ben Stokes just bowled a wicket-maiden. The wicket was that of one Jos Buttler.

5.48pm BST

The umpires were out there for a long time, but they have no disappeared again …

5.48pm BST

Hands shaken between Durham and Gloucestershire.

5.40pm BST

They really should be back out there by now. Oh, here come the umpires.

5.39pm BST

While I wait for some more cricket, here are today’s highlights from Edgbaston.

Day 4: Match highlights
The game ended as a draw..

POINTS: Surrey 8, Warwickshire 5

5.37pm BST

The light is now considerably better than when they went off …

5.36pm BST

It’s looking a little bit lighter …

5.35pm BST

#TopKnock, say Glamorgan, and who am I to question them?

MILESTONE// 5⃣0⃣ for Nye Donald as he hits Delport for 4⃣ #LEIvGLA #TopKnock

5.34pm BST

Hover cover coming out, but Middlesex players are still on the field. Here comes Mick Hunt, wearing shorts.

5.30pm BST

Embarrassing tweeting from an official account, this. Anyway, the umpires are still out there, and the Middlesex players are just sat on the Pavilion steps. From where I’m sat, the horizon off to the right is a bit brighter. So maybe we might get back on.

Ridiculously dark here at Lord’s and the umpires have finally taken the players off for bad light. #MIDvESS

5.27pm BST

They are going off at Lord’s … It’s very dark. Middlesex two wickets from victory. It’s bad light not rain.

5.26pm BST

An optimistic tweeter.

13 overs to go! Durham require 9 runs an over to win! #DURvGLO

5.25pm BST

Umpires chatting again. We are staying out there, but Middlesex don’t have long to sort this.

5.21pm BST

Wicket! Malan’s first ball does the trick! Grievous Bodily Harmer goes on the back foot to the leggie and is completely, utterly, plumb. Had to be. Good effort from Grievous to dig in for 20. Light surely all that can stop the Middles Saxons now.

5.20pm BST

Umpires coming together again – it’s darker still. Fine to bowl spin in my opinion, but they may take them off soon. Malan warming up.

5.18pm BST

Light being checked as the final hour begins. It’s suddenly pretty dark. Middlesex need three rapid ones.

5.13pm BST

Durham … behave.

WICKET! Richardson (26*) chops straight to mid-on & Van Buuren gets the wicket. Durham 53/4 #DURvGLO

5.13pm BST

For the first time I’m starting to question whether Middlesex will pull this off. It’s got darker again, and this pair have shared 30 in 12 overs. There are 17 left in the game. Murtagh on for Rojo with a funky field: three slips, short leg, very short cover and short midwicket.

4.55pm BST

4.50pm so it’s all over there too, and Surrey and Warwickshire, who are off the bottom by my calculations, share the spoils. They take 10 points to Surrey’s 13. Keith Barker 70 not out when hands were shaken.

4.53pm BST

Gary Ballance reaches his double-ton, and Yorkshire and Hampshire shake hands on a draw. What an effort from him. Off the field for a grand total of 14.2 overs in the match. Yorkshire take eight points to Hampshire’s 11.

Hampshire have been frustrated by the last two champions in the last fortnight – the awful pitches at the Ageas may be as much of a hindrance to their title ambitions as anything else.

4.50pm BST

The tidiest of starts. He has a double, now.

A four through midwicket takes Gary Ballance to 197* and 502 Champo runs already this season, from five innings. Mad. #countycricketlive

4.46pm BST

Uh oh.

WICKET: Collingwood the latest to depart @DurhamCricket now 15-3

4.44pm BST

Ollie Rayner always fields at second slip, making loads of noise and generally being the life and soul of the Middlesex party. But he’s hurt his hand and is largely operating at midwicket. He looks so sad and lonely and out of place away from the cordon.

4.41pm BST

Livingstone likes that at first slip!

#WicketWatch: Bowled out for 109 on the opening day and still win by 164 runs. Stunning fightback from the boys! What a way to finish it.

4.40pm BST

This very nearly sounds like the Somerset Twitter account are celebrating that result.

ALL OUT! Groenewald is bowled and Somerset are 130 all out. Lancashire win by 164 runs. #LANvSOM

4.39pm BST


McLaren bowls Groenewald and Lancashire win by 164 runs, their first Champo victory since last May.

4.34pm BST

Shot! Oh, wait, there’s a man there.

#WicketWatch: You beauty, @Clarksy16 (3/12)! Leach is caught by Hameed at third man and Somerset are 129/9. Nearly there!

4.32pm BST

Caught at third man for 0 when trying to save the game always seems an interesting way to go, although Leach did make his maiden half-century in the first innings, so fair enough.

WICKET! Nearly there as Leach is caught for 0 at 3rd man by @HaseebHameed97 off the bowling of @Clarksy16 & @SomersetCCC 129-9

4.31pm BST

Alarm bells start to ring in Bristol as Norwell gets Clark. 11 for two are Durham. Collingwood joins Jennings to restore some order.

4.30pm BST

Chappell gets Rudolph and Hopeless Glamorgan are four down to subterranean Leicestershire. Although they may not be underground for long.

4.24pm BST

Yeah, nut.

How’s that for a ?! @finnysteve bowls Ravi Bopara & Middlesex are 3️⃣ away from victory

Follow the action ➡️

4.20pm BST

Fancy an afternoon listen?

PODCAST: @kevinonedigital is joined by @legsidelizzy @brucetalbot1 @NHoultCricket & @willis_macp #bbccricket

4.18pm BST

Durham are one down already, as Stephen Cook goes to David Payne. Careful, lads.

4.17pm BST

Wicket! It’s only taken two balls! Finn bowls Ravi – he looked a bit squared up by it, oddly – and Middlesex need three more wickets for their first win of the season.

4.14pm BST

30 overs left in the game here at Lord’s. Finn is bowling to Ravinder of Bopara.

4.13pm BST

A wicket at the Ageas, but I don’t think it’ll make much difference.

OUT! Bresnan caught behind off Topley, 37. 356-6 in the 123rd. 132-lead with almost 35 overs left.

4.12pm BST

Lancashire are very nearly there! One of the wins of the season, this would be.

WICKET! Gregory is out for 4 after edging @Clarksy16 to @liaml4893 at first slip. @SomersetCCC 117-8 #LANvSOM

4.12pm BST

Here come Middlesex. It’s certainly bright enough to get some quickies on.

4.06pm BST

Sussex have signed Jerome Taylor for the Royal London One-Day Cup, what with Vernon Philander being out and all.

4.06pm BST

Gwan. Chase them down.

Durham need 205 to win from 31 overs. 6.6 an over the required rate #bbccricket

4.01pm BST

Play to restart at 4.15 at Lord’s.

3.58pm BST

Get em offfff

3.56pm BST

News from Lord’s is that we really should be back on very soon. The rain has stopped and the light is fine. The umpires are taking their sweet time over an inspection. Got to be close to returning.

3.55pm BST

Glamorgan are three down. They really are hopeless.

3.43pm BST

Somerset are 107 for seven as Davey goes to McLaren!

And tea at the Ageas too, where Yorkshire are doing just fine. The lead is 121.

3.37pm BST

Warwickshire’s lead is 260. They must be safe by now.

3.34pm BST

Go on Durham! (Sorry Glosters)

We’re back out after taking an early tea. #DURvGLO

3.34pm BST

Six down as McLaren gets Hildreth! Lancashire were bowled out for 109 in the first innings! 109!

3.32pm BST

Rain still falling at Lord’s, but it’s getting much brighter. Would think we will get back on.

3.30pm BST

Lancashire are halfway there!

#WicketWatch: Yes, @Clarksy16! The @LancsCCC all-rounder dismisses Peter Trego and Somerset are 99/5. 5️⃣ wickets to go!

3.27pm BST

Vish finally finds some Ballance in his life.

Yorks safe thanks to a remarkable display from Gary Ballance. Across the 4 days so far, he’s only been off the field for 12.3 overs.

3.25pm BST

Probably too little too late for Surrey, as Tom Curran gets Jeetan, his fourth wicket. 344 for eight, with a lead of 239, and only 35 overs in the match.

3.15pm BST

What a brilliant effort from Ballance. Quite superb. Write him off at your peril.

Ballance gets to 150 – 153 off 336 balls with 17x4s. @YorkshireCCC pretty safe now. 101-lead with a little under 45 overs remaining. 325-5

3.14pm BST

TEA: Tea is taken early due to bad light. @Gloscricket 297-9 and we have 43 overs to go. #DURvGLO

3.14pm BST

Now a bit grim at Lord’s. Hovercover on, but more covers coming out.

3.12pm BST

Glamorgan getting themselves in a pickle at Leicester. They are 20 for two as Lloyd goes to Raine. Over to the South Africans to save them.

3.10pm BST

Tea being taken now at Lord’s, which makes a lot of sense.

3.08pm BST

Now raining I think.

3.08pm BST

The weather is the only thing that can stop Middlesex here, I’ve no doubt about that. And we are going off. They still need four wickets. It feels like it might rain.

3.05pm BST

Off for light at Bristol as well… here at Lord’s, spin from both ends is the umps’ order. Malan having a trundle from the Nursery.

3.03pm BST

Rain at Leicester with Glamorgan 16 for one!

3.02pm BST

It’s really very dark at Lord’s.

3.02pm BST

James Anderson is purring and Somerset are in big trouble.

#WicketWatch: Yes, @jimmy9!! Davies is bowled and Somerset are 86/4.

Follow live on our Match Centre ➡️

2.54pm BST

Want to work at Stuart Broad and Harry Gurney’s pub?

Kitchen positions available #vacancy #jobs #leicestershire #loughborough #nottinghamshire
Come & join the team! ‍‍‍#pub

2.54pm BST

Grievous Bodily Harmer is one of those spinners who doesn’t play spin that well.

2.51pm BST

Glosters are nine down. Can Durham, can they? The lead is 173.

2.50pm BST

For Murtagh, there are five slips, all about eight metres behind the bat. One of them was Steven Finn, who has now been sent to mid-on. Nick Gubbins in at short leg.

2.49pm BST

We’ve just had a long look at the light and the upshot of it is that we are not going off, Rojo isn’t allowed to bowl but … Murtagh is. mmm.

2.45pm BST

You know the chant.

WICKET! A big one too as Trescothick edges @jimmy9 to @ryanmac23 at 2nd slip for 36. @SomersetCCC 78-3 need 217 off 50 overs #LANvSOM

2.43pm BST

And there you go! Very next ball. Tendo throws the hands hard and is caught at third slip by Franklin. Straight in, no mistake. Middlesex are such a good team,m and now they’re into the tail.

2.42pm BST

Four slips and a gully, a bit dark, old ball doing a little = Rojo all over Tendo.

2.36pm BST

Like this from Middlesex. Four mean – three under lids – round the bat for Rayner. 114 for five.

2.35pm BST

Surrey on the move …

WICKET: Ambrose ct Sangakkara b T. Curran 85


2.30pm BST

Good news for fans of county cricket and fast bowlers, bad news for the batsmen of Division Two.

James Pattinson to seek @CricketAus approval to return to @TrentBridge after the Champions Trophy to fulfil his deal

2.29pm BST

Hearing there’s rain about at Leicester, making that declaration even more maddening. If you’re lucky, I might have a rant about Leicestershire later.

2.28pm BST

Is there anything there? Anything?

Sharp catch from Scott Borthwick off Tom Curran to dismiss Rikki Clarke for 27…Warks 302-6 lead by 197 runs #bbccricket

2.26pm BST

Wicket! Roland-Jones had returned to the attack, and consecutively drew Wheater – who looked terrible, frankly – with both falling short of first, then third slip. But the fourth ball of the over gets a wicket! This time it carries to fourth slip, where Malan takes a good catch low to his left. Essex are half-out, and Tendo is in with Ravi. Skies darkening. Rain a possibility any time from three.

2.23pm BST

Finally! 360 for six declared. Glamorgan require 355 from 57, which will be one hell of a chase.

2.19pm BST

Pettini has that century at Grace Road. When will they declare? 346 ahead, 59 overs after this one.

2.10pm BST

Wicket!! Just as things were getting very gritty, Finn shows up and takes a wicket! It’s full and outside off, Lawrence has driven, nicked it, and Voges has taken a juggling catch – snaffled it on the third attempt, I reckon – at first gripper. 104 for four.

2.07pm BST

Gloucestershire eight down – Onions and Rushworth working their magic! The Glosters have lost four wickets for two runs!

2.07pm BST

Oh. No way to go.

#WicketWatch: Two wickets in quick succession for @LancsCCC and it’s @ryanmac23 that dismisses Tom Abell. 8️⃣ to go!

2.06pm BST


WICKET! Abell is caught behind for 0 off the bowling of McLaren. Somerset 38 for 2 with Hildreth joining Trescothick at the crease. #LANvSOM

2.04pm BST

Gloucestershire are seven down!

2.04pm BST

The wicket at OT.

#WicketWatch: @KyleJarv89 traps Elgar plumb lbw. 9️⃣ more to go!

Live scorecard ➡️

1.59pm BST

Rushworth gets Dent, the centurion, and Glos are effectively 137 for four. Two men on 0, 60 overs in the game.

1.55pm BST

Onions gets Mustard!

WICKET! Mustard (15) is pinned LBW by @BunnyOnions!

253/5, lead of 137; Dent 101* #GLOvDUR

1.54pm BST

Would think we must be very close to a Leicestershire declaration against Glamorgan. 64 overs left, they are 306 ahead. Pettini there on 90. Must be mighty flat.

1.51pm BST

Hearing that Breso was dropped at the Ageas, and that they’ll be back on in about 15 minutes at Edgbaston. Surrey will need quick inroads.

1.44pm BST

It’s much brighter at Lord’s after lunch, which is good. There is rain on the way I fear. Finn bowling from the Nursery End, Rayner at the Pavilion.

Wicket at Old Trafford! Jarvis gets Elgar! 29 for one and game right on.

1.43pm BST

I’m back!

1.01pm BST

Right, all four Div One games are on a blooming knife-edge. But the Div Two ones are dying a death, unless the skippers can get inventive. Here are the scores:

12.51pm BST

For Lawrence, who love the legside, Middlesex have a shortish midwicket, a silly mid-on and two men in the deep.

12.50pm BST

Hard man, is Tim Bresnan. Shake it off son.

Bresnan has been hit, looks like right thumb, by a rising Abbott delivery. Receiving treatment. 270-5 in the 87th.

12.47pm BST

Bit dark at Eggybaston so lunch taken. It’s dark here too.

And we are coming off for an early lunch due to bad is pretty gloomy..Warwickshire 280-5..lead by 175 runs #bbccricket

12.40pm BST

Rain at Leicester. Hard to get too worked up about that tbh.

12.33pm BST

Serious knock from Tim Ambrose at Edgbaston. The lead there is 160, with five wickets in hand. Could be fun yet.

12.28pm BST

Grim ball to get early doors, this.

WICKET: And would you believe it, @Kyle_Abbott87 finds Bairstow’s (1) edge with the very first delivery with the new ball! 262-5. &

12.27pm BST

Bit harsh, but I agree that Dawson is hardly the most gainly bowler.

@willis_macp hadn’t really noticed before just what a mess Liam Dawson’s action is, like Ashley Giles’ but with more falling over

12.26pm BST

Rayner into the attack and he’s got Cook straight away, caught at short leg! Hone straight on, taken the inside edge and there’s Eskinazi, who is having a belting game! 74 for three and Lawrence and Ravi in on 0.

12.23pm BST

Wowzer! Maybe Hampshire can force this. Over to you, G-Ballz. What a bowler KAbbott is.

New ball/pill/conker being taken at the Ageas… and Abbott gets a wicket with it straight away! Bairstow gone. Yorks 5 down, 38 ahead!

12.19pm BST

This is not a bright piece of cricket.

WICKET: The first wicket of the day falls before the new ball, @daws128 taking a smart return catch to remove Handscomb (70) – 258-4.&

12.18pm BST

Wicket! Rojo gets Westley lbw with one that stayed low! Very unfortunate. Just like at the Ageas, this is a dog of a pitch. 74 for two.

12.16pm BST

Apologies to Lewis Gregory from all at cc – live! towers. I said he got four but he actually got five! What am I like? Anyway, what I’ve done there, is I’ve underrated an underrated cricketer.

12.13pm BST

Big wicket before the new ball at the Ageas! And advantage England ahead of the ASHES!

OUT! Handscomb caught and bowled by Dawson off leading edge for 40. 258-4 in the 79th.

12.13pm BST

Gregory gets Parry, his fourth, and it’s GAME ON! Somerset need 295 off 77, I believe.

12.11pm BST

Hard to argue with Jake Lehmann here. Ballance knows how to bat, and he knows how to have fun.

Garry Ballance… Some serious man love, genius on and off the field!

12.07pm BST

And now Jarvis to Groenewald! 462 for nine. Just a great game of cricket, that.

12.06pm BST

McLaren gone to Gregory at Old Trafford. Lancs’ lead is approaching 300. Would be one hell of a chase.

12.02pm BST

One for the bad guys.

Bell goes one run short of his century, Skipper Gareth Batty with the wicket!


11.57am BST

Sad face.

NOOOOO! Ian Bell, after batting beautifully, out on 99 to Batty. And gloomy clouds immediately gather over Edgbaston.

11.53am BST

McLaren and Parry remorselessly ploughing on at Old Trafford. Stand is 77, lead is 287 and there are 82 overs in the game. How ambitious is Livi?

11.51am BST

I’ll be talking on the radio with these excellent people at lunchtime. Join us.

Lunchtime panel SPORTS EXTRA @legsidelizzy @brucetalbot1 @NHoultCricket @willis_macp and you via twitter @5liveSport #bbccricket

11.49am BST

Twin hundreds for Ballance, and three in four innings v Hampshire this year. Also 10 in 13 matches as an FC captain.

11.48am BST

Brydon Carse gets George Hankins – all sounds like elaborate ryhming slang, doesn’t – at Bristol. Glos 202 for four, in front by 86.

11.46am BST

Handscomb takes Topley for 10 in four balls and Yorkshire are in front. It really is an awful wicket at the Ageas. Pitches like that should have the inspector knocking, not those that see 40 wickets in two-and-a-half days. At least that’s exciting.

11.44am BST

Cop out.

Kent to abstain from ballot on new ECB T20 tournament

11.42am BST

No wickets at Old Trafford, Edgbaston or the Ageas so far. All very tranquil.

11.40am BST

Cook reached 20,000 first-class runs a little while ago. Well done him.

11.33am BST

They are back on at Old Trafford, which is good news. Lancashire on’t charge.

11.24am BST

Bowled him! Middlesex are on the move! Murtagh’s weaseled one through Nick Browne’s gate and Essex are 38 for one!

11.19am BST

Maybe that contrivance won’t be necessary after all.

WICKET! Another wicket for De Lange as Delport is caught by Carey for 1. The home side are now 205/5 with a lead of 199 #GoGlam #LEIvGLA

11.19am BST

News from the Ageas #AdvantageYorkshire

.@hantscricket will be without seamer Brad Wheal today due to a side injury.

11.18am BST

As I’ve had a couple of tweets this morning it seems a good moment to remind you lot that I am contactable on that medium. The handle is @willis_macp. You can also email me! is the address for that.

11.16am BST

Ambition in the Four Ridings!

@willis_macp Morning! Definitely thinking Yorkshire should bat until tea and give ourselves a session to bowl them out

11.16am BST

More news from Edgbaston, where county cricket’s hardiest fan is said to be alive and well.

I know you’ve all been eagerly waiting for this: yesterday I went to Bay 25 & spoke to the mystery man. He’s alive and his name is David.

11.14am BST

Here’s the link for the cricket at Edgbaston.

11.13am BST

A wicket at Grace Road (sorry, the Fischer County Ground) where a contrivance is thought to be on the way. De Lange gets Eckersley and it’s 205 for four.

11.12am BST

Hover cover coming off after all of two minutes at Lord’s.

11.10am BST

In the absence of cricket, here’s Kent.

Kent made it 3 from 3 yesterday in @CountyChamp. Here are the final day highlights

11.08am BST

Oh for pete’s sake, they’re off for rain in Manchester after 11 balls. If rains that … well, I don’t know what I’ll do.

Oh for pete’s sake, as I type that the hover cover is coming on at Lord’s! The players are going off. It’s barely raining!

11.06am BST

This looks like exactly the sort of day I wouldn’t fancy facing Kyle Abbott on.

It’s @Bergy646 & @Kyle_Abbott87 to kick things off first up.

Go well lads! &

11.02am BST

Middlesex have a silly mid-off for Nick Browne.

10.59am BST

Dial M for Murtagh is about to bowl the first ball to Alastair Cook. Andy Bull is here!

10.55am BST

Morning Stuie! Thanks! Gloucestershire still have a bit of work to do!

Hearing we might have a contrivance on the cards at Grace Road too. Possibly a target for Glamorgan to chase of 360 in 65 overs…

@willis_macp morning will feeling good this morning after a contribution to the great work u guys do, glos doing good!

10.08am BST

Well hello there. Happy Monday. I’m Will Macpherson and I am quite literally at Lord’s to bring you updates on the action between Middlesex and Essex and all the other games, too, because that is what I do! We have six games left after Derbyshire were Darren Stevens’d yesterday. Today, Division One is all about saving games.

Here at The Home Of Cricket, it is overcast and there is some rain due later, which makes Middlesex’s failure to enforce the follow-on then curiously tardy declaration all the more baffling. Essex, with the kid Cook at the crease, will need to bat until it rains, basically. Gary Ballance and Ian Bell, England’s No3 and No4 as recently as two summer ago but now county captains, have games to save for Yorkshire at Hampshire and Warwickshire against Surrey respectively. The best poised game of all is at Old Trafford, where all four results are possible.

Related: Lancashire’s Liam Livingstone presses Test claim with 168 against Somerset

HAT OF THE DAY: @finnysteve proudly sporting his team headwear in warm-ups after picking up 4-51 yesterday against @EssexCricket #MIDvESS

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Apr 24

Sri Lanka Announces Champions Trophy 2017 squad

Sri Lanka Cricket is pleased to announce the following team for the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 to be held in England & wales from the 1 – 18th of June 2017. The Team is led by National Captain Angelo Mathews and will be comprised of the following players: 1. Angelo Mathews – Captain, 2. Upul Tharanga – Vice Captain, 3. Niroshan Dickwella, 4. Kusal Janith Perera, 5. Kusal Mendis, 6. Chamara Kapugedera, 7. Asela Gunaratne, 8. Dinesh Chandimal, 9. Lasith Malinga, 10. Suranga Lakmal, 11. Nuwan Pradeep, 12. Nuwan Kulasekera, 13. Thisara Perera, 14. Lakshan Sandakan, 15. Seekkuge Prasanna Standby on Tour: 16. Dilruwan Perera 17. Dhanushka Gunathilaka The following five (5) players have been selected as standby who will… Read More →

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Apr 24

Kent ‘anxiety’ over new T20 tournament leads to vote abstention

A city-based Twenty20 tournament could have “far-reaching consequences” for counties who play at non-Test match grounds, says Kent chief Jamie Clifford.

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Apr 24

Kandy lead table with 6 points, Colombo close second with 5 points 

Colombo went on to chalk up its second successive win in a forceful comeback on day-4 following a tie and a loss on the first two days while Kandy pocketed its third win atoning for the loss to Colombo in the previous game in the ongoing Super Provincial Tournament. Kandy’s win saw them lead the table with 6 points with Colombo a close second with 5 points. Colombo beat Galle by 3 wickets in a high scoring match displaying the depth as good chasers by topping Galle’s 299 for 9 in 50 overs at the R. Premadasa Stadium while Kandy registered a 39-run win over Dambulla having totaled 323 for 5 wickets in 50 overs at the Dambulla Stadium. Dambulla… Read More →

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Apr 24

Kapugedera, Malinga in squad for Champions Trophy

2017 a fairytale comeback for Kapugedera? The year 2017 could well go down as the comeback year in international cricket for Chamara Kapugedera. At age 30 the right hander, who had conspicuously evaporated off the international cricketing radar appearing and disappearing in fits and starts following an erosion of early promise, has indeed ignited new expectations in the breasts of home cricket fans. What has certainly set off the buzz is the naming of the Kandy born Kapugedera in a 15-man squad for the June 1 to 18 Champions Trophy in England and Wales. Kapugedera’s inclusion has been on suddenly looming from the pedestrian 20 to 30 odd scores in the sparse ODI and T20 outings to mounting a sound… Read More →

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Apr 24

Steve O’Keefe overlooked by Cricket Australia for 2017-18 contract

  • Batsman Shaun Marsh and allrounder James Faulkner also miss out
  • Hilton Cartwright, Ashton Agar and Billy Stanlake awarded first contracts

Troubled Test spinner Steve O’Keefe, injury-prone batsman Shaun Marsh and allrounder James Faulkner have missed out on Cricket Australia contracts for the 2017-18 season. But there was better news for fringe Test players Hilton Cartwright and Ashton Agar and young paceman Billy Stanlake, who have been awarded their first contracts.

Faulkner, Marsh, Peter Siddle, George Bailey, Joe Burns, Nathan Coulter-Nile, John Hastings, Peter Nevill and retiree Adam Voges are the players named on last year’s initial contract list to miss out.

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Apr 24

Gabriel gives Windies hope on landmark day for Younis

The first Test between West Indies and Pakistan remains in the balance, but the third day belonged to record-breaker Younis Khan.

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Apr 24

Pakistan 201/4 at stumps on day 3, trail by 85 runs

Pakistan 201/4 at stumps on day 3, trail by 85 runsApril 24 (CRICKETNMORE) – Pakistan were 201/4 at stumps on Day three of the first test against West Indies at Sabina Park in Jamaica on Sunday: The visitors are still trailing by 85 runs. Check the complete scorecard of the match till stumps at Day 3 below:

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