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NHL, Chicago Blackhawks great Stan Mikita dies at 78 years old

One of the NHL’s smallest players and biggest scorers, Blackhawks legend Stan Mikita died at 78 years old on Tuesday.

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Puck Daddy Countdown: No guarantees for Henrik Zetterberg

Have we seen Detroit Red Wings star Henrik Zetterberg play his last game (in the NHL at least) to literally no fanfare?

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Where to the Jets and Trouba go from here?

Many seem to think that the one-year, $5.5M contract is a precursor to the defender bolting town at the earliest opportunity.

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Wild will cost a ton, but will they be any good?

The Minnesota Wild seem to be at something of a crossroads, but none of the paths look particularly appealing.

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Trending Topics: What should Columbus do with Artemi Panarin?

Even in the middle of summer’s dead period the Columbus Blue Jackets are providing some drama.

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What about an NHL Summer League?

The NBA summer league is an unexpectedly popular version of the classic NHL tradition of 30 different teams having their own rookie/prospect orientation camps.

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Could Senators, Canadiens help each other?

Exchanging captains Erik Karlsson and Max Pacioretty potentially might solve each team’s biggest problem.

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Is Calgary ready to break up its 3M line?

The Calgary Flames significantly upgraded their forward group this offseason, which may cause them to break up their exceptional second line.

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What We Learned: The Marc-Andre Fleury contract is inexplicable

For one thing, the Golden Knights signed Fleury a year early, and coming off a career-best season in which he dragged an otherwise not-great team to a Cup Final. As a general rule, you don’t want to pay guys who get bad teams to places no one thought …

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Why NHL teams pay big money for a good goalie

Connor Hellebuyck’s six-year, $37 million deal with the Jets is risky in the sense that all goalie contracts are risky, but if you have the right guy, you have to keep him.

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Puck Daddy Countdown: Isles’ depressing state

It’s bad enough John Tavares is gone, but then New York gives Ross Johnston a four-year deal at $1M per season. What are the Islanders thinking?

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What We Learned: The NHL’s other looming free agent apocalypse

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ salary cap situation has entered the spotlight, but the Winnipeg Jets could be in trouble soon.

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Mailbag: The fallout from free agency

Teams are circling the Senators in hopes of landing Erik Karlsson, Islanders fans are hurting over losing John Tavares and you have plenty of other questions.

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Puck Daddy Countdown: John Tortorella gets his feud on

John Totorella knows how to stir the pot, and he’s making a new enemy in the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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What is the Kings’ plan going forward?

You can’t blame the Kings for wanting to be competitive, but this team isn’t going to get better anytime soon.

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Mailbag: Their Cup would be full with Tavares

John Tavares has many suitors in free agency, but he would help some more than others.

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