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Feb 21

Sports are cut adrift in the drive for British Olympic medals | Sean Ingle

With the funding body coming under increasing financial pressure, sports failing its podium test are being made to pay a heavier price

When Gail Emms was asked about UK Sport’s decision to reject the desperate pleas of seven sports, including GB Badminton, to be funded for the Tokyo Olympics, she was poetic in her response. “It’s like someone just taking your heart, your emotions, your dreams and basically tearing them up,” said Emms, a badminton silver medallist at the 2004 Olympics, with a sigh.

But UK Sport has a tin ear for poetry. Its language is cold, hard, medal-economics. Once it had decided in December that badminton – along with archery, fencing, goal ball, table tennis, weightlifting and wheelchair rugby – had little chance of winning any medals in 2020, any representations to the contrary were always likely to fall on deaf ears.

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Feb 04

The Agenda: Badminton puts funding case and England seek netball upset

Women’s FA Cup reaches third round with Doncaster hosting Watford, Johanna Konta plays Fed Cup and England cross Severn to play Wales in Six Nations

Monday is a big day for the sport of badminton. Badminton England will put forward its case at a UK Sport appeal hearing into what it called the “staggering and incomprehensible” decision to strip the sport of its funding for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic cycle. Marcus Ellis, who won bronze with Chris Langridge at Rio 2016 to secure Britain’s first men’s doubles medal in badminton, said the funding cut would give young players “no chance at all” of making a career in the sport.

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Dec 16

Sport England boosts weightlifting, badminton, archery and wheelchair rugby

• Additional investment for four sports that lost Tokyo 2020 Olympic funding
• It comes as part of £88m package for grassroots sport

Sport England is planning to soften the blow for four sports that had their elite funding axed last week by providing additional investment to help them bring young talent through.

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Dec 09

UK Sport funding axe ‘catastrophic’ for badminton, says chief executive

• Adrian Christy ‘staggered’ by ‘incomprehensible’ decision
• Cycling takes £4.3m cut as UK Sport wields the knife

The chief executive of GB Badminton has described UK Sport’s decision to axe its funding for the next Olympic cycle as “catastrophic”, with four other sports also set to lose all their exchequer and Lottery funding before the Tokyo Olympics.

Archery, badminton, fencing, weightlifting and wheelchair rugby saw their funding wiped out, while British Cycling’s bumpy year off the track worsened as it suffered a £4.3m cut. UK Sport warned “further conditions” could be applied to that money if the independent review into cycling’s culture, which is expected next month, was critical.

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Aug 02

From the streets to the Games: Brazilian Olympians’ extraordinary stories

Badminton star Lohaynny Vicente, boxer Robson Conceição and Greco-Roman wrestler Davi Albino are symbols of the upward trajectory that many Brazilians have aspired to, particularly over the past decade

The daughter of a slain gang leader, a former homeless child and a boxer who had to run 10km to and from the gym because he did not have enough money for the bus fare.

Brazil’s Olympic team – the biggest and most diverse in the country’s history – includes competitors with extraordinary life stories as well as remarkable sporting performances.

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