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Oct 20

Pendleton, Perez out as Braves coaches, Weiss likely in

Prepare for more Braves upheaval: Bench coach Terry Pendleton and first-base coach Eddie Perez are expected to be dropped from the coaching staff and former Rockies manager – and ex-Braves shortstop — Walt Weiss is the likely replacement for Pendleton as bench coach, from what I’ve been told by more

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Oct 19

Shawn Davis “probably” out for the year for Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech kicker Shawn Davis likely will not play again this season because of a leg injury suffered Saturday in the Miami game. Coach Paul Johnson said that Davis “probably” is out for the season after he was injured trying to make a tackle on a ki…

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Oct 17

LEADOFF: Braves’ McGuirk says MLB probe ‘basically wrapped up’

Good morning. This is LEADOFF, an early look at Atlanta sports.  NORTH PORT, FLA. – Braves chairman and CEO Terry McGuirk, who had made no public comments about the rule-breaking scandal that has rocked the franchise for the past two weeks, largely hel…

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Oct 15

5 things to know from Georgia’s victory vs. Missouri

The Georgia Bulldogs were favored by about 30 points entering its game against Missouri on Saturday night at Sanford Stadium in Athens. Less than four minutes into the second quarter, the No. 4 Bulldogs were in a fight for their lives, the score tied 21-21. At that point, the Dogs’ run game woke

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Oct 14

Hawks make roster moves

The team’s roster now stands at 14 players, one less than the maximum. That doesn’t include Josh Magette, who is on a “two-way” contract that allows a maximum of 45 days on the NBA roster with the balance of the season spent at the team’s G-League affiliate in Erie, PA. 

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Oct 13

New Marlins owner Derek Jeter on taking a knee: ‘Peaceful protest is fine’

Now that Derek Jeter is in an ownership position, he is faced with answering questions about protests during the national anthem.  During a dinner Wednesday night for his Turn 2 Foundation, Jeter was asked about his views on players protesting during the national anthem. While he wouldn’t say if

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Oct 13

NFL player says he will ‘be done with football’ if required to stand for national anthem

As much as the higher-ups in the NFL want it to go away, it doesn’t look like the issue of players standing or kneeling during the national anthem will disappear anytime soon. In fact, one player feels so strongly about what his protest stands for that he’d be willing to leave the league. Tennessee

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Oct 11

Leadoff: Final numbers show Braves’ TV ratings up, but still low

Good morning. This is LEADOFF, an early look at Atlanta sports.  The Braves posted the second largest percentage increase among MLB teams in local television ratings this season, but their TV audience had fallen so far the previous three years that their ratings remained below most teams’ despite

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Oct 10

Agent vowed not to deal with Braves while Coppolella was GM

When the big news broke last week of Braves general manager John Coppolella’s forced resignation amid a Major League Baseball investigation into alleged free-agent and draft rules infractions, longtime players agent Jim Munsey was not surprised. He’s among multiple agents and team officials with

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Oct 10

WATCH: Hawks rookie John Collins on his NBA development

Hawks rookie John Collins talks about his passing, his defense and the team’s scrappy style following the exhibition victory over the Grizzlies. Related headlines Five observations from Hawks victory over Grizzlies (exhibition) Dewayne Dedmon (!) to shoot 3s as Hawks seek floor spacing Hawks waive

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Oct 10

Hawks say ‘scrappy’ style gives them chance to exceed expectations

In many ways, the identity the Hawks are developing now is nothing new. They’ve been a good defensive team pretty much since Mike Budenholzer was hired as coach and that’s one reason I think they’ll still be a good defensive team. What’s changed is the personnel available to Budenholzer

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Oct 09

Five things to know about the Falcons on Monday

Here are five things to know about the Falcons today: 1. Practice. The Falcons return from their bye week and will hold practice at 11:55 a.m. Coach Dan Quinn will address the media after practice and there will be an open locker room session. 2. Roste…

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Oct 07

Asian-American basketball player Jeremy Lin responds to criticism for having dreadlocks

Brooklyn Nets point guard Jeremy Lin responded Friday to comments made by former Nets player Kenyon Martin, who criticized Lin’s hair, which is styled in dreadlocks.  Martin, who played forward for the team and retired from the NBA in 2015, claimed Lin’s hairstyle choice is cultural appropriation

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Oct 05

Leadoff: Four long years since Braves were in playoffs

Good morning. This is LEADOFF, an early look at Atlanta sports. Major League Baseball’s playoffs are underway, without the Braves for the fourth consecutive year. And given all that has happened with the Braves in the past few seasons – and in the past few days – it probably seems a lot longer than

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Oct 04

Snitker to continue as Braves manager

Brian Snitker will continue as Braves manager after the team decided to pick up the 2018 option on his contract, a person familiar with the situation said Wednesday. Coaching-staff decisions are still being discussed and it’s unclear if there will be changes to Snitker’s staff. An announcement

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Oct 01

Texas high school football players kicked off team for protesting during national anthem

Two high school football players were kicked off the team following their protest during the national anthem Friday night. Cedric Ingram-Lewis raised his fist as his cousin Larry McCullough knelt during “The Star-Spangled Banner” before Victory & Praise Christian Academy played Providence Classical, 

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