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Jul 16

Eagles take W.A. AFL derby, Manly overrun Wests in NRL and more: Australia sportwatch – as it happened

10.31am BST


That’s all from me for this edition of Sunday Sportwatch – I hope you enjoyed following my live commentary on our feature match, the underwhelming derby between Fremantle and West Coast. I’m not sure I’ve seen such a frustrating game in a long time, and imagine Dockers fans in particular will be feeling let down after their team’s inability to hit a target inside 50 in particular. Still, I’m sure I speak for most supporters when I say it’s nice to see Nat Fyfe back to somewhere near his best. The Eagles, meanwhile, were at their intercepting best, and found a way to weather an erratic Fremantle storm. No surprises that their best intercept mark – Shannon Hurn – takes the Glendinning medal for best on ground. That’s five derby wins for the Eagles in a row now as they take the final clash at Domain stadium.

10.15am BST

Good win for the Eagles in the end, their fifth-straight against the Dockers in the W.A. derbies. Fremantle had plenty of opportunities, plenty of the run and patches of high possession, but simply couldn’t find targets inside 50 and turned the ball over far too consistently. The Dockers finished with 57% disposal efficiency as a team, to West Coast’s 70%. Fremantle simply played into the Eagles’ hands, resulting in the high number of intercept marks taken by Eagles defenders, none better than captain Shannon Hurn who had 5 intercept marks and 34 disposals. The only person with more disposals on the ground was his teammate Andrew Gaff, with 35.

No surprises that Shannon Hurn takes away the Ross Glendinning medal – with 3 votes from each of the judges.

10.06am BST

AFL Q4 01:07 remaining Fremantle 5.14 (44) v West Coast 11.8 (74)

Amongst the casualties for Fremantle today is Ross Lyon’s coke.

Just when you thought your day couldn’t get any worse Poor Rossy #AFLFreoEagles pic.twitter.com/vYfdDOkSAP

10.04am BST

AFL Q4 03:23 remaining Fremantle 5.14 (44) v West Coast 11.7 (73)

Another goal to the Eagles through Dom Sheed as Fremantle fans begin to leave Domain Stadium for the last derby at this venue.

10.00am BST

AFL Q4 04:48 remaining Fremantle 5.14 (44) v West Coast 10.7 (67)

That will be the sealer for the Eagles – Josh Kennedy shows the composure Fremantle have lacked all game to pick out Jack Darling just outside the square. I don’t think there’s enough time left for Fremantle – but they’ll rue their many missed opportunities.

9.57am BST

AFL Q4 07:30 remaining Fremantle 5.14 (44) v West Coast 9.7 (61)

I can’t say this enough but the Dockers just can’t hit a target inside 50. They’re playing right into the Eagles’ intercept game.

9.54am BST

AFL Q4 09:18 remaining Fremantle 5.13 (44) v West Coast 9.6 (60)

The Dockers are pushing but excruciatingly (for their fans more than anyone, I’d guess) keep missing targets. That said, they have all the momentum. Is there enough time? The Eagles need some more cool heads like Andrew Gaff – whose composure managed to take a couple of minutes off the clock.

9.50am BST

AFL Q4 12:52 remaining Fremantle 5.13 (44) v West Coast 9.6 (60)

Walters for another -Darcy was free in the goalsquare – all on his own, decided to let it drop and it almost hit the post! Imagine that. If Freo keep hitting their targets this game might be back on.

9.46am BST

AFL Q4 15:00 remaining Fremantle 4.13 (37) v West Coast 9.6 (60)

The Dockers finally get one back through Hayden Ballantyne after just their seventh mark inside 50.

9.43am BST

AFL Q4 18:19 remaining Fremantle 3.13 (31) v West Coast 9.6 (60)

Looks like Stephen Hill has popped a shoulder in a melee with LeCras, that’s bad news for the Dockers who failed to capitalise on another promising push forward inside 50.

9.34am BST

AFL three-quarter-time Fremantle 3.13 (31) v West Coast 9.6 (60)

Walters has GOALED! I can confirm, that is six points to the Dockers. That was the result of a Dom Sheed clanger which gifted the ball to Nat Fyfe.

9.28am BST

AFL Q3 03:03 remaining Fremantle 2.13 (25) v West Coast 8.6 (54)

This is truly an ugly game of football. The ‘FREEEEO’ chant has just gone up, I assume more in hope and irony than anything else.

9.23am BST

AFL Q3 06:46 remaining Fremantle 2.13 (25) v West Coast 7.6 (48)

It must be contagious, because even Josh Kennedy has missed.

#AFLFreoEagles “he can’t miss this” pic.twitter.com/c9sALkZnqU

9.18am BST

AFL Q3 10:15 remaining Fremantle 2.12 (24) v West Coast 7.5 (47)

And again.

This is excruciating #AFLFreoeagles pic.twitter.com/Z4XrgmIOjb

9.15am BST

AFL Q3 12:00 remaining Fremantle 2.11 (23) v West Coast 7.5 (47)

Some great play from the Dockers leads to yet another behind – the Dockers are going at 5% conversion from inside 50s. Wow.

The standard of #AFLFreoEagles is improving at half-time. pic.twitter.com/WfmcQg1L1Y

9.11am BST

AFL Q3 15:14 remaining Fremantle 2.9 (21) v West Coast 7.5 (47)

The Dockers finally manage to hit a target inside 50 thanks to the clean ball use of Fyfe, who finds Cox on the lead. He can’t convert, however.

9.09am BST

AFL Q3 16:40 remaining Fremantle 2.8 (20) v West Coast 7.5 (47)

Very impressive goal to Jeremy McGovern from outside 50 after an intercept mark inside 50. He loves getting forward – and wouldn’t the Crows love to have him alongside his brother Mitch?

9.07am BST

AFL Q3 18:00 remaining Fremantle 2.8 (20) v West Coast 5.5 (35)

The third-quarter starts as the rest of the game has proceeded, with poor ball use from the Dockers and Jack Darling with a shot on goal to make them pay. He misses.

9.04am BST

It’s all over at Barlow Park, with the Cowboys running away with the win 23-10. They had four different try-scorers, with Taumalolo, Feldt, Hess and Granville all crossing over. Taumalolo had 2 line breaks, and also had the most metres run, with 173 in total (Sam Burgess had 152 for the Rabbitohs). Granville also led the way for the Cowboys with 2 line breaks and 29 tackles, while Angus Crichton had 33 tackles for the Rabbitohs. The single point came from a Lachlan Coote field goal in the 78th minute, while Ethan Lowe converted 3/4 conversions.

The win takes the Cowboys to sixth, just behind the Roosters and just above the Dragons with 24 points. Meanwhile, the Dragons languish in 13th in what has been a disappointing season.

8.55am BST

The reigning premiers finally break through for a win against the Blues. Both teams have been hit hard with injuries – the Blues had just the single rotation in the end, with all of Alex Silvagni, Ciaran Byrne and Dylan Buckley on the bench with injuries. As posted earlier, Jake Stringer is also out with a hamstring. In more promising news, Lewis Young played very well in his debut game for the Dogs, leading all others in intercept possessions (8), intercept marks (5) and the most marks for the Dogs (9). The Dogs will also welcome Jason Johannisen’s return to form; he had 23 possessions, 8 contested, and 74% disposal efficiency. Funny what signing your contract extension can do.

For the Blues, Bryce Gibbs continued his hot run of form with 32 disposals, including 10 contested possessions and 8 clearances. Second to him were Sam Docherty (29 disposals, 9 marks and 9 contested possessions) and Sam Kerridge (29 disposals, 12 contested possessions).

8.45am BST

AFL half-time Fremantle 2.8 (20) v West Coast 5.4 (34)

Fremantle butcher another forward 50 entry and lose a good opportunity to score just before half-time. If they can fix up their disposal efficiency they’ll be right in this one.

8.42am BST

AFL Q2 01:45 remaining Fremantle 2.7 (19) v West Coast 5.4 (34)

Finally the Dockers kick truly with a goal to Suban in his milestone match. He still managed to fumble it before it went through. Ferocious tackle from David Mundy set that up.

8.36am BST

AFL Q2 05:36 remaining Fremantle 1.7 (13) v West Coast 5.4 (34)

Thankfully for the Dockers, Drew Petrie misses down the other end and fails to make Fremantle pay.

8.34am BST

AFL Q2 07:00 remaining Fremantle 1.7 (13) v West Coast 5.3 (33)

Would you believe it, Michael Walters hits the post from 10m out on the run. Nyhuis was all on his own just before he gave the assist to Walters, but the ball delivery to him gave the defenders a chance. Fremantle’s disposal efficiency is their biggest enemy.

8.31am BST

AFL Q2 09:05 remaining Fremantle 1.6 (12) v West Coast 5.2 (32)

Finally! Kersten kicks truly for the Dockers after a snap shot around the body. Phew. Dockers fans breathe a sigh of relief.

8.30am BST

AFL Q2 09:50 remaining Fremantle 0.6 (6) v West Coast 5.2 (32)

Stephen Hill misses a very easy shot at goal – he had plenty of time and lacked composure with the finish.

8.28am BST

AFL Q2 11:24 remaining Fremantle 0.4 (4) v West Coast 5.2 (32)

Fremantle have 14% disposal efficiency in their forward half this term. Unbelievably bad.

8.25am BST

AFL Q2 13:00 remaining Fremantle 0.4 (4) v West Coast 5.2 (32)

Things are getting ugly for the Dockers here. They’ve only managed 4 points in a quarter and a half of football.

8.22am BST

AFL Q2 15:26 remaining Fremantle 0.3 (3) v West Coast 5.2 (32)

Lachie Neale gives away a 50m penalty to Matt Priddis after stepping off the line (he also avoided giving Priddis the ball in the first instance, so was lucky not to give it away at first). Still, Priddis can’t capitalise, but the ball is back with Josh Kennedy who was in too much space inside the Eagles’ forward 50. He makes no such mistake.

8.19am BST

AFL Q2 17:41 remaining Fremantle 0.3 (3) v West Coast 4.1 (25)

Fox Footy’s commentators point out that Fyfe is now up to 11/39 contested possessions for his team – the next best is Lachie Neale on 3. Fremantle can’t afford such reliance on one man, as brilliant as he may be.

8.16am BST

AFL three-quarter-time Carlton 6.6 (42) v Western Bulldogs 10.8 (68)

26-point lead to the Bulldogs after a 3 goal to 2 quarter. Bontempelli, Wallis and McLean scored for the Dogs, while it was Wright and Graham for the Blues.

8.11am BST

NRL half-time South Sydney Rabbitohs 6-16 North Queensland Cowboys

Quarter-time in our feature match, and it’s half-time in the NRL. Here’s the most recent try to Coen Hess. Looks like the Rabbitohs might live to rue selling their home game to the state of their opponents…

Granville starts it. Hess finishes it!#NRLSouthsCowboys 6-16 after 34 minutes.#NRL pic.twitter.com/2DTmJ40Q8i

8.09am BST

AFL Q1 00:22 remaining Fremantle 0.3 (3) v West Coast 4.1 (25)

Nat Fyfe has had 10 contested possessions – a third of Fremantle’s 30 total. It might be cliche, but he can’t do it all alone. He’s leading all-comers with 12 disposals and 5 clearances.

8.07am BST

AFL Q1 01:50 remaining Fremantle 0.3 (3) v West Coast 4.1 (25)

Hayden Crozier nearly takes mark of the year before the Eagles clear the ball to again deflect Fremantle’s attack on the 50. Will get you some vision of that when I can!

8.04am BST

AFL Q1 03:49 remaining Fremantle 0.3 (3) v West Coast 4.1 (25)

Great goal to Priddis off one step on the left. He was all alone in the 50 after a panic clearance from the Dockers. That’s four goals to none in this term for the Eagles.

8.00am BST

AFL Q1 06:23 remaining Fremantle 0.1 (1) v West Coast 3.1 (19)

Nearly a miracle goal to Stephen Hill after a nice assist from Lachie Neale, who has seemingly recovered from an elbow to the head by Matt Priddis (he tried to fend off the tackle, rather than deliberately elbowing him).

We see you Jack Darling #AFLFreoEagles pic.twitter.com/FVYOlNau3Y

7.56am BST

AFL Q1 09:22 remaining Fremantle 0.1 (1) v West Coast 3.1 (19)

Fremantle couldn’t convert through captain Nat Fyfe despite a 50m penalty gifting him a set shot at goal. Darling outmarks his opponent again to set up Drew Petrie in the square. How good has Petrie been off the North Melbourne scrap heap?

7.51am BST

AFL Q1 12:46 remaining Fremantle 0.0 (0) v West Coast 2.1 (13)

Congratulations to Nick Suban on his 150th game today. No love for the Dockers in this match so far, though. Eagles are dominating possession, with Kennedy and Darling looming dangerously in the forward line. Last week’s hero Nyhuis is already back defending, currently on Jeremy McGovern.

7.48am BST

AFL Q1 14:25 remaining Fremantle 0.0 (0) v West Coast 2.0 (12)

Absolutely HUGE mark from Jack Darling, and he follows it up with a nice set-shot goal from about 45m out, on a much tighter angle than Kennedy’s last shot.

7.45am BST

AFL Q1 16:40 remaining Fremantle 0.0 (0) v West Coast 1.0 (6)

Guess who? Josh Kennedy with a big 45m set shot goal for the Eagles. Great kick inside 50m from McGovern set him up. How glad are the Eagles that this man is back?

7.43am BST

AFL Q1 17:54 remaining Fremantle 0.0 (0) v West Coast 0.0 (0)

Big late out here, with Elliot Yeo missing from the Eagles’ side (while this might be devastating to Eagles fans, I am raging because he’s in my Supercoach team) That man Michael Walters gets the opening free kick off the match to push the Dockers forward.

7.40am BST

NRL H1 24:56 South Sydney Rabbitohs 6-6 North Queensland Cowboys

Our AFL feature match is about to start, but it’s all square in this game at Barlow Park. Here’s the first try of the afternoon to Cody Walker.

The @SSFCRABBITOHS get the first points of the afternoon thanks to Cody Walker!#NRLSouthsCowboys #NRL pic.twitter.com/I2laK3aEZi

7.34am BST

A quick shout-out to my friends at Chicks Talkin’ Footy on JOY FM 94.9. They’ve tweeted to promote my live blog today and interviewed me on Wednesday night about all things AFL, and my writing for The Guardian and The Footy Almanac’s season 2017 AFLW book. Look out for the podcast of that interview when their website is back online!

The Magic Unicorn Fairy has to finish fixing @JOY949 site but you can join guest @Kate_ohalloran at @GdnAusSport this arvo. Podcast soon! pic.twitter.com/25Sqf1YFxb

7.30am BST


Are you wondering why Carlton are wearing orange socks today? It’s to promote awareness of violence against women – and to support its prevention. Orange is often the colour used by UN women to invest and mobilise against the fact that 1 in 3 women globally experience violence in their lifetime, often at the hands of someone they know. As reported by UN women, “of all women who were victims of homicide globally in 2012, almost half were killed by intimate partners or family members”.

7.22am BST

AFL Q2 02:28 remaining Carlton 4.4 (28) v Western Bulldogs 7.7 (49)

Thankyou, Regan Phelps, I would like to concur.

Just turned on the footy. Then heard BT dribble this. Just turned off the footy. #AFLBluesDogs #Netflix pic.twitter.com/E3TFLs2Ois

7.20am BST

AFL Q2 02:28 remaining Carlton 4.3 (27) v Western Bulldogs 7.7 (49)

One man who has looked very impressive is the Bulldogs’ debutant in Lewis Young who is playing in defence for the Dogs. Has picked off several intercept marks and looks composed, even shouting instructions to his much older teammates.

7.17am BST

AFL Q2 04:02 remaining Carlton 4.3 (27) v Western Bulldogs 7.7 (49)

Five goals to one to the Bulldogs this quarter, as Picken capitalises on the 75% of possession the Dogs have managed leading into half-time.

7.15am BST

AFL Q2 05:10 remaining Carlton 4.3 (27) v Western Bulldogs 6.7 (43)

Speak of the devil, Jones cuts off an impressive foray forward from the Dogs, after a misdirected kick from Caleb Daniel. Charlie Curnow now lines up for a goal down the other end. He hits the post.

7.12am BST


Some news relevant to this game from Wires (AAP): the former Western Bulldog Liam Jones has been offered a new two-year deal with the Blues, after his stunning rejuvenation as a defender. Jones spent seven seasons (including five with the Bulldogs) as an often-frustrating forward, capable of taking huge contested marks but marred by inconsistency.

7.08am BST

AFL Q2 11:17 remaining Carlton 4.2 (26) v Western Bulldogs 6.6 (42)

The Blues get their fourth goal, after they kicked three in the first 10 minutes of this game. That one went to Bryce Gibbs who was alone in the square, and kicked it into the top level of the ‘G.

7.05am BST

AFL Q2 12:43 remaining Carlton 3.2 (20) v Western Bulldogs 5.6 (36)

Brilliant snap goal from Bontempelli and the Dogs have 5 of the last goals in a row.

7.01am BST

AFL Q2 12:43 remaining Carlton 3.2 (20) v Western Bulldogs 4.6 (30)

The Bulldogs look to have some momentum in this game, finally stringing together some good form after such a disappointing season. They haven’t, however, capitalised on their opportunities – having kicked 6 behinds for their 4 goals.

6.57am BST

The sometimes spiteful clash between the Tigers and Lions is over at Ethiad Stadium, with Dustin Martin surging to 40 disposals, including 14 clearances, 18 contested possessions and 2 goals. He’s a star, but might be in trouble with the Match Review Panel after seeming to poke Nick Robertson in the eye (who was also reported for headbutting). Captain Trent Cotchin also led from the front with the Tigers, with 28 disposals, including 15 contested possessions and 1 goal.

For Brisbane, young gun Alex Witherden had 28 disposals, including 8 contested possessions and four inside 50s. He’s just one of an impressive bunch of young Lions, including Eric Hipwood (who said earlier in the week that he wants to be a Lion for life), Josh Schache (who is staying) and Hugh McCluggage. I don’t think it’ll be too long before the Lions turn things around.

6.51am BST

A lopsided second half sees Wests drop a 16-8 lead, to go down 16-28 to the Manly Sea Eagles. There was a noticeable shift in momentum after that knock-on was paid against Brooks (when Kelly appeared to wrest it from his hands).

Man of the match goes to Tom Trbojevic who had 2 line breaks, and 191 metres run (Woods had 196 for the Tigers). He set up his brother for a try in the 71st minute, and was influential in getting his side across the line.

6.43am BST

NRL H2 76:30 Manly Sea Eagles 28-16 Wests Tigers

Tom Trbojevic decides that the Sea Eagles will take the 2 points for the penalty, and Cherry-Evans makes no mistake.

6.39am BST

NRL H2 71:12 Manly Sea Eagles 26-16 Wests Tigers

Another dropout for the Tigers – Sea Eagles are dominating possession now. Here’s that last Trbojevic assist and try.

Trbojevic to Trbojevic!#NRLManlyTigers #NRL pic.twitter.com/lGIIr9VjUz

6.37am BST

NRL H2 71:12 Manly Sea Eagles 26-16 Wests Tigers

I think it’s all over here at Lottoland, after a Cherry-Evans pass sets up the Trbojevic brothers – this time Tom feeding Jake (how often have we seen Jake feeding Tom?) Cherry-Evans converts for a 10 point lead with only 8 minutes to go. That’s three consecutive tries for the Sea Eagles.

6.33am BST

NRL H2 68:01 Manly Sea Eagles 20-16 Wests Tigers

Dropout for the Tigers after a deft Cherry-Evans pass forces the Tigers behind their try-line. The Tigers give away a penalty and the Sea Eagles have another six, but it’s intercepted by Nofoaluma. Tigers back on the attack.

6.28am BST

NRL H2 63:44 Manly Sea Eagles 20-16 Wests Tigers

Great effort from DCE to step back into play off his own try-line, with Lolohea charging towards him after the kick. It saves the Sea Eagles a dropout, and they proceed with some big metre gains.

6.24am BST

NRL H2 60:44 Manly Sea Eagles 20-16 Wests Tigers

A brilliant try from Akuila Uate – he ran straight through the centre of the Tigers’ defence -past Woods and Tedesco no less with a wonderful burst of speed. That gives the home side back the lead. An easy conversion follows to DCE. I feel for the Tigers – that knock-on decision has really changed the momentum of the game.

6.20am BST

NRL H2 54:41 Manly Sea Eagles 12-16 Wests Tigers

That set of 6 went absolutely nowhere for the Sea Eagles – and I was going to commend the Tigers’ defence, but a penalty for a knock-on is paid against Luke Brooks (even though it appeared Ryan Kelly punched the ball from his hands?!). The resultant scrum delivers an immediate Matthew Wright try. A conversion follows.

Through the hands, Wright has a double!#NRLManlyTigers #NRL pic.twitter.com/zDpB0WW3nY

6.12am BST

NRL H2 46:48 Manly Sea Eagles 8-16 West Tigers

Signs of desperation here from the Sea Eagles with Darcy Lussick tackling Woods by the hair… and giving away a penalty in turn.

Ricochet!#NRLManlyTigers 8-16 after 47 minutes. #NRL pic.twitter.com/ndDzwGy3ri

6.09am BST

NRL H2 42:48 Manly Sea Eagles 8-16 Wests Tigers

Were back on at Lottoland and Wests have scored a lucky goal from a dual ricochet – Brooks’ kick first hit Shaun Lane, and then the post, before he took the ball back for a try. And Lolohea converts for an 8-point lead to the Tigers.

6.06am BST


In case you missed it in my opening post, Greg Jericho argued in his piece today that the Australian cricketers have demonstrated the effectiveness of union organising in negotiating for fair share of their pay and power, tied to their revenue. Were the players operating individually, he says, “they would be stuffed”.

6.00am BST


Romelu Lukaku has made his debut for Manchester United as they saw off LA Galaxy, 5-2. Manchester United’s post-Wayne Rooney era began with Jose Mourinho fielding a rarely deployed 3-5-1-1, while Lukaku had to wait until the second half for his debut. He didn’t score, but didn’t look out of place either.

5.55am BST

AFL Q3 05:36 remaining Richmond 8.13 (61) v Brisbane 6.7 (43)

No surprises here with the Tigers leading the Lions at Etihad stadium. Brownlow favourite Dustin Martin looks to be free of the tag, racking up 13 possessions this quarter alone. He’s had 27 so far, although is only going at 55% disposal efficiency. He’s had 10 clearances though, including 6 centre clearances.

5.51am BST

NRL half-time Manly Sea Eagles 8-10 West Tigers

Lolohea intercepts a risky Matthew Wright pass on the verge of half-time. Lolohea speaks to the media at half-time and can hardly get a word in he’s puffing that hard. Says the Tigers started slowly, and is happy to take the lead into half-time. Apisai Koroisau denies that the Sea Eagles are struggling after a tough match last week; he says they started well and they won’t use fatigue as an excuse.

5.47am BST

NRL H1 37:27 Manly Sea Eagles 8-10 West Tigers

Tedesco takes the dropout for the Tigers after Manly pressed hard with a penalty, quick tap and Trbojevic dash that almost delivered. It’s almost half-time here, at which point I’ll go around the grounds for some AFL updates.

5.43am BST

F1 – British Grand Prix

In F1 news, Lewis Hamilton has emphatically answered his critics with a brilliant drive to pole position for this Sunday’s British Grand Prix. This is Hamilton’s fifth British GP pole, and matches Jim Clark’s record at Silverstone. He came in at more than half a second clear of Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel. If he should also win the race, he will match Clark and Alain Prost’s record of five wins in this race.

5.38am BST

NRL H1 29:03 Manly Sea Eagles 8-10 West Tigers

The kick from Luke Brooks goes over the hands Brian Kelly and Esan Marsters pounces. Some great work from Woods (via an offload) and a big, daring run from Lolohea set that try up.

The luck of the bounce!#NRLManlyTigers #NRL pic.twitter.com/J8pL3BEtTz

5.32am BST

NRL H1 24:18 Manly Sea Eagles 8-6 Wests Tigers

The Tigers finally get one back! Joel Edwards is the unlikely hero after a Woods assist. He fumbled and weaved through a row of defenders for his first try since 2013 (when he was a Raider!)

5.28am BST

NRL H1 19:47 Manly Sea Eagles 8-0 West Tigers

James Tedesco down the inside for what looked like a try, but Woods is penalised for obstructing Trbojevic from tackling Tedesco.

Long ball from Tom Trbojevic #NRLManlyTigers 8-0 after 12 minutes. #NRL pic.twitter.com/vXLZotz47N

5.25am BST

Tour de France

In Tour de France news, Chris Froome is back in yellow, after finishing 25 seconds ahead of Fabio Aru, who ceded the race lead by 19 seconds. Aru was poorly placed at the back of the group on the final ascent, while Froome finished 7th behind stage winner, Australian Michael Matthews. Froome also gained key seconds ahead of rivals Romain Bardet, Simon Yates, Nario Quintana and teammate Mikel Landa. Still, only 29 seconds separate the top four of Froome, Aru, Bardet and Rigoberto Uran. Froome said he would “regard all of the riders within a minute as a threat,” and at this stage, “we are fighting for every second”.

5.18am BST

NRL H1 11:47 Manly Sea Eagles 8-0 Wests Tigers

And now a try to Matthew Wright after an assist from Tom Trbojevic. Below is the 40/20 from DCE that set it up.

What a 40/20 from DCE! #NRLManlyTigers #NRL pic.twitter.com/LZmCOqRMFn

5.15am BST

NRL H1 08:57 Manly Sea Eagles 4-0 Wests Tigers

It’s just his third game this season, but Shaun Lane has dived over for Manly’s opening try after another try assist from Daly Cherry-Evans.

5.12am BST


Australia have advanced to the semi-final against India in the Women’s World Cricket Cup, after easily accounting for South Africa. You can follow the live action as it happened here, with this link to Will Macpherson’s live blog.

5.07am BST


Overnight, 23-year-old Gabriñe Muguruza became only the second Spaniard – after Chonchita Martínez in 1994 – to win the women’s singles title at Wimbledon. Martínez was fittingly in attendance, cheering Muguruza on from the coaches’ box. Muguruza won 7-5, 6-0 in an emphatic victory over five-times champion Venus Williams. The 6-0 scoreline of the second set was telling; it is the first time Williams has lost a set to love in 20 years at Wimbledon.

5.03am BST

Before we get going with today’s action, I’ll update you on some of the emerging sports news from overnight. Then I’ll take us to the NRL clash between Manly and Wests, and update you on the score between the Tigers and the Lions in the AFL.

5.01am BST

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Sunday edition of Guardian Sportwatch. I’m Kate O’Halloran, and here we keep up to date with what’s happening in the world of Australian sport, whatever your preferred shape of ball, with our rolling liveblog. Don’t forget to tweet us @GdnAusSport with the hashtag #sportwatch.

Today’s feature match is the 4:40pm clash between the West Coast Eagles and the Fremantle Dockers – otherwise known as the W.A. derby. Today’s clash is the 46th instalment of the derby, likely to be the last ever at Domain Stadium. The W.A. derby gives new meaning to the term ‘bitter rivalry’ – much akin to its S.A. cousin. Crowds for the game average 39,908, with the biggest crowd 43,527 in 2006 (when the teams were first and fourth). They sit at 12th and 10th today, but the game is likely to be as close as ever. West Coast have been hot and cold all season, and have lost three out of their last four at home – unbelievable considering they were accused so vehemently of relying on a home-town advantage. Many would have tipped the Eagles to topple the Power at home last week, but they looked the inferior team from the first bounce. They do, however, welcome back their spearhead Josh Kennedy, who has booted no less than 13 goals in the last two derbies between these teams. For that reason alone, I’m tipping a narrow West Coast victory.

2.57am BST

Kate will be here shortly. In the meantime, we recommend reading this piece from Greg Jericho on how Australian cricket’s pay dispute is a wonderful ad for joining a union.

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Jul 09

Melbourne defeat Carlton in thriller, Knights stumble at final hurdle: Australia sportwatch – as it happened

10.43am BST

In summary

That’s all from me today, wrapping up a huge day of AFL action which gave us another couple of thrillers in the Fremantle and Melbourne victories. Fremantle’s debutant Ryan Nyhuis was the story for mine, after he admitted post-match that he’d never really played as a forward previously (he kicked four goals for the visitors, including the sealer). Nyhuis was a late call-up after Mundy withdrew with illness. The Roos will be devastated, after Goldstein had a chance to win the game from only 20m out but missed.

10.24am BST

Goals to Paddy Ryder and another to Trengove round out the game for the Power. Dixon kicked 5 goals for the Power, with 7 marks inside 50 and 8 score involvements. Ryder had 17 disposals, 38 hitouts and 2 goals – a huge game from their in-form ruckman. Gray kicked three, and Westhoff and Trengove added two goals each.

For the Eagles, Andrew Gaff had another big week with 28 disposals, including 15 kicks, 4 clearances and 8 contested possessions. Mark LeCras had a welcome return to form with 4 goals for West Coast.

10.12am BST

AFL Q4 02:55 remaining West Coast 13.10 (88) v Port Adelaide 16.11 (107)

Big free kick against Matthew White for a deliberate rushed behind gifts the Eagles a goal. Looked harsh considering the pressure he was under, but upon reviewing it he did have a few opportunities to dispose of the ball. Still very unclear on that rule – I don’t think I’m the only one either.

10.10am BST

AFL Q4 04:54 remaining West Coast 12.10 (82) v Port Adelaide 16.11 (107)

That’s five goals to Charlie Dixon, and none were as big as that one. Looks like the Power are home.

10.06am BST

Ice Hockey

Yep you read the right – thanks to Libby for tweeting at us to check out the Melbourne Ice Hockey. I can’t promise coverage today, but I’d love to get there soon!

@GdnAusSport check out the @AIHL – passionate fans, fast games & @melbourneice – what more could u want. #MelbourneIceHockey from 5pm today https://t.co/s4t6tJ48UD

10.03am BST

AFL Q4 08:36 remaining West Coast 12.9 (81) v Port Adelaide 15.8 (98)

Brilliant effort on the last line of defence from Tom Jonas who was outnumbered two to one. Spoiled one forward, hip and shouldered the other over the line.

10.00am BST

AFL Q4 09:25 remaining West Coast 12.8 (80) v Port Adelaide 15.8 (98)

Guess who? Robbie Gray takes a chest mark inside 50 after a beautiful delivering pass by Travis Boak. It’s back out to 3 goals.

9.57am BST

AFL Q4 11:52 remaining West Coast 12.8 (80) v Port Adelaide 14.8 (92)

Dan Houston gives away a bad 50m penalty for an elbow in the back of Sam Mitchell in the forward line. Vardy takes the free down-field, and gets another 50m after a teammate runs through the mark.

9.55am BST

AFL Q4 12:29 remaining West Coast 11.8 (74) v Port Adelaide 14.8 (92)

Robbie Gray joins the party with a strong contested mark and goal from 45m out. The Eagles have no answers for the trio of Gray, Westhoff and Dixon.

9.53am BST

AFL Q4 14:00 remaining West Coast 11.8 (74) v Port Adelaide 13.8 (86)

Another goal to Westhoff – he’s deadly from that left pocket.

9.51am BST

AFL Q4 15:23 remaining West Coast 11.8 (74) v Port Adelaide 12.8 (80)

Instant reply from Jackson Trengove, after a nice clearance from Ollie Wines. Paddy Ryder is dominating the ruck for the Power – he has 33 hitouts, and 15 disposals.

9.48am BST

AFL Q4 16:14 remaining West Coast 11.8 (74) v Port Adelaide 11.8 (74)

A brilliant side-step from Sam Mitchell who squares the ball to Mark LeCras. Scores are level again.

9.45am BST

AFL Q4 18:25 remaining West Coast 10.8 (68) v Port Adelaide 11.8 (74)

Dashing run from Impey through the middle, who hits up Westhoff, who in turn hits up Dixon.

9.40am BST


It’s all tied up between the Eagles and Power at Domain Stadium. I’ll stay with that game to the end before signing off.

9.36am BST

AFL Q3 01:32 remaining West Coast 10.8 (68) v Port Adelaide 10.8 (68)

That didn’t last long – with that man Jetta kicking a goal to put the Eagles back level. Not sure that pass travelled 15m.

9.33am BST

AFL Q3 02:15 remaining West Coast 9.8 (62) v Port Adelaide 10.8 (68)

Westhoff goals to put Port Adelaide in front for the first time in this game since the first term. They were up by four goals in the first quarter, before the Eagles kicked the next seven, and haven’t been in front since, until now.

That’s a monster from Lewis Jetta! Hits the crowd with the Ronaldo celebration too. #AFLEaglesPower pic.twitter.com/XgwaKtvmHq

9.28am BST

AFL Q3 06:39 remaining West Coast 9.8 (62) v Port Adelaide 9.7 (61)

Just the single point in it at Domain Stadium. Power are pressing after trailing the Eagles 55-38 early in this quarter.

9.21am BST


I’ll head over to the West Coast v Port Adelaide game shortly, but have just seen this from Wires (AAP). Apparently Fremantle’s Ryan Nyhuis (4 goals, including the match-winner), had never played as a forward before his debut.

9.16am BST

V8 Supercars

We have a result at Townsville, with the following from AAP:

9.12am BST


Some great scenes at Belmore with Josh Reynolds getting carried off by Bulldogs fans. There’s so much love here for this man, it’s hard to believe they’ve let him go.

That’s one happy @joshreynolds9!#NRLBulldogsKnights #NRL pic.twitter.com/WZycKtsjfl

9.06am BST

Unbelievable result at Belmore: the Knights looked to have finally won one before this shocker from Brock Lamb with under 2 minutes to go. You have to feel for Newcastle – their fans have suffered immeasurably.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again…

It’s not over until the final buzzer!#NRLBulldogsKnights #NRL pic.twitter.com/imm9DPuMJt

8.57am BST

Huge contested ball win to Neville Jetta against Kade Simpson, with Simpson running towards goal after a handball from Dale Thomas. The ball goes back into the Melbourne 50, with a mark to Neal-Bullen. He cleverly took his full 30 seconds, before passing sideways to Lewis. The villain will win it for the Dees – and he kicks a bonus goal after the siren too.

Melbourne are in the top 4 pending the conclusion of the West Coast Eagles v Port Adelaide game. Crucial win.

8.52am BST

AFL Q4 2:47 remaining Carlton 12.9 (81) v Melbourne 13.6 (84)

Just a few minutes remaining and some wonderful defence from Melbourne denies the Blues. The Blues-heavy crowd has gone quiet.

8.49am BST

AFL Q4 04:41 remaining Carlton 12.9 (81) v Melbourne 13.6 (84)

Against the run of play and all the momentum, Melksham kicks a goal for the Dees after a bad turnover by Sheehan.

8.47am BST

AFL Q4 06:14 remaining Carlton 12.10 (82) v Melbourne 12.6 (78)

Casboult takes a huge contested, pack mark. He misses badly, though.

8.46am BST

AFL Q4 06:54 remaining Carlton 12.9 (81) v Melbourne 12.6 (78)

Docherty – the man who can do it all – proves he is human with a miss. He’s up to 31 possessions – the Blues have 5 over 30 possessions – Kerridge, Murphy, Simpson, Docherty and Gibbs who have all been huge this quarter.

8.42am BST

AFL Q4 10:31 remaining Carlton 12.8 (80) v Melbourne 12.6 (78)

Mistakes galore in this frantic final term. Gibbs, who has had plenty of the ball, turned it over in the middle, but Wagner was caught holding the ball. The Blues, taking the free, turn it over again.

8.39am BST

AFL Q4 12:41 remaining Carlton 12.8 (80) v Melbourne 12.6 (78)

Gibbs gets caught holding the ball on the 50m line, Neal-Bullen takes the shot and falls just short, Simpson marking on the line. The pressure is through the roof.

8.36am BST

AFL Q4 14:06 remaining Carlton 12.8 (80) v Melbourne 12.5 (77)

Free kick to Garlett, for an over-the-shoulder infringement. He just sneaks it home to bring the Dees back to within 3 points.

8.35am BST

AFL Q4 14:55 remaining Carlton 12.8 (80) v Melbourne 11.4 (71)

Here’s that brilliant SPS goal from earlier.

SAMO! This is why the @CarltonFC fans are enamoured with this man! #AFLBluesDees pic.twitter.com/gNBHe0CiQ3

8.33am BST

AFL Q4 15:53 remaining Carlton 12.8 (80) v Melbourne 11.4 (71)

That man Kerridge is in everything and produces a goal assist to captain Marc Murphy. Blues are on fire in the final term!

8.32am BST

AFL Q4 16:18 remaining Carlton 11.8 (74) v Melbourne 11.4 (71)

Beautiful run down of Lewis by Docherty brings the Blues crowd to their feet (unfortunately it looked high, but nevermind). Sam Kerridge has now surpassed all comers in the possession count with 30 – he’s had 16 kicks and 8 contested possessions – and bombs the ball inside 50 for Silvagni. Jack Silvagni kicks a big goal ! Blues inf ront!

8.29am BST

AFL Q4 18:42 remaining Carlton 10.8 (68) v Melbourne 11.4 (71)

Miracle goal to Sam Petrevski-Seton! Will get you footage of that one as soon as I can. It was a Daicos-style dribble goal from an impossible angle. 3 points in it.

8.26am BST

NRL H2 53 min Canterbury Bulldogs 8-12 Newcastle Knights

The Knights are in front after a try to Chanel Mata’utia! Bullet pass from Trent Hodkinson led to that one. Hodkinson also scored a penalty goal earlier, which levelled the scores at 8-8.

The @NRLKnights take the lead thanks to Chanel Mata’utia!#NRLBulldogsKnights 8-12 after 54 minutes.#NRL pic.twitter.com/yoyEIQdtOx

8.23am BST

AFL three-quarter-time Carlton 9.8 (62) v Melbourne 11.4 (71)

Melbourne kicked 4 goals to 2 in that quarter, to lead by 9 going into the final quarter. Oliver still leads the way for the Demons with 22 disposals (4 clearances, 11 contested possessions), while the villain of this clash Jordan Lewis is up to 21 (9 contested possessions). The difference so far though is Tom McDonald – the defender-turned-forward has 4 goals from 14 possessions.

8.18am BST

AFL Q3 01:41 remaining Carlton 9.8 (62) v Melbourne 11.4 (71)

That man Tom McDonald kicks his fourth goal and threatens to be the difference for the Demons. What a move it was moving him forward – that’s 18 goals for the season.

8.16am BST

AFL Q3 02:59 remaining Carlton 9.8 (62) v Melbourne 10.4 (65)

Frantic, fantastic contested footy here – and the Dees – through Tom McDonald – give away 50m after the Blues held off an onslaught.

8.14am BST

AFL Q3 04:39 remaining Carlton 9.8 (62) v Melbourne 10.4 (65)

That hurts – Dale Thomas misses an easy snap from 15m out after an assist from Charlie Curnow. He’s taken 4 contested marks, as has Levi Casboult. They’ve been the difference for the Blues.

8.11am BST

AFL Q3 07:07 remaining Carlton 9.7 (61) v Melbourne 10.4 (65)

Great play from Carlton sets up Gibbs on the lead. Bad turnover from Tom McDonald in the middle of the ground, who took the aggressive play. Gibbs has had 21 disposals, including 6 contested possessions – but he misses the crucial shot.

8.08am BST

AFL Q3 08:54 remaining Carlton 9.6 (60) v Melbourne 10.4 (65)

Tom McDonald is causing all sorts of trouble for the Carlton defenders. Turned them inside out then, before giving the goal assist to Neal-Bullen.

8.06am BST

AFL Q3 10:02 remaining Carlton 9.6 (60) v Melbourne 9.4 (59)

Controversy reigns after one umpire pays a mark to Jack Silvagni, while the other calls play on. After consultation, the ball is thrown up to the boos of Carlton fans. The Blues get one back with a free to Murphy for a tackle without the ball. He kicks a beautiful goal from 40m out on a tight angle. Important goal for the Blues, as the game looked to be slipping away.

8.04am BST

AFL Q3 10:58 remaining Carlton 8.6 (54) v Melbourne 9.4 (59)

Patrick Cripps has returned to the bench on crutches. That’s a heartbreaking sight for Blues fans.

8.01am BST

AFL Q3 12:31 remaining Carlton 7.6 (48) v Melbourne 9.5 (59)

Another goal to Jeff Garlett, after Silvagni turned the ball over in the middle.

7.57am BST

AFL Q3 15:25 remaining Carlton 7.6 (48) v Melbourne 8.4 (52)

Important mark to Casboult inside 40m after a bullet pass from Gibbs in the centre of the ground. He hits the post.

7.54am BST

AFL Q3 17:40 remaining Carlton 7.5 (47) v Melbourne 8.4 (52)

An early goal to Tom McDonald sees the Dees go in front for the first time in this game.

7.52am BST

NRL H1 35:16 Canterbury Bulldogs 8-0 Newcastle Knights

A penalty goal is taken by the Bulldogs, which is converted by Kerrod Holland. Smart play there to capitalise on what has been a general dominance in play, without much to show on the scoreboard.

7.50am BST

Rugby Union

Referee Romain Poite has been under fire in the last few days, after his late decision to revoke a penalty to the All Blacks in their draw with the British and Irish Lions. Poite second-guessed his decision to award a penalty against Ken Owens after he appeared to grab at the ball, after consulting with his assistants.

7.46am BST

Tour de France

While we’re waiting for the AFL to resume, here’s the latest on the Tour de France. Lilian Calmejane (of Direct Energie) won stage eight, despite cramping on the final hill. The 24-year-old is only in his second year as a professional, but did win a stage victory in the Vuelta a España at the end of 2016. He has also won three second-tier stage races this year in the Étoile de Bessèges, the Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali and the Circuit de la Sarthe. Calmejane is the teammate of Thomas Voeckler who will retire this year, at the age of 38 and after a 17-year-career.

7.41am BST

NRL H1 21:22 Canterbury Bulldogs 6-0 Newcastle Knights

Just the one try here at Belmore – to Kerrod Holland who followed up with a conversion.

Quick hands! #NRLBulldogsKnights 6-0 after 8 minutes. #NRL pic.twitter.com/E2zBuZVExA

7.33am BST

AFL half-time Carlton 7.5 (47) v Melbourne 7.4 (46)

Free-kick to Tom McDonald on the siren. He converts to make it a 1-point margin. Carlton players run to Jordan Lewis, and Vince throws a jumper punch. We’ll see what happens at the MRP…

7.30am BST

AFL Q2 00:45 remaining Carlton 7.5 (47) v Melbourne 6.4 (40)

An aggravated Clayton Oliver gets a free kick against Bryce Gibbs on the wing. He’s had 16 possessions now, including 10 contested.

7.26am BST

AFL Q2 02:23 remaining Carlton 7.5 (47) v Melbourne 6.3 (39)

Boos are following Jordan Lewis wherever he goes. The Dees finally get a mark inside 50 through the returning Jesse Hogan. That’s only his third possession for the day, but he drills it through.

7.21am BST

AFL Q2 06:06 remaining Carlton 7.5 (47) v Melbourne 5.3 (33)

Docherty to Silvagni for a beautiful snap goal. That’s deserved reward for the amount of play they’ve had inside 50 this term. Deserve to be further in front.

7.20am BST

AFL Q2 06:29 remaining Carlton 6.4 (40) v Melbourne 5.3 (33)

Curnow takes another big mark and puts the Blues inside 50. He’s had 7 disposals – 7 kicks, 2 goals and 3 marks inside 50. Dominating. It’s the best half I’ve seen him play so far.

Patrick Cripps has gone down to the rooms after this incident. #AFLBluesDees pic.twitter.com/QIAWPTr7oM

7.18am BST

AFL Q2 07:52 remaining Carlton 6.4 (40) v Melbourne 5.3 (33)

Ciaran Sheehan gives away a panic free-kick to Jeff Garlett about 20m from goal. Garlett kicks his first for the afternoon.

7.16am BST

AFL Q2 09:32 remaining Carlton 6.4 (40) v Melbourne 4.3 (27)

Second goal for Curnow was a big bomb from just outside 50. He’s been influential – he just set up Levi Casboult who is back on the ground and looks OK. He’ll shoot from 30m out on a small angle. 18.8 he’s kicked from set-shots this year, and he makes no mistake.

7.13am BST

AFL Q2 11:00 remaining Carlton 4.4 (28) v Melbourne 4.3 (27)

Big blow for the Blues – Patrick Cripps is leaving the ground after a contact injury (he got a boot from Wagner in the back of the knee). Cripps has had 5 clearances and 9 disposals and will be a big loss if he doesn’t come back on. He heads immediately down the race as Curnow lines up for goal, 50m out.

7.11am BST

AFL Q2 12:07 remaining Carlton 4.3 (27) v Melbourne 4.3 (27)

Kade Simpson takes a mark 45m out after a great spot by Docherty who kicked it across his body to Simpson in space. He misses everything but they’ve had the ball in their 50 for a while now – 60% time in forward half this quarter.

Clayton Oliver and some Carlton fans shared an exchange. #AFLBluesDees pic.twitter.com/ibexsENgIK

7.08am BST

AFL Q2 14:13 remaining Carlton 4.3 (27) v Melbourne 4.3 (27)

The Dees look rejuvenated, and Neal-Bullen goals after a falcon to James Harmes which lands straight in his lap. When things are going your way, they just are.

7.06am BST

AFL Q2 15:48 remaining Carlton 4.3 (27) v Melbourne 3.3 (21)

Goal to Josh Wagner after he takes the advantage. That’s two in a row to the Demons – and the lead is down from 19 to 6.

7.03am BST

AFL Q2 16:30 remaining Carlton 4.3 (27) v Melbourne 2.3 (15)

Jordan Lewis gives away a free-kick to Docherty, one of the many Blues intent on riling him up. Clayton Oliver, meanwhile exchanges words with some Blues fans. You’d think that’s a win for the Blues – not often you see players engage with fans on the boundary.

7.01am BST

AFL Q2 18:08 remaining Carlton 4.3 (27) v Melbourne 2.3 (15)

The Dees get another shot at goal through Dean Kent, 35m out, just a slight angle. They’ve started the second term much better than the last, with much more fluidity in their ball movement.

6.59am BST

AFL Q2 19:23 remaining Carlton 4.3 (27) v Melbourne 2.2 (14)

The Blues are getting into Jordan Lewis – they haven’t forgotten that he broke Cripps’ jaw last time they played.

6.55am BST


This just in from Wires, thanks to Associated Press:

6.51am BST

AFL Q1 quarter-time Carlton 4.3 (27) v Melbourne 1.2 (8)

Jed Lamb was in all sorts of space in the forward 50, and had Kreuzer free in the square, but missed him. Let off for the Dees. He’s causing headaches Kreuzer, and has another shot at goal after an almost-mark against both Gawn and Joel Smith, who infringes. He looks to have kicked it but we’re going to the goal review. It’s unclear whether the ball has hit the post, so the original, umpire’s decision stands: a goal.

6.47am BST

AFL Q1 02:14 remaining Carlton 3.3 (21) v Melbourne 1.2 (8)

Apologies for that quick break, I wanted to take you to the final moments of the Dockers Roos clash given how close it was. That’s another thriller for the round.

6.45am BST

Huge win for the Dockers and a heartbreaking loss for the Roos – Todd Goldstein had an easy shot at goal for them to win that one. They’ll rue their missed chances in that final quarter.

I’ll head back to our feature game now.

6.43am BST

AFL Q4 00:10 remaining North Melbourne 12.10 (82) v Fremantle 13.8 (86)

A free kick to Todd Goldstein, with 40 seconds remaining. Bad mistake by the young ruckman in Sean Darcy. HE MISSES!

6.42am BST

AFL Q4 01:04 remaining North Melbourne 12.9 (81) v Fremantle 13.8 (86)

A minute to go in this one and the ball is deep in the North Melbourne forward line. A goal will win it by 1 point.

6.40am BST

AFL Q4 02:19 remaining North Melbourne 12.8 (80) v Fremantle 13.8 (86)

Just jumping over to this game to let you know that the debutant Nyhuis has kicked his FOURTH goal to put the Dockers in front with a couple of minutes to go. What an unbelievable game from him – the Dockers will be (oddly) glad Mundy withdrew!

6.37am BST

AFL Q1 08:33 remaining Carlton 3.1 (19) v Melbourne 0.1 (1)

Big, strong contested mark to Charlie Curnow after a nice 50m entry by Kade Simpson. That’s three goals to none to the Blues.

6.33am BST

AFL Q1 11:00 remaining Carlton 2.1 (13) v Melbourne 0.1 (1)

Match alert: Clayton Oliver is already up to 8 disposals (all handballs, but 4 contested possessions and one clearance)

6.29am BST

AFL Q1 14:06 remaining Carlton 2.1 (13) v Melbourne 0.1 (1)

Some nice defensive work from Liam Jones before against Jesse Hogan. No wonder Carlton want him to sign on after years in the wilderness. Couldn’t find him that time though, with Hogan out on his own. He had a clear shot at goal, no pressure, but misses to the left.

6.22am BST

AFL Q1 19:02 remaining Carlton 1.1 (7) v Melbourne 0.0 (0)

Wayward set shot by Kreuzer to open the scoring for the Blues. Some spite in this clash already, with a down-field free kick being paid to Carlton in the goal square – off the boot of Matthew Wright.

Is there any truth to the rumour that @Larnell13 is actually Navi Nina when she isn’t captaining the Blues AFLW?

6.16am BST

AFL Q1 Carlton 0.0 (0) v Melbourne 0.0 (0)

We’re about to get going here at the MCG, and there are no late changes to either team.

6.13am BST


A touch over 5 minutes to go until the start of the Carlton v Melbourne clash, which I’ll get to shortly.

6.09am BST

AFL three-quarter-time North Melbourne 8.4 (52) v Fremantle 9.6 (60)

North Melbourne are right back in this one at Etihad and we are set for another tight finish between these two sides. Nat Fyfe remains the leading disposal-winner with 26 (12 contested possessions, 8 clearances, 81% disposal efficiency) and Michael Walters remains their leading goal-scorer with 3. Darcy Tucker and debutant Ryan Nyhuis have 2 each. Lachie Neale is not far behind Fyfe, with 24 disposals (10 contested possessions, 7 clearances).

6.04am BST

V8 Supercars

There’s also some Watpac Townsville 400 V8 Supercars action today, and Ford’s Scott McLaughlin’s dominance looks set to continue after he took provisional pole for the 200km race. He took the championship lead by winning Saturday’s race, and then broke his lap record with a time of one minute and 12.0307 seconds.

6.01am BST


In UFC news, thanks to Associated Press, Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes was scratched from her title defense against Valentina Shevchenko after she was hopsitalised on Saturday a few hours before UFC 213. The UFC simply cited ‘illness’ without elaborating.

5.55am BST

Rugby League

In State of Origin news (thanks to AAP), Billy Slater is in some trouble ahead of potentially his final Origin clash, rolling his ankle in a late training drill on Sunday. Queensland have said they still expect Slater to play in game three, after he was able to walk from the ground unassisted. While it might be Slater’s last game, Queensland will say farewell to Jonathan Thurston with a pre-match tribute on Wednesday, after Thurston was forced to retire his 37 Origin game career after a shoulder injury. Queensland may also say goodbye to Cooper Cronk, pending a decision on his future after he announced earlier in the year that he’ll move to Sydney at the end of 2017.

5.49am BST


It has been a bad news week for tennis, particularly Australian tennis, with Bernard Tomic fined 11,600 pounds (approx. $20,000 AUS) after his controversial first-round exit. He earned 35,000 for the tournament.

5.45am BST


In other news at Wimbledon, there has been further disconcertment amongst the players over the state of the courts. Both Andy Murray and Roger Federer have now added their voices to the chorus of complaints about the slipperiness of the surface at Wimbledon. Murray said he had noticed divots on Centre Court, and said the condition of the courts was not up to its usual standard.

5.40am BST


While we’re waiting on the start of the Blues v Dees match, I’ll recap some of the tennis action from Wimbledon, and also check in on what else is happening via Wires.

5.35am BST

AFL half-time North Melbourne 6.3 (39) v Fremantle 9.4 (58)

This game is already well under way at Etihad stadium, with the Dockers leading 9.4 (58) to 6.3 (39) at half-time. Nat Fyfe looks on his way to his best, with 23 disposals at 83% disposal efficiency, including 11 contest possessions and 7 clearances. Michael Walters is also continuing his hot vein of form with 3 goals and 13 disposals at 100% efficiency. He was phenomenal last week, with 32 disposals and 6 goals against St Kilda in their narrow loss. Debutant Ryan Nyhuis (pictured below) also has 2 goals after coming in late to replace David Mundy (illness).

5.30am BST

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Sunday edition of Guardian Sportwatch. I’m Kate O’Halloran, and here we keep up to date with what’s happening in the world of Australian sport, whatever your preferred shape of ball, with our rolling liveblog. Don’t forget to tweet us @GdnAusSport with the hashtag #sportwatch.

Today’s feature match is the Carlton v Melbourne clash 3:20pm at the MCG, and it should be an interesting one. Melbourne would seem the logical favourites, but on form and injury the Blues are a fighting chance. The Demons have plenty of injury woes – with co-captains Nathan Jones and Jack Viney out alongside Jack Watts and Christian Salem. Thomas Bugg is also out – for the next 6 – in a penalty that would seem ‘manifestly adequate’. The Dees do welcome back Jesse Hogan in a spiritual boost to the side, after his scare with testicular cancer. In the absence of the Dees’ midfield brigade, I’m backing the Blues’ playmakers to fire, with Gibbs in career-best form and Patrick Cripps hitting form at the right end of the season. Sam Docherty has also excelled as the Blues’ general down back, and should give them plenty again this week. I’m looking forward to seeing who wins the ruck battle in this one, with in-form ruckman of the competition Matthew Kreuzer up against Max Gawn who is approaching top gear again after his injury-interrupted season.

6.19am BST

Kate will be with you shortly. In the meantime, check out her report on the women making their mark in AFL commentary.

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Jul 03

‘Numbers don’t lie’: women make their mark on AFL in the commentary box | Kate O’Halloran

ABC Grandstand’s 50-50 gender split radio team and their audience ratings are helping to challenge outdated perceptions of women in sports broadcasting

Last Saturday afternoon at 2:30pm, the southern side of the MCG is bathed in sunlight, while the row of commentary boxes on the north sit in full shade. Inside the ABC Grandstand box, Kelli Underwood leans outside the glass panel with a pair of binoculars as the ball goes deep into Carlton’s forward line. The Blues are down 0-24 and the Crows are threatening to blow the game open. Underwood, however, senses a Blues revival and her pitch rises with the crowd as “Kr-EU-zer” takes a crucial grab.

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I knew it would polarise. [But] the more criticism I got, the more I dug my heels in

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Jun 25

Saints take on Suns as Sea Eagles bt Sharks and more: Australian sportwatch – live!

10.33am BST

That’s all from me for today. Our feature game for the day, between the Tigers and the Blues, didn’t quite live up to expectation, with the Tigers running away with a 26-point victory. The margin provided a stark contrast to the thrillers we’ve seen in this round of AFL. The scoreline also flattered the Blues in the end, with the Tigers wasteful in front of goal – scoring 18 points for their 11 goals. It wasn’t quite the contest I expected from the Blues after their hot run of recent form. They do, however, have a star in Patrick Cripps, who finished with 17 contested possessions and 10 clearances. Sam Docherty was again dominant with 28 disposals of his own, including 11 marks.

For the Tigers, it was a welcome win after their recent spate of last-gasp losses and puts important space between them and the clubs who now sit a game adrift of them in the Eagles, Saints and Bulldogs. The Tigers’ leaders stood up when it mattered, with Jack Riewoldt kicking three goals and Dustin Martin adding another 30-disposal game. He was well-assisted by Kane Lambert (26 disposals, six tackles) and Shaun Grigg (26 disposals) who were arguably just as important.

10.18am BST

All over here at Etihad, as the Saints comfortably account for Gold Coast to move into the top eight.

Jack Billings was best on ground, with 30 disposals and one goal, while Riewoldt kicked three goals for the Saints. Jarrod Harbrow had 29 disposals for the Suns, finishing up at 97% disposal efficiency in a brilliant return game from the Suns leader.

10.03am BST


What did you make of the Shaun Higgins decision last night? Higgins took longer than his allocated 30 seconds to start his approach to goal, and was called to play on, before being tackled by Bulldog Jake Stringer. Reviewing the replay of the incident, it looks as if the closest officiating umpire warns him that he has 5 seconds remaining, and calls play on when Higgins fails to begin his run-up by that time. In other words, correct call.

9.53am BST

AFL Q4 13:12 remaining St Kilda 12.17 (89) v Gold Coast 10.10 (70)

Here’s some vision of the Riewoldt shocker. Luckily the Saints have hit back through Josh Bruce, for his first goal of the day.

Oh no! Not again… #AFLSaintsSuns pic.twitter.com/gHETbHRqTF

9.51am BST

AFL Q4 13:48 remaining St Kilda 11.16 (82) v Gold Coast 10.9 (69)

Riewoldt misses an absolute sitter in the goalsquare, and Witts kicks one for the Suns down the other end.

Riewoldt stuffs up in the goal square again. Brings back memories #aflsaintssuns pic.twitter.com/kasOSO5SKO

9.47am BST

AFL Q4 17:45 remaining St Kilda 11.14 (80) v Gold Coast 9.9 (63)

Fiorini gets one back for the Suns, as Hanley leaves the field with a potential high left hamstring. That would be a real blow for the Suns.

9.44am BST

AFL Q4 19:07 remaining St Kilda 11.14 (80) v Gold Coast 8.9 (57)

I was hoping for some vintage Nick Riewoldt and we’ve got it – that’s three for him as the Saints go out to a game-high 23-point lead. The Suns were on the receiving end of a trademark Rodney Eade spray at three-quarter-time, so it’ll be interesting to see what they can do.

9.42am BST


Returning to the Knights game for a moment to capture some more of Newcastle coach Nathan Brown’s post-match comments (thanks to AAP), where he accused his young halves Jaelen Feeney and Brock Lamb of playing slower than he could have managed during their 32-28 loss to St George Illawarra.

9.34am BST

AFL Q3 02:08 remaining St Kilda 9.14 (74) v Gold Coast 8.9 (57)

Goal to Lemmens gives the Suns some hope leading into the final quarter. They’re doing well to be in it considering the calibre of players they have missing.

9.32am BST

AFL Q3 04:50 remaining St Kilda 9.14 (74) v Gold Coast 7.9 (51)

The Saints have been wasteful in this one – kicking 9.14, but they’re well on top of the Suns at the moment. Jack Billings has 23 disposals to lead all comers (at 84% disposal efficiency), while Jarrod Harbrow is leading the way for the Suns at the moment with 19 disposals (at an incredible 100% disposal efficiency) in his return game. Membrey, Newnes and Riewoldt have two goals each for the Saints, while Peter Wright has two for the Suns.

9.28am BST


According to Wires (AAP), St George Illawarra were booed by their home fans at halftime on Sunday. Luckily the Dragons saved themselves from embarrassment against 15th-placed Newcastle at UOW Jubilee Oval with a memorable fightback to snatch a 32-28 win.

9.21am BST


Thanks for your comments below on the Sam Newman saga – I particularly liked your contribution whoaisme. To quote you:

9.13am BST

It’s all over at Southern Cross Group Stadium, and the Sharks have fallen short in their comeback attempt. That win puts Manly in the top four and is a disappointing loss for the Sharks against a team they really struggle against. Dale Cherry-Evans starred at halfback for the Sea Eagles with three tries and a field goal and could enter into discussions as to who will replace Thurston for the Origin decider after that performance.

The Sharks’ loss was further compounded by a suspected broken jaw to rookie Jayden Brailey who was taken to hospital.

8.56am BST

It’s all over at the MCG. For what promised to be a classic, this one ended up being one of the less exciting games of the round. It has been a pretty incredible round of AFL – we’ve had a huge upset by the Hawks over Adelaide, a 1-point win by Sydney over Essendon after they appeared all but gone, a 1-point win to the Bulldogs after they also looked to have put North away, a 3-point win to the Dees to finally defeat the Eagles, and then a 2-point victory to Geelong today over Fremantle.

For the Tigers, they’ll be pleased to have finally closed out a game that would have had their supporters nervous in those final 10 minutes or so. They’ve set themselves up to vie for a spot in the Top 4, alongside Melbourne who also had a big win this week in Perth. They’ve also put a game between them and the Eagles and Bulldogs. For Carlton, they’ll stay locked in 15th, just above the Hawks, and level with the Pies. Gold Coast have the chance to jump above them – but we’ll have to see how they go against the Saints in today’s late game.

8.49am BST

AFL Q4 00:56remaining Richmond 11.17 (83) v Carlton 8.10 (58)

A frustrated Casboult gives away a 50. Martin puts the ball inside 50 and Kreuzer gives away a free to Nankervis – it looked like he locked Kreuzer’s arm to him, but it won’t affect the result.

8.47am BST

AFL Q4 02:42 remaining Richmond 10.17 (77) v Carlton 8.10 (58)

Tigers milking the clock after Blues captain Murphy was caught holding the ball.

8.46am BST

AFL Q4 04:05 remaining Richmond 10.15 (75) v Carlton 8.10 (58)

Free kick against Rioli after he appeared to take a big mark inside 50. Think the Tigers are home here. Rioli returned earlier from a dislocated finger.

8.41am BST

AFL Q4 07:45 remaining Richmond 10.14 (74) v Carlton 8.10 (58)

Matthew Wright – who won the centre clearance – gets it back from Petrevski-Seton and lines up from 45m out. The ball falls short by a metre and is rushed through.

8.39am BST

AFL Q4 08:24 remaining Richmond 10.14 (74) v Carlton 8.9 (57)

Cripps gets one back for the Blues. He’s been outstanding today – 10 centre clearances, 26 disposals at 80% efficiency. The margin is less than three goals.

8.34am BST

AFL Q4 11:25 remaining Richmond 10.14 (74) v Carlton 7.9 (51)

Ouch. Pickett was all on his own in the forward line and completely missed the ball from Gibbs, which picked him out perfectly.

8.32am BST

AFL Q4 13:01 remaining Richmond 9.14 (68) v Carlton 7.9 (51)

Curnow gets one back for the Blues to take them back to three goals adrift. I still don’t think they’re close enough, or playing well enough, to snatch this one. Still, if they kick another the Tigers (Tigers fans in particular) will be nervous.

8.31am BST

AFL Q4 14:21 remaining Richmond 9.14 (68) v Carlton 6.9 (45)

Here’s the Dustin Martin brilliance that led to the earlier Butler goal. He’s threatening to break the game open even further.

Superb effort on the wing from Dusty paved the way for Butler to kick the goal. #AFLTigersBlues pic.twitter.com/RtFCpXee4I

8.27am BST

AFL Q4 16:50 remaining Richmond 9.13 (67) v Carlton 6.7 (43)

Cotchin’s miskick out of the middle goes straight to Riewoldt who makes no mistake with the set shot. Cripps gave away a holding free to Cotchin in the middle. This is the biggest lead of the game.

8.25am BST

AFL Q4 18:33 remaining Richmond 7.13 (55) v Carlton 6.7 (43)

Tigers are up by 17 after that goal to Dan Butler. Dustin Martin had a few crucial involvements in the build-up – they just can’t tackle that man.

8.23am BST

AFL Q4 19:33 remaining Richmond 7.13 (55) v Carlton 6.7 (43)

We’re back on in the final term at the MCG and Grimes, under pressure, boots the ball out on the full. Gibbs has a chance to get his team closer, but misses.

8.21am BST

NRL H2 49:40 Cronulla Sharks 12-19 Manly Sea Eagles

It’s three-quarter-time in the AFL, so I’m checking in on the NRL. Maloney’s kick is too heavy and goes beyond the dead ball line. Opportunity goes begging for the Sharks, but they’re back in it thanks to a try to Feki in his 100th game before the long break.

8.15am BST

AFL Q3 00:34 remaining Richmond 7.13 (55) v Carlton 6.6 (42)

Casboult gets one back for the Blues to get them back within 13 points. No problems with the set shot that time. This one looked to be slipping away from them, but credit to Carlton – they’re right back in it, at least on the scoreboard.

8.11am BST

AFL Q3 02:58 remaining Richmond 7.13 (55) v Carlton 5.6 (36)

GOAL to the Tigers after Dustin Martin passes off to Jack Riewoldt. He took that mark deep in the forward line after Lambert’s long bomb in. Lambert ignored Riewoldt who was free – he’ll be glad Martin passed it off to him in the end.

8.08am BST

AFL Q3 04:58 remaining Richmond 6.13 (49) v Carlton 5.6 (36)

Just not sure the Blues have the firepower in the forward line to win this one. They have struggled to convert their inside 50s. The Tigers have too, but are using the ball better around the ground, and as a result have had much more inside 50s.

8.01am BST

AFL Q3 10:05 remaining Richmond 6.12 (48) v Carlton 5.5 (35)

This game has gone up another notch. Carlton’s pressure on the ball carrier is brilliant, but the Tigers look like they can handle it.

7.57am BST

AFL Q3 13:32 remaining Richmond 6.12 (48) v Carlton 5.3 (33)

Shai Bolton finishes up some brilliant Tiger work in the 50. The Blues defenders did everything they could to stop that one, but weight of numbers was telling in the end.

7.54am BST

AFL Q3 14:54 remaining Richmond 5.12 (42) v Carlton 5.3 (33)

Jacob Weitering is receiving some heavy treatment on the bench for the Blues. They won’t want to lose him after losing Lamb earlier.

7.52am BST

AFL Q3 16:24 remaining Richmond 5.11 (41) v Carlton 5.3 (33)

Castagna takes a diving mark running backwards into the 50 – that was set up for Jack Riewoldt but he stole it from him. He’d want to convert. He doesn’t. Might want to avoid Jack for a while.

7.49am BST

AFL Q3 18:25 remaining Richmond 5.10 (40) v Carlton 5.3 (33)

Kreuzer is on the board for his second with an agile pick up and goal on the run from 30m out. He’s moving well and in career-best form – no surprise that that has coincided with the Blues’ resurgence.

7.46am BST

NRL H2 32:40 Cronulla Sharks 6-18 Manly Sea Eagles

A brilliant intercept and run from Luke Lewis gets the Sharks on the board! I’ll have to get back to the AFL now, but thought you might want to see that one.

Lewis for the intercept! Loves it.@Cronulla_Sharks on the board. #NRLSharksManly 6-18 after 31 minutes. #NRL pic.twitter.com/3YhFn16Ezb

7.40am BST

NRL H2 25:13 Cronulla Sharks 0-18 Manly Sea Eagles

Here’s that Trbojevic pass which sets up Sironen for his second. Cronulla outscore teams 28-11 in second halves, but they’ve got a long way to come back from in this one. That said, the Dragons just did it against the Knights (admittedly not the same kind of opposition).

Sironen makes it 2 ✌️#NRLSharksManly 0-18 after 24 minutes. #NRL pic.twitter.com/s3t865Uue5

7.38am BST

NRL H2 24:10 Cronulla Sharks 0-18 Manly Sea Eagles

Cronulla’s slow starts, and difficulties at home, seem to be continuing. The latest try goes to Curtis Sironen who has started on fire. Trbojevic was again involved in that one with a deft inside pass – as he was in the last, which he set up for Matthew Wright.

7.29am BST

AFL Half-time Richmond 5.10 (40) v Carlton 4.2 (26)

Just on cue, Cotchin marks deep in the forward line, on a tight angle, after nice lead-up kick by Houli. He misses, however, to the near side.

7.22am BST

AFL Q2 03:57 remaining Richmond 5.8 (38) v Carlton 4.2 (26)

A man by the name of Dustin Martin is dominating the clearances but his captain Trent Cotchin has been well blanketed by Carlton’s star youngster Patrick Cripps. Cotchin has only had the one disposal this term.

7.20am BST

AFL Q2 05:03 remaining Richmond 5.7 (37) v Carlton 4.2 (26)

Tigers take full advantage of the overlap, running the ball into 50 and forcing a holding the ball decision against Smedts as he tries to clear the 50. That’s three goals in a row for the Tigers.

7.18am BST

AFL Q2 06:25 remaining Richmond 4.7 (31) v Carlton 4.2 (26)

Six intercept possessions now to Rance, while Casboult is dominating in the air for the Blues. I had thought the Blues looked more stagnant, which is confirmed with the stat that they’re only playing on 12% of the time, compared to 33% for the Tigers.

7.16am BST

AFL Q2 08:00 remaining Richmond 4.7 (31) v Carlton 4.2 (26)

Dustin Martin misses a low-percentage shot from the boundary, and it’s another point to the Tigers. Their pressure is up another notch, though.

7.11am BST

AFL Q2 11:15 remaining Richmond 4.6 (30) v Carlton 4.2 (26)

Richmond dominating inside 50s in #AFLTigersBlues, but haven’t taken full advantage. https://t.co/52f71OtluR pic.twitter.com/VkLk5TSsp7

7.09am BST

AFL Q2 12:02 remaining Richmond 4.5 (29) v Carlton 4.2 (26)

Martin to Riewoldt on a nice lead 50 m out, who passes off to Edwards for a gain of 10m. He misses. That’s twice Riewoldt has passed off, for two points.

7.07am BST

AFL Q2 13:35 remaining Richmond 4.4 (28) v Carlton 4.2 (26)

Have received confirmation that Jed Lamb won’t return to the field, not that that comes as much of a surprise. Rance is up to five intercept possessions already and is causing headaches for the Blues.

7.04am BST

AFL Q2 16:30 remaining Richmond 4.3 (27) v Carlton 4.2 (26)

Back on at the MCG and the Tigers hit the front after a goal to Jack Riewoldt. The ball travels quickly back down the other end and Casboult takes another contested mark, but misses. He’s still looking dangerous.

7.00am BST

Can you believe it? The Knights were run over by the Dragons after four second-half tries to none. Nightingale scored a hattrick with his third in the 58th minute. Wouldn’t you hate to be a Knights fan? I’m sorry, Knights fans.

6.57am BST

Despite having only one fit man on the bench, the Cats have run down the Dockers at Simonds Stadium in the last quarter for a two-point win. The Cats lost their skipper Joel Selwood, defender Tom Stewart and forward Darcy Lang but weren’t to be denied.

Michael Walters missed a last-second shot at goal that would have won the game for the Dockers.

6.53am BST

AFL Quarter-time Richmond 3.3 (21) v Carlton 4.1 (25)

It’s a closer one here, as anticipated. Contested, desperate footy between the two rivals that so far is living up to expectation.

6.51am BST

AFL Q1 00:57 remaining Richmond 3.3 (21) v Carlton 4.1 (25)

Great team goal there from the Tigers – finished off by Brandon Ellis. That was non-stop play on from half-back. Good composure from Ellis to nail it on his non-preferred.

6.47am BST

AFL Q1 03:56 remaining Richmond 2.2 (15) v Carlton 4.1 (25)

Casboult takes another big contested mark – admittedly it looked like a textbook push in the back. He even looked at the umpire sheepishly before being given the OK. Passes over the top to Thomas for an easy goal – to the boos of the Tigers’ supporters.

6.44am BST

AFL Q1 06:05 remaining Richmond 2.2 (15) v Carlton 3.1 (19)

Rioli misses another on the run. Here’s the report on Houli – judge for yourself!

VIDEO: Bachar Houli has been reported for this incident https://t.co/2ki3x9S1IL #AFLTigersBlues pic.twitter.com/iY7uodMVer

6.43am BST

AFL Q1 06:39 remaining Richmond 2.2 (14) v Carlton 3.1 (19)

Castagna is causing all kinds of problems for the Blues. He took another inside 50 mark, and passed of to Caddy who then shanked the kick and set up a Carlton turnover – resulting in a free to Casboult down the other end. He nails it – which will be great for his historically shaky confidence. That’s your classic 2-goal turnaround.

6.41am BST

AFL Q1 08:11 remaining Richmond 2.2 (14) v Carlton 2.1 (13)

Castagna gets his second for the Tigers, driling that one from 45m out on the run after their stars in Rance, Martin and then Cotchin set him up.

6.40am BST

AFL Q1 08:55 remaining Richmond 1.2 (8) v Carlton 2.1 (13)

Kreuzer takes another mark inside 50 – he’s causing headaches for the Richmond defence, even if Nankervis is contesting well in the ruck. He misses to the right.

6.37am BST

AFL Q1 10:54 remaining Richmond 1.2 (8) v Carlton 2.0 (12)

Free kick 5m out to Jason Castagna after Lachie Plowman got him high around the neck. The Tigers are on the board.

6.33am BST

AFL Q1 12:50 remaining Richmond 0.2 (2) v Carlton 2.0 (12)

There’s been a report made on Bachar Houli for a shepherd off the ball on Jed Lamb who is out cold. Thankfully he’s up and walking now.

Big Kreuz has the Blues on the board early. #AFLTigersBlues pic.twitter.com/g8gLOYWfCI

6.30am BST

AFL Q1 13:32 remaining Richmond 0.2 (2) v Carlton 2.0 (12)

Great, ferocious repeat tackles there from Daniel Rioli on Smedts, but he pokes the set shot through for a point only.

6.29am BST

AFL Q1 15:12 remaining Richmond 0.1 (1) v Carlton 2.0 (12)

Matthew Wright gets one high from Dustin Martin. He took his full 30 there. How good was that run down of Shaun Higgins from Jake Stringer last night?

6.26am BST

AFL Q1 16:41 remaining Richmond 0.1 (1) v Carlton 1.0 (6)

Jack Riewoldt dished off that one to Grigg – don’t see that often. Grigg would’ve liked to get one on the board against his old side, but he misses.

6.24am BST

AFL Q1 17:47 remaining Richmond 0.0 (0) v Carlton 1.0 (6)

Beauty of a roving goal there from the big, in-form man in Matthew Kreuzer. Noone waiting on the goal line meant he could scramble one through.

6.21am BST

AFL Q1 19:01 remaining Richmond 0.0 (0) v Carlton 0.0 (0)

We’re under way. Liam Jones had taken Jack Riewoldt as I predicted. Remember this Carlton banner from Round 1? I reckon only Danny McGinlay can pull those off…

Just a reminder from Round 1 to motivate the boys…#AFLTigersBlues #GoDusty pic.twitter.com/uSUJd66nNH

6.15am BST

AFL Richmond v Carlton

The bounce is just over five minutes away, and there are no late chances to either team.

The @NRL_Dragons hit back through @joel_thompson12!#NRLDragonsKnights 16-28 after 48 minutes. #NRL pic.twitter.com/MyfFHOzsAd

6.08am BST

NRL H2 43:25 St George Illawarra 10-28 Newcastle Knights

I’ll leave this one here now too, but there’s no hiding for the Dragons in this one – they’re staring at their third-straight loss: this time to the cellar-dwelling Knights. Lamb added another penalty conversion before the half to rocket the Knights to a huge half-time score and lead.

6.01am BST

AFL Q3 05:04 remaining Geelong 6.7 (43) v Fremantle 10.4 (64)

I might leave this game here as we move to the Tigers v Blues clash, but the Cats score through Sam Menegola after peppering the 50. Hawkins kicked one out on the full, but some slack defending lets Menegola through. Freo still well on top for mine.

5.55am BST


For those just joining, I’ll be covering the Tigers v Blues clash today, which will start at 3:20pm AEST. In the meantime, I’m previewing some of the week’s news, as well as taking you around the grounds to update the AFL and NRL clashes happening at the moment.

So I’m saying it loud and clear. Myself and @PickenLiam stand with the trans community. pic.twitter.com/G5jcMbfgtT

5.47am BST

AFL Q3 14:19 remaining Geelong 5.6 (36) v Fremantle 9.3 (57)

Cats finally got one back through Tuohy, but Fremantle are well on top. Geelong look to have three out – Darcy Lang is getting his calf strapped, while Selwood and Tom Stewart are both off with head knocks.

5.41am BST

NRL H1 30:54 St George Illawarra 10-22 Newcastle Knights

Unbelievable run of scoring from the Knights here at Kogarah. Nathan Ross has a hattrick in the first half after a drop ball from the Dragons. That’s the first for his career, and he has 6 tries in 4 games against the Dragons. That was just after Fitzgibbon crossed over (below).

Fitzgibbon crashes over!#NRLDragonsKnights 10-18 after 27 minutes. #NRL pic.twitter.com/GQbCQdUk7V

5.33am BST


Speaking of NRL, AAP are reporting that the Sydney Roosters want to develop a long-term deal to continue playing NRL games in Adelaide, after Saturday’s clash with the Melbourne Storm drew more than 21,000 fans. The fans were treated to a classic, golden-point win by the Roosters, with a long-range bomb from the much-maligned Mitchell Pearce deciding the contest.

5.29am BST

NRL H1 22:10 St George Illawarra 10-12 Newcastle

Newcastle have hit the lead in the NRL clash between the Dragons and Knights. Nathan Ross in for Newcastle – twice! Lamb converts both times. They’ll be pleased with the scoreline after being completely outclassed in the first 10-15 minutes. The second was set up by a long run from Origin hero Gagai.

They can’t stop @rossdog4!#NRLDragonsKnights 10-6 after 20 minutes. #NRL pic.twitter.com/mh6IUubkXU

5.26am BST


Roger Federer has continued his incredible comeback to set up a much-anticipated final at Halle against the up-and-coming German Alexander Zverev. Zverev, only 20 but as exciting as that other famous German – Boris Becker – was in the beginning of his career, beat Federer in the semi-finals of the same tournament last year, when he was only a teenager. But this is a revived Federer, who is gearing up for his favourite tournament of all –Wimbledon – where he is seven-times champion. I’m backing him in to make it eight.

5.23am BST

America’s Cup

In news from Bermuda, Jimmy Spithill has skippered defending champions Oracle Team USA to its first victory of the America’ s Cup first-to-seven regatta. Race six was reportedly a thriller, with Oracle winning by 11 seconds – the closest margin of the contest so far. The win cuts Team New Zealand’ s lead to 4-1; the leaders have actually won 5 races, but started with a negative point because Oracle won the qualifiers. Race 7 and 8 are happening tomorrow.

5.20am BST


Alright, I’m going to take us around what’s happening in other sports/what happened overnight while we wait for the Tigers v Blues game to start.

5.16am BST

NRL H1 11:12 St George Illawarra 10-0 Newcastle

Nightingale almost had a hattrick with another kick from Widdop. Newcastle looking like witches hats at the moment.

Nightingale has a double and brings up 100 #NRL tries!#NRLDragonsKnights #NRL pic.twitter.com/7CwxEVNPbn

5.15am BST

NRL H1 8:37 St George Illawarra 10-0 Newcastle

Not a good start for the Knights, with the Dragons scoring early through Nightingale. That’s his 99th career try – involving that man I just spoke about, Josh Dugan.

Through the hands for Nightingale to score! #NRLDragonsKnights #NRL pic.twitter.com/EhIfV3dY7f

5.08am BST


Although I’ll be covering the Tigers v Blues today, we have two NRL games happening. The Dragons and Knights are entering Jubilee Oval as we speak. It’s good to see Josh Dugan back for the Dragons after NSW’s Origin II heartbreak. It’s hard to believe that the Blues found a way to lose that one, after the 16-6 lead at half-time. NSW fans (and many others) thought Dugan was a little unlucky after Darius Boyd appeared to tackle him as he chased a Mitchell Pearce cross-field in the 47th minute. In any event, the Sharks will be looking forward to him playing in their colours in 2018.

5.03am BST

AFL Q2 11:30 remaining Geelong 2.3 (15) v Fremantle 5.2 (32)

This game hasn’t started as the Cats would’ve liked, particularly with this knock to their skipper Joel Selwood in the opening minute of the game. He’s out and won’t return for the rest of the game. All the momentum is with the Dockers at the moment.

Joel Selwood has left the field following this head clash with Hayden Ballantyne. #AFLCatsFreo pic.twitter.com/qDFHPHn2TY

5.00am BST

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Sunday edition of Guardian Sportwatch. I’m Kate O’Halloran, and here we keep up to date with what’s happening in the world of Australian sport, whatever your preferred shape of ball, with our rolling liveblog. Don’t forget to tweet us @GdnAusSport and use the hashtag #sportwatch.

Today I’ll be taking you through the Tigers v Blues Clash at the MCG which should draw a massive crowd (estimates are at around 80,000+) given the large supporter bases both clubs boast, as well as their fierce rivalry. The ladder positions of these two (Richmond 6th, Carlton 15th currently) belie what a close match it should be. Richmond have won the last five matches between these clubs, and also sit much higher on the ladder, but it is the Blues who are in form. They won an epic against flag favourites GWS a couple of weeks ago (by a point) and followed it up with last week’s impressive away win over the improving Gold Coast. Some of their key players are in full-flight, including the would-be-Crow Bryce Gibbs, injury-free Marc Murphy, star defender Sam Docherty and reborn Liam Jones. Jones has had two big scalps in the past two weeks in Jon Patton (2 goals) and Tom Lynch (no goals, 1 behind and 1 mark) and may line up on Jack Riewoldt. I’m looking forward to that one, should it eventuate.

6.27am BST

Kate will be here shortly. In the meantime, have a read of this nice piece by Russell Jackson, on the impact the AFLW is having:

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Jun 19

The power of AFL football: Pride game helps foster change in country Victoria | Kate O’Halloran

Footy has a special capacity to raise political issues in a way that is amenable to changing community attitudes, as demonstrated in Hamilton at the weekend

By his own admission, Lachlan Beaton was the kind of footballer who participated in the macho culture that has stereotypically been attributed to men’s AFL. Playing (and later coaching) for the University of Melbourne’s Uni Blacks, he worked hard to be “one of the boys”, and admits to using homophobic slurs on the field to try and assert his own masculinity.

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And, some happy snaps from the Hamilton town centre going rainbow for Gay That’s OK Pride & Inclusion game. Who knew eternity was forever? pic.twitter.com/2Yr5AFJmYE

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Jun 11

Carlton beat GWS in thriller, Roosters down Tigers: Australia sportwatch – as it happened

9.15am BST

That’s all for today, thanks for joining me for this mini version of our Sportwatch blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed my commentary on what turned out to be a thriller between Carlton and GWS at Etihad. Nice to see the underdogs get the win over the Giants. Looking forward to seeing you here again on another weekend soon. Don’t forget the hashtag #sportwatch and to tweet us @GdnAusSport.

9.07am BST

It’s all over at Campbelltown Stadium after the Tigers failed to capitalise on a competitive first half. It’s hard to see what more they can do to get that breakthrough win. Mitchell Pearce (below) was in career-best form for the Roosters and finished with two tries, while Guerra and Watson also scored two. That’s four from their last five as they head into the bye next week.

8.58am BST

NRL 77th minute 18-40 Tigers v Roosters

Tigers just scored a consolation try through Sue but are well adrift in this one.

Vision of the @WestsTigers Try Decision in the 76th minute of #NRLTigersRoosters.#NRL pic.twitter.com/845js6QlIz

8.51am BST

Blues win an absolute thriller by a point. The Giants finally fail to steal one at the death after making a habit of it all season. They were metres away from scoring at least a point with seconds left; they’ll be bitterly disappointed. But this win is all about the Blues, what a win for the fledgling team.

I’ll check in on the NRL before we wrap up.

8.47am BST

AFL Q4 01:20 remaining Carlton 10.11 (71) v GWS 9.16 (70)

Carlton up by a point after Fisher misses a relatively easy one. Minute and a half remaining and the Giants have the ball, Whitfield out in plenty of space.

8.46am BST

AFL Q4 02:27 remaining Carlton 10.10 (70) v GWS 9.16 (70)

A rare error from Josh Kelly as he puts the ball out on the full despite having a few lead-up targets. The ball goes straight down the other end of the ground to Casboult. He misses. Scores level.

8.44am BST

AFL Q4 05:15 remaining Carlton 10.9 (69) v GWS 9.16 (70)

The Giants can’t convert – even through late-game specialist Toby Greene. He has missed two in the space of two minutes.

8.39am BST

AFL Q4 07:54 remaining Carlton 10.9 (69) v GWS 9.13 (67)

Dylan Shiel – who looks like a match winner – lines up for goal and slots it from 30m out. I sense a heartbreaker for the Blues, but that might be because I’m conditioned to expect the worst as a Bulldogs supporter.

8.35am BST

AFL Q4 10:56 remaining Carlton 10.8 (68) v GWS 8.13 (61)

Carlton get one back through Matthew Wright after Dale Thomas assessed the situation well and waited for Wright to present. He kicks it from 45m out. Crowd are getting into this one.

8.31am BST

AFL Q4 12:48 remaining Carlton 9.8 (62) v GWS 8.13 (61)

Some controversy ensues after Heath Shaw appeared to be holding the ball. The Giants then get it to Greene inside 50 who appeared to play on. He hits the post from the toughest of angles almost 50m out. There’s a single point in it.

8.28am BST

AFL Q4 15:20 remaining Carlton 9.7 (61) v GWS 8.11 (59)

He converts a wobbly one. The Blues are back in front. We’re goal for goal at the moment.

8.27am BST

AFL Q4 16:04 remaining Carlton 8.7 (55) v GWS 8.11 (59)

Back on at Etihad. The Giants are back in front after a Dustin Martin-like goal to Dylan Shiel. He fends off Bryce Gibbs, and follows up his handball to Scully before getting on the end of a snap goal. He’s second only to Docherty in metres gained today and has 25 disposals.

8.18am BST

NRL 43rd minute 12-22 Tigers v Roosters

What a start to the second half by the Roosters. They’re out to a ten point lead after a try to a familiar Tigers foe in Mitchell Pearce – that’s 11 in his last 15 games against Wests.

8.15am BST

AFL three-quarter-time Carlton 8.7 (55) v GWS 7.9 (51)

It’s a thriller here at Etihad, stay tuned for the final quarter as I go round the grounds briefly.

8.13am BST

AFL Q3 01:15 remaining Carlton 8.7 (55) v GWS 7.9 (51)

Kreuzer lines up for a goal after a tough, contested mark and puts it out on the full. It’s a real stalemate at Etihad at the moment. These teams are second and second-last on the AFL ladder, but you wouldn’t know it. This is shaping up like classic.

It wasn’t pretty, but the result was exactly what the Giants needed. The ex-Docker de Boer finished it off. #AFLBluesGiants pic.twitter.com/WS6rtQAc9M

8.05am BST

AFL Q3 06:18 remaining Carlton 8.6 (54) v GWS 7.9 (51)

Fantastic goal there from the Giants, they evaded tackles and handballed over the Carlton defence about five times before they finally converted through Matt de Boer. That was just weight of numbers and pressure then.

8.01am BST

AFL Q3 08:47 remaining Carlton 8.6 (54) v GWS 6.8 (44)

Toby Greene is playing like a frustrated man – he keeps swearing every time the ball eludes him, much to the delight of the Carlton fans on the boundary. The Giants in general look frustrated at only their second game in Melbourne. Things aren’t going their way today, as the ball bounces off Mumford’s chest.

7.55am BST

AFL Q3 12:28 remaining Carlton 8.6 (54) v GWS 6.8 (44)

Free kick to Charlie Curnow but he misses from 15 out, but Kreuzer converts after a free kick against Taranto for a ruck infringement. Strange one as the two umpires reached different conclusions – one awarding the free to the Giants.

7.50am BST

NRL 32nd minute 12-16 Tigers v Roosters

And that’s Tedesco over for his first try in 11 games. Tigers back within 4 points now after the conversion. I’ll head back to the AFL now.

7.48am BST


Just before we get back to the AFL, it looks like Socceroos defender Trent Sainsbury is unhappy with the Australian public and media over their criticism of the national team. This is after their 3-2 win over Saudi Arabia, also notable for the minute’s silence debacle.

7.44am BST

NRL 28th minute 6-16 Tigers v Roosters

A try to Guerra for the Roosters after the review. That’s his first try for the season. Pearce involved again in that passage of play, he’s on fire with precision passing. And a straightforward conversion to Gordon.

7.39am BST

NRL 24th minute 6-10 Tigers v Roosters

And Naiqama takes out some of the cheer squad… hope they’re OK.

#NRLTigersRoosters #9WWOS pic.twitter.com/wkqqDevFA7

7.38am BST

NRL 23rd minute 6-10 Tigers v Roosters

Judge for yourself on the (seemingly) late hit. Meanwhile Jake Friend has been ruled out of the game after some friendly fire earlier in the game.

Was this a late hit? #NRLTigersRoosters #9WWOS pic.twitter.com/1ZiUS1JEaf

7.36am BST

NRL 20th minute 6-10 Tigers v Roosters

Tuimoala Lolohea unlucky there after he was clearly blocked – was it a shoulder charge from Gordon? He scored the first try for the Tigers who are now pressing after that run of tries from the Roosters.

7.29am BST

NRL 12th minute 6-10 Tigers v Roosters

That’s two in a minute to the Roosters. Mitchell slices through and puts Watson over. No such mistake this time from Gordon.

Gordon adds the 2!#NRLTigersRoosters 6-10 after 14 minutes. #NRL pic.twitter.com/qW1CAJ1xJr

7.28am BST

NRL 10th minute 6-4 Tigers v Roosters

Gordon misses a rare conversion in the 10th minute after Roosters immediately answered an early Tigers try.

Pinpoint precision from Pearce sees @Fergyferg4 score!#NRLTigersRoosters 6-4 after 10 minutes. #NRL pic.twitter.com/4O2B8ikc5H

7.24am BST

AFL half-time Carlton 7.4 (46) v GWS 5.8 (38)

Fiery game here at Etihad, not much love lost between these two sides. The story so far is the form of Liam Jones (has he been played out of position all along? Or is this yet another show of fleeting brilliance?) The Blues are up and about and look on track for a stunning upset.

7.20am BST

AFL Q2 03:13 remaining Carlton 7.2 (44) v GWS 5.8 (38)

Few punches being thrown here, surprise surprise Steve Johnson in the thick of it. Will be interesting to see what the MRP makes of it in the aftermath.

7.13am BST

AFL Q2 08:40 remaining Carlton 6.2 (38) v GWS 5.6 (36)

Blues get the lead back with a nice mark and goal from David Cunningham (his second). Look to have found a player in a man playing only his sixth game.

7.10am BST

AFL Q2 10:21 remaining Carlton 5.2 (32) v GWS 5.6 (36)

Great work there from Tim Taranto, smothered one, got a high free-kick and kicked a beauty from 40 out, tight angle. He’s holding his spot in a brilliant side.

7.08am BST

AFL Q2 11:25 remaining Carlton 5.2 (32) v GWS 4.6 (30)

Now a snap goal to Ward and they’re right back in it. Midfield – Shiel in particular – looking dangerous. Whitfield has another shot now from 40 out, tight angle, but misses everything. Still in side the Giants’ 50. They’re pressing.

7.05am BST

AFL Q2 12:56 remaining Carlton 5.2 (32) v GWS 3.6 (24)

Beautiful contested mark and goal from Jeremy Cameron outside 50 goes against the flow of play and momentum. That’s the Giants for you. Carlton will have to be at their best all day for this to be an upset.

7.00am BST

AFL Q2 16:11 remaining Carlton 5.1 (31) v GWS 2.6 (18)

Some ferocious tackling here from the Blues. I’ve been impressed with their endeavour. Plowman in particular seemed to delight in dumping one of his old teammates.

6.55am BST


Since the NRL hasn’t started, just a quick update from AAP on the AFL. Jarrod Harbrow (Gold Coast Suns) will miss another match next week as part of his drink driving punishment, which means he’ll miss the round 13 home game against Carlton. He’s also making a donation to charity (admittedly only $5000) and will have to enrol in a traffic offenders program.

6.51am BST


The game between Wests Tigers and the Roosters in Campbelltown hasn’t quite started yet, but there are a couple of late outs which the Tigers will welcome.

See all the changes and final teams for both sides for #NRLTigersRoosters!

TEAMS ≫ https://t.co/L7IMTaYzSp pic.twitter.com/ep1GrbbAM0

6.50am BST

AFL Quarter-time: Carlton 4.1 (25) v GWS 2.6 (18)

Toby Greene hits the post after a snap around the corner, and Liam Jones takes a beautiful intercept mark after Heath Shaw sends the Giants inside 50. A quick turnaround sees David Cunningham kick one just after the siren. The Blues mean business today.

6.46am BST

AFL Q1 02:16 remaining Carlton 3.1 (19) v GWS 2.5 (17)

Beauty from Ed Curnow in the pocket after a brave Sam Docherty kick opened the Giants up through the middle.

6.45am BST

AFL Q1 03:10 remaining Carlton 2.1 (13) v GWS 2.4 (16)

Tight contest at the moment, Blues are keeping the Giants accountable, although they’d be concerned about the numbers Kelly and Johnson are racking up.

Jon Patton collides with the post. #AFLBluesGiants pic.twitter.com/5MdWz4mhRZ

6.40am BST

AFL Q1 06:56 remaining Carlton 2.1 (13) v GWS 2.3 (15)

Injury alert: Jon Patton looks in trouble here after landing into the goalpost, back first. Phil Davis also landed awkwardly on an angle, and is undergoing a fitness test.

6.35am BST

AFL Q1 09:56 remaining Carlton 2.1 (13) v GWS 1.2 (8)

Here’s that Matthew Wright dribbler.

Matthew Wright got the right bounce as the Blues stormed forward. #AFLBluesGiants pic.twitter.com/Qre0moNWy9

6.31am BST

AFL Q1 13:09 remaining Carlton 2.1 (13) v GWS 1.1 (7)

Jack Silvagni sets up Matthew Wright for a running goal. Wright was in plenty of space and with plenty of time and chose to dribble it from an angle about 5 meters out. Lucky it dribbled through.

6.28am BST

AFL Q1 14:49 remaining Carlton 1.1 (7) v GWS 1.0 (6)

Speaking of maligned names, Levi Casboult is on the board for the Blues. GWS midfielders getting a lot of it though: Shiel, Kelly, Ward, the usual suspects.

6.26am BST

AFL Q1 15:51 remaining Carlton 0.1 (1) v GWS 1.0 (6)

Who else but Matthew Kreuzer marks in front of goal – but misses. Some maligned names put together that one, with Daisy Thomas setting up Kreuzer after Liam Jones peeled off Patton in the back half. Jones getting a cheer every time he gets the ball.

6.23am BST

AFL Q1 18:24 remaining Carlton 0.0 (0) v GWS 1.0 (6)

We’re underway here at Etihad, and there’s a bit of feeling in this one. None other than Toby Greene in the middle of the scuffle.

6.19am BST


Just before we get into the AFL, have a read of this amazing story about Jelena Ostapenko, who won the women’s French Open title in just her eighth grand slam event, unseeded. She is the first unseeded woman to win the French Open since Iva Majoli of Crotia in 1997 and the first Latvian to win a grand slam singles title. She’s also the first person to win their first tour title at a grand slam since Gustavo Kuerten in 1997. She defeated none other than Simona Halep, the pre-tournament favourite who would have made it to No1 had she won, to do it.

6.14am BST


Not far from the siren here at the Etihad, the Blues will be ready for the contest with Matthew Kreuzer playing his 150th today. He’s enjoying a career-best string of form at the moment, and is the heart of this footy club.

Get ready for Sunday afternoon football Follow #AFLBluesGiants on the Macca’s Match Centre: https://t.co/YUEGAlBD6y pic.twitter.com/pFhqBCWFRn

6.12am BST


Speaking of England, the national football side escaped with a lucky draw over Scotland thanks to Harry Kane’s 93-minute equaliser in the World Cup Qualifiers. Scotland manager Gordon Strachan said the game “felt like a defeat” and described it as “probably the most emotional game of my managerial career” with the team now stuck in fourth in Group F. Scotland had raced to the lead with two Leigh Griffith free-kicks finding the back of the net, the first left and the second right of Joe Hart.

6.10am BST

Rugby Union

Some very sad news in local Rugby Union, with a Warringah Rats rugby player dying during a match in Sydney yesterday.

6.04am BST


For those who aren’t aware yet, Australia was knocked out of the Champions Trophy last night by England at Edgbaston. The match was decided on the Duckworth-Lewis method, after rain affected the game, with England declared winners by 40 runs. Ben Stokes scored a brilliant century and Eoin Morgan slogged his way to 87 off 81. Stokes was 102 not out when the match was abandoned in the 41st over with England 4-240. England were close to victory, with Australia setting a total of 278 to win. Top-scorers included Steve Smith (56) and Aaron Finch (68) while Glenn Maxwell fell to an impressive boundary catch from Jason Roy on 21. The Australians then lost 5 for a measly 15. Their bowlers fired early, with Starc dismissing Jason Roy on the second ball of the innings, but Morgan was dropped on 12 in what was a sloppy day for the Australians in the field.

6.01am BST

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to this low-key version of Sunday’s Guardian Australia Sportwatch. I’m Kate O’Halloran. Here at Sportwatch we keep you up to date with what’s happening in the world of Australian sport, whatever your preferred shape of ball, with our rolling liveblog. Remember to Tweet us @GuardianAus and use the hashtag #sportwatch.

I wouldn’t say today’s lineup is full of blockbusters, although I will stay with the Carlton v GWS AFL game for its entirety, and keep you updated with the Wests Tigers v Roosters match happening at the same time. Shortly, I’ll also check out the Wires to let you know what news has emerged overnight.

3.14am BST

Kate will be here shortly. In the meantime, read how a young Australian entered the French Open history books overnight:

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May 27

Australia sportwatch: Tigers win Dreamtime clash; Super Netball and more – live!

2.05pm BST

2.00pm BST

OK I’ll start wrapping up proceedings after a huge day of sport with our usual themes.

AFL: Dreamtime at the ‘G was a highlight in its 21st instalment, with over 85,000 packing the MCG for Sir Doug Nicholls’ Indigenous round. The Tigers came out on top in what was a pulsating encounter between these two powerhouse teams. Earlier in the day, the Dees easily accounted for a disappointing Suns after the Suns started brightly in Alice Springs, while the Dogs got back on track with a comfortable win over the Saints. The night ended with a total boilover in Adelaide, with the Crows thumping the Dockers by 100 points.

Here’s why Tiger fans are enamored with Shai Bolton. #AFLTigersDons pic.twitter.com/wI5bpmm5lV

So…David Myers just tackled his own team mate #AFLTigersDons pic.twitter.com/Gt4HbNjw1s

#NRLcrocby The run from PaulGallen13.

The extra point from chadtownsend10!#NRLSharksBulldogs#NRL pic.twitter.com/jbCbF0jBXX from NRL

1.23pm BST

Absolute thumping by the Crows over the Dockers in Adelaide. Ross Lyon has never coached a side that has lost by 100 points or more – until now. The Crouch brothers set the win up for the Crows, as did Rory Sloane. Eddie Betts was at his scintillating best, kicking three goals while Andy Otten bagged four.

Ross Lyon looked to have some stern words with his players after the siren.

1.16pm BST

This from Wires (AAP) on the Rebels v Crusaders clash at AAMI Park:

The Melbourne Rebels have become the latest Super Rugby roadkill for the ladder-leading Crusaders, falling to a 41-19 defeat. Heaping more misery on the hapless Rebels, their Wallaby backrower Sean McMahon appeared to have broken his arm to end his hopes of playing in Australia’s Test series next month. McMahon was playing only his third game of the season after returning from injury but went down after making a tackle in the 73rd minute and was escorted from the field by medical staff.

1.01pm BST

After three consecutive losses under a goal, the Tigers are back with a hard-fought win against the Bombers in front of a huge home and away crowd at the MCG. They threatened to lose another tight one after failing to capitalise on the many opportunities, they created, but finally held on as the rain trickled down on the Dreamtime clash. That’s their sixth win after they started with five-straight.

The Bombers will be proud of their efforts, but will surely be disappointed after such a convincing win against the Eagles last week.

12.51pm BST

AFL: Q4 01:50 remaining Tigers 11.15 (81) v Dons 10.6 (66)

Nankervis nails a goal from 50m out to put the Tigers up by 15 points. They’re safe from here.

12.51pm BST

AFL: Q4 02:08 remaining Tigers 10.15 (75) v Dons 10.6 (66)

The Tigers go up by 9 points with just over 2 minutes to go. Surely they can’t lose it from here.

12.47pm BST

AFL: Q4 05:32 remaining Tigers 10.12 (72) v Dons 10.6 (66)

85,656 here for this match as it starts to rain. That’s the biggest Saturday night home and away crowd in AFL history.

12.40pm BST

AFL: Q4 10:05 remaining Tigers 10.12 (72) v Dons 10.6 (66)

The crowd has been waiting for McDonald-Tipungwuti to do something special all night – but he misses from 10m out under pressure. Riewoldt lines up for goal at the other end of the ground and slots his 21st Dreamtime goal. The Tigers are up by a goal.

12.33pm BST

AFL: Q4 15:50 remaining Tigers 9.12 (66) v Dons 10.4 (64)

Two points in it. This is set up for a thriller. The TIgers can’t lose another one at the death, can they?

12.25pm BST

This from Wires on the last-minute win by the Sharks:

A powerhouse performance from skipper Paul Gallen inspired Cronulla to a thrilling 9-8 comeback NRL win over Canterbury in front of their biggest crowd in half a decade. Gallen twice came up with critical plays to set up Saturday night’s victory, including a 25-metre run in the lead-up to Chad Townsend’s 78th-minute field goal that broke an 8-8 deadlock. The former NSW State of Origin skipper also turned the game when, with his team down by six points with 13 minutes to play, he picked up a grubber in-goal and just managed to force his way back into the field of play. With four stars away on Origin duty, Gallen – playing in his first club game during Origin since 2010 – finished with a team-high 181 metres and three tackle breaks.

#NRLcrocby The run from PaulGallen13.

The extra point from chadtownsend10!#NRLSharksBulldogs#NRL pic.twitter.com/jbCbF0jBXX from NRL

12.20pm BST

AFL: Q3 01:47 remaining Tigers 9.12 (66) v Dons 10.3 (63)

Guess who? Dustin Martin creates another goal for Brandon Ellis after motoring away from his opponent and pulling the ball back inside 50. Richmond are dominating possession. Hard to believe they are only 3 points in front.

12.11pm BST

AFL: Q3 06:44 remaining Tigers 8.11 (59) v Dons 10.2 (62)

Brilliant chase by Richmond youngster Shai Bolton leads to a Shaun Grigg shot at goal, but it falls just short. Martin finally snaps a goal for the Tigers. He’s up to 25 disposals.

12.07pm BST

AFL: Q3 11:03 remaining Tigers 7.11 (53) v Dons 10.2 (62)

Excellent goal to David Zaharakis. Essendon’s efficiency with 10.2 is the difference at the moment. The Tigers have had plenty of chances, Caddy and Riewoldt in particular, but they need to start converting to stay in touch with the Bombers.

12.04pm BST

AFL: Q3 12:55 remaining Tigers 7.11 (53) v Dons 9.1 (55)

David Astbury overruns the ball in the goal-square. Shocking mistake, but think he didn’t want to rush it after the decision against Jayden Short. In any event, it ends with a goal to James Stewart for the Dons.

11.58am BST

AFL: Q3 16:50 remaining Tigers 7.10 (52) v Dons 8.1 (49)

A bit of Dustin Martin magic there – bombed away, shanked it and it went straight to Jack Riewoldt. Directly in front, he… misses. Unbelievable.

11.57am BST

AFL: Q3 18:35 remaining Tigers 7.9 (51) v Dons 8.1 (49)

Another goal to Caddy and the Tigers are back in front. Commentators are still debating the rushed deliberate that finished the first half.

11.53am BST

NRL: H2 64:11 Bulldogs 8-2 Sharks

No Try for the Sharks in the 58th minute as they try to claw their way back against the Bulldogs. Watch the video below. No score since.

Vision of the @cronulla_sharks No Try Decision in the 58th minute of #NRLSharksBulldogs.#NRL pic.twitter.com/fQa057v2kU

11.49am BST

Unbelievable game of netball at Quodos Bank Arena. The sides could barely be split all night, and scores were tied at three-quarter-time. A 15-14 final term ensured the Lightning crossed the line by the barest of margins. The win was crucial, as it means the Lightning will finish second and go into the major semi-final against the Vixens. Whoever wins the Major proceeds straight to the grand final, while the loser gets the all-important second-chance.

Meanwhile the Giants will now face the Magpies in the minor semi-final. It’s a blow for the Giants, who have lost their last two games. Nonetheless, they took it up to the Lightning, with the game going down to the wire.

11.41am BST


Here’s that rushed behind decision so you can make up your own mind.

#HaveYourSay: Was Jayden Short hard done by with this one? Vote in our POLL below. #AFLTigersDons #DreamtimeAtTheG pic.twitter.com/UlULR0GPkO

11.37am BST


This just in from Wires (AAP): Ferrari driver and Formula One championship leader Sebastian Vettel has obliterated his own lap record at the circuit de Monaco in Saturday morning practice to again be the fastest man on track ahead of afternoon qualifying. The 29-year-old four-time world champion broke his own lap record late in the session, clocking 1:12.395 to eclipse the time he set on Thursday by three-tenths of a second.

11.33am BST

AFL: Half-time Tigers 6.9 (45) v Dons 8.1 (49)

Wow. Highly controversial free – and goal – goes to Josh Green just before the siren, after the umpire pays a deliberate rushed behind (with no ‘perceived’ or ‘immediate’ pressure) against the Tigers. Not sure about that one – seemed to be under quite a bit of pressure, perhaps except for Green giving up the chase to plead for a free-kick.

11.28am BST

AFL: Q2 01:55 remaining Tigers 6.8 (44) v Dons 7.1 (43)

Shane Edwards – also wearing the number 67 – kicks his second goal for the night after the Tigers have dominated the quarter everywhere except on the scoreboard. He almost kicks two in a minute, but just misses.

11.25am BST

Super Netball: Q4 2:00 Giants 43-43 Lightning

Deviating here slightly to give you an update on the Super Netball as it’s a cracker. These two teams have been inseparable all night, and they’re level at 42-42 in the final quarter. Caitlin Bassett is on fire for the Lightning with 29/30 (97%). This is huge for finals.

11.21am BST

AFL: Q2 06:40 remaining Tigers 5.7 (37) v Dons 7.1 (43)

Caddy misses another, taking his tally to 1.3. The Tigers can’t afford to be inaccurate in such a tight contest.

11.19am BST

AFL: Q2 9:20 remaining Tigers 5.6 (36) v Dons 7.1 (43)

Todd Elton gets one back for the Tigers. They’ve had the most of possession, but haven’t been able to convert. That goal came on the back of a beautiful tackle on Daniher, whose luck finally ran out after trying to dodge too many Tigers’ defenders.

11.15am BST

AFL: Q2 10:55 remaining Tigers 4.6 (30) v Dons 7.1 (37)

A perfect pass from McDonald-Tipungwuti sets up Joe Daniher for his third goal. He’s in a rich vein of form, Daniher. That’s the first goal for the quarter.

11.08am BST

Meanwhile, this from AAP on the Super Rugby clash between the NSW Waratahs and the Highlanders:

Poor discipline and defence proved costly for the Waratahs, whose Super Rugby finals hopes have taken another hit with a 44-28 loss to the Highlanders in Dunedin. The Tahs’ hopes of topping the Australian conference dropped on Saturday when they surrendered a 14-13 halftime lead and conceded 17-straight points after the break.

11.03am BST

AFL: Quarter-time Tigers 4.4 (28) v Dons 6.1 (37)

Apologies for my absence, I’m back after some small technical issues. Dons are efficient in their scoring up forward at the moment, but both teams are up for the contest.

10.50am BST

AFL Q1 04:35 remaining Tigers 3.3 (21) v Dons 3.0 (18)

As predicted, it’s packed out at the ‘G. You can’t deny the unique atmosphere at the Dreamtime game.

.#DreamtimeAtTheG a genuine recognition & celebration event @MCG perfect venue for the show pic.twitter.com/2tbNJKAYBG

10.48am BST

AFL Q1 06:12 remaining Tigers 3.3 (21) v Dons 3.0 (18)

Tigers back in front after a thumping goal from Josh Caddy outside 50m. Caddy proving his worth in Tigers’ colours.

10.44am BST

AFL Q1 09:36 remaining Tigers 2.3 (15) v Dons 3.0 (18)

Not sure how he got that much space, but Caddy was all out on his own 5m out. On a tight angle, he misses. The Tigers are back in the game.

10.38am BST

AFL Q1 13:36 remaining Tigers 1.1 (7) v Dons 3.0 (18)

Back to the AFL now for the annual Dreamtime at the ‘G game. Sam Lloyd just slotted a much-needed goal for the Tigers after the Dons blitzed them in the opening minutes. The Tigers will be looking for redemption after a horror couple of weeks.

10.36am BST

More on NRL later, but it was a not-unexpected win to the Warriors with so many Broncos missing (a total of 7 were out including State of Origin and injury). Shaun Johnson starred, with two first-half assists and one try to go along with his four conversions. For the Broncos, a pair of tries to James Roberts within ten minutes put a scare through the Warriors, but James Gavet crossed the line five minutes later to assure the Warriors of the win.

The loss sees the Broncos drop from second to third, while the Warriors sit two points outside the eight, with five wins from 12 outings.

10.24am BST

America’s Cup:

I’ll be back live-blogging Dreamtime at the ‘G shortly, as well as wrapping up rugby league and rugby union results, and checking in on the Super Netball.

10.14am BST


Embarassingly, the staff at Alice Springs just cued (and played) the Gold Coast theme song. They fixed it up with abrupt switch of tracks.

10.13am BST

That’s all from Traeger Park, as the sun sets over Alice Springs. The crowd was estimated at around 5,000. Jeff Garlett added another goal in the dying minutes to finish with 5, his best haul for the Demons. In the end it was a comfortable win over the Suns, with Melbourne now sitting at 5-4 (20 points) ahead of their bye next week. It’s also a handy percentage-booster in what is proving to be a difficult AFL season to predict.

10.01am BST

AFL Q4 05:24 remaining Dees 16.13 (109) v Suns 11.9 (75)

9.56am BST

AFL Q4 08:28 remaining Dees 14.12 (96) v Suns 10.9 (69)

And a brilliant right-foot goal from the outside of the boot sees Jeff Garlett join in the small forward party.

9.54am BST

AFL Q4 09:03 remaining Dees 13.12 (90) v Suns 10.9 (69)

Mitch Hannan snaps his third in what’s becoming a good day for Melbourne’s small forwards.

9.51am BST

AFL Q4 11:33 remaining Dees 12.11 (83) v Suns 10.9 (69)

The Suns get a much-needed goal in return after a beautiful long set-shot from Sexton. Here’s an idea of the scenes currently at Traeger Park.

What a beautiful shot of game day in Alice Springs. #AFLDeesSuns pic.twitter.com/jCJ1MsvzdT

9.48am BST

AFL Q4 13:15 remaining Dees 12.11 (83) v Suns 9.9 (63)

Another horrendous turnover by the Suns gifts Jack Watts a goal from 15m out. I hate to think what’s happening to Rodney Eade now.

9.46am BST

AFL Q4 14:38 remaining Dees 11.11 (77) v Suns 9.9 (63)

We’re back for the final quarter in the Dees v Suns clash. A beautiful sunset hangs over Traeger Park in Alice Springs. Hannan goals all on his own 5m out, and things are falling apart from the Suns.

9.42am BST

The Firebirds have finished their season on a high, with a 19-goal victory over the Swifts. Goal-shooter Romelda Aiken was influential with 38/45 (84%) while Goal-Attack Gretel Tippett also scored 29/34 (85%).

Strange to think these two teams were the grand finalists in last year’s trans-Tasman Netball League, but neither will feature in the new competition. The Firebirds at least finish on a high after last week’s victory over finalists the Giants and this win over the Swifts.

9.35am BST

NRL H2 44:32 Warriors 22-0 Broncos

It’s three-quarter-time in Alice Springs so I’ll take us around the grounds.

The @NZWarriors start the 2nd Half in style! #NRLWarriorsBroncos #NRL pic.twitter.com/U7kT9lkUwc

9.32am BST

AFL Q3 0:20 remaining Dees 9.9 (64) v Suns 9.8 (62)

Jones lines up for another one, and slots it from 45m out directly in front. Unbelievable turnaround by the Dees, the Suns have just stopped.

9.28am BST

AFL Q3 03:17 remaining Dees 8.9 (58) v Suns 9.8 (62)

Jordan Lewis leads the way with disposals for the Dees with 25 (12 kicks) and is proving influential.

9.24am BST

AFL Q3 05:12 remaining Dees 7.9 (52) v Suns 9.8 (62)

That’s three unanswered goals to the Dees now, and the margin is back to 10 points. Dees are playing smart, kicking short and finding targets. They’re against the breeze so doing well this quarter.

9.21am BST

AFL Q3 08:47 remaining Dees 6.9 (45) v Suns 9.8 (62)

On cue, Nathan Jones slots a captain’s goal. Reports suggest Rodney Eade needs a lie down.

Rocket just needs the room dark and he’s in his element! #AFLDeesSuns pic.twitter.com/KJgrjayzVN

9.18am BST

AFL Q3 09:53 remaining Dees 5.9 (39) v Suns 9.8 (62)

The Dees eventually get one back through Garlett, before Clayton Oliver narrowly misses. Melbourne look to be finally lifting.

9.11am BST

AFL Q3 14:44 remaining Dees 4.8 (32) v Suns 9.8 (62)

Bugg couldn’t convert at the other end, but Wright makes no mistake. That’s a 30-point lead now to the Suns. I’m worried about Melbourne.

9.07am BST

AFL Q3 17:26 remaining Dees 4.8 (32) v Suns 8.8 (56)

Beautiful goal from former Docker and veteran Michael Barlow. That was a snap from at least 45m. The breeze should benefit the Suns again this quarter.

9.04am BST

Super Netball Q3 3:23 NSW Swifts 29-38 QLD Firebirds

The Firebirds have started strongly in this third quarter, despite Sam Wallace’s goal-shooting dominance for the Swifts.

9.00am BST

Super Netball HALF TIME NSW Swifts 27-33 Queensland Firebirds

NSW are going at 90% in shooting accuracy (27/30) while Queensland are going at 79% (33/42). Sam Wallace has 24/26 for the Swifts and Romelda Aiken has 20/25 for the Firebirds. Third quarter is just about to get under way.

8.54am BST

Super Rugby H1 13:42 Highlanders 10-0 Waratahs:

Just sticking with the Super Rugby here for a minute as the Highlanders have just scored a controversial try. It’s awarded to Richard Buckman, and Marty Banks converts again.

8.50am BST

Super Rugby H1 13:42 Highlanders 3-0 Waratahs:

Marty Banks has finally scored for the Highlanders, continuing his excellent conversion rate of 92% this season.

8.47am BST

Super Rugby H1 11:10 Highlanders 0-0 Waratahs:

It’s early days in the Highlanders v Waratahs clash, with no score to either side to date.

8.44am BST

AFL HALF TIME Dees 4.8 (32) v Suns 7.7 (49)

Jeff Garlett – wearing the number 67 – runs into an open goal for the Dees with seconds left on the clock, much to the displeasure of Rodney Eade who has taken his frustration out on the coaches’ box. It’s a well-needed goal, with Melbourne’s inconsistent form continuing into this week. This hasn’t been the most memorable game to date, perhaps because of the significant breeze in Alice. Let’s hope the quality improves in the second half.

8.36am BST

AFL Q2 Dees 3.7 (25) v Suns 7.7 (49) 04:52 remaining

Peter Wright snaps a goal to push the Suns further ahead of the Dees. Melbourne look fatigued.

8.28am BST

AFL Q2 Dees 3.4 (22) v Suns 6.7 (43) 10:21 remaining

Suns get one over the back to Kolodjashnij. The Suns’ running game is up and going and they’re looking the better team right now.

8.25am BST

AFL Q2 Dees 3.4 (22) v Suns 5.7 (37) 12:37 remaining

Turnover from Jordan Lewis in the Suns’ forward 50 and Tom Lynch capitalises. He won’t want to watch that one again.

8.16am BST

AFL Q2 Dees 3.1 (13) v Suns 4.5 (29) 19:30 remaining

Scrappy goal to the Dees, well roved by Hannan.

8.11am BST


On the topic of cricket, the Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) and Cricket Australia (CA) seem little closer to reaching a resolution in their pay dispute, despite CA finally agreeing to independent mediation.

8.09am BST


It’s quarter-time in Alice Springs, so I thought I’d take a look at some of the news of the week.

8.05am BST

AFL Q1 Dees 2.1 (13) v Suns 4.4 (28) 01:43 remaining

Brandon Matera nails his second, a tight snap from the pocket. They’ve had 8 scoring shots to 3, the Suns, but haven’t quite capitalised on their opportunities.

8.03am BST

AFL Q1 Dees 2.1 (13) v Suns 3.4 (22) 02:16 remaining

Loved Mitch Hannan’s mark:

Come fly with me ✈️ #AFLDeesSuns pic.twitter.com/rz8VqIg5Ep

7.57am BST

AFL Q1 Dees 1.0 (6) v Suns 3.2 (14) 06:10 remaining

Brandon Matera continues his return to form this season with a snap through for the Suns. But the Dees respond with a goal to Harmes who is back in the side this week.

7.50am BST

AFL Q1 Dees 1.0 (6) v Suns 2.0 (12) 10:30 remaining

Some absolutely beautiful scenes here in Alice Springs. The Demons will play two home games at Traeger Park this season.

7.44am BST

AFL Q1 Dees 1.0 (6) v Suns 2.0 (12)

Petracca scores the opener for the Demons, but here is a video of the injury to the goal umpire.

The goal umpire kept his eyes on the ball, literally. Ouch! #AFLDeesSuns pic.twitter.com/X48gdLhl3g

7.42am BST

AFL Q1 Dees 0.0 (0) v Suns 2.0 (12)

That’s two goals now to the underdogs, that one a long bomb from Aaron Hall. The first cannoned into the goal umpire who is off with a blood nose. Looks like the Suns have about a three-goal breeze in Alice.

7.37am BST

AFL Q1 Dees 0.0 (0) v Suns 0.0 (0)

Cue jumper clash discussion for the next three hours, tomorrow and into next week.#AFLDeesSuns

7.32am BST


We’re about to get underway in Alice Springs.

7.29am BST


Perason’s comments follow United star Paul Pogba’s earlier dedication of his team’s 2-0 win over Ajax in the Europa League to the bomb victims from Manchester arena. After the game, the players posed by a banner that read ‘Manchester – A City United’.

7.25am BST


Also in from AAP is the news that Olympic and world champion Sally Pearson has won the 100m hurdles at the Great City Games in Manchester.

7.19am BST


The Bulldogs have run away with it in the early game at Etihad against the Saints. The bad news is that skipper Bob Murphy looks to have just pulled up with a hamstring injury in the final minute. The Dogs will be relieved to run away with a convincing win after an indifferent start to the season. Jake Stringer returned with five crucial goals while the Saints’ forward line, including Paddy McCartin, failed to fire.

7.12am BST


Of course tennis has dominated the headlines this week for all the wrong reasons, after Margaret Court vowed to stop flying Qantas thanks to their support of marriage equality. Court’s comments drew the ire of many current and former tennis players, including Casey Dellacqua, who shared a letter Court had contributed to the West Australian several years earlier accusing Dellacqua and her partner Amanda Judd of ‘depriving’ their child of a father.


7.08am BST


Just taking a look at the Wires from AAP and it looks like Australia’s male tennis players face a brutal French Open draw. Bernard Tomic will face sixth seed Dominic Thiem on day one – the only player in 18 matches to beat Rafael Nadal on clay. The enigmatic Nick Kyrgios, meanwhile, will likely face Jo-Wilfried-Tsonga if he makes it to the third round. Kyrgios is struggling with both shoulder and hip complaints which saw him miss the Italian Open. Finally, Australian teenage wildcard Alex Di Minaur will need to get past Dutchman Robin Haase, but even then would likely face Nadal in the second-round.

7.00am BST

Welcome to The Guardian’s rolling liveblog, Sportswatch, where we keep you up to date with what’s happening in the world of Australian sport, whatever your preferred shape of ball. I’m Kate O’Halloran, and I’ll be taking you through all of today’s action, as well as drawing your attention to some of the biggest sports news of the week. You can tweet to us @GdnAusSport, remembering to use the hashtag #sportwatch. You can also of course leave comments below, some of which I’ll reply to when I get a chance.

We’re focusing on two big AFL matches today, but we’ll ensure we go around the grounds to cover other sports, in particular the netball. First up, we have the Dees and the Suns in Alice Springs. Melbourne’s choice to play its home game in the Northern Territory coincides with the Sir Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round of AFL (itself coinciding with Sorry Day). While the AFL is an easy target for accusations of tokenism, the round itself seems to have raised more than a few important discussions. Many of the game’s indigenous players are wearing number 67 on their backs, to commemorate 50 years since the amendments to the Australian constitution which saw Indigenous Australians count in the census, and gave the Commonwealth Government power to legislate on their behalf.

4.12am BST

Kate will be here shortly. In the meantimes, have a quick read of the latest instalment in the saga that is Conor McGregor’s proposed fight with Floyd Mayweather:

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May 23

Eleni Glouftsis: ‘Hopefully we can show that women are just as capable as men’

After her landmark appearance, the AFL umpire insists the debate sparked by her throwing the ball up instead of bouncing it is not a gender issue

Eleni Glouftsis’ journey to becoming the first female field umpire in AFL history began with a notice in the high school bulletin in Year 9. Glouftsis was a footy fanatic, and had been playing for years at Adelaide High School when she saw the AFL female pathway advertisement.

“At that time in South Australia there wasn’t really great pathways for women once you finished playing in high school,” she tells Guardian Australia after taking her bow centre-stage at Docklands. “I really loved football and being involved in fitness so I gave it a go and really enjoyed it.

Related: AFL’s wildcard round idea the latest sally in war on common sense | Craig Little

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May 15

AFLW expansion a double-edged sword for VFL community clubs | Kate O’Halloran

The increasing professionalisation and future expansion of the women’s game means clubs not associated with men’s teams are at risk of losing their licences

On a blustery Wednesday night in Preston, the lights are on for the first night game of the season at AH Capp Reserve. The president of the Darebin Falcons, Aleisha Leonard, is watching a newly-formed Under-14 girls team. The Falcons get belted, but manage to score their first goal in two matches. Honking horns abound and players and parents alike celebrate like they’ve just won a final. “Good for them,” she says, smiling broadly. “They only formed a few weeks ago, so they’re pretty fresh.”

Related: AFLW to wait another year before expanding competition in 2019

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