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Match the international incident to Donald Trump’s round of golf – quiz

The US president has managed at least 79 visits to golf clubs this year. But which big events did he miss while pursuing his favourite pastime?This year, Donald Trump was president of the United States of America. Or was he? According to TrumpGolfCount…

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Man v beast: from Jesse Owens taking on a horse to Michael Phelps racing a shark

The 23-times Olympic swimming champion is to race one of nature’s most fearsome creatures, but he’s not the first to face an opponent from the animal kingdom

Ever since the dawn of time, man has yearned to really rub animals’ faces in it. Team Human wants to be No 1. That’s a given. We have an inbuilt need to show cheetahs, ostriches, elephants and suchlike that we can kick their asses in a range of sporting disciplines.

Some are obvious; everyone knows seals have difficulty with beach volleyball. Others are more marginal. Which could be why Michael Phelps, after winning 23 Olympic gold medals, has alighted on the great white shark as his next swimming race opponent.

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