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Dec 07

Inside the Celtics Locker Room: players and coaches react to Celts 97-90 win over Mavs (videos)

BOSTON – The Boston Celtics rallied in the fourth quarter to defeat the Dallas Mavericks. Here’s your post-game pressers and full locker room report. POST-GAME: Be sure to check out CLNS Media’s new web home here.

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Nov 28

Inside the Celtics locker room: Avery Bradley returns to Boston, out-hustles Celtics (videos)

BOSTON – The Detroit Pistons defeated the Boston Celtics, 118-108. The story of the night was Avery Bradley’s return to Boston. Bradley was paid tribute during the starting line-ups, instead of the traditional 1st quarter timeout. The players and coaches reacted to the game during media availability

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Nov 19

Celtics win their 15th straight with 110-99 win against the Hawks

The Boston Celtics extended their league-best winning streak to 15 games Saturday as they defeated the Atlanta Hawks 110-99. Boston’s winning streak lives on! The Celtics haven’t lost a game in a month after dropping their first two games, and who knows when this thing will end when looking at

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Nov 15

The Read & React: anatomy of a run

Bill Sy: Last night’s 13th win in a row was a sleepy game in Brooklyn, but there was some drama in the outcome relatively late in the game. After some lazy and sloppy play to start the half, the Nets grabbed a four-point lead halfway through the the third quarter. The Celtics would then go on a 19

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Nov 13

Celtic Sunrise: Celtics never give up, next man up, one game at a time, etc.

Today’s Celtic Sunrise is brought to you by coaching cliches. Brad Stevens will and should get a lot of credit for leading this group through injuries and roster turnover. However, we shouldn’t withhold credit from the players on the floor making plays and winning basketball games (12 in a row

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Nov 02

Inside the Celtics Locker Room: Jaylen Brown, Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, Celtics blow out the Kings (videos)

BOSTON – The Boston Celtics briefly celebrated a blow out win over the Sacramento Kings Wednesday night at the Garden. In their post-game recap, Josue Pavon and Mike Petraglia discuss Jaylen Brown with another big night. Becoming an impact player for t…

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Nov 01

The Kyrie Irving and Al Horford effect (video)

BOSTON – Since arriving in Boston, Al Horford has been an invaluable piece of the Boston Celtics’ success. Horford was the C’s first “big name” free agent signing and has been under the microscope of fans. Early in this NBA season, Horford and Kyrie Irving have displayed a nice chemistry that

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Oct 31

The Hype Is Real: 5 Thoughts Through 7 Games

Now that we’ve all gotten over the shock of Gordon Hayward’s injury, it’s time to settle in and give the Celtics a nice assessment through the first 7 games of the season. Here are some of the observations I’ve made: 1) Jayson Tatum Is the Real Deal I watched just about every preseason

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Oct 29

The Read & React: gritty win in Miami

Mike Deprisco: For certain spurts during the first and third quarters, Marcus Smart was the best player on the floor. He controlled the flow of the game on offense in the pick and roll, and was able to knock down shots from all three levels. Smart look…

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Oct 22

Rational discussion on what the Hayward injury means to the 2017-18 Celtics

BOSTON – As noted in Saturday’s practice “walk-through,” the Boston Celtics seem to be recovering from the gut-wrenching injury that ended Gordon Hayward’s season, and the Celts’ dreams of a NBA Finals birth in 2018. Impressively, after the initial shock of the grotesque ankle fracture suffered

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Oct 14

It’s time for Isaiah Thomas to move on

BOSTON – The Boston Celtics’ former leader is continuing his press appearances to rehash the events that led up to his trade from Boston. Thomas held nothing back in regards to his disdain for former GM, Danny Ainge. Is Isaiah starting to look sour grapes? I say yes. I am a proud, card carrying member

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Oct 13

Roll out the green carpet, it’s the Annual Shamrock Gala

BOSTON – On Thursday night, the Boston Celtics family gathered for the Annual Shamrock Gala at the Westin Waterfront in the Seaport District. One day after raising $100k at the Teeing Up for Kids Golf Tournament, The Celtics’ Shamrock Foundation hosted their annual Tip-Off Gala, presented by New

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Oct 10

Celtics Media Access: Aron Baynes injury update, Marcus Smart still no contract extension

BOSTON – On Monday, the Boston Celtics defeated the Philadelphia 76ers, 113-96. The C’s are undefeated in preseason. The post and pregame pressers were dominated by Terry Roziers’ near triple double, Aron Baynes injured knee and Marcus Smart’s contract extension. CLNS Media’s Mike Petraglia

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Oct 10

Celtics’ Road Ahead: what have we learned from preseason?

BOSTON – Is anyone still paying attention to preseason? Are you ready for the NBA regular season to tip off? Well, we are too. Josue Pavon joined me for a review of the preseason and an in-depth preview of opening night, Cavs vs Celtics, LeBron vs Kyri…

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Oct 10

Kyrie Irving is a proven Superstar & owes Boston NOTHING!

I see a lot of comments and opinions on how “time will tell” if trading for Kyrie was the right move, and it’s prompted me to set the record straight. This isn’t going to be some long winded article (though it could be!) because the reality is Kyrie has been so utterly phenomenal already

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Oct 10

Terry Rozier leads rout of Sixers, Aron Baynes sprains left knee

BOSTON — The Celtics’ second team was first rate Monday night at TD Garden. The starting lineup of Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier, Aaron Baynes, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum raced out to a 37-20 lead after a quarter and blew away Markelle Fultz, Ben Simmons and the visiting Philadelphia 76ers, 113-96

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