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Mar 06

Football mythology past and present | Letters

The person who probably did most to revolutionise the game in the modern era was Arsène Wenger, writes Will Goble. Plus letters from Roger Greatorex and Kevin McmahonNext season, no matches should be played in the Premier League. Instead, at the start …

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Feb 16

How to explain the inflatable penises | Brief letters

Bath holiday lets | 1970s contraception | Mattinata | Dame’s Delight | Birthday listings | Jazz thanksIn Bath it is not just Airbnb that’s a problem (Letters, 15 February). A housing association is renting out former council homes as holiday lets….

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Feb 06

UK Sport looks forward to funding debate | Letters

The organisation tries to allocate its funding as effectively as possible, says its chief executive officer Liz Nicholl. Plus Dennis Ruston praises the writing of former Guardian sports writers Donny Davies, Neville Cardus and John ArlottSean Ingle rai…

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Dec 19

With Geoffrey Boycott at the crease we are winners | Letters

Cricket commentator Boycott has an extraordinary ability to connect with listeners, writes Professor Hugh ChignellAs we view the wreckage of the Ashes series (No escaping the awful truth, Sport, 19 December), can I return to your critique of Geoffrey B…

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Dec 17

Strictly Come Dancing and racial prejudice | Letters

Tim Bale thinks more research is needed before deciding whether ethnicity affects a contestant’s chance of winning, Sue Boulding says some took against Alexandra Burke because they thought she had an unfair head start, while Alex More points to the exp…

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Dec 17

What you can learn by talking to hairdressers | Letters

Cyclists with asthma | Barbershop information | Hygge in the UK | Blind date | PlacenamesAfter reading Marina Hyde’s comments about Team Sky and their tribulations (Opinion, 16 December), I have to say I sympathise with those who find it difficult to d…

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Dec 14

Chris Froome case shows the inconsistencies of doping controls in sport | Letters

If the cyclist were listed as a disabled athlete, he could inhale his salbutamol and win the Tour de France against able-bodied competitors and be a double hero, writes Joe CollierWere Chris Froome (After Froome’s failed drugs test, is this the end for…

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Nov 29

Clockwise captions causing confusion | Brief letters

MPs as private landlords | Dowsing | Coming out | Picture captions | Rodney BewesStephanie Lovett asks why “crippling private rent” is not being addressed by politicians (Letters, 28 November). The answer could lie in reports following the Grenfel…

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Nov 07

There’s more to Knowle West than breeding hard men | Letters

John Byrne says the Bristol council estate was one of the safest, most respectful places he has encountered in 70 yearsYour report (Genge at home with England as Bristol face-off declared ‘a draw’, Sport, 7 November) suggests that promising prop Ellis …

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Oct 31

Golf lover’s difficulty over Ryder Cup tickets | Letters

Once bought, there is no means to return tickets that you are unable to use and there is plenty of time for people to have accidents, fall ill and even die, writes Andy JenkinsonIt is not just the music industry that needs a system allowing ticket hold…

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Oct 26

A tricky centenary for Theresa May to celebrate | Brief letters

First female MP | Plus ça change | Watching indoor swimming | Lessons from letters | Reader’s shameTheresa May said at prime minister’s questions this week that she thinks it is important that we mark the centenary of the election of the first female M…

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Oct 16

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more | Brief letters

Tax avoidance | Andrew Adonis | Tory reshuffles | Wobbly tables | Cricket etiquette | The Today programmeRichard Thaler’s theory has helped “bring forward more than £200m for the government in one year” (Academic who steered Cameron towards healthy ‘nu…

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Jul 19

MP floats an all-party group for swimming | Letters

Labour MP Catherine West on the group she is setting up to campaign for more access to affordable swimming facilities

A new parliament, a new series of all-party groups. I will be forming an all-party group for swimming, which I believe to be the first of its kind. The group will look at access to swimming, the affordability of swimming, and swimming outdoors. So far the response from MPs has been positive, and the group will have its first AGM in September. Not a day goes by without encouragement from doctors to take more exercise, and– unlike weight-bearing exercise like jogging – swimming is a great form of exercise, which – if learned young enough – can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and help keep you fit at the same time. Since the landmark “Swim for a pound” scheme introduced around the time of the Olympics was halted by council cuts, the cost of swimming has shot up again. We will campaign to restore the scheme. We also need more swimming pools to avoid overcrowding and to allow schools to fit swimming into the PE curriculum.
Catherine West MP
Labour, Hornsey & Wood Green

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