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Dec 14

Wizards new alternate jerseys leaked by NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 leaked new fourth alternated "The City Edition" jerseys for the Wizards . NBC Washington can confirm the jerseys are real.

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Dec 14

Tomas Satoransky continues to play at backup point guard for Wizards even with John Wall back

Even with John Wall back on Wednesday night, Tomas Satoransky remained in the Wizards’ rotation.

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Dec 14

Best moments from Wizards’ win over Grizzlies including John Wall’s amazing block

John Wall returned with a bang and things got chippy between the Wizards and Grizzlies. Here are the best moments.

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Dec 13

Wizards reveal name, logos for new professional NBA 2K18 franchise, Wizards District Gaming

The Washington Wizards’ brand new professional NBA 2K18 team now has a name and logo.

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Dec 13

Robert Griffin III listed the best places for Kirk Cousins to end up, and he left off the Redskins

You knew this was coming, right? RG3 has been at ESPN recently, and when he finally got to talk about Kirk Cousins, he made it count.

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Dec 13

Even without great production, Junior Galette may be a hot commodity this offseason

Teams need pass rush and even though Junior Galette hasn’t been able to get traction in the sacks department he could be in line for a nice contract in the spring.   

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Dec 13

Fantasy Football Week 15 rankings–Looking at the semifinals

Aaron Rodgers or Matt Ryan? Samaje Perine or Gio Bernard? Jack Doyle or Greg Olsen? Those fantasy football playoff questions answered and more in Ben Standig’s first look at the Week 15 rankings.

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Dec 13

Here are the reasons why the Redskins won’t be moving on from Jordan Reed this offseason

Jordan Reed’s 2018 cap number might seem high for a player who is injured as often as he is. But there are obstacles and risks to the Redskins moving on this year.   

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Dec 13

Twitter loses it over Kelly Oubre wearing Supreme sleeve in Brooklyn

Kelly Oubre is the master of high-fashion streetwear. He brought it onto the court in Brooklyn by rocking a Supreme sleeve on his leg. 

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Dec 13

3 reasons the Caps beat the Avalanche

The picked up right where they left off at home with a 5-2 win over the Avalanche. Here is how the Caps were able to put last night’s loss behind them and earn the win.

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Dec 12

If Redskins really are still evaluating Kirk Cousins, Sunday was a bad performance

It’s hard to think one game could sway the opinions of the Redskins front office about their QB. If one game could, however, it could have been Cousins’ performance against the Chargers.

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Dec 12

NBA Rookie of the Year Rankings: Is Simmons still the front-runner?

It’s been a great season for rookies in the NBA and some of those players have taken the league by storm. Who deserves to be the 2017-18 NBA Rookie of the Year?

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Dec 11

Mike Scott a bright spot for Wizards with John Wall out

The Washington Wizards are seeing a boost from their bench with John Wall out, most notably from Mike Scott.

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Dec 11

Redskins fail to be competitive on offense or defense vs. the Chargers

A lackluster performance in Week 14 will make the Redskins’ long trip home feel much, much longer than it already is.

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Dec 10

NBA’s last two minute report agrees with referees on strange Wizards-Clippers ending

Wizards fans will be disappointed in the NBA’s last two minute report for Saturday’s loss against the Clippers.

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Dec 10

Wizards have been the most consistent NBA team at being inconsistent

The Washington Wizards have been the NBA’s most unpredictable team this season by a good margin.

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