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Oct 14

It’s time for Isaiah Thomas to move on

BOSTON – The Boston Celtics’ former leader is continuing his press appearances to rehash the events that led up to his trade from Boston. Thomas held nothing back in regards to his disdain for former GM, Danny Ainge. Is Isaiah starting to look sour grapes? I say yes. I am a proud, card carrying member

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Oct 13

Roll out the green carpet, it’s the Annual Shamrock Gala

BOSTON – On Thursday night, the Boston Celtics family gathered for the Annual Shamrock Gala at the Westin Waterfront in the Seaport District. One day after raising $100k at the Teeing Up for Kids Golf Tournament, The Celtics’ Shamrock Foundation hosted their annual Tip-Off Gala, presented by New

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Oct 10

Celtics Media Access: Aron Baynes injury update, Marcus Smart still no contract extension

BOSTON – On Monday, the Boston Celtics defeated the Philadelphia 76ers, 113-96. The C’s are undefeated in preseason. The post and pregame pressers were dominated by Terry Roziers’ near triple double, Aron Baynes injured knee and Marcus Smart’s contract extension. CLNS Media’s Mike Petraglia

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Oct 10

Celtics’ Road Ahead: what have we learned from preseason?

BOSTON – Is anyone still paying attention to preseason? Are you ready for the NBA regular season to tip off? Well, we are too. Josue Pavon joined me for a review of the preseason and an in-depth preview of opening night, Cavs vs Celtics, LeBron vs Kyri…

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Oct 10

Kyrie Irving is a proven Superstar & owes Boston NOTHING!

I see a lot of comments and opinions on how “time will tell” if trading for Kyrie was the right move, and it’s prompted me to set the record straight. This isn’t going to be some long winded article (though it could be!) because the reality is Kyrie has been so utterly phenomenal already

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Oct 10

Terry Rozier leads rout of Sixers, Aron Baynes sprains left knee

BOSTON — The Celtics’ second team was first rate Monday night at TD Garden. The starting lineup of Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier, Aaron Baynes, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum raced out to a 37-20 lead after a quarter and blew away Markelle Fultz, Ben Simmons and the visiting Philadelphia 76ers, 113-96

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Oct 08

The Read & React: The Cobra strikes again

Jeff Clark: Skinny Marcus Smart keeps doing all the little things it takes to win basketball games. 11 points, 2 for 2 from three, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 steals in 20 minutes, what more could you ask for? Nobody puts Baby in the corner, but if Ma…

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Oct 08

Passing centers are nothing new for the Celtics

Unselfishness a dying art amid today’s me-first, three-point saturated, dribble-drive generation of “points” guards. Had the Celtics procured the services of free agent center Andrew Bogut recently as they were reportedly close to doing, they would have added one of the very best passing

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Oct 08

The Boston Celtics and the enjoyability of high expectations

High expectations suck. There is one successful result, while many paths to failure exist. Remember back in school when you kind of wanted to ease into a good grade? If you aced the first test, your parents then expected it. If you got a B, there was s…

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Oct 07

Celtics defeat Sixers 110-102 in second preseason game

The Boston Celtics beat the Philadelphia 76ers by a score of 110-102 on Friday night at Wells Fargo Center. Boston got their first look at the Sixers in each team’s second preseason game. One of the major storylines going into this one was the development of Boston’s chemistry, especially between

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Oct 06

A look into the Celtics’ new offense

After over a month of deliberating and speculation on the subject, we finally got a good look at Boston’s new offensive system during their 94-82 win against the Charlotte Hornets in their preseason debut. Although Brad Stevens didn’t call many plays, there’s much that can be gleaned from

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Oct 05

Marcus Smart volunteered to come off the bench

The question that has lingered on fans’ minds for weeks now has been “who will be the starters?” The obvious choices included Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, and Al Horford. We heard rumblings that the team was leaning toward starting Horford at the 5 and it seems like we got confirmation when Al said

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Oct 02

Al Horford can thrive as complementary third star

Perhaps the most uncontrollable aspect of building a modern “super team” is projecting how the trio or quartet of star players will coalesce, both on and off the floor. General managers stockpile assets with hopes of one day ascending to the super team status, but one ill-advised front office decision

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Oct 02

Celtics open practice ‘walk-through’

BOSTON – On Sunday, fans gathered at TD Garden to get their first glimpse of the new-look Celtics, in uniform, on the parquet floor. The only thing more entertaining than Brian Scalabrine playing emcee was, the loose action on the court. Early on, in the lead up to the regular season, the C’s have

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Oct 01

Banners Broadcast 11: How deep will Celtics go in rotation?

When the Celtics signed Aron Baynes, many assumed he will step right in where Amir Johnson left. He’ll start games at center, provide the team with some energy early in games on both ends, then he’ll sit in favor of smaller lineups. That does not appear to be certain. Now that only four Celtics

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Oct 01

Celtics preseason tidbits with Celtics Roundtable

Jared Weiss (@JaredWeissNBA) of CelticsWire.com joins Zaire (@RebelLifeMedia) and Matt Ignal (@mattignal) to discuss all of the tidbits that we’ve heard from training camp. Ask questions for the Monday Mailbag in the YouTube comments! SHOW NOTES 0:20 Will the Celtics start Al Horford at the 5? 3:

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