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  3. 5 Campers To Watch: Texans on offense — July 19, 2017
  4. Ultimate 11: Questions by position — July 19, 2017
  5. Breakfast: Why Watt won’t discuss stats — July 18, 2017

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Jul 20

5 Campers to Watch: Texans on defense

Yesterday we covered the five offensive players to watch for the Texans, so today it’s time to focus on the defense. As we discussed with the offense, this is a challenging piece to write. In picking just five players, you’re leaving out numerous names. You can always go with J.J. Watt and Jadeveon

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Jul 20

Mike Vrabel: Ready to lead Texans defense

Mike Vrabel was named the Texans defensive coordinator after coaching the linebackers group for the previous three seasons (2014-16). Assistant head coach Romeo Crennel, who formerly served as the defensive coordinator (2014-16), will now assist both t…

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Jul 19

5 Campers To Watch: Texans on offense

This is a tricky article to write. How can it be titled “5 Players to Watch”, and exclude quarterbacks Tom Savage and Deshaun Watson ? The former is the starter heading into the season, while the latter was selected 12th overall after the Texans moved up aggressively in the Draft. Those two have been

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Jul 19

Ultimate 11: Questions by position

Other than this year’s Patriots juggernaut, no team in the league is void of some sort of question surrounding its upcoming annual performance. Take a look at the teams in the division. Can Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota stay healthy and is he really as good as everyone makes him out to be? Will

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Jul 18

Breakfast: Why Watt won’t discuss stats

J.J. Watt currently leads in the NFL with 214 quarterback hits and 133 tackles for loss. Since entering the league in 2011, Watt also ranks first in the NFL with 76.0 sacks. Despite the eye-popping numbers, don’t expect Watt to make any predictions or guarantees when it comes to his statistics in

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Jul 18

Vandermeer’s View: Moving to the Mountains

For the first time ever, the Texans are hitting the road for the entirety of training camp. As someone who works in the building, I can tell you that the support staff has spent countless hours making sure the team can go to West Virginia and hit the g…

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Jul 18

Ultimate 11: Players to know at #TexansCamp

I got my inspiration for this ‘Ultimate 11’ training camp primer from a classic movie that my kids fell in love with a few weeks back when it was on Showtime. The Breakfast Club. No matter what age you are, you’ve probably seen the John Hughes classic and, as a result, you’ve heard the

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Jul 17

Watt reflects on watching No. 1 defense from sideline

J.J. Watt now refers to his shortened 2016 season as a sort of “mini-retirement.” Not the relaxing kind, but more of one that took him away from the game of football and forced him to be a spectator. “Talk about perspective, it also gave you perspective when I got to go back and be on the sidelines and

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Jul 14

Breakfast: Ultimate 11 offense on Texans schedule

Many think the Texans defense in 2017 will be as good as any we’ve seen in the game for a while, especially with J.J. Watt and Kevin Johnson returning to the lineup. There isn’t much that this defense hasn’t seen and, as a result, it was at its peak in the playoffs, pushing the soon-to-be

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Jul 10

Who are the top 50 players the Texans will face in 2017?

The Texans play 13 different opponents in the 2017 season, including the defending World Champion New England Patriots, the entire NFC West and the entire AFC North. Here is my list of the top 50 players that the Texans will face in those 13 games. The…

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Jun 23

How Braxton Miller hopes to make Year 2 leap

With a full NFL season under their belt, rookies often make a leap from Year 1 to Year 2. Braxton Miller hopes to do the same. The second-year wide receiver has spent the offseason understanding the game from a different perspective. “I was talking to Braxton the other day and the thing that really helped

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Jun 19

Know Your Foe: Jacksonville Jaguars

The 2017 season will kickoff sooner than any of us imagine and the first team on the docket is an AFC South foe – the Jacksonville Jaguars. After the Texans 21-20 comeback win last December, the Jaguars decided to take the organization in a different direction.  Gus Bradley was fired before the Jaguars

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Jun 09

What to expect for 2017 Texans defense

Expectations are sky-high after the Texans wrapped up their 2016 campaign with the No. 1 defense for the first time in franchise history. The 2017 defense immediately improves with the highly anticipated return of a healthy J.J. Watt , playing alongside Jadeveon Clowney and Whitney Mercilus . “I think

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Jun 07

Undrafted CB Robert Nelson: “Nothing guaranteed”

Robert Nelson changed his jersey number to 21 this year, inspired by his favorite NFL player Deion Sanders. The undrafted cornerback out of Arizona State was No. 32 last year, while another undrafted teammate, A.J. Bouye, wore the No. 21 jersey and fin…

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