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Jan 30

Messi teases (distant) future move to MLS

No, Lionel Messi is not coming to MLS anytime soon. But he told new MLS owner David Beckham, "in a few years maybe you will give me a call."

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Jan 21

Solo to coaches: ‘The Federation has failed you’

There’s a clear divide in the U.S. Soccer presidential election between the establishment candidates and their challengers, most notably Hope Solo.

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Jan 13

Donovan coming out of retirement … again

U.S. legend Landon Donovan is coming out of retirement for the second time in three years, this time to join Club Leon in Mexico.

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Dec 10

Toronto FC’s MLS Cup win may force other teams to spend like it, and that’s good for MLS

Toronto FC outspent other MLS teams by almost $5 million this year, raising the stakes for everybody else.

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Dec 09

Jozy Altidore carries Toronto to MLS Cup title

One year after falling to the same Seattle team in the final, Altidore helped lead Toronto FC to its first MLS championship.

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Dec 08

MLS 2017 oral history, Part 4: Maurice Edu focuses on positives amid rotten injury luck

Maurice Edu hasn’t played an MLS match in over two years. Throughout 2017, as he rehabbed his latest injury, he kept in touch with Yahoo Sports.

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Dec 08

MLS Cup: Bradley, Altidore feel the love in Toronto

While the U.S. turned on Michael Bradley and Jozy Altidore after the USMNT failed to qualify for the World Cup, this Canadian city’s warmth never wavered.

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Dec 07

Lletget’s dream season went nightmare quickly

Sebastian Lletget was on top of the world after scoring for the USMNT vs. Honduras. Ten minutes later, his season was over.

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Dec 06

Robles on Red Bulls’ disappointment, TFC brawl

The second entry of our MLS 2017 oral history series focuses on New York goalkeeper Luis Robles and his side’s untapped potential.

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Dec 05

Feilhaber reflects on hopes, setbacks in 2017

In the first entry of our oral history of MLS/USMNT in 2017, Sporting KC’s Benny Feilhaber takes us through dreams and disappointment on both fronts.

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Dec 01

Sounders cruise into MLS Cup, look like dynasty

Seattle will face Toronto FC in a rematch after making quick work of the Dynamo. And if the franchise is the next MLS dynasty, that’s a good thing.

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Nov 30

Jozy Altidore sends Toronto FC to MLS Cup

Altidore played through the pain and ended up scoring a memorable goal to give Toronto a shot at an MLS championship.

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Nov 22

Seattle Sounders near MLS Cup with 2-0 first-leg victory in Houston

The Seattle Sounders are one short step away from a return to MLS Cup.

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Nov 22

MLS playoffs may be dragging on too long

As the league’s postseason keeps expanding and now stretches into early December, it may be time for that issue to be addressed.

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Nov 17

Columbus deserves to keep Crew, lose owner

Anthony Precourt’s attempt to move the team to Austin is a betrayal of the market he bought into.

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Nov 06

The Portland Timbers are out, and the MLS Playoffs are as random as ever

The Portland Timbers are out. The Houston Dynamo became the 10th of 20 knockout-round winners to pull off upsets in the conference semifinals.

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