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Oct 17

With Chris Paul joining James Harden, Rockets believe they’ve ‘closed the gap’ on Warriors

OAKLAND, Calif. — When the Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship in June, the Houston Rockets’ Daryl Morey was the first general manager to proclaim publicly that his team wasn’t ceding this season as a comfortable victory lap to a second straight crown for the league’s dominant

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Oct 17

Will the Nationals have to overhaul their bench?

General Manager Mike Rizzo prioritized the makeup of the Nationals’ bench in 2017 more than he had in any prior season, a prescient move considering he had to rely on non-regulars repeatedly when injuries dinged his starters. He prioritized a veteran and experienced bench. He traded for Howie Kendrick

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Oct 17

NFL Power Rankings — Week 6: The Eagles are No. 1. They’ve earned it

Each week, national NFL writer Mark Maske will provide his ranking of the league’s 32 teams. This week, the Eagles, winners of four straight and alone atop the NFC East at 5-1, make a richly deserved jump to the top of the class. Things grow slightly more uncertain after that, with the Patriots bouncing

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Oct 17

NBA Podcast: Central Division Preview

CLEVELAND — The NBA lucked into one of the most anticipated games of the season being the very first game of the 2017-18 campaign when Kyrie Irving was traded from Cleveland to the Boston Celtics earlier this summer. So, ahead of Tuesday night’s clash between the top two teams in the Eastern Conference

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Oct 16

Analysis | Is Kyrie Irving just a sidekick? Is DeMarcus Cousins not a winner? Five players with labels to shed.

For five players, this season marks a chance for them to do just that, with each entering a pivotal moment in their career. Why he got stuck with the label: Through his first three seasons in the NBA, Irving had no success on his own. Yes, he was MVP o…

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Oct 16

Russell Westbrook’s Thunder was a one-man band. Now he’s conducting an all-star ensemble.

OKLAHOMA CITY — Last season, the Thunder resembled a traveling one-man show. Russell Westbrook’s solo act captivated the NBA world as he became the first player since 1962 to average a triple-double for a season. For his efforts, he won the league’s most valuable player award. What Westbrook&

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Oct 16

Finding a favorite in the unpredictable NFC is anyone’s guess

Some NFC team is going to play in the Super Bowl this season. It says so right there in the NFL rules, and anyway, it would be weird if the AFC champion showed up in February and there wasn’t an opponent. But which team? The answer is no clearer six weeks into the season than it was in the middle

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Oct 16

Is Kyrie Irving just a sidekick? Is DeMarcus Cousins not a winner? Five players with labels to shed.

For five players, this season marks a chance for them to do just that, with each entering a pivotal moment in their career. Why he got stuck with the label: Through his first three seasons in the NBA, Irving had no success on his own. Yes, he was MVP o…

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Oct 16

NBA Podcast: Southwest Division Preview

After being considered the NBA’s most competitive division for much of the past decade, things are beginning to change in the Southwest Division. Yes, the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs remain among the NBA’s elite, and are hoping to challenge the Golden State Warriors atop the Western

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Oct 15

Philadelphia 76ers fans trusted the process. They’re naive to think they’ve got a winner.

So, what are we to make of The Process, the Philadelphia 76ers’ analytically correct, anatomically challenged Frankensteinian attempt to conquer the NBA for years to come? The Process, in which the 76ers have been intentionally bad for several seasons in order to obtain high picks in the NBA draft

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Oct 15

Panthers’ Luke Kuechly remains in concussion protocol, despite earlier reports

Conflicting reports about the status of Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly show just how difficult a subject concussions remain in the NFL. For Kuechly, the issue of concussions is especially important because of his history, so it was arresting…

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Oct 15

The five biggest questions facing the Nationals this offseason

The dust has had a day to settle, though the Nationals will have to wait 12 months to brush it aside, since what happened to their franchise Thursday night will linger over them with the rest of the October memories until they can somehow toss them int…

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Oct 15

Dodgers-Cubs Game 1 leaves everyone discussing home plate collision rule and … the Chicago soda tax?

LOS ANGELES – Let’s be clear about this: Whether Charlie Culberson scored on Justin Turner’s single to left field Saturday night in the first game of the National League Championship Series was immaterial. The Los Angeles Dodgers were going to win either way, and essentially the ruling – and

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Oct 15

Analysis | Inside the Astros’ crazy gamble and the Yankees’ ugly misplay that decided Game 2 of the ALCS

HOUSTON — If your eyes told you, in the full-speed real-time of the moment, that the Houston Astros were crazy for sending Jose Altuve home on the pivotal play in the bottom of the ninth inning of Game 2 of the American League Championship Series on Saturday, you don’t even know the half of it. Watch

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Oct 14

Wizards waive guard Donald Sloan; Carrick Felix likely to make final roster

On Saturday morning, the Washington Wizards waived point guard Donald Sloan and the team is likely to retain wing Carrick Felix, according to several sources familiar with the move. The Wizards’ roster now stands at the maximum of 17 players (15 on the NBA team and a pair of two-way contract players

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Oct 14

Five story lines to follow in Sunday’s Redskins-49ers matchup

Fresh off their bye week, the Washington Redskins (2-2) try to improve on their .500 record when they host the San Francisco 49ers (0-5) Sunday at FedEx Field. Though their starters are rested, the Redskins will likely be short-handed at a few key posi…

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