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Sep 21

Glamorgan v Gloucestershire: Howell and Bracey shine for visitors

Glamorgan reach 63-1 in their second innings, 106 ahead, after career-best centuries from Gloucestershire’s Benny Howell and James Bracey.

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Sep 21

Surrey v Somerset: Kumar Sangakkara makes 157 before bowlers put hosts in control

Surrey take a firm grip of their match against relegation-rivals Somerset on day three before rain ends play early at The Oval.

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Sep 21

Lawrence makes ton for Essex on rain-hit day

Rain allows only 20 overs of play on day three of the Division One match between Hampshire and county champions Essex.

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Sep 21

Northants v Nottinghamshire: Only 25.3 overs possible with match finely poised

Rain ruins day three of the match between promotion-chasing Northants and Nottinghamshire with only 25.3 overs bowled.

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Sep 21

Ashes 2017-18: Haseeb Hameed hurt during County Championship match

Ashes hopeful Haseeb Hameed suffers a fractured finger on the final day of Lancashire’s County Championship match against Middlesex.

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Sep 21

Finn’s 8-79 gives Middlesex crucial win in survival bid

Steven Finn inspires Middlesex to victory over Lancashire, which boosts the survival hopes of the 2016 county champions.

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Sep 21

Derbyshire v Kent: Championship game rained off at Chesterfield for third day

Derbyshire’s County Championship Division Two game with Kent at Chesterfield is rained off for a third straight day.

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Sep 21

England v West Indies: rain forces abandonment of second ODI – as it happened

Only 2.2 overs were possible at Trent Bridge before heavy rain forced a frustrating washout

4.20pm BST

The umpires have accepted the inevitable and called the game off. I’m sure you’ll agree that this has been a triumph for all concerned. Thanks for your company, bye!

4.19pm BST

And Haseeb Hameed has suffered another broken finger, which presumably ends his hopes of being in the Ashes squad. That’s a blessing, I think, even if his poppadom fingers are a concern.

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4.16pm BST

The left-arm wrist-spinner Kuldeep Yadav has taken a hat-trick for India against Australia at Kolkata!

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4.04pm BST

No need is bad news: it looks increasingly unlikely that there will be any play before the cut-off time just before 6pm.

3.42pm BST

The next match is in Bristol on Sunday. The forecast is much better – there is a 1 per cent chance of precipitation, it says here.

3.39pm BST

Rain update It’s still raining.

3.31pm BST

“Unlike you, I want to see a boring Ashes squad,” says Chris Anderson. “Pick the same XI from the last test plus few broken-finger-on-the-morning-of-the-game replacements. Hopefully this would send the message that the management are confident in the players selected. Then you put all your wildcards and young talent in the Lions squad, giving them experience of aussie conditions before some of them are inevitability drafted into the Test team when we are 2-0 down after two Tests.”

Ha. That reminds me of something I wanted to do to raise money in memory of our dear friend Dan Lucas: £10 each, everyone predicts the England XI for the fifth Ashes Test, the winners (if there are any) split half the cash and the other half goes to JDRF. Any interest? Let me know if so and I’ll try to arrange it.

3.26pm BST

“I don’t think the squad will have any surprises,” says Kevin Wilson. “Australia’s not the place to introduce anyone green or else they might return with a case of the Kerrigans. I reckon Hales will go because he covers two spots, Dawson probably will go because he’s a steady bloke and they like Wood even though I can’t see him having a long term Test career. Finn might be tacked onto the squad as an extra bowler or if TRJ gets injured. The Lions squad should be interesting though.”

As Mike Atherton said the other day, I don’t understand the argument about Hales covering two bases. He said he doesn’t want to open in first-class cricket any more, and we know he struggles in that position against high-class Test bowling. I could understand it back in the day, when you needed a squad to cover lots of bases, but the Lions will be nearby so they’ll have back-up openers there. I would probably pick a third opener in the squad, with a view to batting him at No3. I don’t think that will happen though.

3.22pm BST

I have a theory about Ballance (wait! Come back!) that his ugly style counts against him, just as the beauty of Stokes and Moeen’s batting makes it feel like they score more runs than is actually the case. For example, I think most people would tell you Ballance had a shocker v South Africa earlier this summer, yet his scores were not disastrous: 20, 34, 27, 4. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t pick him for this tour, but I can’t remember the last time there was such a strong aesthetic prejudice against an England batsman.

3.18pm BST

“Stokes, Woakes AND Foakes, he jokes?” croaks Andrew Benton. “Must be a hoax, folks.”

3.17pm BST

“What am I missing that Ballance gets repeat opportunity after repeat opportunity?” sniffs Jeff Smith. “Maybe having the captain be selector is a bad practice. Yes they basically run the team but every bad Test side ever assembled was basically picked by the captain, right?”

What about the good ones? I wouldn’t pick Ballance, certainly not in Australia, but the argument in his favour says he has a better Test and first-class average than all the other contenders, and clearly has the necessary temperament to succeed in Australia. But I’d agree with those who think the Aussie quicks will have a field day with that technique, certainly if he bats at No3.

3.14pm BST

“I read the Mark Nicholas piece covering much the same ground as everywhere else,” says Tony Harlow. “He does have the benefit of seeing the Aussies a lot at home and being inside their brains so those bits (must be able to play properly, must be aggressive …) are worth thinking about. I am quite persuaded by the idea of Patel being ready as a batsman. Sort of pick that would confuse the Aussies and might work. And the idea of a non-Adonis Test player is amusing too. But reality says the idea is fanciful and he should have been tried during the summer if it was an option.

“The Vince idea is also fanciful and to my mind a bit of home town picking by Hampshire favouring Nicholas. Loose outside off stump at Brisbane? Not such a good idea. But the omission seems the most obvious flaw .. what has Sam Robson done wrong. Why is he on the outer? He has clearly improved since his chance (in which he did as well as anyone else), he has had as good a summer as anyone else, he has a grounding on Australian wickets and he has the motivation to play well against old friends/ team mates. And he’s right handed. And to make it even better Stoneman was a number 3 for a long period so comfortable there but scores quicker than Compton. So for me: Cook, Robson, Stoneman, Root, Hales or Patel or Malan, Stokes, Bairstow, Moeen, Woakes, Broad, Anderson.

3.02pm BST

I do hope England pick a wildcard in their Ashes party, in the name of nostalgia if nothing else, but I suspect this will be the squad: Root (c), Stokes (vc), Cook, Stoneman, Ballance, Malan, Hales, Bairstow, Foakes, Ali, Dawson, Woakes, Wood, Broad, Anderson, Roland-Jones.

Any thoughts? About anything?

2.39pm BST

“Greetings from soggy Trent Bridge, Rob. Having a look at the rain radar out in the press box and (courtesy of a colleague who has paid for the predictive element) the algorithm suggests the wet stuff could stop falling circa 4.30pm. The question then would be whether the outfield can dry in time for a 5.56pm start time that would allow a 20-over match. West Indies may be keen to start the birthday celebrations with Chris Gayle early … although the Universe Boss is spending a chunk of his 38th having a scan on that twanged hamstring. Here’s hoping it’s not tour-ending…”

2.34pm BST

On the subject of Cricinfo, this piece from Mark Nicholas on who might be in England’s Ashes squad is so accomplished, knowledgeable and thought-provoking as to be almost thrilling.

2.24pm BST

According to Cricinfo legend Andrew McGlashan, the cut-off time for a 20-over match is 5.56pm. I think the rain wil have stopped by then, but I’m not sure the ground wil be playable.

2.06pm BST

Australia are in the malodorous stuff in Kolkata

Read all about it here.

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2.05pm BST

“What are the views on playing international cricket in England until the end of September?” wonders Neil Taylor. “I stopped buying tickets for matches in September as I’m a delicate flower. Can’t imagine the Windies are loving this much.”

There’s no alternative, is there? In a better world we would do unto the schedule as Freddy Krueger did unto the residents of Elm Street. But that’s not going to happen in a cuture where more is less and even more is barely sufficient.

1.52pm BST

The forecast improves around 5pm,

just in time for me to do one and lump Nick Miller with the remaining 97.4 overs of the match
so we should get a reduced game, maybe 20 or 25 overs per side.

1.48pm BST

Case closed, Columbo

“Nice idea,” says Ian Black, carefully lining up the inevitable ‘but’, “but the playing regulation that allows free hits also allows for the circumstances where the no-ball is as a result of a fielding restriction breach. From the ICC ODI playing regulations:

24.2 Free Hit

In addition to the above, the delivery following a no ball called (all modes of no ball) shall be a free hit for whichever batsman is facing it. If the delivery for the free hit is not a legitimate delivery (any kind of no ball or a wide ball) then the next delivery will become a free hit for whichever batsman is facing it.

1.45pm BST

There is live cricket in Kolkata, where Australia are chasing 253 to beat India. You can follow that with Adam Collins.

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1.33pm BST

The covers are still on. It’s going to be a while before we see any play.

1.30pm BST

Richard O’Hagan is the Umpire “Every umpire knows that sometimes you have to apply Law 43 – use your common sense. I would allow the fielding side to move the fielder closest to the striker’s end umpire in front of square.”

You can legally move the field if they rotate strike, can’t you? Though in theory the batting side could just swing for boundaries and not run.

1.17pm BST

You are the Umpire “A conundrum to ponder during the rain break,” writes our old friend Mike Selvey. “It came up over a few beers in Lahore last week (yes, the Pearl Continental does have a bar). In white-ball cricket, a no ball is called because 3 fielders behind square on the legside, which means a free hit. But the field cannot be changed for the free hit. And so the game goes on forever. Or does it?”

1.13pm BST

Play will not restart at 1.15pm, because it’s raining again. Great stuff.

1.02pm BST

The covers are coming off, a bit earlier than expected, and play wil restart at 1.15pm.

12.52pm BST

It’s raining in India as well. But if you just need one more hit of live cricket, Will Macpherson has some methadone for you.

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12.47pm BST

It’s the Ashes! Rain may have stopped play but it won’t cure Ashes fever, and it certainly won’t impinge upon gratuitous plugs. If anything, it’ll facilitate them. To wit: I’ve updated this history of the Ashes to include the 2015 series, and you can read it free if you have Kindle Unlimited! No, I haven’t got a clue what Kindle Unlimited is either!

12.43pm BST

2.2 overs: England 21-0 (Bairstow 9, Hales 10) After 14 balls, rain stops play. Nice one. It’s fairly heavy and it could be a while before the players return. We should get a reduced game, however, as the forecast is much better this evening.

12.40pm BST

Mind the Windows, Tino

Wish I had bowl at this one Hales bk then let’s see u pulling at 90+ not 84mph lol would of enjoyed cracking that Nut hahah

I faced you in 2010 mate in your peak. You literally couldn’t land it on the cut strip #90mphDross

12.40pm BST

2nd over: England 20-0 (Bairstow 8, Hales 10) Hales, who looks in devastating form at the moment, blasts consecutive off-side boundaries off Jerome Taylor. He’s not quite in the same class but the way he is bullying bowlers brings to mind the best of Matthew Hayden.

“Anderson was commentating during the first ODI,” says Kevin Wilson. “Is it a shoot-out for the one fast-bowling commentary spot when they both retire? For what it’s worth, someone really ought to suggest Anderson goes into coaching as he’s got so much expertise to share it would be wasted in the commentary box. Broad’s more extroverted and would be more of a natural fit with the Sky boys.”

12.35pm BST

1st over: England 10-0 (Bairstow 7, Hales 1) England’s last ODI here was the festival of record-breaking against Pakistan, when Alex Hales made 171 in a score of 444 for three. After the first over of today’s match, bowled by Jason Holder, their projected score is 500. Holder started with two leg-side wides, followed a by a leg-side non-wide that Bairstow clipped for four. Bairstow was lucky to survive the penultimate delivery when he and Hales took a ludicrous single to Kyle Hope at point. A direct hit at either end would have brought a wicket; Hope went for the striker’s end and missed.

12.15pm BST

Stuart Broad is part of the Sky team today. We already know his cricket brain is Mensa-level; early impressions are that he is very good at articulating his insights.

12.06pm BST

England are unchanged, West Indies are changed: Devendra Bishoo and Chris Gayle are replaced by Kyle Hope and Miguel Cummins. Gayle, 38 years cold today, has a hamstring injury.

England Bairstow, Hales, Root, Morgan (c), Stokes, Buttler (wk), Moeen, Willey, Woakes, Rashid, Plunkett.

12.02pm BST

That’s a straightforward decision given the weather forecast, even though the pitch looks a belter. Eoin Morgan says England would have done bowled as well.

11.59am BST

The weather forecast has improved in the last few hours, so there’s every chance we’ll start on time. The toss is imminent. Meantime, Australia have scrapped their way back into the game against India in Kolkata.

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10.36am BST

England are a damn fine one-day team. Since the last World Cup they have the best win percentage (66) and run rate (6.23 per over) of any team in the world, and they’ve won 14 of their last 17 matches at home. They would be healthy favourites for the 2019 World Cup, to be staged in England, were it not for that confusing bloody defeat to Pakistan in the semi-final of the Champions Trophy.

We should try to ignore that match. The final at Lord’s four days later confirmed that it dosen’t matter whether you’re the hosts, the holders or the best team in the world. When the force is with Pakistan, it’s no longer your film. It’s not easy for England to forget that defeat, however. It’s there all the time,sat in the corner, smugly telling us that next time, there’ll be no next time.

Continue reading…

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Sep 21

Sussex: Michael Burgess, Delray Rawlins, Abi Sakande and Stu Whttingham pen deals

Sussex wicketkeeper Michael Burgess is one of four players to sign new contracts with the Division Two side.

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Sep 21

County cricket: Finn takes 8-79 in Middlesex win, Surrey v Somerset – as it happened

6.51pm BST

Right, time to sign off. Thank you for your company and great to see so many of you earlier. Here’s the scores on the doors.

Division One:

6.41pm BST

And stumps at Headingley! Yorkshire lose Brathwaite last ball of the day and are

6.17pm BST

Stumps at the Ageas! Essex five down, 69 ahead.

5.56pm BST

Durham need 264 to beat Sussex!

5.53pm BST

Well bowled!

That is a beauty, @CameronSteel2 #DURvSUS

5.52pm BST

Lawrence gone! Porter in as mightwatchman… five overs left tonight.

5.47pm BST

100 for Dan Lawrence! What a guy. Essex 243 for four, leading by 65. That’s his third of the season.

5.36pm BST

Yorkshire two down! Lees gone! Caught behind off Jeets…

5.30pm BST

WICKET: @EdwardsFidel makes the early breakthrough! Bopara (57) is lured into an edge & @vincey14 takes the grab – @EssexCricket 228-4. &

5.26pm BST

Wicket at the Ageas! Ravi gone to Fidel. Essex 50 in front with six wickets in hand.

5.24pm BST

Somerset trail by 51 runs with six second innings wickets in hand.

5.23pm BST

And we are officially off for the day here at the Oval!

5.21pm BST

So they are back on at the Ageas!

5.15pm BST

Yorkshire are one down! Lyth gone, to Ryan Sidebottom! 17 for one. 158 more required.

5.03pm BST

And Yorkshire are 11 for none and need 164 more to beat Warwickshire.

5.02pm BST

Inspection at 5pm at the Ageas.

5.02pm BST

I’m back! It’s raining here and I see no prospect of play…

4.23pm BST

Right, I am going to hotfoot it across town in the hope that there’s some cricket to watch. Play nicely in my absence. Warwickshire are building an interesting little target, aren’t they?

4.17pm BST

Play abandoned for the day at Northampton. On the final day, Northants need seven wickets, Notts need 207 runs.

4.09pm BST

Warwickshire are eight down, 157 ahead, with Patel in. He’s their best hope…

4.08pm BST

Here’s a picture from earlier.

The @guardian_sport #CClive! crew see @Middlesex_CCC beat @LancsCCC @HomeOfCricket @willis_macp @PaulFrame85

4.08pm BST

At the Oval, they are off for bad light. Somerset four down, still 51 behind.

4.07pm BST

So, confirmation that Haseeb Hameed has a broken finger on his right hand.

3.12pm BST

Middlesex, meanwhile, are third… Here’s the tables.

3.11pm BST

The good news just keeps coming for Middlesex! Batty bowls Byrom, and Somerset are 98 for four, still 66 behind!

3.10pm BST

Well, that was a very special game of cricket indeed. Magic from Finn, carrying the weight of Roland-Jones’s absence. Middlesex only really looked like winning when he was bowling.

They are off to Taunton next week, and it looks a real biggie…

3.04pm BST

Parkinson nicks Finn to first slip and, after the umpires discuss, he’s given! Finn takes a whopping 8 for 79! Middlesex win by 36 runs and takes 20 points…

3.00pm BST

Hameed and Parkinson, of course, are best mates from school.

3.00pm BST

37 to win. One from Malan’s over, to Parky. 184 for nine.

2.59pm BST

A word for a very special celebration from Rayner. Being mobbed his team-mates, he jinked through all of them. Magic.

2.57pm BST

Hameed survives his first four balls. Hand comes off the bat as soon as he hits one. Still Malan this end. 38 to win, Parky on strike.

2.56pm BST

Not sounding good at Wantage Road…

Will do you have a boat for me and @LadyForestPink to get home from Trent Bridge?

2.55pm BST

Oh my goodness what a grab! McLaren has tried to guide Finn over the slips. Rayner, at second, dives to his left, and sticks up his huge right paw to take a brilliant catch! Finn has seven, Lancs need 38 and Hameed is in!

2.48pm BST

Haseeb Hameed is in the changing room, padded up. Maybe it’s two wickets required for Middlesex, then.

2.47pm BST

Finn just bounced Parkinson and it’s not that fair. 41 to win.

2.45pm BST

Somerset are three down, still 90 behind. Meaker, a man who makes things happen, gets Hildreth lbw.

2.44pm BST

Steven Finn is back. He has six for 77. Lancashire need 42. McLaren, on 35, on strike.

2.44pm BST

Warwickshire have a lead of 100, five down…

2.40pm BST

Shot! Murtagh drifts on to McLaren’s pads and he’s flicked for four… 42 to win…

2.35pm BST

Matt Parkinson has a career best, 10…

2.33pm BST

UPDATE | An early tea will be taken at 2:40pm at Wantage Road due to rain. Further updates will be made as soon as we know more #NORvNOT

2.30pm BST

Somerset 58 for two! Meaker gets Bartlett…

2.27pm BST

Dawid Malan coming on to bowl…

2.27pm BST

They are back on at Headingley and Lamb is gone. Warwickshire effectively 88 for five…

2.25pm BST

Tense at Lord’s. Murtagh and Harris just probing away, Lancashire going nowhere fast.

2.10pm BST

This is Steven Finn’s first first-class since 2015!

2.07pm BST

Proper catch.

SIX FOR FINN: @finnysteve gets his sixth wicket of the innings as Jarvis edges one to @acvoges

2.01pm BST

Wicket! Middlesex are nearly there and that is an awesome catch! With third man in, Jarvis has tried to ramp Finn, and been caught brilliantly by Voges, diving at first slip! Parkinson coming out, 63 required.

1.56pm BST

Really is a shambles at Chesterfield. And, after a great performance to win at Hove last week, a huge embarrassment for Derbyshire CCC. Hard to avoid the conclusion that they care more about staging concerts than cricket.

1.55pm BST

This man finds batting against Durham very easy. Has about 500 runs against them this year.

@luke_wells07 is enjoying this captaincy lark! ️#GOSBTS #SussexFamily

1.54pm BST

Wicket! Harris strikes in his first over back and Middlesex – we reckon – are two wickets away! Bailey, with that horrible side-on technique, is gone lbw. Could have been going down? Who knows, when you’re hopping round the crease like that. 157 for seven, 64 required.

1.50pm BST

Now raining in Northampton, a most-frustrating afternoon so far… #bbccricket

1.46pm BST

No, waiting for official word. But think it’s very unlikely, unless in an absolutely desperate emergency.

@willis_macp Any news on whether Haseeb Hameed will bat for Lancs?

1.44pm BST

Rain at Headingley…

Play stopped due to rain. @WarwickshireCCC 148-4 in the 55th over, a lead of 71.

1.42pm BST

It’s not a great shot, but Clark had been playing his shots so don’t blame him.

FINN GETS CLARK: @finnysteve completes his fifer as Clark nicks it through to @JohnSimpson_88

1.38pm BST

Wicket! A big one, and five for Finn! Clark follows one which drifts away outside off, and Simpson takes a fine catch diving low to his right! 150 for six, 71 required.

1.35pm BST

@willis_macp In answer to Geoff Wignall I never saw Barry Richards bat apart from a few Sunday League knocks on TV so can’t include him.

1.32pm BST

They are off for bad light at Wantage Road. Notts need 207, Northants need seven wickets.

1.30pm BST

75 to win…

1.23pm BST

Not sounding much like Hameed will bat again, it has to be said.

1.23pm BST

Geoff Wignall writes:

Surely anyone whose cricketing lifetime includes one Richards also includes another? True, Barry hadn’t the proving ground of Test Cricket, but it’s very difficult to think of him as a lesser batsman.

I agree absolutely about Sanga though. It always seemed astonishing that it took the punditocracy so long to recognised his worth.

1.22pm BST

Warwickshire four down! Patterson gets Trott. The lead is just 61.

1.20pm BST

That is just an excellent catch.

Sam Curran to complete his over after this gem dismissed Trescothick to bring up the lunch interval #SURvSOM

1.15pm BST

On the way back out at Lord’s…

12.56pm BST

Sanga the best batsman I’ve seen live.

@willis_macp In my cricket watching lifetime probably only Richards would be above Sangakkara in my list of top batsmen. Absolute genius.

12.56pm BST

They certainly could.

@willis_macp Surrey and Lancashire could do Yorkshire a real solid here…

12.47pm BST

So that’s bad news for Somerset, losing a wicket on the stroke of lunch. And Tres, too. Apparently a super catch at third slip off Scurran.

12.44pm BST

Here’s where we are.

Division One:

12.41pm BST

And there’s lunch. Lancashire need 86 to win.

12.39pm BST

Somerset are 5 for none in their second innings after bowling Surrey out for 433. Trego ended up with five.

12.38pm BST

Well I’ve just been down to the Compton for a chinwag with the assembled BTLers. Lovely to see so many there.

For some reason, not sure what that reason is, we are charging on here after the scheduled lunch break. Vilas was caught behind pulling, Finn’s fourth wicket. So Lancs are 134 for five, needing 87 to win.

11.59am BST

Durham all out for 385! A lead of 39.

11.56am BST

So Sangakkara has 1,407 runs at 117.25 in 13 innings across nine matches this summer. Eight tons, four of them more than 150.

11.54am BST

OUT! Sangakkara falls for a wonderful 157, caught on the boundary off Tom Abell. Surrey 416/7#SURvSOM

11.53am BST

Sangakkara is out! He made 157. What a magnificent human he is. He’s out to Abell, which feels a bit strange. 416 for seven are Surrey as Batty joins Clarke with a lead of 147.

11.50am BST

Just had another all-run four here, which is magnificent news. Lancs 89 for four.

11.49am BST

Hameed’s blow was to the right hand, we think. The one he hurt in India was his left.

11.48am BST

Bell gone, caught behind off Patterson! Warwickshire lead by 32 – enough? – and are three down.

11.47am BST

Rayner on, and Vilas getting after him. 10 from the over…

11.46am BST

Off for rain at the Ageas…

11.45am BST

Luke Wood gone! Notts 91 for three, and Buck with the wicket. Pujara in, on a pair.

11.44am BST

LATEST// Good news from Cardiff, where after an early lunch play will start at 12.40pm with @Gloscricket still trailing by 281 runs #GLAvGLO

11.39am BST

Hampshire have the new ball, with Essex 40 ahead.

11.38am BST

No he’s not, he’s retiring hurt. Hameed made 23. Lancs now effectively 75 for five…

11.36am BST

They really are taking a while to fix Hameed up here. Looks like he’s carrying on.

11.34am BST

150 for Sanga! Hero. Surrey 397 for six. That’s his fourth 150+ score of the season.

11.31am BST

Hameed appears to be getting a bit of treatment for a blow to the right hand from Jimmy Harris… He has 23 (one added this morning) and Lancs are 75 for four.

11.28am BST

Good start to the day for Notts… 82 for two, with Luke Wood, the nightwatchman, still at the crease. 232 to win with Che and Samit to come.

11.24am BST

Sanga is still there, obvs. Surrey lead by 113 and he has 147.

11.19am BST

Warwickshire two down! Banks gone, to Brooks for 29. They lead by nine. Trott and Bell together.

11.18am BST

They are on at the Ageas, by the looks of things. Essex three down for 30, basically.

11.16am BST

The Durham captain, Paul Collingwood, will coach the North team in the second edition of the ECB’s North-South series, which will move for 2018 from the UAE to Barbados. The England batting coach, Mark Ramprakash, will coach the South, who won the inaugural series 3-0.

The first two games of the series will take place at the Kensington Oval on 18 and 21 March, with the third at the Three Ws Oval on 23 March. The champion county match between the MCC and Essex will also move from Abu Dhabi to Barbados, and be played on 27-30 March. It will be a day-night match played with pink balls. England Lions are playing “Test” and 50-over matches in Barbados and Antigua in February and March.

11.06am BST

Scores level at Headingley! Warwickshire one down.

11.03am BST

Four down! Murtagh ruins Finn’s ten-fer! Chanderpaul pinned in front. It doesn’t look quite right to me, but he’s gawwwwn. 53 for four, and Lancashire have lost three for 13 this morning.

10.58am BST

Lend a bloke a hand!

3rd day no play…. any ideas what to do around chesterfield please?

10.56am BST

So Chanderpaul is in. With Hameed.

10.54am BST

Wicket! A dribbler from Finn traps Croft in front and Lancashire are 52 for three!

10.52am BST

There’s the first wicket of the day. Not great from Livingstone, but a lovely nut.

FINN STRIKES: @finnysteve bowls Livingstone to get our first wicket of the day ☝️

10.45am BST

Wicket! Two down, and in emphatic style! Finn jags one back, Livi has a heave, and he’s bowled him! 48 for two!

10.41am BST

Ah ha! I’ll pop downstairs at some stage in the morning session. I trust Busfield will be wearing a natty shirt so I can spot you all.

Good morning from @HomeOfCricket for relegation battle @Middlesex_CCC v @LancsCCC @willis_macp & @guardian_sport #CCLive! day out

10.37am BST

A rain delay at Cardiff too.

10.29am BST

Two huge play and misses outside off in the first three balls of the day from Livi…

10.28am BST

Starting on time at Headingley, which is good. But not at the Ageas, because of bad light. I’m convinced Essex won’t lose that game.

10.28am BST

Finn to get us going to Livingstone then, with three slips and two men on the hook.

10.25am BST

These are my favourite sort of days: when you know there’s going to be an outcome. Five minute bell just rang: Middlesex need to be much better today than they were yesterday.

By tea I expect to be at the Oval for the final session there.

10.16am BST

About 15 minutes away from play here at Lord’s, then. Lancashire need 175, Middlesex need nine wickets.

10.14am BST

Nice trip to Barbados!

@Colly622 has been appointed coach of the ‘North’ for next year’s North vs South series


10.13am BST

Morning Stuie! Lots more batting to do on flat one for the Glosters…

@willis_macp morning will cmon glosters keep batting!

Derbyshire v kent shocking that it is played at a ground with poor drainage

10.11am BST

More dampness at Chesterfield; 12.30 inspection there for the third successive day. They might as well call the match off now.

8.52am BST

Good morning! Happy Thursday, and welcome to a defining day of county cricket – live! I’m Will Macpherson, and I’m at Lord’s, ready and raring to guide you through the day’s play here and all over the land. This game might not go the distance today, so I’m likely to hotfoot it across town to the Oval to see how things go down there. Hope Sanga is still batting, not least because he would have about 300 by then.

There will be a result at Lord’s today. Middlesex best not be on the wrong end of it. They need nine wickets. Lancashire need 175 runs. Middlesex have the pitch on their side but are without Toby Roland-Jones and bowled abysmally last night. Must do better.

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Sep 20

Andrew Strauss says Ian Botham ‘100% wrong’ over England selection panel

• Director of cricket defends ‘outstanding’ Mick Newell and Angus Fraser
• Durham chairman said selectors from counties create conflict of interest

Andrew Strauss has defended the make-up of his England selection panel and said Sir Ian Botham is “100% wrong” if he thinks the two county directors on the panel use their positions to help sign players.

Botham, the Durham chairman, questioned whether there was a conflict of interest after the all-rounder Paul Coughlin joined Nottinghamshire through a £20,000 buyout clause in his contract – a move that means he will play under Mick Newell, who both heads cricket operations at Trent Bridge and sits on the England panel.

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Sep 20

Bailey stars again as Lancs chase 221 at Lord’s

Lancashire seamer Tom Bailey claims match-figures of 10-98, leaving the Red Rose county a target of 221 to beat Middlesex.

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Sep 20

Durham v Sussex: Graham Clark gives hosts edge after day two

Graham Clark’s unbeaten 73 ensures Durham close just 25 runs behind Sussex on day two at Chester-le-Street.

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Sep 20

Masterful Sangakkara hits eighth ton of season for Surrey

Kumar Sangakkara continues his remarkable form with an eighth County Championship of the season for Surrey against relegation rivals Somerset.

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Sep 20

Howell leads Glos reply to Carlson’s marathon

Gloucestershire’s Benny Howell hits 96 in their total of 161-1 in reply to Glamorgan’s 442, Kiran Carlson ending on 191.

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Sep 20

Kleinveldt takes 9-65 for promotion-chasing Northants

Northants all-rounder Rory Kleinveldt takes a career-best 9-65 to set up a good chance of victory against Nottinghamshire.

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