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Nov 23

Mailbag: Why does NHL take holiday off?

There’s no hockey on Thanksgiving, but there’s still plenty to discuss around the dinner table.

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Nov 22

There’s no easy fix for what ails the Oilers

The Edmonton Oiler have already dug a hole for themselves this season and there’s no ladder in sight.

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Nov 22

Puck Daddy Countdown: Norris race already controversial

The hockey media’s obsession with keeping the Norris Trophy away from Erik Karlsson at all costs and much more in this week’s Puck Countdown.

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Nov 21

We are seeing the best Gaudreau right now

Johnny Gaudreau is in the midst of an unprecedented hot streak and opponents of the Calgary Flames should be very scared.

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Nov 21

NHL made proper call disallowing Matthews’ game-tying tally

Breaking down the League’s (correct) decision to disallow Auston Matthews’ third period, game-tying goal against the Arizona Coyotes on Monday.

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Nov 20

McDavid somehow taking blame in Edmonton

You know things have gone off the rails when the local media is putting heat on Connor McDavid, the best player in the world.

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Nov 19

Kadri’s improvement has helped Leafs thrive

Toronto center Nazem Kadri has set a high bar for himself under Mike Babcock, and that’s helped the team raise its own bar.

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Nov 18

Best and Worst of the Week: Bobrovsky, hat tricks and the craziest rumor yet

Between Sergei Bobrovsky’s acrobatics and all the hat tricks, it was a good week for hockey fans.

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Nov 17

What’s wrong with the Penguins?

Pittsburgh isn’t looking like a two-time defending Stanley Cup champion right now.

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Nov 16

Mailbag: Is this Henrik Lundqvist’s last shot?

Should N.Y. trade its longtime goalie to give him a better chance at winning a Stanley Cup?

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Nov 16

A homeless artist is immortalizing Jets legends

Jamie Hogaboam landed the honor of creating portraits of Winnipeg’s inaugural Hall of Fame class after he wrote an impactful letter about mental health.

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Nov 15

Hot topics around NHL include surging Flames

Calgary looked unimpressive out of the gate, but has shown its true colors recently.

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Nov 15

Sid ends scoring slump, helps Penguins win

Sidney Crosby took the occasion of playing against one of the league’s more putrid clubs as a chance to find his scoring touch again on Tuesday.

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Nov 14

Canadiens, Senators unveil NHL 100 Classic sweaters

The Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators unveiled their sweaters for the NHL 100 Classic at Lansdowne Park.

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Nov 12

What We Learned: Why scoring is up this year

Puck Daddy takes a look at the numbers to explain why scoring is up in the NHL this season.

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Nov 12

Pacioretty sets Habs record with 10th OT goal

Max Pacioretty broke the Canadiens franchise record for overtime tallies with his 10th career OT game-winner on Saturday against Buffalo.

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