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Feb 22

Dirk Nowitzki on Mavericks sexual harassment allegations: “It’s very disappointing. It’s heartbreaking.”

Dirk Nowitzki is the face of the Dallas Mavericks franchise, the best player in Dallas history, the future Hall of Famer who led them to a title. Nowitzki was not named in the bombshell story detailing sexual harassment in the Mavericks’ workplace, nor…

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Feb 22

LeBron James on 1-16 playoff seeding: ‘Let’s not get too crazy’

What does opposition mean about LeBron’s future with Cavaliers?

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Feb 22

Report: Seattle hosting Kings-Warriors preseason game

Kevin Durant back in Seattle against team that almost moved there

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Feb 22

Report: Kawhi Leonard cleared medically, seeking second opinion

‘Palpable stress’ reportedly around the Spurs

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Feb 22

Report: Dennis Smith Jr. planned to have J. Cole dunk in dunk-contest routine

This would have been something

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Feb 22

Report: Rangers sign Jesse Chavez

The Rangers have reportedly signed pitcher Jesse Chavez.

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Feb 21

Alex Wood to try pitching out of the stretch

Inspired by Stephen Strasburg, Dodgers starter Alex Wood is going to try pitching out of the stretch this season.

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Feb 21

Report: Suns, Mavericks, Pacers may go after Aaron Gordon this summer

Gordon is having the best season of his career.

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Feb 21

Highest-paid rookie in NBA history, Bogdan Bogdanovic proving himself with Kings

Does Sacramento have a building block in Bogdanovic?

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Feb 21

NBA Power Rankings: Looking ahead to the stretch run of season

Not much change in the rankings this week as teams only played a game, two max, due to the All-Star break. If the NBA season were a horse race, the horses would be entering the top of the stretch for the final run, so we’ll look ahead in these rankings…

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Feb 21

Great Moments in Really Dumb Ideas People are Taking Seriously for Some Reason

Managers re-arranging their batting order for the 9th inning is not happening

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Feb 21

Jarome Iginla skates with AHL Providence, still wants to play

“I’d still love to play.”

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Feb 21

Colby Rasmus signs a minor league deal with the Orioles

Rasmus played only 37 games last year after a tough recovery from hip surgery.

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Feb 21

Fight Video: Nicolas Deslauriers lands several good shots on Brandon Manning

The Habs forward signed a two-year extension on Monday.

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Feb 21

Jeff Hornacek on Joakim Noah: “We’ve moved on. He’s ready to move on”

The problem is the Knicks can’t trade him.

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Feb 21

Final episodes of Darrell Wallace Jr.’s Facebook series premiere Thursday

The last two episodes of "Behind the Wall: Bubba Wallace" debut Thursday at noon ET on Facebook Watch.

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