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Mar 17

Anthony Davis saga will make or break Boston’s vision…

Unless the New Orleans Pelicans get an Ainge-Presti move to grab a couple more superstars, the pressure will mount on the beleaguered franchise to deal their superstar. Coach Alvin Gentry is running Anthony Davis into the ground with more minutes and r…

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Mar 16

Daniel Theis has successful surgery and will be sorely missed by the Celtics

“I just tried to bring some energy and have fun out there,” Daniel Theis said after his first game in a Celtics uniform, a 12-7-3 preseason showcase. The pace of play got to him during this period, but by Nov. 1 he said he was caught up, “it’s still basketball,” he said, comparing the NBA game to

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Mar 15

The Read & React: Boston bully ball

Bill Sy: You play the hand your dealt. With nearly half the roster on the shelf, Brad Stevens started a lineup of 6’2 Terry Rozier, 6’8 Jayson Tatum, 6’9 Marcus Morris, 6’8, 260 lbs. Guerschon Yabusele, and 6’10 Aron Baynes. Nursing so many injuries, the Celtics lacked their inverted

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Mar 14

Is Luka Doncic overrated?

I might be crazy. But for a top of the draft prospect, I’m very unimpressed. There are people are are saying he could go top 3. Don’t get me wrong, I understand he has elite passing vision and shooting. I understand he has the basketball IQ and from all accounts seems to be a very good kid. He

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Mar 13

This is fine.

Look, when I had the idea for this article, I wasn’t anticipating Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams Charania huddling up for old time’s sake just to drop bomb after bomb on the subject of Boston’s injury woes in quick succession on Monday afternoon. I don’t know about you, but after the third

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Mar 06

Offseason Trade Idea

Before I post this trade idea of mine I want to make it very clear that no I am absolutely not in favor of trying to get rid of Terry Rozier considering how valuable he is our team and the steady improvements he’s making on both sides of the ball on a year to year basis, but after reading recent

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Mar 06

where have you gone, Al Horford?

Al Horford’s value goes beyond the box score, but the Celtics are much better when he’s scoring efficiently. What is going on with his recent slump? Bill Sy: First of all, it should be noted that while Al Horford has had a statistically tough string of games since appearing in his fifth All Star

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Mar 05

Best loss of the season – taking positives from the Rockets game

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” — Colin Powell The Celtics and the Rockets played a fantastic game Saturday night. It is a shame that either team had to lose. Sure, as a Celtics…

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Mar 05

Hot Takes Week Seven

After an interesting week of Celtic’s basketball, there is plenty to dive into and discuss. However, only 2 games were played this week so that might limit the sample size of my predictions, though the Houston game gave way to many insights. In the previous week, I received 56 votes for a mode of

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Mar 05

Cedric Maxwell and all-time underrated Boston Celtics

The intersection of a few factors usually combine to make a fine player underrated, or largely unnoticed in comparison to his abilities and accomplishments. Often a very good player toils in relative anonymity in a small market, or on non-winning teams…

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Feb 25

Celtics knock out the Knicks 121-112

On the second night of a back-to-back on the road, the Boston Celtics improved to 7-4 in such games with a 121-112 win over the New York Knicks. Boston’s backcourt led the way with strong efforts from Kyrie Irving (31 points, 9 rebounds & 8 assists) and Jaylen Brown (24 points) supported by the bench

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Feb 25

Marcus Smart’s return immediately impacts Celtics defense and Boston wins 2nd straight (video)

BOSTON – Prior to Marcus Smart’s return, the Boston Celtics went from first to worst in defensive rating without him. As discussed with Sean Grande here, Smart’s value has become as valuable to the Celtics defense as Kyrie Irving and Al Horford are to the over-all team success. Smart returns

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Feb 17

Top 5 Celtics PGs of all time are…

The recent drama between Isaiah Thomas and Rajon Rondo has gotten me thinking… Who would you rather have in the prime of their career, Rondo or IT? Both have had legendary performances in Boston, including the playoffs, and this could be its own post. However, let’s add this tidbit to what I feel

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Feb 03

The Read & React: Celtics bigs have big night

Keith Smith: In a few days Greg Monroe will join the Celtics big man mix. For one last game against the Hawks, the current trio showed they already pretty good. Al Horford has his usual quietly effective night with 17 points, six rebounds and seven ass…

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Feb 02

New All-Star format is perfect for the NBA in 2018

Sometimes adding a little more spices to a recipe kicks the flavor up a notch. That is exactly what the NBA had in mind when they entered the 2017-2018 season with adding a brand new format to the historic All-Star Game. Back in October 2017, right bef…

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Feb 01

Inside the Celtics Locker Room: Terry Rozier steps in for Kyrie, logs 1st career triple double (videos)

BOSTON – The Boston Celtics returned to TD Garden after a 2-2 trip out west. Short handed, missing Kyrie Irving and Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier filled in admirably, notching his first career triple double. The Celtics finished off the New York Knicks ea…

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