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Nov 29

Rusney Castillo doesn’t have a path to the majors…for now

Among the lower-priority holes currently residing on the Red Sox roster is the lack of a fourth outfielder. It’s not a huge issue for Boston right now for a couple of reasons. For one thing, the starting outfield as currently constructed is one of the best and most exciting in all of baseball. With

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Nov 28

The Red Sox have a unique opportunity to boost their farm system this winter

Contrary to the belief of some, the Red Sox are in a strong position for both the present-day and the future. It’s true that their farm system no longer ranks among the best in all of baseball, but that’s because they’ve graduated a tremendous amount of talent in recent years. Guys like Mookie

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Nov 12

Red Sox trade talks for Giancarlo Stanton reportedly “may be heating up”

Let the Winter of Giancarlo officially begin. Giancarlo Stanton is not just one of the best power hitters — really, best hitters — in the game, but he’s also one of the biggest starts and most familiar faces. Hitting 500 foot dingers on the regular will do that. As such, his being on the trade block

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Nov 10

Daily Red Sox Links: David Price, Eduardo Nunez, Bryce Brentz

Let’s look at the season David Price had. (Cam Ellis; BP Boston) And we might as well review Eduardo Nunez’s campaign while we’re at it. (Chris Teeter; BP Boston) What does the Red Sox’s 2018 payroll look like right now? (MassLive) Tim Hyers is the new hitting coach and he will be tasked

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Nov 10

The 2017-2018 offseason relief pitching market

Although most of the focus for the Red Sox this winter should and will be on the lineup, you can expect them to at least consider making a move or multiple moves to add to the bullpen. In theory, they could be all set here, but that would require all o…

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Nov 09

Red Sox name Dana LeVangie as their new pitching coach

Not too long after hiring Alex Cora, the Red Sox got to work filling out other spots on the coaching staff. They hired Ron Roenicke as bench coach, Tom Goodwin as third base coach, Carlos Febles as first base coach, Tim Hyers as hitting coach and Andy …

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Nov 09

The 2017-2018 offseason starting pitching market

Most of the focus for the Red Sox heading into this offseason has, understandably, been around the lineup. Boston’s offense was dreadful for large stretches of the 2017 season, and while some of the bounce-back will have to come from returning players, they certainly need a big bat or two this winter

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Nov 08

Mookie Betts is lone Red Sox Gold Glove winner

MLB and Rawlings announced their Gold Glove winners on Tuesday night, kicking off an awards season that will run into next week. We all know that this particular award doesn’t mean much and that we still aren’t nearly good enough at judging defense for Gold Gloves to be taken as gospel. That

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Nov 07

Alex Cora tells us what we want to hear

I am happy the Red Sox hired Alex Cora to be their next manager. He ticks off every box you’d want for a “contemporary” manager, as Dave Dombrowski called him during Monday’s press conference and, as Tim Britton wrote for the Projo, his return to Boston is more or less a homecoming. “The picture

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Nov 07

The 2017-2018 offseason infield market

On Monday, we kicked off our look at the offseason market by checking in on the catchers who will be available. Admittedly, the Red Sox don’t really appear to need much help behind the plate. Today, though, we’re going to look at the infield market, and this is where we could see the Red Sox

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Nov 06

The 2017-2018 offseason catching market

Free agency is officially kicking off today, and with that we should probably look at all of the players who are available on the open market. We’ll start with catcher, because why not? It’s not clear whether or not the Red Sox are going to look for help behind the plate, but I think it’s

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Nov 06

Daily Red Sox Links: Alex Cora, Tony La Russa, David Ortiz

With Alex Cora set to be formally introduced to the fans and media on Monday, Evan Drellich writes that this is a chance for the manager to set a tone. (Evan Drellich; NBC Sports Boston) Speaking of Cora, the new manager got some valuable experience fr…

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Nov 05

Red Sox hire Tim Hyers as new hitting coach

Prior to this weekend, the Red Sox only had to fill the hitting and pitching coach roles on their coaching staff after hiring a bench coach and both base coaches earlier in the week. Whoever was going to come in as hitting and pitching coach was going …

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Nov 05

MLB Roundup 11/5: Masahiro Tanaka is staying in New York

Before free agency really gets underway, teams and players have to decide whether or not they want to utilize the options they have available in some contracts. Most of these decisions end up being no-brainers, but every year there are a few interestin…

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Nov 03

Daily Red Sox Links: David Ortiz and Game Sevens

David Ortiz is getting his own night courtesy of the Springfield Thunderbrids. The 2013 World Series trophy will also be in attendance. (Conor Ryan; MassLive) There was a game seven in the World Series on Wednesday night. The Red Sox are familiar with …

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Nov 03

MLB Roundup 11/3: Shohei Otani may wait and Justin Upton stays put

This, somewhat surprisingly, did not change when the new CBA destroyed the earning power for players like Otani when he introduced a hard cap in the international market. When this rule was implemented, it seemed to make sense that Otani would wait a c…

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